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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 14 October 2011
This was such a great deal! You are getting 3 games, plus extra content for £23! I never played The Sly games back when I had a PS2, so I instantly jumped at this great deal after reading numerous reviews that have praised all 3 games!

Sly Racoon (1st Game of the trilogy) Review:-

I myself have just completed the 1st game and it looked stunning! Even today the cel shaded renders look great! The animations are seamless and the characters are quite creative and lovable, especially the main character Sly Cooper whose dry wit and slick personality make him a very likable character. The level desings are creative, varied and again like the rest of the game, they look stunning! The levels are full of vibrant colours, beautifully animated enemies, hidden bottles to collect and safes to crack. Each zone/area has a different theme to correspond with the boss of that area and each boss is just as well done as Sly Cooper and co. Each boss has a different persona, one is pirate, one is gangster, the other a voodoo priestess. Now onto the story, yet another well developed aspect of the game. The story like the rest of the game is charming, fun and actually pretty cool, as it does not seem to be childish like most child-friendly platformers are. The story is actually enjoyable and is told through rough, stylistic, partially animated Flash cutscenes, and although these cutscenes are rough they still look great and get the story across just fine. The overall presentaion of this game was just excellent it's so well done, there are no problems with it at all!

The gameplay is also pretty good, but also pretty basic and straight forward. You jump and hack your way through 35 brief missions, and along the way you collect a number of bottled clues in each level (ranging from 20-40 bottles) to crack the code of a safe in each level (safes that hold pages that teach you new abilities). The platforming elements were enjoyable, as was hacking enemies with a cane (to a certain extent). Although I enjoyed some of the stealth segments, as they felt fresh and different, I also felt that sometimes the stealth didn't alway work all too well. I also felt that most of the abilities found in the safes were pretty dumb and useless, as I hardly used these abilities at all, as they did not prove to be all that useful. Abilities such as mine and decoy, I just found pretty useless, as they take a long time to deploy and their effects are hardly worth the time they take. That being said the gameplay is still very enjoyable and you never become bored of it, however the gameplay is slightly hindered by some technical issues (see below). Then of course there's the audio, which is yes, you guessed it! Also well done. The voice acting is brilliant, as all the voices sound great and they each give a unique personality and sound to the characters and make them even more charming. The soundtrack is so-so, it's clever, it's quiet. It gives off the stealth vibe and really raises the tension in stealthy areas, so I suppose it works well in its way. However there are a view numbers that just don't sound too good, and actually sound really bad and annoying in a repetitive kind of way.

The only problems I had with the 1st game was it was far too easy and far too short. I managed to complete it in about 12 hours in the first run through and also gained a platinum trophy for collecting everything (also in the first run through). So you can imagine how easy it is and how little replay value it has. Now there are some technical problems found in the first game as well, problems that I myself encountered, were getting Sly stuck inbetween objects, Sly falling through certain areas of the floor, the camera getting stuck in environments and buildings and game slow-down. But the strangest was in one of the China themed levels, where I jumped onto a wooden platform and it shot Sly up through the roof of the building and way up high into the sky, but luckily he did fall back down to the ground and the level worked fine after that. Now, while these little glitches don't affect the gameplay majorly (worse case scenario is that they may take a life), they are still noticable and stop me from liking the 1st game as much as I could. If it wasn't for the glitches, the whole experience would have been a little bit more enjoyable and I would have given the game a higher score. That's not to say that the game isn't enjoyable, as this has to be one of the best platformers I have ever played, and has one of the coolest platforming mascots I have seen in games! Sly Racoon is up there with Sonic, Crash and Ratchet, they're all cool, they're all furry, and they all made great games at some point, and still do to some extent.

So, I have only just completed the 1st game and I am already impressed with this package! The 1st game - Sly Racoon offers unique, fresh and different gameplay, yet at the same time it has basic and familiar elements, but manages to shake things up enough to make them feel new all over again. Now although the gameplay is great, most of Sly Racoon's appeal and charm lies in it's visuals and art direction, there is no doubt that this game looks stunning. Even by todays standards it holds up so well, and it really is aging gracefully. I am so glad I decided to buy this, and even now I am wondering why I had to take careful consideration to buy this in the first place?! Seriously, whether you have played the games or not, I urge you to buy this product! It's not only a great deal, it's a great fun filled experience that can be enjoyed by children and people of all ages! I cannot wait to play the 2nd game in the trilogy, which according to most reviews is the best out of the 3!

Sly Racoon (1st Game) Closing scores:-

Graphics - 9 (Excellent)

Gameplay - 8 (Great)

Presentation - 9 (Excellent)

Audio - 8 (Great)

Overall Game Score - 9/10 - (Excellent/A Must Play)


Joshua Skinner
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on 5 February 2013
I think the title very much speaks for itself. I'll admit the first time I heard about Sly Cooper I thought to myself "What the heck is this?" But one day my curiosity peaked when I found out there was a sequel so I looked up info and found the story to actyaly be quite interesting. That was back in the PS2 days, But now with the PS3 and these games in High def.....it's better then ever.
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on 13 January 2011
This is an excellent game, and now it is for the playstation 3 the graphics are brilliant I would highly rate this game, the first sly is ok I would say the second is the best game and I havent finished the third yet, but if your like me and dont like shooting games this is perfect, it will give you hours of fun I would recommend that you get this game and play it. It gives you the option at the beginning to choose which sly game you want to play so you dont have to complete them in order. Worth the money.
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on 17 December 2010
Wow. All I have to say. Wow - what a GREAT game.

OK, let's start off...

You get 3 remastered PS2 games here for the price of 1 full-price PS3 game and over 45 hours of gameplay.

Sly Cooper is a raccoon thief and is in a gang with his friends Murray, the strong pink hippo and Bentley, the green brainy turtle.

Sly Cooper and the Thievious Raccoonus (Sly 1):

Mission: Recover Thievious Raccoonus from the Fiendish Five, defeat Clockwerk

Pros: Great gameplay, mediocre graphics (quite understandable as this was a game released in 2000-2001, so this won't factor into the cons) which have been improved on from the PS2 version quite heavily. Lots of replay value. Clue bottle system that grants you access to a new move every level and one step closer to 100%. Variety of boss battles.

Cons: The music can be off-sync sometimes and it makes the 3rd level boss (Mz.Ruby) quite frustrating. Frustrating time challenges. Camera issues happen once in a while. Missions can get repetitive.
Voice acting is so-so, depending on who you look at. In my opinion Carmelita's voice in this game is pretty bad, while Sly's is quite near perfect.

Sly 2: Band of Thieves

Mission: Retrieve Clockwerk parts from Klaww Gang

Pros: Improved gameplay and graphics. Longest storyline in all 3 games. Time challenges are no longer an issue. Great replay value. Big variety of missions - almost every mission in the game is different. You can play as all 3 characters - Sly, Bentley and Murray - each have their own missions you must complete and they are also playable in free-roam. All characters require their own strategies - Sly needs the stealthy approach, Murray can just plow through the levels and Bentley needs to stay at a distance. Improved VA from last game.

Cons: Camera issues still exist.

Sly 3: Honour Among Thieves:

Mission: Gain access to the Cooper Vault and defeat Dr. M

Pros: No more camera issues. Again, great replay value. Time challenges are back, but they are not as frustrating as in Sly 1. New disguise system which can get boring, but adds more variety. Improved graphics. An even bigger variety of missions. Bentley's new wheelchair and Murray's Dreamtime training give them a whole new lot of abilities.

Cons: No clue bottles.

Overall, this game is great. You get 3 HD remastered, 3D, Move-supporting games + minigames (albeit the minigames are absolute garbage) for the price of 1.

So please do get this game.
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on 6 December 2010
And he's back and looks better than ever. The game still feels fresh and new but plays exactly like the originals with the bonus that you can obviously see a lot more detail in a wider view. Personally I think the first one was best, and then they went down hill a bit, but still quirky and fun. Let's hope Sly and the Gang don't get so overlooked this time.
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on 8 December 2010
I loved the original Sly Cooper games on the PS2. They were colourful, fun and weren't too frustrating. I was well chuffed when I heard they were being remastered. So, about the remastering. One word - WOW. What a job Sanzaru Games did polishing up Sucker Punches originals. Make no mistake peeps - these games look STUNNING in high definition. I was blown away.

Honestly, at this price it's an absolute steal. There aren't many platform games being produced these days so this is a no brainer. There are rumours of a Sly 4 depending on the success of this remake. In that case what are you waiting for? Go get it!
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on 5 January 2012
Now I don't really want to spend a lot of time discussing the individual games, the story, etc what I'm more interested in talking about is how well the games were transferred to give the old fans an idea about whether this game is worth it or not.

Now I own all of these games on PS2 and was a massive fan of them and so naturally when they were remastered for the PS3 I was very excited, however I wasn't sure if there was really any point in buying the games again just because they've been remastered but then as time went by and news about Sly 4 came out I got so excited about that game that I just had to buy this and was it worth it? Yes

The games look absolutely beautiful in high definition! I was so impressed with the quality of this transfer. The colours were bright and the animations were smooth, it just looked amazing.The sound is also excellent and much clearer then it was in the original PS2 versions. Also another nice thing about the collection is that all three games are on the same disc so if you get stuck in one or just fancy a change it is easier to switch to another game (though I prefer to do them in order). It just also makes life easier as you're not always having to change discs. The trophy feature is also really nice for more 'hard core' gamers and it certainly drives you to bother collecting all of the clue bottles and things so you can get a trophy. Also for all those with 3D televisions all three of the games can be played in full 3D! Unfortunately I am unable to enjoy this feature but according to reviews I have read the 3D is very well done.

However every game has its flaws though I must say I've only noticed a few. The most frustrating flaw was during the boss fight against Mz Ruby when now the actions and music seem out of synch, making the fight a heck of a lot harder in fact I had to do the whole thing with my television on mute. Some people though have said this is a good thing as it makes the game a bit harder as admittedly the first game was very easy, but I thought it was an unnecessary change. Another problem I've had is once I started a level and there was no sound so I have to restart my PS3 and another time it crashed. But on the whole these are only minor problems.

Since I am an old sly cooper fan I can't give this game anything less than 5 stars!
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on 26 September 2011
You would be forgiven for thinking these games were for children, what with their colourful characters, cel-shaded graphics and generally fun nature, but you would be mistaken. Kids can certainly enjoy them, but us adults will get a lot out of them due to the witty writing, the varied missions, the slick soundtracks and the overall fun of the games. It's a shame that these days so many games aren't seen as adult games unless they have drab, brown, almost too-realistic colour palettes.

At least we still have Sly.

The HD remaster is great, although having said that if Sony had given us backwards compatibility in the first place we wouldn't have to re-purchase old games and line their pockets yet again. Poor form, but hey, it worked for George Lucas. They do try and make up for it with an Easter Egg and some PS Move games, but I haven no interest in PS Move.

I don't have the pleasure of having a 3D TV so I couldn't enjoy the games that way, but they are as I remember them with great, vibrant colours, open-world levels and cool tunes, as well as some remarkably humourous moments. Worth your money if you haven't played them already, and bear in mind that the graphics for the first game, especially Sly's face, are still a bit suspect.
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on 4 January 2011
We had these games for the PS2 and they were my son's favourite games but with the arrival of the PS3 they sat unplayed in the cupboard for years. My son got this game for christmas and literally hasn't stopped playing it (he's even forgot he's got Black Ops!). The graphics have been updated and look fab. Its great to see him playing on a game thats not ultra violent and full of swearing. If only there were more games like this!!
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on 11 April 2013
The Sly Cooper games are all about platforming and stealth, with lighthearted cartoon violence all around.
Fighting is optional, you can complete any mission without fighting except for boss fights that require memorization, reflexes or smarts.
I'd liken the gameplay *feel* to that of the first few Spyro games. There is a sense of exploration and achievement as you progress on your goal.

These are wonderful games, suitable for absolutely any age possible. They are great value, have no outstanding glitches or problems and tell a tale even teens or adults can relate to now and then.
Do yourself a favor and get this. Three games on one disk, well over sixty hours of fun that you will not regret! What other games have that kind of value lately?
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