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Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 8 August 2010
I'm very late to the Stephanie Plum party having only found the series about two months ago. Since then I've read all the books in the series. I'm giving this book a three star review but I think that if I'd been reading the books over the years like most other fans then I'd be giving it a one star. If I'd had to wait a year to read sixteen I would have been so annoyed with it. The whole thing is a disappointment, especially when contrasted with the delights of the first books in the series. Nothing happens, it's not nearly as funny or gripping as it could have been. It's all filler and there's nothing of substance. It feels like an exercise in treading water.

The series started out so wonderfully - fresh, funny and original. While there are (fleeting) moments of funny in Sixteen, there's nothing that's either fresh or original. In fact it's all very tired and as samey as the eight before it. It's also lost the grit and sexiness of the earlier books and feels much shorter too.

I don't want, nor expect to see Stephanie become super bounty hunter but I would expect that after all this time she'd have learned something. I feel that Janet Evanovich is doing a disservice to her characters by not allowing Stephanie to progress or grow as a person or a professional. Lulu has become an annoying, ridiculous caricature, Ranger is creepy and God knows why Morelli puts up with Stephanie. It's sad to see the creator of these wonderful characters now letting them down so badly.

Janet Evanovich is a talented and wonderful writer and it's well within her capabilities to re-invigorate the series and restore it to it's earlier glory. I'll wait in hope for Seventeen.
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It seems as if this book was written by Evanovich in her sleep. There is very little to say here if you have read the previous fifteen instalments of the Plum saga. What started off as fresh, funny and innovative in the first few books has now become a dull, repetitive grind of sameness.

What irks me most about this series is that nothing ever gets resolved. Stephanie never moves on, never makes any decisions or does anything much of anything any more. At least in the earlier books there were some surprises, some hooks that would keep you guessing until the next book came out, but now all the plot lines and characters are neatly finished and parcelled up with everyone back in the same position they were in at the start of the novel, waiting to do it all over again the next time.

Sometimes the writing is still quite sharp, sometimes the episodes are amusing, but the repetition grinds down even those elements until it all becomes so wearily predictable.

In this book Vinnie, Stephanies boss and cousin, is kidnapped by mobsters when he cannot pay off his gambling debts. With the bail bonds office under threat of bankruptcy, Lula, Connie and Stephanie step up to the plate to rescue Vinnie.

If this is your first experience of Evanovich, you may well enjoy it, but if you are a faithful follower you will be disappointed.

If you want to see Evanovich at her best read the first four books in this series. You won't regret it.
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on 20 June 2011
I think this series of novels should be brought to a conclusion. The first 8, even 10, were incredibly funny; Grandma Mazur was a hoot, and Stephanie's misfortune with vehicles was hilarious. Funny enough that I was brought to tears of laughter. Living in the US for many years, and on the East Coast, I could easily picture, and hear in my mind's eye, the Jersey characters, very accurate.

The last few novels are the same old stuff, in effect a re-hash. Ms Evanovich could have written them from past manuscripts with minor changes. The only reason 'fans' are still buying this series is to find out who Stephanie chooses - Ranger or Morelli. Ms Evanovich is taking advantage of her devotees by stringing out the final resolution.

The novels are shorter in length, and if anything the continuing characters have less involvement. There is no evolvement of the regular cast, they are all, without exception, just like Rex - treading the wheel going nowhere.

If I hear again about Lula's diets, too tight spandex tops and skirts, Cluck-in-a-Bucket fried chicken and doughnuts it will be too soon!

Enough already Ms Evanovich, write one last Stephanie Plum novel tying up all loose ends, and move on to a new series.
Your talents could be put to better use.
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I love the Stephanie Plum books and this one is as good as all the others. I laughed from start to finish. Yes, I agree with the other reviewers that at times it seems a little repetative, but this is what I want and expect from Stephanie Plum. As always Stephanie finds herself in bucketloads of trouble, with Ranger and Morelli always appearing to get her out from this. Lula, eats as many donuts as always, but I liked the way Connie played a bigger part in this book. The scene with the hobbits was the funniest I have ever read and I would advise reading the book just for this if nothing else. I am really looking forward to number 17, may it arrive soon.
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on 3 August 2010
I like the Plum novels, but Sephanie needs to move on. I want more emotional dilemma between Joe and Ranger. Joe is becoming one-dimensional, the old reliable. Even Ranger has lost his dangerous feel. We need something unexpected on the love front Ms Evanovich (should you read this!)
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on 29 July 2011
I am a huge Stephanie Plum fan so was looking forward to reading this but although it kept me amused enough to pass a flight pleasantly, I felt that the relationships between the characters were going nowhere. Stephanie cannot go on struggling to choose between Joe & Ranger indefinitely as it gets very boring with nothing happening and gives you a sense of the author dragging it out longer the necessary. Grandma Mazur is nowhere near as funny as she used to be either and even Stephanie's bad luck with vehicles is now only met with "Babe..." from Ranger. I will continue to read the series but hope that the Author manages to recapture the original sparkle and wit of the earlier novels. If you are reading this review and have not previously read any Plum novels, the three stars is because the series is not as good as it used to be, please do read 'One for the money' as the series began out hillariously funny.
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on 30 June 2010
Vincent has been kidnapped and Stephanie, Lulu and Connie have to rescue him. Mooners back this time with the Hobbits and we have more of Ranger, this book is better than fifteen a vintage Stephanie doing what she does best, causing mayham, its back to being laugh out loud and Stephanie fans wont be disapointed. If you are a new reader and want to laugh and be entertained whilst you read, start with "One for the money" and work your way through to number 16 you will enjoy them.
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Sizzling Sixteen is the sixteenth full length novel in the Stephanie Plum series by popular American author, Janet Evanovich. In this instalment, Vinnie Plum is kidnapped by a local thug and held for ransom for his $786,000 gambling debt. Vinnie's sexual exploits have not endeared him to his wife and rich father-in-law, so Stephanie, Lula and office manager Connie Rosolli need to find him and raise the ransom, or they will be out of a job. In between tracking down Vinnie, Stephanie tries to raise cash by going after skips: a geriatric, shoplifting bigamist with 5 wives, a drug dealer with a pet alligator and a toilet paper thief. Ranger loans her a Jeep, which, of course, gets totalled. This time, explosives, bombs, fire, pepper spray, a stun gun, a Maglite, a rusty fire escape, a cellarful of rats, stink bombs, donuts and extra-crispy chicken are all part of the action. Someone breaks their foot, Lula goes on a hilarious "one of anything" diet, someone is shot in the knee, Lula engineers a cow stampede in the streets of Trenton, an alligator escapes, Stephanie is kidnapped by a Bulgarian mobster and, as always, funeral parlours play an important part in events. Readers never go to Stephanie Plum for depth: the deepest she goes is a bit of Catholic guilt about her attraction to two gorgeous men; these books are pure fun. Evanovich could fill a book with Lula's entertaining maxims. Plenty of laughs.
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on 6 February 2012
Stephanie and her pals do it again, have me in stitches that is. If you have not heard/read the Stephanie Plum Novels then start now, from the latax wearing ex street walker to the out of his face stoner to the partys at the funeral viewings to the very sexy Mr Ranger. These Novels will have you laughing out load and symphathizing with Stephanie in more ways than you though possible. If you get the chance buy one of the Audio CD, it brings the characters to life.
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on 1 June 2013
I love these characters and have enjoyed the series very much. They are, perhaps, becoming increasingly formulaeic and are increasingly disappointing. However, I will keep going with them. It may be a temporary dip.
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