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3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 3 January 2001
This is the sequel to 'Lord of the Storm'. Captain Califa Claxton, friend of Shaylah Graymist from 'Lord of the Storm' now wears a control collar herself and is in prison. When 'Skypirate' Dax accidentally rescues her, it begins a series of adventures which lead them back to Trios and justice for their past lives. As with the previous book the story is more important than the sci-fi element. Whilst not quite as good as 'Lord of the Storm',it is well worth reading. I hope Justine Davis returns to Trios one day, for further stories.
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THE SYPIRATE is the sequel to LORD OF THE STORM and centres around CALIFA, the Coalition officer who gave WOLF to SHAYLA.

CALIFA is held responsible for WOLF's escape and as a result is surgically implanted with a gold collar and forced to become a slave. Though MS DAVIS only hints at the subjugation inflicted on the ex-Coalition officer during her year of slavery, we are told enough to admire her strong spirit which the Coalition has failed to break. In dire times CALIFA pictures WOLF and takes strength from his memory and the innate pride he carried despite his position.

DAX is a living legend, a skypirate with a motley crew, their only common bond a deep hatred of the Coalition. He is a rare TRIOTIAN male, a son of the evening star, not golden as is the norm of his planet but darkly handsome. Even more rare, he is a man who can wield the flashbow, a Triotian weapon that only those of the truest heart can fire. He has spent 6 years recklessly embracing suicidal missions, feeling he failed his homeworld by not being present to help defend it from the Coalition. Not until he meets CALIFA does he realise that some TRIOTANS survived the attack, and hearing her story, is angered to discover his Prince was kept as her sex slave. Despite his hatred of all things CALIFA'S previous lifestyle stood for, he is overwhelming attracted to her, and finding the attraction mutual begins to believe that maybe he has a future to live for after all. But first he must stand trial on TRIOTIA for piracy, a crime punishable by either execution or permanent exile - in his eyes both are death sentences. His judge is PRINCE DARE (WOLF), his greatest childhood friend, yet he has in tow the woman responsible for the new kings slavery.

The courtroom scenes are incredibly moving and the definite highlight of an action packed story. If you loved LORD OF THE STORM you will not be left disappointed by its sequel.
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on 5 March 2015
This novel takes place one year after the end of "Lord of the Storm".

Califa Claxton, decorated Coalition tactical strategist and slave owner, is now a collared Coalition slave herself. She is in a prison cell when Dax Silverbrake comes to someone else's rescue.

Dax seems ten-foot-tall-and-bullet-proof heroic. He is a futuristic Robin Hood, if you will - a genuinely decent man repulsed by everything Coalition, including the concept of slavery. Suddenly, he is in possession of a slave and the device that controls her.

There is a slow build to this love story. Dax has no romantic awareness of Califa at first. Her body odour makes him avoid being downwind of her. When she cleans up, the pull of their attraction is irresistible. However, Califa's past is a major barrier and Dax struggles with his warring feelings for her. The sexual tension and sexy times sizzle on the page.

Califa and Dax's characters are larger than life. Their romance is cleverly weaved through their adventures and dilemmas. When offered freedom, Califa's actions stagger Dax. Their HEA is very well earned and satisfying. I'm glad I re-read this novel.

With 20 years of life experience between reading and re-reading these novels, I view Lord of the Storm as the better book. The younger me felt the opposite (and would have given Skypirate 5 stars). That said, I still like Skypirate and would recommend it for pure escapist romance.

I now look forward to reading about the children of the "Lord of the Storm" and "Skypirate" couples.

*contains sex scenes
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on 1 December 2014
One is driven by revenge, the other has an unforgivable past, both are bound by a love neither expected nor wanted and for atonement they will risk everything for the rebellion in this thrilling sci-fi romance.

A fast pace and smooth flowing plot keeps readers on the edge of their seats with suspense, action and romance. The reader can’t help but get caught up in this emotionally gripping tale of two unlikely lovers as their unexpected attraction to each other burns with hot passion from every page. They were enemies, but Califa and Dax will have to work through their past issues and learn that not everything is black & white and people can change but the journey to that realization is full of some spark inducing clashes and some hot and steamy encounters. Dax and Califa really grab the reader’s attention and ensure that the reader enjoys every part of their story whether it’s their turbulent relationship, heartfelt emotional turmoil or the exciting adventures.

Spine tingling tension builds throughout the story as the well written scenes and details capture the imagination and danger and excitement this couple at every turn of course that could be because Dax is determined to antagonize the Coalition every chance he gets. There is never a dull moment as Dax and his crew engages in daring rescues, liberating supply runs, reckless behavior and seat of their pants escapes from their enemies.

I was completely caught up in the story as it captures the heart with Dax and Califa trying to heal each other which is easier said than done especially as they have to learn to forgiveness not only of others but of themselves, which is hard enough without the added complication of their attraction to each other. The fascinating futuristic world draws the reader into the story and ensures that the reader comes back for more and while you can read these out of order and still enjoy them…this one does reference events in the previous book.
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on 30 June 2011
I love this book. it's really different from the normal romances (historical & modern) and the characters are really likeable.
I read this before 'Lord of the Storm' and I'm not sure if that's why I prefer this one, but I think it's equally as good.
I gave my 65-year old mother this to read (as she's rather fond of romances) and once she'd gotten over the shock that it wasn't set on Earth, to my surprise she liked it.
I've read this book numerous times now, and there's not many romances I can say that about.
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