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on 22 April 2017
fast - good value, great!
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on 29 November 2017
Made a great present, thank you
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on 16 June 2017
A fun little game to play!
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on 8 December 2017
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on 30 October 2017
Came on time and was exactly as described. Would recommend
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on 27 November 2008
This game is fabulous fun and far better than I'd expected. Yes it does slot in-between SSX Tricky and an arcade style, but that's a strength not a weakness. I was impressed by the board's variable sensitivity levels after the 'lumpy' feel of the Wii Fit Snowboarding mini-game. This is much better and can be changed between every run if you choose to. There isn't any upperbody control with the wii-mote (the video adverts were rather misleading there) but it's still a lot of work as you move about. The gameplay is immersive enough that you'll actually jump up off board at some point. The game doesn't like this and pauses briefly to give you a row for being naughty for jumping on the balance board. No game play lost though.
The 40 music tracks are good and being able to select the one you want to hear is a bonus. I can't wait to try the 4 player mode for parties !
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on 25 November 2008
Ever since Nintendo unveiled it's Balance Board peripheral which would ship Wii Fit starting with Japan in December 2007, there has been much talk about the big N'S new innovative controller & the opportunities it would present developers to create some seriously impressive titles utilizing it if put to good use.

So far to date we've seen some pretty good early indications that the Balance Board certainly holds potential with games such as the fairly decent We Ski, Jillian Micheal's Fitness Ultimatum & then there have been other games which use the board for party games such as Raving Rabbids TV Party.

To be fair though, I have been waiting for a title which has developed from the ground up using the balance board as a primary controller as opposed to the secondary controller which a few developers have done, which kind of leaves you feeling like they worked on the Balance Board controls during the last phase of the game.

Thankfully then I can proudly testify that Shaun White Snowboarding Road Trip falls firmly into the former category & has a really in dept Balance Board control scheme which feels very well thought out & extremely well implemented. Honestly the Balance Board controls gives you such a feeling of accomplishment after learning a new trick by using the correct technique (e.g: the correct direction to learn in conjunction with the control buttons to press to perform a "Monkey Twist" ect)

The games overall layout feels very slick & really well thought out. The basic premise of the game is that you are a newbie Snow Boarder joining a group of travelers on a snow boarding road trip (as the title suggests)

You start off playing with the first available character (who I believe was "Jasmine" although I can't really remember now as I'm 30% through the game!) in the first of four resorts gradually working your way through each one as you pass all of the various events available in each resort.

At first there is only one boarder available to you, but as you progress you'll unlock new ones who each have their own stats and special skill. It is here in which the key lies to successfully completing the game, as you play more & more through the game you will learn which boarder is best suited to which event.

Naturally some skill is involved in playing the game with the balance board, but thankfully the developers having designed the control so well that it all feels so natural. Lay the board sideways just like the real thing & then lean forward to speed up, back to slow down, side to side makes you turn left or right & coming up from a crouch makes you jump, whilst pressing the buttons in conjunction with leaning in various direction during air time perform fancy tricks & flips. Nothing could be simpler.

I've always been a massive fan of snowboarding & Ubisoft appear to have created a gem of a game with Shaun Whites Snowboarding, which given how perfectly the Balance Board controls works... guarantees it will stay in my collection as long as I still have my Wii (or at least until a sequel comes out! Lol)

The only thing I can fault this game on is the fact that you are force to play the game using Regular Foot (meaning standing on the board left foot forward) without the option to switch to Goofy Foot (right foot foward) which is the way I feel most comfortable with.

Still this is only a minor gripe as does not really take anything away from a pretty perfect game.

I would say this is the perfect Xmas game for any one with a Balance Board and into snowboarding games.
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on 16 November 2008
I have to say the only reason I ordered this game was so my balance board wasnt only used for Wii Fit (which I like). I was hoping for a game that would give me the same enjoyment SSX Tricky gave me on the gamecube and this game thus far has been pretty close. In fact I would say that this game is a mix between SSX and the games at the arcade where you used a board to guide yourself down the slopes. Its takes a few attempts to get a feel for the controls and how to do the tricks but once you have that cracked its a very enjoyable game indeed, and the controls make the game that bit more special. I havent tried using the Wii Remote/Nunchuch combination yet and I doubt I ever will as this game was purchased for a balance board game.

I dont know how the more avid gamer will feel about this game but as a casual gamer I think it will keep me occupied for quiter some time. There appears to be a fair amount to do and after a good few hours game time I have only 7% completed what there is to do. The one negative is the menu and the constant (in game) emails you get between the various characters, but perhaps thats just me!!

I think overall it gives a pretty realistic feel or as realistic a feel as you will ever get inside your own home!!! If you liked the Wii Fit Snowboard mini-game imagine that mixed with SSX and you have pretty much got this game.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 8 January 2009
As the archetype of a casual gamer (I own one console, a Wii, which I play on average four or five times a month with friends) the main thing I'm looking for when I buy a new game is that its fun and I can play it in company with pretty much anyone. Wii Sports, Boomblox, parts of Wii Fit and Mario Kart all meet this requirement and so get some pretty decent playtime. Now I think I can add Sean White Snowboarding Road Trip (SWSRT) to that list.

This is the first game I have come across since purchasing Wii Fit that makes the most out of the potential of the Balance Board. Beyond pressing one of two buttons on the Wiimote the game is entirely controlled through the board, and those controls are completely intuitive. Anyone can climb on the board and within one or two 'runs' get enough of a hang of the game to begin enjoying themselves. Put two or three people together, select the multiplayer option and you have a very enjoyable group experience.

SWSRT is not just a game for playing with friends however, as the one-player 'campaign' option has a great deal to recommend it too. Although all the numerous runs on offer are easy enough to get down without causing major frustration, doing so in style and whilst earning enough points takes some practice. It also requires some energy. Half an hour's play and you start to feel the need to maintain control & balance in your legs.

Fans of HD or high end graphics aren't going to be raving about the look of the game, but that's never the point with Wii games. The transfer of controller inputs to the images on screen is however, almost seamless. If you twitch the wrong way on the board you wipe out on screen. There is no imprecision in that respect.

The only criticism of the game I can come up with is over the amount of 'padding' that the developers have included. Whilst the music soundtrack is pretty good, the faux-slacker chatter from the on-screen boarders is both witless & pointless & can quickly become irritating (although you can turn it off). More pointless still in my opinion are things like the 'e-mails' you constantly receive. Were they amusing or if they served a purpose in the game I could understand their inclusion. Instead they just feel like a forced attempt to make the game cooler somehow that doesn't come off.

None of this is enough however, to ruin the enjoyment of what for me is one of the best winter sports simulations I have played on a home console. As a sometime snowboarder and regular skier I can say for certain that at the present this is the closest you'll get to being on the pistes in your own home.
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on 27 December 2008
i bought this for myself as a christmas present to go with the wii fit i was getting and couldn't wait to play it.

upon opening the balance board the wii fit game flew to the other side of the room far far away from the t.v and wii. 'nuff of this yoga rubbish i thought, i want to go snowboarding.

in my teenage years i used to skateboard and still have a soft spot for it, ah the memories of childhood. snowboarding is very similar so i was well excited.

so, christmas day, in went shaun white's snowboarding and it felt awesome, i felt young again, nearly. sure its not going to be as good as going snowboarding but it is fun, and that why you'll buy this game. it is fun!

still haven't touched that wii fit game, although i'v been balancing out my time with this and guitar hero world tour!!!

oh yeh, im raging that its £18, i paid £35.
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