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on 3 March 2014
I am a massive fan of such stories as Twilight, but the difference between Meyer's and Stiefvater's work is Stiefvater takes the time to draw the picture of the love story in intricate detail. Nothing is left out.
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on 2 June 2012
*This review is from my blog becca-likes-books.tumblr.com*

I'm going to review The Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy in one go, with as few spoilers as possible. Here goes!

Shiver opens with Grace, a practical, kind and very normal teenage girl in Mercy Falls - apart from the fact that she was attacked by a pack of wolves six years ago, and now she can't stop thinking about them. Thinking about one wolf in particular, the one with yellow eyes, who stopped the rest of the pack from killing her.

Then one day, an injured boy appears on her front porch, with familiar yellow eyes... Sam.

Maggie Stiefvater has a really interesting and original take on the werewolf/shapeshifter myth - they are not transformed by moonlight, but by hot and cold, so they are wolves in winter and human in summer. Sam and Grace know that they don't have much time together before he will be lost to his wolf shape again, and the love they share is tenderly realised and believable. Unlike Grace, who is strictly scientific and sensible, Sam is a hopeless romantic with a passion for books, poetry and music, desperate not to lose his humanity and return to his animal form. It's hard not to fall a little bit in love with him. The narrative switches between their two voices, which complement and contrast each other really well. The plot is gripping, especially with the element of time running out. The end is a huge shocker and I couldn't wait to get onto the next one.

Linger is the second in the trilogy, and picks up where Shiver left off - on an edge-of-your-seat moment of suspense and unknowing. I was so glad to have more of Grace and Sam! Two extra narrators are introduced here; Isobel, who appears in the first book as a bit of a brat but we get to see her inner thoughts here, which helps the the character development at lot. Unfortunately I still don't like her that much, so I didn't enjoy being inside her head as much as I do Grace and Sam's! The fourth is a moody and mysterious new wolf, Cole, who is also sometimes hard to like, but has a fascinating story to tell that is revealed tantalisingly slowly. All four narrators are very different, which is a great achievement and makes it varied.

The plot definitely develops in this second book, as more characters are introduced and `wolf stuff' becomes more complicated (I can't say any more!). Also cue pitch-perfect teen angst as Sam and Grace fight for their love against Grace's disapproving parents, and Grace and Sam's relationship develops and deepens. Sam's dark past is also explored further, as well as his love of music. Like Shiver, the book is full of glorious moments and breathtaking twists, as well as a heart-stopping ending.

Forever is the final book. It is again narrated by Grace, Sam, Isobel and Cole, but in this book the method seems to drag a little as things happen much more slowly when you hear about them from four different view-points. However I do like how the plot develops in this third book, it's just a little slow. Character development is also great - we learn a lot more about the characters' pasts and secrets, but also see them grow and develop, so that you're not just looking backwards into their lives but also forwards. Although Steifvater leaves it on a mysterious note and doesn't tell you what happens to them in the future, I wasn't left worrying about what would happen to them after I put the book down. (Philip Pullman, you have a lot of sleepless nights to answer for). Overall I think it is a very fitting end to the trilogy.

The Wolves of Mercy Falls books deal excellently with teen love, and what it means to be human - the fight for love, and the fight to keep your identity, no matter what. Stiefvater describes the snowy landscape of Mecy Falls in a way that really transports you there. Gripping and engaging all the way through, Grace and Sam have really stayed in my heart.
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Right now we're being inundated in paranormal romances -- including quite a few about werewolves. But Maggie Stiefvater's "Shiver Trilogy" has a delicate, wintry quality that most paranormal romances lack, as well as a romance that tosses aside "Twilight"-style crushy obsessions in favor of a gentle, sweet romance threatened by nature itself as well as humanity.

In "Shiver," Grace has been visited by a yellow-eyed wolf every winter. When a teenage boy is killed by wolves, and his body is stolen from the morgue, she somehow knows that supernatural stuff is afoot.

When a bunch of illegal hunters try to kill the local wolf pack, Grace rushes in to save her wolf -- and finds "her wolf" as a wounded, naked human boy. It turns out that cold triggers his transformations, while "warm makes me me. Makes me Sam." But as the cold approaches the town again, Grace may lose Sam in more than one way -- if she isn't destroyed as well.

"Linger" picks up with Sam and Grace trying to have a semi-normal HUMAN life -- getting a job, thinking about college, and fending off a police investigation into Olivia's disappearance. But Cole is determined to lose his pain in his wolf form, until he inadvertently stumbles into Isabel's life, and she finds herself drawn to him. And Grace's happiness at having Sam back is overshadowed by a mysterious illness, which may draw her even closer to the world of the werewolves.

Finally, "Forever" has Grace returning after her first winter as a wolf, still unstable. She hides in Cole and Sam's house, and for a brief time the young lovers are blissfully happy. But someone has been killed by one of the wolves, and Isabel's father has used his influence to have the entire pack killed. And as the four teens try to save the pack, their only hope may be a cure Cole has been searching for.

This trilogy has a poetic quality that most urban fantasy lacks -- it's a delicate, hauntingly crystalline book where even the humdrum high-school stuff takes on an ethereal quality. Maggie Stiefvater really came up with a unique idea for werewolves as well, where their transformation is dependent on the temperature -- cold makes them wolves, warmth makes then human. (Why don't they move to the tropics then?)

And her prose has a shimmering, silvery beauty that envelops you in black-leafed forests, wintry skies, snow-encrusted fur and icy air ("Despite the chilly air that made ghosts of my breath..."). She writes dramatic, intense situations that really grasp your emotions (Grace almost drowning in a muddy pool), but without melodrama or excessive dialogue.

I'm also rather sick of hormonal teenagers obsessing on each other and calling it "true love." Grace and Sam's relationship is a much more moving one -- hesitant, unsure, but deeply caring and rooted in true affection. As time goes on, they become more passionate and adorable, all the more so because they have to wait for each other. We also have a much more tempestuous, unpredictable couple in the charming, erratic Cole and snarky rich girl Isabel, who are just as gripping as Sam and Grace.

Maggie Stiefvater's "Shiver Trilogy" deftly sidesteps many of the genre cliches, and leaves you in a chilly cocoon of beautiful prose. A must-read for those who want something more substantial and less creepy than "Twilight."
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on 8 March 2013
This is probably a book aimed at teenagers but I am a huge lover of twilight/true blood/harry potter so thought I would give this a go! It was very entertaining, did find the 1st book better than the other 2 but it flowed well and was an easy read.

Would highly reccommend to maybe a younger audience, but all in all thoroughly enjoyed!
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on 25 September 2014
I have read this series twice now. LOVED them all. It tackles a well covered topic from a completely fresh and unique angle (for me) and I loved getting to know the characters. It's not a fast paced plot and centres much more around the personalities and relationships in the books. Had me laughing and crying.
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on 17 June 2016
I loved these books! I had every emotion going through this book and I'll definitely be reading it a second time. I was thrilled to find out that there is a forth book and I can't wait to read that too! I have recommended these to many people and definitely recommend to people considering it. GO FOR IT!!!
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on 29 November 2014
Arrived early, much to my delight. All books are in perfect condition with no marks and so I am very pleased. I expected them to come in an actual box set but they didn't, however I still think this is an excellent buy and I got what the product says - the books! Definitely recommend.
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on 21 December 2013
This set was an ok read but I found myself skipping through the last book just to get it finished. Started off with high hopes but it got a bit boring and struggled in the end. Perhaps better for teenagers (I've now given them to my friends 12 year old son).
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on 25 April 2013
i love books with people tranforming into wolves but this series shines above the rest truly amazing series loved the romance story line between the two main characters and the friendships that run through out the book they really do make the book
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on 8 May 2014
The story is catching, you come to love all the main characters, it really drives you quickly through the three books.
I liked the deal: three books paid for little more than one! Super!
I recommend this trilogy to everyone!
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