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on 4 March 2015
This book attempts to explain the mind-set of the person addicted to shopping and also show ways in which this addiction can be reversed.
According to the author, many people are not aware of the signs and symptoms of shopping addiction. With some people it can be triggered by early childhood influences, or be a manifestation of unfulfilled wants during the early years. Apparently Shopping addiction is a form of mental handicap which was first mentioned by a psychologist named Emil Kraepelin. It is also known as Oniomania. Shopping addicts are sufferers, so educating them about their problem is the first step to recovery, "to know what is wrong one must first know what is right"
The book advises that among other things, the addict should accept the problem, adopt new healthy habits, become a conscious shopper, never shop alone and avoid discounts. This is a good book with lots of useful tips and advice.
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on 18 May 2014
I thought this was useful in describing the issues of overshopping and addictive behaviour. It explains addiction in relation to shopping behaviour and how to recognise if you have an issue.
It outlines some ideas for how to overcome compulsive shopping and is useful for thinking about how to deal with the problem.
It did leave my wanting a bit more detail and ideas about how to avoid overshopping, but overall a great little starter guide for someone new to the issue.
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on 14 October 2015
Not only does this book talk about the newly recognised addiction - a definite symptom of today's commercialised world! - but it gives a lot of very interesting background information too, and a rather frightening section on the symptoms that indicate it may be taking hold. I'm fairly certain I'm not in danger of acquiring this one myself but it was a salutary lesson in how easy it might be to get addicted (given the money to go for it ...). Definitely worth a read!
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on 25 January 2014
I think it’s great that someone has written a book about shopping addiction. I have often felt like this kind of addiction has become almost socially acceptable simply because materialism is so prevalent in Western societies at the moment; it’s nice to see it recognised for what it can be.

Now that I have read a few of these books, I have gotten used to the introductions being fairly similar; once I found it slightly annoying that the author hadn’t created an original fresh intro but now that I have realised they’re all a part in a bigger series, I understand why it’s not been necessary to do so.

I like how the book looks not only at the effects of addiction and how to overcome it but that it goes into great detail on the causes of it too. That it is more than just wanting things but that it can be deeply psychologically rooted in a person - I had no idea it could be resultant from childhood issues for example!

Looking through the symptoms chapter was a little scary as I found that many of the symptoms were ones that I, or my friends, were often guilty of displaying. I wonder how close we all are to going too far and becoming addicted. Scary!

The section on how to overcome a shopping addiction has a few very simple, concrete ways to move forward from an addiction and provides a great launch pad from which to leap when trying to recover.

Overall, a fantastic e-book on a little discussed topic! Fab work. :)
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on 10 March 2014
If you have a desperate spending issue, as I do, you want genuine help and guidance. This is about as basic as it gets and is frustratingly repetitive. I'll keep search for help elsewhere...
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