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on 14 June 2014
Where to start with this one. Yes, it was sick. Yes, it was gory. Yes, it touched on subjects many would find disturbing and vile. But boy was that one hell of a read!

I have read a lot of horror, it's my favourite genre and it's rare to pick up a book nowadays that can cause the reaction that many books had on me when I first started reading horror. Over the years I have read so much horror that I have become, not immune to it, but certainly to the point where not much really gets to me in the way it used to. This one however had that effect, it reminded me why I fell in love with horror in the first place. While it's not a book that I would say has the scare factor, it definately has the cringe, disturbing and disgustingly gorish factor.

This one is definately not for the faint of heart, it covers topics such as incest and cannibalism. It touched on the out of bounds, the extreme, the gore, all the things that have you cringing and feeling rather squeamish.

You know what they say - never judge a book by it's cover. In this case I think it's safe to say that what you see is what you get and this book is definately appropriately named Sick Bastards.
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on 31 January 2015
I'm don't know, maybe I'm a bit too desensitised. I didn't think this book was too bad? Yeah at the beginning it was little bit woah! But after that initial shock factor I thought that it calmed down quite a bit.
As a story I enjoyed it a bit. I'm sorry I'm going to go against the trend, I would say it was amazing, it was just ok.
I did like the authors writing style, I will definitely check more out from him. Just this particular story got a bit too repetitive for me and I found myself getting a little bit bored here and there.

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on 3 April 2015
This book is extremely graphic from the very beginning and the title says it all. Very well written and descriptive to enable the reader to visualize the story. Cleverly written describing the family as trying to keep things normal in the minds, like sitting down together for a meal and saying grace while carving up the dinner.
If you are squeamish don't read but this story has a reason for everything that happens. Loved the end. I will be downloading more of this author's books.
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on 17 April 2017
What a weird enjoyable book! Couldnt put it down. Quite believable too. Great ending , wasnt expecting that to happen
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on 29 April 2014
good horror novel has a few unsavory bits in it but generally good read - could not out the book down.
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on 15 February 2015
Graphic, but with a clever twist at the end.
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on 17 July 2017
As the title says wonderfully sick horror
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on 20 January 2015
Really good...if you like this sort of thing. I enjoyed it. Looking forward to reading some of his others. Brilliant
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on 4 January 2016
I'm at a bit of a loss to explain the glowing feedback for Sick B*astards, especially as most of the reviews are written with far more flair than the book itself. The blurb proclaims this to be extreme, and while the subject matter covered is hardcore stuff, the execution cripples it. In the wrong hands, horror becomes kind of clownish, and it's telling that I often pictured parody hack Garth Merenghi narrating the story. Now before you think I’m being overly harsh, bear in mind that you’re being asked to invest real life money and your own valuable time into something that smacks of being knocked out over a couple of evenings by a hormonal, overly-ambitious teenager trying to shock his English lit. teacher. Also bear in mind that this is a published release, on a major, international platform, which has clearly never been anywhere near a second draft, let alone any sort of critical editing.

This becomes obvious immediately - the writing is amateurish. The exposition is clunky, filled (stuffed) with needless (pointless) parentheses (plus lots of brackets and such) and the grammar is often bewildering, hopping around between the past and present tense within the same sentence for no discernible reason. There’s virtually no attempt at scene-setting description whatsoever, apart from the odd bit of primer-level stuff like “pretty girl” and “big house”. In this day and age, there's simply no excuse for unleashing a vocabulary so limited upon the paying public. Virtually every page is chock-a-block with such literary howlers as "Was this the look that Father looked at me with...?" Compounding this, the dialogue is unnatural, often sounding like the stuff ’blurted out’ in a Boy's Own adventure novel from decades ago. One memorably bad scene involves the protagonist considering suicide in the family toilet, only for the melodrama to be interrupted by his father, who barges in, yelling “I hope you haven’t stunk it out!” I actually burst out laughing at this point, and that’s why I’ve given the book two stars, because at least I got a good chuckle, however unintended, out of it.

So, okay, the actual writing style is a bust. This wouldn't be such an issue if the narrative went anywhere, but sadly, it doesn't. The book is way too long – there’s enough material here for a decent short story, but if you’ve read the sample section, you’ve read 90% of the book. The characters eat some people, they have sex with each other. They do it all again. And again. There’s no real build-up, plot-wise, to this situation by the way – they start running low on food and suddenly devolve into murderous, incestuous cannibals the moment they meet another person. The protagonist spends half the book trying to escape from the family house, only to almost immediately turn around and spend the second half trying to get back there, all for fairly nebulous reasons, before stumbling onto the not-exactly-well-hidden plot twist by complete accident. The narrative flow and pacing are all over the place: the few interesting parts of the story (The mystery of the disaster that caused the set-up, and the feral creatures hunting the family) are barely touched upon until the very end, leading to flashback chapter after filler chapter of boring sex and violence. In a final insult, once you've trudged your way through to the denouement, it makes very little sense and is comically far-fetched.

This book is an unfortunate example of the potential pitfalls inherent in self-publishing, and of why print authors and publishing houses employ editors to actually check submissions. Any decent editor would have sent this straight back to their client awash in red pen, with a letter telling them that the whole thing needed a major re-write before they could even consider releasing it.

I wasn't really that keen on it, in case that wasn't clear.
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on 29 May 2014
Bought this kindle novel to read at 5pm put it down, reluctantly, after a couple of hours, and then finished it off the next morning!
Although the book contains a warning I didn't think it was gory enough to merit the notice - however couldn't stop reading and the end came as a surprise (there were enough clues when I thought back so it wasn't one of these irritating twists just to finish the story. I would've liked it to be a little longer and explored the characters more - but I won't quibble about that....
I definitely recommend the book and I will read more of his.
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