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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 12 April 2016
This game is nothing like the sims, it's a whole new form of gameplay. I downloaded this from the google play store rather than amazon but it's the same game and I currently have it up to the Easter download. Sometimes I love this game and sometimes I hate it which is why I'm giving it a middle of 3 stars.

I have been a firm fan of the sims since the first version (though I don't have the sims 4 yet). The usual gameplay of the sims is simple, you get to control your sims and dictate exactly what they do with their time and how you want relationships between them to pan out, etc. But if you downloaded this game thinking you're getting the sims then prepare to be disappointed. The Sims Freeplay is all about completing tasks.

You are given one neighbourhood and sims are controllable and you DO have a choice over what they do and which job they get but you cannot just start having families and playing the game any way you wish. This game's tasks mean you are stuck to completing tasks to unlock things. There are all sorts of tasks in the game. Some appear without your choice such as the tutorial tasks which unlocks some of the basics of the game, other tasks can be triggered if you choose to build a certain building. Many tasks are triggered without any warning such as the recent 'easter egg hunt' task.

The game requires what is initially a small download but as soon as you think you have the game installed, prepare to click on the icon, open the game and then again, more downloads required. The game also downloads frequently at certain times of the year, such as an additional download for Easter and one previously for Valentines day. These downloads do take up space on your device so make sure you have it to keep receiving the downloads. The game is also very power hungry. I have a pretty high spec phone but this game along with Plants vs Zombies 2 just drains my battery and resources so make sure you have a device that isn't the most basic or you may have some problems.
The downloads in this game are automatic. If EA has released a new download, the next time you go to play the game you have to receive the new download or else it just won't start. It won't give you access to your sims or your game until this download is complete. Luckily for me the new downloads haven't led to any problems and I haven't had any bugs in this game at all (running android lollipop). I forgot to add that you always need to be connected to the server while playing this game, it's not an offline game.

There are so many tasks in this game it does keep the fun going. Each new task always unlocks either a place or new items, hair, clothing, etc. However most tasks have a time component such as you must complete a task in 5 days, 2 days, etc. These are real days in our world, not sim days. There's an in-app purchase (among many others) that lets you buy more time on these tasks but if like me you don't want to spend real money in a game you have to deal with often missing out on an extra item, clothing, etc which was unlockable only if you completed the game within the time limit. Though this isn't terrible and the game works well, and there's enough other stuff without it, it is disappointing, especially as a recent task known as the 'chocolatier' task was impossible for me to complete without buying time.

The last point to make is that unlike in previous sims where a task would take a normal amount of time, in the sims freeplay individual sim tasks (things they do such as reading a book, calling a friend, etc) takes a lot longer. Whenever you click on a sim or object there is the option to select say 'Grab a plate(of food to eat)' and then if you've played the sims you'd expect this to take just a few minutes of human time. However next to 'grab a plate' are the words '10 minutes'. This isn't 10 sim minutes, this is literally 10 human/earth minutes! This new concept threw me at first and this is one of the most annoying aspects of this game. Tasks take a ridiculous amount of time to complete, some sim tasks can take hours, such as nearly 12 hours to check files on a usb stick. It is this that leads you to often lose out on time limit items. This game is also like virtual families in that the time of day on your device dictates whether it's day, evening or night in the game.

Overall I still like this game, there's new content all the time which keeps the game fresh and fun, and I am no where near even half way to unlocking everything in my neighbourhood yet. But there is also a disappointment that this game just isn't that much like the sims and sometimes I just want to open my game and make my sims do something random rather than having to follow a task in order to unlock bonus content (you don't have to follow a task of course but if you don't you'll not get the content).
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on 2 June 2017
This game is amazing with so many exciting quests. It gets more interesting the longer you play it so give it a chance and you will get amazing quests and the families in your town and your town will really develop. I have been playing on my kindle for a couple of years and it is by far my favourite game. You can create houses with swimming pools, swings , toddler play areas and so much more. No game is perfect though, and there are frustrating things about the Sims. For example, life points make the game so much easier but unless you are prepared to spend real money it is hard to earn them. It is possible though as I haven't spent a penny on this game and I have still achieved most things. Time limited quests are difficult without them though! Finally, a quick tip when you first download lots of the buildings like the pool, shopping centre, car shop will be cheap but as you level up they get more and more expensive so by them at the beginning if you can! Overall I love this game and I would highly recommend this to you!
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on 10 July 2015
So last time I made a review it was for sims 3. Where I decided I preferred this version, so I decide it would be amusing to give my opinion for this game.
Note when ever I mention sims 3, I mean the mobile game. Not the computer version
What is this?: So, this is a freemium game made by EA, if you did not know this already (I'm more then sure you do.)
Graphics: This game is surprisingly good on graphics for being a free game (even if it is a freemium,) even better so then sims 3. The graphics are neat, the style is nice. To be honest. Even the surroundings are nice.
Movement and controls: The game is easy to control, your selected character moves by you tapping a location on the screen, you can interact with others and the environment by clicking on them. Editing your house is easy and so is checking character statuses. One good thing is how it gives you a timer till an interaction is finished
Characters: You start off by making one characters. You choose the clothing, hair colour, like most other sims games. There is a large variety of aspects for the characters. A large amount of skin tones, hairstyles, clothing, you can have make up for your character also. For additional hair and facial features you can by them using simolions or the yellow ones (conveniently forgets the name.) There is a much larger variety then sims 3. One thing which it lacks that would be nice is the choice of personalities. The characters have a really nice look to them (a few of the faces are a little creepy, but...) The design is really nice. You can't change the height, waist size etc. But unless you're desperate for an extremely large character, you should be fine. They walk well, (though I think I would describe it mainly as a strut, unless they're slouching, which is more then L when he's sitting down.) They interact with objects and characters well, I find no fault with that.
Quests: May I start by saying, THE BANE OF THIS GAME. Being a free game, of course there has to be some negatives, but these are extremely irritating. You move up levels so fast that every time you finish one (you get a new quest each level you move up) you get a new one ( I have 5 pending, I'm only on level 16.) The main fault to the quests is the money, remembering this is a freemium game, each time you buy (it works the same for each, but the prices move up secretly per category) a house, a assist (a shop) or I believe a work place, the price moves up by a set amount (I think it goes 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000, 30000, 50000, 100000, Etc. For assists) this is extremely annoying and takes along time to earn the money needed. The best way is by growing plants. Some parts if quests are a pain merely because it's very hard to do it without paying (expected from a freemium game) as you have to use the yellow money and that is difficult to get during gameplay. The nice thing about the quests is though, they unlock useful items. Though I would rather get them without blocks but it is still useful (clever tactic EA, getting gameplay time up like that.) There are also social quests, there are a pain if you have no friends, or friends who rarely play (the latter is my problem) as with most freemium games,they provide a friend, however they do not have everything you need for quests (I still have no idea how to play footsies)
Dailylife: the health metres decrease quite slowly, surprisingly, this is however because the game is realtime gameplay. Daily life is a simple thing, you can choose to sent your sims to work whenever you want (I suggest just before you stop playing before you go to sleep, this means there, depending on how long you sleep, should only be about an hour remaining when you return) there are quite a large amounts interactions, jobs and places to use, so it certainly does well keeping you entertained.
Relationships: It's very easy to form relationships with other sims, you can form relationships between the two genders as well as the the same. Children, you need to pay yellow money for, this is a pain as you have to use this also for quests. Children also require yellow money to grow up.
Houses: houses are nice, there's quite large range of items, some prices are unreasonable but the essentials are cheap. You can change the wall paper, flooring, roof colour and the exterior wall colours.
Word of advice: if you ever decide to buy something, screenshot the purchased screen, just in case you don't receive it.
Conclusion: Very good game, lacking in some areas, I only covered a few parts as there is so much to cover. But it's worth a look, it takes up quite a bit if storage space but there is a cloud so you can undownload and reinstall and your old game will still be there. Worth a look if you haven't yet looked.
Hope this helped.
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on 1 May 2016
This is a cut down mobile version of the ubiquitous Sims. It works as good as it can do on a device with a touch screen and no physical controls. It is a life simulation game that requires a significant time investment. Based on the popular PC game, you create an avatar including personality traits, and direct its interactions with the other characters in a town. Sims can be vain, mean, messy, and neurotic, or friendly and modest, or a combination of good and bad traits. They can fall in love and jump into bed together, and they can die.

This is different to the other Sims games on the app store as it’s a lot closer to the original PC games, and everything is in real-time. When it’s 12pm on a Wednesday in real life, it’s 12pm on a Wednesday in the game. By moving the game into real time, you are free to, not play on occasion as time keeps moving while you're away.

Everything that your Sims do takes time, from going to work to cooking a meal. Any time requirement can be purchased away with in-app purchases. All tasks reward experience, and some tasks reward money, which you can spend on whatever you want. The real-time element will be the thing that makes you either love or hate it, as having to wait while your Sim completes a task can be frustrating. For example, going to work means being in the game to get your Sims up and out the house at 8am.

As your Sims will do nothing on their own. They will suffer, starve and humiliate themselves if you're not there to care for them. Ultimately, you can pop in to babysit them as little as twice a day, or as often as you want.
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on 8 September 2016
Love it, very addictive and time consuming but I cant seem to put it down. I have to force myself to make my sims go to work or school when I have a day off myself or I would never get anything done. It can be frustrating at times as some tasks take ages to complete and a few minor glitches pop up now and then such as sims standing inside each other or holding a conversation with another sim while standing inside a door but they dont spoil the fun really.
There are help sites and forums etc but I did not look at those much as I preferred to learn as I went by trial and error and not know what is coming up next in hindsight it would have been beneficial if only to realize that the pine floorboards and wall paper in my first 2 houses were un-plastered walls and hardboard.
A word of warning while it is a free app you will need to spend money on it if you want to progress at a reasonable pace I am on level 37 at the moment but if I had not spent anything I doubt I would be at level 10 by now and missed on a lot of time limited rewards and probably given up.I spend my money wisely and budget my self but if you cant do that install at your peril!
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on 12 April 2015
This game is really fun and passes a lot of time.
It is annoying when you have to wait a long time
for things for example - when building a house
it can take like a hour or two it should only take
a couple of minutes.
Or when your Sims are completely down like
they smell and things like that it should not cost
five of them things it should costly like ten pounds.
Other than that it is a amazing game and should
totally download it πŸ˜€ 😁 πŸ˜‚ 😊 πŸ˜ƒ πŸ˜„ πŸ˜… πŸ˜† πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‰
😣😜 😝
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on 24 February 2018
Very good, very similar to the actual pc game. Big downfall is every action is in real time (they go to work for 8 hours and it actually takes 8 real life hours) so you run out of things to do pretty quickly. Also money is hard to come by, mostly because of the fact that everything is in real time.
If you like building the houses then this game would be frustrating for you.

You can speed things up but I believe this costs real life money.

Overall good game, just too bad about real time
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on 7 December 2017
If you are a Sims fan, it is unlikely you will enjoy this game- unless perhaps you are the uber busy type who constantly opens their phone between tasks. Otherwise, avoid. This game is the most eggregious insult to any fan of The Sims. This is as bad as the who Dungeon Keeper fiasco.
Tasks you do all take real world time, some realistic like washing hands some none too realistic like the time it takes a sim to do the gardening. This is just NOT the Sims this is a rubbish attempt at trying to pry as much money out of the wallet of the consumer.
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on 1 August 2017
I love this game . I am inching closer to level 16 and have had such a fun journey throughout the time I have had it . I have now had my forth child and enjoying caring for all my children soooooo much . I also enjoy sending my sims to work so I can earn more money ! Not just that but I love my pets and caring for them is loads of fun . I know it is just a game but it is the best game I have ever had and trust me . I have had a lot . If anyone reads this then thanks sorry that I wrote quite abit but may I ask one more favour ........ GET THIS APP IT IS AMAZING !
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on 23 August 2017
The Sims Freeplay used to be the game I really found hard to stop playing; I love the entire concept of the game, but even I can't play it non-stop, with no break in between. It was GREAT and would have gained 5 stars if it had not been for the game shutting down every time I want to play on it. It kept taking me back to the device home screen if I switched my device off and wouldn't allow me to click on any in-game buttons. I have tried uninstalling and then re-downloading the game, but the problem is consistent. Please fix this so that I can get back to playing the game I love.
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