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on 17 December 2017
A really disturbing horror classic. I have watched this so many times over the years, and it never gets old............Jack Nicholson is perfectly cast as the husband/father, who slowly becomes more and more insane and possessed, though I get the impression there was something not right about him to begin with, as it is implied during the movie he has a temper and used it before. He seems slightly scary right from the beginning to me.

I must read the book and compare, as apparently the ending is different, and as I have read most of Stephen King's books, this is another must.
He is brilliant. This movie is also brilliant.
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on 2 December 2017
This is a great film so I bought the Blu-ray version to replace an old american release region 1 dvd. The quality of the Blu-ray is great. A superb full screen high quality picture and 5.1 sound.

Sadly they have removed almost 20 minutes of the film! Why? The scene at the beginning where the doctor examines Danny is completely removed, and much more.
I'll never watch this version again, and will look carefully at running times in future before I replace a DVD with a Blu-ray version.

I wish I had read the one star reviews before I had bought this. It seems that I should have bought the extended edition. I'll give it five stars because of the picture quality and sound, but no stars for chopping so much from the film.

For anyone thinking of buying, try and get the extended version instead.
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on 8 November 2015
Ok so this film now may be 35 going on 36yrs old but it's as good today as when it was released in 1980 (i still remember seeing it on the big screen on its release).
Ok so if it's tons n oodles of blood guts n gore you want then maybe this won't be up your avenue, but if you like chilling atmospheric movies then this is a must.
Jack Nicholson delivers one of his best roles as the chilling Jack Torrence aided by Shelley Duvall his wife.
The film was actually filmed at the Overlook hotel as in the movie.
The camerawork is full on and gives the eeriness to the story of the movie. The flashback scenes of the little girl twins used to give me shivers when i was younger though now I'm somewhat older still has the eeriness of when i first saw it.
The ballroom scene of when Jack meets Lloyd is eerie too.
The story and the hotel are just the perfect receipe for an absorbing film and the acting is excellent from all.
Being a Stephen King story you wouldn't wish any less and it certainly delivers.
There is a remake of this film buy it is nowhere near as good as the original. I've seen the remake and it's rubbish!
Thanks to Amazon for the speedy delivery.....well impressed
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on 26 January 2017
Another movie onto my blu ray collection, haven't watched for a few years, the blu ray transfer fills my huge TV with decent clarity... To be honest the Shining story differs from Kings novel a lot, but non the less is a kubrick masterpiece.. The impending sense of doom from the opening credits done by a great sountrack, Nicholson descending into madness is a disturbing pleasure to watch.. The story leaves many questions unanswered which is great in my mind.. A classic horror movie that I think stands alone still to this day...
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on 28 August 2017
Great colours, feels real but edited some of origional movie out. Sad they did tht. If you want modern feel n same suspense its fine, but if u want it how you remember it, may disappoint.
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on 11 December 2016
Kubrick at his disturbing best. I find this film spooky and unsettling from the start. Jack Nicholson is perfect as the reforming drunk with a sense of menace and anger just below the surface waiting to explode. The old fashioned clothes and haircuts don't harm this films authenticity at all, it's still a brilliant watch now with Kubrick's usual obsessive attention to detail. Not particularly gory or violent but somehow it feels so threatening and malevolent which I think is down to the incredible, if a little insane, director!
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on 14 February 2018
Oh the oldies are the best. I think this is the nearest thing you'll get to a real film adaptation of a Stephen King novel and it's great. Jack Nicholson is great, Shelley Duval is brilliant and the little boy is terrific. I do hope nobody tries to update it, because it's a pound to a penny they'll make an extremely poor fist of it!
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on 10 June 2018
Laughed my tits off at the Amazon synopsis...

“This psychological supernatural thriller is a masterpiece. A teacher accepts a job as a winter caretaker of a summer resort. He brings his wife, son and a boy who lives in the son's mouth. Then strange things start to happen and the teacher grows more evil and dangerous...”

He brings his wife, son and a boy who lives in the son's mouth!
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on 28 May 2016
Classic horror / psychological thriller, looks surprisingly good in blu-ray considering it's age and darker visuals. I was glad to find this the extended US version, which adds some extra, interesting scenes here and there to flesh out the story more. Great cinematography, use of modern / contemporary classical music to enrich the disturbing, unpredictable nature of the film and of course a thrillingly, uninhibited performance by Jack Nicholson.
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on 19 April 2014
One of the defining roles for Jack Nicholson in this movie, together with his tour-de-force as R P MacMurphy in 'One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest'.

Here we see him dispatched to act as the caretaker of the Overlook Hotel in the Colorado mountains; a hotel where a previous incumbent took an axe to his two daughters. Will history repeat himself?

The scenes in which the caretakers child pedals through the endless corridors of the deserted hotel and where the girls appear and invite him to 'come and play with us' memorably build tension as the film moves irrevocably to its chilling climax.
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