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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 3 January 2014
Overall this is a very good product. Made from well finished wood with both an adjustable laptop support and a small drawer for nicknacks. I like the fact that the height of the unit can be adjusted too, making it useful in bed and/or sitting in a chair. However, this is also my area of concern in that the leg adjustment is simply piece of wood with an elongated hole in it's centre allowing it to slide, and held in place by a simple wing nut. My wife has rheumatism and simply cannot tighten the wingnuts sufficiently to hold it in place and, If I do it for her, she then cannot release the nuts to enable the legs to be folded up. This would be an area of manufacture that would be easy to improve upon by the replacing of the wingnuts with a simple 'over-centre' lever which most users would find easier to operate.

Still worthy of a 4 star rating and, if they change the height adjusting design, a 5.
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on 1 February 2014
I study a lot sitting in bed because of back problems. This product is absolutely fantastic! The wood is beatiful and I love that it has two sides to it with a little cupholder mark and a tiny little drawer on the side. I even use it to eat on my bed and watch programmes on my laptop. If I get bored and tired I put it on the floor and study there. The heiught can also be adjusted to your needs. I didn't have high hopes but oh was I wrong! Surprisingly fast delivery and I'm very happy despite the expensive pp! Well recommended.
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on 27 July 2016
this item arrived from Germany via amazon fulfilment centre with a day to spare on delivery, and it is exactly what was looking for.
needed a table to hold the little internet device, usually hold while laying down in rest mode but arms go cold and pins and needles start,

reading lots or reviews,
one review stood out, and it was about using a side flip table possibly putting the table off balance, or not being inline with the device, hadn't thought of that point so thought about how I would use the table and decided upon this one
this table being centre flip enables total balance, and equal view.

the draw was also mentioned as having no use, this particular table by songmics heat stamped on table support right side front, uses the draw right hand side of table, to store the little wedge of wood the device rests against, this rest wood has two wooden pegs that fit into the table top, making it removable, and always kept with table, enabling other table uses.

Could easily use this table for crafting, the air holes are at the top of the centre flip
another reviewer already mentioned using as a coffee table,
the flip part is held up with a round metal u shape in one of the 5 slots of the centre bar of wood
the pivot is 2 hinges

there is an slightly bevelled area to place the cuppa, on left side, although tempted to use a coaster

the legs are sturdy for me on the first round, the slide areas have 2 round areas to guide height adjustment, the fastener is plastic screw metal, but with some wood skills a tool could be made to enable ease of undoing, (something similar to a wood burning stove door opener) for those with dexterity issues, or use grips gently with a cloth to protect plastic,

this table enables the legs to be folded for storage on full height setting.

am not sure if this table is coated with varnish shellac or wax, or just bamboo wood with out a finish but its smooth to touch.
there were no instructions in the box, regarding if need to refinish or guidance on weight limits for the table..

all in all am happy with the table, its seems to be a sturdy, and will probably be crafting on it very shortly.
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on 4 December 2013
This is really a bed table.
Because it is quite heavy(2kg), so it stays stable on my soft bed unlike other laptop tables that always collapse in 5 minutes.
You can adjust the height of the legs to make it fit you most.
It can be used for multi-purposes - watching movies from laptop, typing/working on laptop, or even reading and writing on paper. It fits all.

Really recommend.
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on 20 May 2015
Excellent product!! This is nice size table, (emphasis on table!!) very good quality, with smooth edges and great finish, adjustable hight which works perfectly. It's sturdy, and well balanced. I'm really pleased that I ordered this size and not smaller (55cm x 35cm) since this size is more versatile, I can use it for my laptop and still have space for A5 note pad and mug with a hot drink, or for my dinner plate and salad/side dishes with space for a drink.

I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for bed table, just bear in mind that this is larger than an average dinner tray so if you are after something like that this may not be suitable to you due to its size, however, I love it!! 10 out of 10!!!
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on 4 January 2017
After watching my teens and Uni student aged kids study on a bed all twisted, due to lack of space at the main table, I did some research into a long-term solution and this is great.

The legs are adjustable, so it works just as well on the floor. The table has holes so the heat from the laptop can get out. The most important feature for me was the table space is set up so the laptop is central to how you sit with plenty of space for the mouse. No twisting to use anything. The table folds away neatly too.

These work great as ad-hoc coffee tables too. This was brilliant value for money and really good quality and well designed.
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on 8 April 2014
I was very impressed when I received this. For starters, the time that it took to be delivered - well it was exceptionally fast. It arrived within a few days and I received an email to inform me of the time that the courier would be due to deliver this, so I could plan around it rather than having to wait in.

The table itself, I ordered mainly as a laptop desk to use while in bed. I have a back weakness that affects me every so often and I need to continue to be productive with computer work when it decides to play up. I can't usually sit for long at a table in an upright position when I had discomfort with my back.

I ordered this and it is very sturdy when placed on the bed. The tilted platform to rest the laptop on is also very sturdy and it's extremely easy to type while using this table. It's also very good for reading books while lying down, along with other tasks like drawing, as I do a lot of this too. I would highly recommend it. I found it to be in perfect condition too, when it arrived. I'm very happy with this product.
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on 30 January 2015
First, there is a small problem with this table as delivered, as there is a crack in the upper joint of one leg. I hope they will be able to replace just that piece to avoid having to send the whole thing back, and if they do I will update this review and give the item the 5 stars it otherwise deserves. This is such a lovely piece of furniture at a really remarkable price. I bought it to allow me to sit on the floor and use my laptop and the height and width are perfect for that whether I sit cross-legged or kneel. A couple of features are even better than I hoped - the little stopper can be removed and stored in the drawer when using the table flat, and the legs can be folded up even when fully extended so putting the table up and down to your chosen height is extremely simple. I am so glad I chose this table, despite the small problem as delivered.
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on 9 August 2015
I knew it would be large enough for my 17'' laptop, but its huge! I also have room for a mouse mat, which just makes thing easier. The little draw is handy for memory sticks and a few USB cables, so I don't have to track them down any more. The adjusting heights make this perfect for working in different areas of the house, and I can sit comfortably in bed under the covers and still have room to move. The finish is really high quality, and it's very sturdy, so I think this will certainly stand the test of time.

The only thing is that the tilting board is a little stiff, but that will loosen in time.

Delivery was really quick, came several days before I was expecting it.
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on 8 March 2015
Received this after ordering friday afternoon and the rate in which the order was processed and delivered is incredible, no complaints. The table itself looks great and exactly as described. Chose to get this particular style because I wanted the laptop pad in the middle as opposed to off centre as seen in other designs. Good size and lightweight. Good size for working bed. Only concern like others who bought this product, the legs are very loose and do not stay in the same position when lifted or moved, requiring readjustment and some faffing, but this is minor as once in a comfortable position plenty of room to wiggle and fidget whilst working and stand remains stable.
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