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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 20 June 2004
The key to a Green Day song is the hook, one listen and you will never forget it, particularly every single they released in the 7 year span between Dookie and Warning.
Contributing to International Superhits is the flip side Shenanigans, B-Sides, covers, rarities, almost an new album with songs that never made it, and you wonder why they never did.
Nearly every song on Shenanigans has a charm, whether it be the straight forward punk anthems "Suffocate", "Scumbag", "Sick of Me" and "Do Da Da", or the more mellower tunes of "Rotting" and "On The Wagon".
I have to say the greatest assets of the album are the crystal decent covers of "Outsider" and "Tired of Waiting For You" sounding just like The Ramones and The Kinks respectively.
My reason for me giving it four stars is the slight problem of certain songs being overshadowed by greater tunes on the album, but overall its essential as it can get, a worthy purchase and shows that Green Day will never die.
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on 26 November 2003
If you really think about it, Green Day has been around for a long time. While other bands break up and so on, these guys still know how to put out great music. Some people have given them a hard time for sort of breaking away from their punk roots with the album, "Warning," but I still was able to see the punk side of them. Especially if you've ever seen them live. They have to be one of the best bands ever to see live.
"Schenanigans" (excellent title, by the way) is an outstanding album! It's not a CD of new songs, it's rare songs, B-Sides, cover songs, outtakes, and more. This CD takes me back to the "Dookie" era. There is nothing but punk on this album. There are some serious songs, but most of them are fast and upbeat.
I really enjoy every song on the album. My favourite songs are, "suffocate," "you lied," "don't wanna fall in love," "scumbag," "sick of me," "do da da," and "ha ha you're dead." (Especially "ha ha your dead." An excellent finale to the album.) The only downside to the album is that it is very short. Though it is true that this is how Green Day have always been, it would've been nice to have it just a couple minutes longer. But, that does not take away the greatness from this CD.
If you love Green Day, now or back then, "Schenanigans" is the CD for you. Great songs, great band, and just a great time.
P.S. If you haven't seen these guys live yet, you don't know what you're missing. They are AWESOME live! See them live and see if you can still convince yourself that these guys have no talent.
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on 29 October 2003
You know, I've talked about this album with a lot of 'die hard' Green Day fans, and nine times out of ten, I've come away startled after hearing 'Shenanigans' viciously slated. Why? I owm and praise everything produced by Green Day themselves, and (while I favour Greenday's early work of 'Kerplunk' and '1039/smoothed out Slappy Hours' - brilliance) am in love with this album, even more so than the ever popular 'Warning'.
Yes, there's a lot of cover work here, but it isn't just Green Day singing some one else's songs; they've added they're own personal flare and made them uniquely green. I get the definite impression that Green Day weren't necassarily wanting a critically aclaimed number one album. This is Green Day doing what they do best and enjoying it to the full, and I believe they've come up trumps once again.
Something I love about this album is the two additions from Mike Dirnt. I love Billie Joe jsut as much as the next fan, but let's give credit to the under-rated bass player who has given us 'Ha Ha You're Dead' and 'Scumbag'. Thought it was Bille Joe? If you listen to these unforgetable tracks, they have their own style, branching from the Green Day tree but oddly different.
So, what I'm trying to get across here is that 'Shenanigans' is a brilliant and much under-rated masterpiece, inculding remodeled classics and displaying the same talent Green Day fans everywhere know and love. Buy it; you won't regret it.
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on 25 March 2006
omg omg omg haha you're dead is such a good song!!!! go get the album just for that song!
this cd's good if you have discovered green day through american idiot or couldn't get their singles.
good kinks cover, sounds practically the same only different singer. espionage is a james bond typa thingy, it's better than their other effort at instrumental (last ride in - nimrod). they are all great.
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on 14 August 2002
I've been a Green Day fan for some years now, but tracking down old singles for the b-sides proved beyond my limited patience and opportunity for trawling second-hand music stores. So, having heard all of the tracks (and having just stumbled on the CD and ordered it), I'll walk you through them in chronological order rather than as they're arranged on the CD...
"On The Wagon" is laid-back, simple and lo-fi... very early track but still very pleasant. "Tired Of Waiting" is another ballad, this one a slow and soothing cover. "Do Da Da" is an upbeat "Insomniac"-era recording, "I Want To Be On TV" is decent oldschool punk, and "Don't Wanna Fall In Love" sounds most like most like the "Kerplunk!" recordings.
"Sick Of Me" marks the beginning of the style newer Green Day fans have come to expect; bouncy and fun! "Espionage" is a groovy instrumental 'spy theme' which was noticed and included on the soundtrack to the second Austin Powers film. "Desensitised" features the sound of things smashing, heavy drums and classic Green Day. "Rotting" is a happy jangly track with ludicrously depressing lyrics. "Suffocate" moves on to another happily drum-pounding song, this one about hangovers, and then we have "You Lied", one of my favourite Green Day songs as it has a fantastic bass line to dance or mosh to. "Outsider" and "Scumbag" are newer tracks which mix the older styles with the new approach of "Warning" very successfully.
It's a bit of a shame that this CD doesn't provide the original recording of "Good Riddance" (from the "Brain Stew / Jaded EP"), as I prefer it to the version on "Nimrod". Two other recordings which fans might like to track down are "The Ballad of Wilheim Fink" (from the Fat Wreck Chords CD "Short Music For Short People") and "The Angel And The Jerk" (a duet with Penelope Houston which can be found on the "Friends Again" soundtrack)... oh, and there's always the Godzilla re-mix of "Brain Stew" floating around. Since all of the tracks mentioned in this paragraph are either licensed elsewhere or have been re-recorded and released, though, I guess I can't grumble too much...
If you're completely new to Green Day, or have only heard "Warning", buy another album first. If you've heard more and like it, get this CD! It's a good companion to the "International Superhits" best-of and represents a comprehensive selection from the rarer items in their back catalogue.
Even if you don't like a couple of the tracks, it'll still be better than a lot of the dross masquerading as albums these days... =)
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on 27 May 2006
Okay, so this CD is mainly made up of cover songs and album rejects... But So What?! It's great, every song is as good as the next (even if some are a bit short).

Ha Ha You're Dead is the Gem of the album. It makes you want to jump about like an idiot and shout the lyrics. Other tracks such as Rotting and On the Wagon are lovely and Do Da Da and Outsider are fast upbeat air-guitar tracks.

The instrumental track, Espionage (used on one of the Austin Powers' film), feels like it should be used in a scene when Batman is driving his Batmobile about to bust some criminals. Brilliant.

Well worth its price. Buy It now!
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on 28 April 2014
Big fan of Green day and the song writing prowess of Billy-Joe but came across this from a funny angle. Searching for 1p CD's on Amazon and on page 6 was this one. Loving the early stugg of GD I shrugged my shoulder's and thought why not? Boy am I so glad I did as this CD is full of punchy classic GD riffs and pounding bass lines and I would certainly put it in the same category as American Idiot, Dookie and International Super Hits. Not quite as good as Warning, in my opinion, but much better than 21st Century breakdown. But be aware these are just my taste and my comparisons of one album against the other so we are talking degrees here. If you like your rock loud and pounding against your chest then GD should be part of your staple diet.
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on 15 March 2006
Not being one to adorn any single band with the halo for their genre, and with an excellent experience of Greenday limited to Dookie, Warning and Amercan Idiot, I decided to buy the entire back-catalogue. I had no reason to change my stance on halos until I heard this album. God's honest truth, I am listening right now to the album for the first time ever and it's blowing my socks off. If these are flip sides and "never-quite-made-its", I'll bare my proverbial in any storefront window on any given Saturday.
Opening with "Suffocate", you're immediately hooked. Following on into the raw speed of "Desensitised" with its fantastic finale, next up is "You Lied", a track whose rocking genius I guarantee will have you hitting "continuous play" in your media player. You just can't turn this thing off. I am unashamedly middle-aged and some of this stuff is so reminiscent of what I was listening to in the mid-late 70s, you know, the better Stranglers, Eddie and the hotrods, Sham, Penetration, XTC type stuff. Biggest difference is that Greenday's play shows maturity outside the box of the genre. The Kinks cover is particularly nostalgic for an old-timer like me and perfectly produced. Ray Davies would be a proud man.
Heaven-sent pop-punk at its finest. My stance on halos is changed. The halo is awarded to Greenday who are quite simply streets ahead in this genre without question.
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on 3 July 2002
Green Day - gods of pop rock undeniably, and this album helps to set their title in stone. A refreshing blend of the fast-paced yet almost irritatingly catchy songs of their earlier years combined with the more tranquil covers and slower b-side songs which combine together to form an album which is sure to bring a tear to any true Green Day fans eyes. Although lacking the continuity and solidarity of earlier albums - noteably Dookie, Nimrod and Kerplunk its serves its purpose, although occasionaly i cannot help but feel the true Green Day sound is lost slightly, only to be jolted back by songs such as "Scumbag Keith Dakin, in which Billie Joe re-asserts his near nasal quality vocals to provide a true Green Day song which is certain to confirm any fans idea that Green Day have again pulled it off. A Must Buy for any fan, although newer fans may wish to consider earlier albums.
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on 29 June 2002
Green Day have already proved their worth with song after song album after album of sheer pop-punk heaven all thats left to do now is to round it all up with a B-sides album with cover versions and rare unreleased tracks. Although a B-sides album it can still compete with the best of them for your cash. Billie joe armstrong could write decent songs in his sleep. This may not be the best Green Day album ever but it's enough to put a smile on your face. If you've never heard Green Day with their melodic pop-punk riffs and amusing lyrics then you would'nt go far wrong splashing out on this beauty with it's perfect cover of punk legends The Ramones 'Outsider'. Green Day have released another album of pop-punk heaven. LONG LIVE THE KINGS OF PUNK!!!
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