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on 3 March 2014
I liked the PC , well built quiet and fast, I ordered the non OS version so it was only when I loaded my OS did I discover that the Graphics card stated on the advert was not installed. The card was integrated and shared the system ram and not the 4GB card as advertised, in fact although the PC was better than my current one the card was much slower. I would like to have kept the PC as I liked it , they could have sent out the video card but I have to send it back to Amazon to get a refund and then decide if I want to try again .

UPDATE 09/03/2014

Ok people you may now doubt have read my last comments, well, this is the 2nd time round for me getting this PC and as I have previously stated the PC is of good quality and this latest one is very very quiet. At least I knew what to expect from this one at least. It was originally advertised with a 4GB on board Graphics card but as you know if you have read my last comments the card is in fact intergraded and shares the system ram, the default on mine last one and this one was 768 MB ram. The form factor of the PC is good and the case is light, which to me is not a bad thing, the case IS NOT flimsy ,as long as you don't knock it around its fine and I have had no issues so far with the kettle lead being loose as some other have reported.
So I took the new one out of the boxes (it comes packed in 3), checked internally to make sure that all the components that should be there where there and connected it to the power. The first thing I did was to boot the PC into the bios which was by the way very intuitive and has setting for both the novice and advanced users. Went to the advanced settings tab and adjusted the video card shared memory to its maximum of 2GB.

With this done I then proceeded to install Windows 7 Ultimate edition 64bit from my flash drive and then used the motherboard driver disc to install the required drivers (USB3 driver will need to be installed from the disc to get the ports to work), Installed Lan, audio and video card drivers also, with this done then ran windows update.
Must say windows runs like a dream, you've heard the saying you get what you pay for ?, Well that is true but you seem to get a little more with this. I could have assembled the PC myself but on pricing the part they worked out a little more than this costs, factor in the working in build and the postages for all the parts and you are quid's in.
I am not a big games player but I do like messing with Sims 3 and on my old PC the game took 20 mins to load and then would stop now and then to write to the disc as I had run out of ram, This Pc loads the games in less that 2 mins and with all graphics set to the highest levels runs smoothly. Only had it a little while so if any thing major happens I will update my post to let you know.

Good all round PC well worth the money and an ideal replacement for the old one.
Nicely built and fast delivery thanks to Amazon Prime (Amazon rocks for delivery and excellent customer service).
As for CCL themselves , I have emailed them once or twice and they responses have been fast and courteous, But I would reiterate that they need to watch the wording of their adverts and state that the card is intergraded and shares the system ram.
I will be getting a 4GB Graphics card and SSD from Amazon next month and adding it to the PC to see if it improves on its already fast speed .
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on 14 January 2014
i was very pleased with this p.c delivery was very quick. it is quite a bit faster than my old computer also lighter in weight there was just a couple of things i was not so pleased about it is not as quiet as described it gives off a definate drone.there were few instructions that came with it.
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on 27 December 2013
I eagerly anticipated the computer's arrival but the disappointment began when I opened the inner box packed by CSL. First the power lead was sandwiched between the inner and outer boxes, I removed the lead and continued to open the box containing the computer, only to find that the metal points of the plug had pierced the metal in the back by the expansion slots. After arranging a discount, I proceeded to connect the computer.

All seemed well with the BIOS opening page, I selected "Boot from CD" and tried loading the accompanying disks. I tried every which way to load but still received the same error message regarding "could not load from boot." This included trying to load the OS. There was no way I could wrestle around any form of loading, and in fact this is the first time I have experienced this problem with a new computer.

I checked the disks (although it seemed very unlikely they would be coasters) and tried again an hour or two later, still no luck. Given the condition it arrived in and the fact I had exhausted my patience and experience, I arranged for it to be returned. I must say at this point, Amazon came through with flying colours in understanding and assisting its return.

I thought the construction was flimsy, the gauge of the metal used very thin with punched holes having quite ragged edges which caught the skin. For me, not an experience I would wish to repeat. If you chose one of these computers I hope you have better luck. All in all, a good spec computer but one that literally didn't work for me.
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on 26 November 2013
I bought the multimedia Sprint 5787 model with 16 gb of RAM.

The delivery by City Link was a fiasco, but that's got nothing to do with the PC and hopefully it's not typical of City Link.

So far I'm very happy indeed. The computer is fast and very quiet. The inside is very neatly cabled so there's a lot of space. Perhaps that helps them to keep the temperature down and therefore keep the PC quiet.

The PC is also very light for some reason, which I like.

I can't say what the PC would be like running demanding games and the like, but for what I do - watching dvd's, streaming netflix, simple photo editing, word processing and spreadsheets for work and so on, the machine is great.

Don't worry about the lack of an operating system. If you've got a copy of Windows just put the DVD in before you switch on, and if you haven't, download a copy of 'Ubuntu' beforehand, burn it to DVD, put it in before you switch on and follow your nose. I had no problems whatsoever.

For an average middle aged user like me, I would strongly recommend it.
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on 14 January 2014
PC arrived well packed with no signs of damage in transit. Unpacked, and proceeded to connect the computer.
All seemed well, lights on the front of case came on, DVD opened, but the monitor was blank. No BIOS run, mouse and keyboard also dead. Changed monitor cables, mouse and keyboard, still nothing.
Needed Bios to run as I had ordered without OS.
Contacted Amazon and arranged for it to be returned. I must say, Amazon came through with flying colours in understanding and assisting its return.
Note: There is No exchange, only refunds on items Fulfilled by Amazon.
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on 12 January 2014
disappointed to find that there was no graphics card even though part of the description on Amazon had an entry for a graphics card without saying it was on board graphics. The set up instructions were minimal to say the least - motherboard manual and CSL booklet with no discernable instructions other than a labelled diagram of the front and back of the machine and to install a full version of windows, a windows driver CD is supplied with the machine (presumably the motherboard CD).

So with much excitement and a number of phone calls to Microsoft I installed windows 7 professional.
After hours of windows updates I was able to carry on setting up the machine.
The processor overheating warning has come on a few times while transferring data from backup drive (usb 2) onto drive C:.
The machine is quiet which is one of the reasons I chose it.

I purchased a external drive enclosure for my old data drive and off we go. So far I have had a number of machine freezes and 3 blue screens of death. I have not found the cause yet but it may be the external drive even though the machine does not boot from it and it is on usb 3 interface. Blue screens only happened when I turned this drive on as the machine was booting. I did not put the drive into the machine because it would not fit without me taking the memory cards out to do so and as I have 2 other drives to investigate I chose the external option.
The machine is less upgradable than my old machine but at half the price I suppose I cannot complain. I hope to transfer the case fan onto this new machine to help with the overheating problem and add the DVD player from my old machine.
If it is possible I will update this review in a few months as early feedback is less meaningful than a more considered response after continued use.
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on 18 January 2015
Took a while to choose this system after looking at loads of options and reviewing feedback from previous buyers. This is very quiet and fast , ideal for my usage. Which to be fair is just general P C usage. I`m not into gaming , but i do store a fair few Photographs which doesn`t slow the machine down.
I`m very happy with my purchase and think it was excellent value.
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on 12 January 2014
This is great hardware for the money.
The idea is that you get much more than if you order a bespoke machine.
It seems they only built one/few specifications and give you only one option,
(with or without operating system) but this translates into being able to offer you more for your money.
I got this with out operating system and installed Linux Mint. It runs great and
the machine feels untroubled by running a number of heavy applications.
I haven't done exhaustive research, but under linux the machine suspends well the network runs fabulously and the graphic card drives a 24 monitor with ease.
Should be a great choice for people thinking of learning or exploring Linux.
The machine is not as silent as I would like given the description but this
might have quite a bit to do with where my desk is.
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on 6 July 2014
Very disappointed. If I have more than a couple of programs open at the same time, the mouse stops moving smoothly and it starts ceasing up/ freezing. The performance is actually worse than my previous PC which was around 5 years old.

On the plus side, it is very quiet, hence 2 stars rather than 1. In trying to make it work better I found you can go into the bios and improve the performance settings at the expense of a bit of sound. I did so, but the change has been minimal.

Overall, it would be OK for very light usage, but for my needs (which aren't that demanding), it is not up to the job.
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on 4 December 2013
I recently purchased this item as a replacement for my old Dell, without a ready installed OS as I already had Windows 7 Home Premium and I wanted to keep my expenditure to a minimum. After I installed Windows 7,everything seemed to go wrong.The unit kept switching off and I could not install any drivers downloaded for my hardware, software etc. I emailed the company in Germany on several occasions and got rapid, friendly and helpful responses every time.. After a considerable period of frustration I realised the problems were down to me. I had installed the incorrect version of Windows 7, 32 bit instead of 64 bit. Having corrected this error I have been delighted with this unit.It takes a little while to start up, but once it is running it is very fast in all aspects. There is a humming sound, but it is so gentle and reassures me that it is running.There is a massive RAM and memory which has dealt with everything I have thrown at it so far. With a 2 year warranty and the service I have experienced I rest my case.
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