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on 16 June 2017
Product as expected
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Borrowed from the Kindle library and thought it was fairly good. Story ticks along nicely and there is a lot going on. If you fancy a new sci-fi series give this a go.
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on 10 August 2012
Firstly let me say I am no SF snob - far from it, I like a story which doesn't get lost in lots of waffle but this is just a step too far even for me.

A curious mix of stuff thrown together here, we start with a scene straight out of Spartacus... hell, the main character is even called Spartan.

Then we sort of have a bit of Full Metal Jacket or maybe the training scene from Starship Troopers, followed by some curious Master and Commander age of sail combat with spaceships... add some crazy Jihadi random rubbish to it and fail to have any characterisation whatsoever.

If this was a cartoon comic book, it would be badly drawn I bet too...

The writing is poor, the detail is lacking, the purpose... well, I couldn't really see it.

I can obviously see what the author had been reading and watching but his abomination he created from it leaves me hating.

My recent run on trying to find new SF authors is a massive downhill slope, I do hope this is the bottom of it, I can't imagine much worse... oh hang on, I did sadly read something by John Ringo - if you like this rubbish you'll love him!
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on 5 December 2011
Michael G. Thomas begins his epic of a futuristic gladiator caught up in interstellar warfare with "Siege of Titan," Book 1 of the Star Crusades series.

The book drops us in the middle of the action as it opens with the main character battling two female gladiators in an illegal, unlicensed pit that is "a pantomime of blood and showmanship."

It is the 7th year of the war. Spartan is a pit fighter extraordinaire attempting to buy his way out of indentured servitude, when he is arrested for accidentally killing an ATU officer.

Now Spartan faces a choice: he can either spend 20 years in prison or commit to ten years of military service. He picks the latter and is sent with a group of marines to the planet Proxima Prime, where insurgents are fomenting a violent religious war. The marines train while traveling, and we enter a realistic world of war barges, scarred battleships, futuristic weapons systems and military maneuvers.

As the warships are summoned to the planet's defense, a bloodbath follows, many twists occur, sinister secrets are revealed, and the ultimate fate of Proxima Prime rests in the battle-scarred hands of Spartan and a small band of marines.

Spartan is a reluctant hero, but he is the perfect protagonist for what promises to be an entertaining series.
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on 30 December 2011
The whole 5 book series is available in a kindle omnibus version, its much cheaper than5 individual books :-(
On a different note this a a great read, but i cant pinpoint why. I suspect that Spartan, the lead character, has effectively been the same hero that occupies the space of many of the great sci-fi and fantasy novels. He has that feel about him.
The novels are also quite short and dont get bogged down in the dreaded sci-fi 'plot'. That way you're mind doesnt have to shift between the drudgery of endless separate threads of subterfuge. Thank god. A classic scifi writers error is mistaking his novel for that of a detective series. It's fantasy, we want guns, magic, warfare and bone-splintering good guys who can turn on the charm or violence at the blink of an eye.
Spartan has it.
The book on the whole is a 'soft'ish read but it has core themes that are quite graphic, some even quite chilling.
A genuine suprise. Put it on your reading list, dont expect too much, it aint star wars but dont knock it for that!!
I couldnt put it down.
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on 27 March 2011
Siege of Titan is a good entertaining read with plenty of action and nice atmosphere.

An engaging story, with applicability to some our own world's ongoing issues, sets the scene for what is sure to be an epic saga of war and chaos against the backdrop of interstellar religious extremism.
A good mix of straightforward narrative description and character point of view offers a level of immersion which successfully drags the reader in. Excellent pacing, frenetic action and visceral cinematic descriptions meant I found myself ducking when the zealots opened fire and wincing as blades were drawn!

The characters, while appealing, don't quite come alive as much as they could. They suffer slightly from being among so many things that are introduced to the reader. This is, however,understandable, as they can only be fleshed out so much in a book which is setting the scene of an entire world. Too much more would have slowed the pacing so it's not a big deal at this early stage.

There is something for everyone here. Historians, hoplophiles and technophiles will love the detail and thought that Thomas has put into creating his world but it's certainly not too much detail for the regular reader to digest.

As the story progresses, foreshadowing of things to come will become more apparent and will leave the reader chomping at the bit for the next installment.

All in all, an enjoyable book with great potential as the starting point of a much bigger picture!
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on 23 January 2012
Thrown the choice of prison or joining the Marines, Spartan sees a way to keep himself from rotting in a cell. But politics and religion are still causing chaos and mayhem throughout, not only the world, but the universe.
Spartan has to make a jump from the illegal blood sports of the underground to the ordered fighting of the marines before he and the rest of his squad mates are sent into the mix. A baptism of fire separates the good from the bad, and the truly brilliant from the good, as the navy station is over taken by the religious Zealots and hostages are treated in the most horrific ways, the marines and their commando counterparts wade through the stations blockades to take part in the battle. I can't wait to see what lies in store for Spartan next!

Kirstyanne Ross Author of Old Magick
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on 1 November 2011
Spartan is the future's answer to ancient's Spartacus. He is a lean, mean, fighting machine for the Sci-Fi genre!!!

Spartan's story starts very similar to Spartacus' story; he is paying off his slaveship by fighting in the arena. During an illegal, unsanctioned fight the `law' busts him. The judge gives him a choice...prison or the military; of course he chooses the military when this saga begins.

Michael G. Thomas does an extraordinary job of taking the reader on one heck of a Sci-Fi ride. Without a doubt, if you are looking for an excellent Sci-Fi/military story then be sure to pick up your copy of this book, you won't be disappointed.
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on 3 October 2011
Gears of War, Space Marines and Starship Troopers thrown together into the ultimate homage to '80s sci-fi action movies. The ground combat feels like WWI and the ship battles are very similar to Napoleonic sea combat. The attention to detail on the hand to hand combat and bayonet technique really is something else and shows the authors true understanding of the subject. There were a couple of typos but nothing major and it didn't detract from the story. Also, I thought Spartan could have used a little more character development.
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on 17 November 2011
Simple plot, Spartan gets into trouble and is forced into the military. There he is thrust into a complex world of terrorism, bio-engineering and religion. The book doesn't dwell too much on the enemy. This is definitely John Carpenter territory but entertaining for all that.
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