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on 22 November 2016
Excellent seller. The game was cellophane wrapped...... important for presents and for me, too !
Highly recommended.
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on 22 June 2015
I've only played one mission, but really liked it.

The group was not as into it, but I think if you give into it you will enjoy it. It's well thought out, and presented and worth the money.
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on 24 December 2013
This is quite an old game, and has been re-released / repackaged to cash in on current 'Sherlock' mania.
This is not really a complaint.
The limitation is this is a game you will only be able to play 10 times - you get 10 cases to solve.. but you will have a great deal of fun .. and some frustration - doing so.
Best played as a co-operative game.. as many friends as you can gather all together against the game, you follow leads and look for clues to solve a crime. You get a case book, in which Lestrade speaks to you as well as Holmes & Watson. Holmes tells us he is too busy, and you are sent of as his proxy. (In theory, we find Holmes has in fact done the case as well, and you are supposed to compare how few clues/leads he took to solve it. To beat Holmes is impossible - don't bother trying, just use what you can and try and get the best answer you can.
To help you you have a list of 'contacts' to ask.. the coroner, the society editor of a paper, etc. You have a growing stack of today's (and older) copies of the The Times' in which to find clues. You have a directory giving addresses of people who live in London, with a sort of 'Yellow Pages' section.for trades, shops etc, plus a map of London.
Cons? Some cases are next to impossible to fully get. You will groan and say "how on earth were we supposed to get THAT?" The written bit is awash with typos and poor translation. These cause more amusement that problems, but can be irritating at times.

You will have to pay around £25 - £30 for this new. A lot for just 10 plays.. but you should have no difficulty selling it for £20 used, good condition, on Ebay.
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on 24 March 2013
I bought this game as part of my extended quest to find games that me and wife can play co-operatively together. Both being a fan of Holmes, and murder mystery type things, this looked ideal. We weren't disappointed!

It comes with ten cases, the first of which took us a good 3-4 hours spread over a couple of evenings to get through, and we still managed to miss a few details. The depth and quality of the world and writing, combined with the feeling of accomplishment when you deduce where to investigate next, look it up in the business directories and discover that there was indeed a hat-maker on Albert Street! (for example), going there in the case book and finding the description of events there opens up a major new angle in the case for you; well, we were hooked. A notebook each with 5-6 pages filled, debates and arguments over whodunnit and why, measuring travel distances over a map of London to verify alibis..brilliant stuff.

If you want something for a couple to play, or indeed 3-4 of you over a long evening in, it's ideal. The atmosphere it promotes is delicious, so much so that we're considering a Holmes themed evening for some friends in the near future as we attack case two..
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on 6 April 2016
Only played once yet. Obviously chose case one and played with other half and a mate. Few beers and slightly dimmed lights.

The game plays out through narrative provided and your own deductions based on those pieces of information you read out. It is easy to play with few rules so apart from the lengthy passages in the rules you read which provide background you can be straight on with it. It is entertaining and very engaging.

We successfully solved the mystery. Did not beat Sherlocl and occasionally got bugged down with over thinking. Of course you only really realise that adterwards. It took us about 3.5 hours from explanation of rules to providing solution.

Highly recommended at this point. Will probably end up as a five star gem.
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on 8 January 2014
I bought this game as a birthday present for my dad, a great fan of all things Holmesian, and it's been a great success. The co-operative nature of the gameplay makes this the perfect game for families/friends who are too competitive (and therefore dare not sit around a monopoly board together) but it also just makes for a nicer evening. While it is possible to play in separate teams my dad, brothers, nephew and I just played as one big team trying to solve the clues and it kept us entertained for several hours per case, each one just right for an evening.

The quality of the game is also superior. Each of the ten cases is contained in its own glossy 'magazine' format booklet and is accompanied by a broadsheet style two-sided newspaper with stories that might relate to the case but which are mostly just contemporary filler. A neat feature of the newspapers is that editions from earlier cases may actually have articles which give clues to later cases so making sure to give each newspaper a thorough read is a must. There is also a map of London with hundreds of houses/locations which are numbered and a directory booklet which lists all the people who can be found at those addresses. It's really a very well produced game.

Furthermore each case is more than just one case. There is the main case (which gets you the most points for solving) but there are also other mysteries which need solving which can bag you further, those less numerous, points.

The reason I have docked the game 1 star is simply that some of these cases can be just as bafflingly hinged upon a minute detail, which requires the absolutely correct interpretation, as you would expect to find in a Sherlock Holmes story. On the one hand that makes the game more true to it's source material but on the other it can make it damned hard to solve which is, of course, the point of the game. It's also fair to say, I feel, that on at least one of the cases the secondary questions, also relating to a triple homicide, and which only scored an additional 10 points each, was really the bigger of the two cases. What I'm saying is that sometimes the conclusions can be slightly frustrating. This does not detract too strongly, however, from the fact that the preceding several hours had been a lot of fun.

I shall be looking to see if there is an expansion pack containing more cases for this game and it there isn't then I shall be writing to the makers requesting one. All in all I think that's about as positive a result as the designers could hope for.

In short an ideal game for Holmes fans, team players and lovers of deductive mental exercises.
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on 12 November 2015
I really love this game. It's perfect for budding sleuths and provided hours of fun for me and my friends.

There are ten cases - you begin by reading the introduction and then "visit" places on the map of Victorian London by going to the corresponding section in the dictionary. There are many, many different places for each case, and as you visit one the mystery begins to unravel, as you "speak" to people and hunt for clues. It's a bit like a mystery novel that you explore at your own whim. You have to use your initiative to piece together the puzzle and discount suspects and examine the evidence. A lot of it is really well written and transports you back to Victorian London. You also look in the newspapers of the day which may - or may not - provide a vital clue.

Me and my friends spent many a happy Saturday evening with this game - you need a good few hours to complete it, but we became so absorbed in it we played until the early hours of the morning. Most of the mysteries are very well structured and you kick yourself afterwards - only one or two are totally unrealistic and impossible to solve. We were quite sad when we solved the tenth and final mystery!!

A really lovely game and a must-have for any amateur sleuth!
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on 22 August 2016
This is an amazingly immersive game that sets you the challenge of solving crimes and possibly even beating Sherlock Holmes to the solution. The documentary material is absolutely first class and brings the cases to life. It is easy to imagine that this is how a Victorian detective would have worked.

At the start of each case there is an evocative description of the crime and the cast of the case. You decide where to proceed. The choice is huge, and clues must be shifted from the chaff to get on the right track. To investigate you visit a location (post coded) anywhere on the map of London. The you check the encounter book under the post code to find what is learned at the location. Some locations will offer useful information (if you made good deductions) and further clues. Others will be sparse on information indicating that you are off the scent. If the post code was not even listed then there was nothing at all there. Each case has a full page imitation of a Times newspaper written in Victorian style. Some of the articles are even genuine newspaper stories that have appeared in the Times in the era. There is always important information in the newspaper, but there are false leads as well, so read carefully.

If you like detective crime solving you will find this a great experience. You decide when you think you have the solution and check if it is correct. Points are awarded for solving the crime with the least number of locations visited. Don't be surprised that your score is not a good Sherlock's - after all he is the master detective.
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on 1 August 2016
This is an EXCELLENT game idea, I can't stop telling people about it, and we've had a number of long evenings with all sorts of friends and family who wouldn't normally play board games, with everyone completely engrossed. It's a bit like a supercharged choose-your-own-adventure book with thousands of options at each step. Whatever you can imagine.

Buy this despite what I am about to say: The game is flawed in several ways.

There are numerous proofing issues, presumably relating to its translation from the original French, which at times cause real problems, and make you start to doubt other clues when they include new or unusual words ("is this just another typo?").

One of the early games (there are 10 mysteries to solve) is also critically broken - when the game was updated recently, the clues weren't updated to match the solution. So although we had (confused) fun along the way, it felt like a bit of a waste of time when it transpired that the solution seemed utterly impossible. This one can be fixed - some googling before you play will give you corrections sheets to print and stick in.

The game struggles to pitch itself. It is going for VERY HARD and sometimes instead hits VERY RANDOM AND TENUOUS. However, and this is something I saw mentioned on Shut Up And Sit Down and totally agree with: this is absolutely and utterly in the spirit of the original Sherlock stories. Everyone around Sherlock was consistently patronised and irritated by his apparently ridiculous leaps of deduction, so in a way this is gloriously thematic.

Get it anyway, it's awesome.
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on 16 January 2017
If you are looking for a fantastic co-operative and mystery-solving game then this is probably the best thing out there.

Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective is not your typical board game. There is no board, no player pieces, no dice or cards - nothing like that - just you, a map of London, an accompanying address book and the local newspapers. I can honestly say I have not played anything else like it. Scouring the articles for potential clues, mapping possible routes and travelling times, scanning the directory to find suspect addresses or the nearest hotel - you really do feel like investigators for the great detective.

This game is both hard and immensely satisfying. You will come to a lot of dead ends, reach points where you just can't fathom what location to investigate next, or you'll have a pretty certain idea of what happened but have not found any evidence actually proving your theory, leaving just enough uncertainty to make you agonise over what you might have missed and whether Sherlock is going to make you look like a fool once you return back to 221B.

But when you do make that breakthrough, oh how great that feeling can be. And after cracking the case, you will immediately want to start solving the next one. Good luck beating Sherlock though. Your points are measured on the number of leads it takes you to solve the mystery against the number of leads it takes him. If you manage to solve it with even double the numbers leads that it took him, then you have done very, very well.
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