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on 5 March 2016
I actually don't know if I can make this spoiler free. After the battering my heart took in Frostbite, both from the loss of Mason, and the almost-loss of Dimitri, it's fair to say that I couldn't wait to get into this because I was foolish, and hadn't learned any lessons.

This whole book was a panicked heartbeat for me; Rose is facing trials alongside her fellow dhampirs, her friendship with Lissa is taking its toll on her emotionally, magically and physically, as Lissa learns more and more about Spirit, and Rose keeps more and more from her.
The bond they share, which has always helped Rose guard Lissa, is proving a hindrance to their relationship as time goes by.

How have I not mentioned Christian Ozera, until now? OK. The surly, sarcastic Christian, the outcast of the Moroi Royal Family, thanks to his parents desire to willingly turn Strigoi (you know, the evil, immortal vampires) joins us in Vampire Academy, as the unlikely ally and love interest of the confused Lissa. I mention him now because despite the fact that Rose has warmed to him in as much as she can warm to anybody, and despite the fact that he is Lissa's boyfriend, and that she is supposed to be (unofficially) Lissa's guardian when they turn 18 and leave St Vladimir's vampire academy, the guardians decide to challenge her by assigning Christian as her Moroi to guard as part of the trial, instead of Lissa.

The majority of this book centres around the trial of Victor Dashkov, who attempted to kidnap and use Lissa in Vampire Academy for her Spirit power, in order for him to fend off an incurable debilitating illness. And these two stressors leave little time for Rose to discuss her concerns over the bond, confide in her friend or get some relief from the burden of baring it all on such young shoulders.
Not only is Rose haunted by her past with Mason, but she is also haunted by him in day to day life on campus, partly because of the effects of the Spirit bond, and for the fact that she almost died previously (Lissa brought her back using her magic).

In this book we get the first glimpse into the politics of the palace, Lissa's possible future, and into what Dimitri's love can cost. By the end of the book we see how far Rose is willing to go for love, and how much she can truly bare to carry alone.

Happy reading!

Ashlie xo
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on 18 February 2014
Omg if that's how the third book ends what the heck happens for the rest of the series. Spoiler alert, so shadow kiss carries on from where frostbite leaves us, having survived the stigoi capture rose Christian lissa and Eddie are back at the acaemdy continuing on with there training to become guardians. Although they are all somewhat changed from the events at the end of the last book. Rose feels she is responsible for masons death and starts to see his ghost, which than allows her to explore more of her bound with lissa and what exactly being shadow kissed means. Her sizzling romance with the very lush Dimitri also carries on and they finally give into there feelings for each other and makes plans for the future. At which point you kinda guess that something is just around the corner to tear their love apart, but I never imagined it being quite so harsh sob sob. Things come to a head when the acaemdy is attacked by the stigoi and moroi prisoners are taken forcing our heroes to go and rescue them from the caves....however not everyone comes back. Forcing rose to make a choice between two main characters who she loves very much. This third installment was amazing the characters grow and develop and deal with the tradigies and losses they have faced. The mythology is also given more detail as we learn more about the bound between lissa and rose and what exactly it means to be shadow kissed. Events have a naturally progression as relationships go up a step and the danger and world of the vampires becomes bigger. For me the biggest moment has to be the end I felt so much for rose and her decision to go after Dimitri and having to leave everything behind. It's like that moment in harry potter where harry goes off on his own to defeat voldermort and you just know that Ron and Hermione are so going to go with him and you are so happy the band of heroes haven't been split up, instead it's emotional parting for lissa and rose. As a reader for the next book we are no longer restricted to just the grounds of the acaemdy instead rose is on her own in the big world hunting down her soul mate and one true love hoping to bring him back to the world of the living or save his soul with death. All in all this is amazing and with a cliff hanger like that you will most probably be straight onto the next book....I know as was
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on 14 November 2017
This was my favourite of the series so far. People have told me that this series gets better with each book, and after reading this one I have to agree. I stayed up until 2am to finish it. It had everything: action, suspense, mystery, drama, romance. The twist at the end made my mouth drop open, which is always the sign of a 5 star read. I'm also loving Rose's development as a character, the way she's maturing and growing. She's brilliant. Excited to see where the series goes from here, as this book basically marks a huge turning point in the story.
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on 30 April 2014
This is the 3rd Vampire Academy book that I've read and the 3rd Richelle Mead book.... either way, it's not my last!

Leaving book 2 and venturing onto book 3, I wanted to see what was going to happen with the characters that I slowly came to love... What I didn't expect was to have my feelings trashed!!! I have been on such a journey with Rose, she is fast becoming one of my favourite leading ladies and one that my heart will be permanently etched to.

This book had me rushing in places, eager to find out what was around the corner, then at other times I actually had to put the book down because I was to fearful of what lay ahead!!! I still laughed in many areas but this book definately pulled at my heart and threw it all over... I cried my eyes out!!!!

The things that I suspected were totally WRONG!!! The people I suspected were actually innocent, or are at the present time! I was utterly shocked at events that happened that I certainly didn't see coming, the only thing I know for sure is that I will be picking up book number 4 very very soon!!!

Richelle Mead, you are a total Goddess!!!
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on 3 April 2014
Man.. just… man… I always thought reviewing the book right after I finished it is the way to go. But not when you finish “Shadow Kiss”. I should have given myself more time to recover.
Okay, lets see what is making me all emotional rollercoaster.

This story had a lot of what I usually like to get out of the first books of the series. You get to live the world of the characters, before it is all turned upside down. Most of this book is around the field-experience for novice dhampirs. They have to protect a Moroi assigned to them for weeks. And when I said that I like to get this out of a first book, then that does not mean it was not fun in the third one. It was actually great, maybe even better. We already have the world. Plus you can have various subplots that would otherwise be hurried.

Also, this is where the story starts to get darker. Why things are so out of hand for Rose is explained towards the end. Speaking of the end. I think I almost cried. I don’t cry over much. But a single, very manly’ish tear might have escaped my eye when I read the last line in the book. I have read this before but it gets me every time.

Rose is still Rose in this. We see her kick some major ass. And for the times that she herself is an ass… well there is an explanation. No spoilers, so that’s all I will say about this.
Lissa and Christian are still awesome together, but will have a few problems down the road. I think Lissa was a little blind about some things and in my eyes, Christian was more right. I also liked that Christian and Rose got more bro-bonding time. Those two bickering are always fun.
I also liked that Eddie got more of a role in this book. After what happened in book two it would have been very weird if he would have remained in the background. Plus he is actually a really sweet character. And I like that there is a male who is purely a friendly interest.
Dimitri is interesting in this one. Seeing as we get the story from Rose’s point of view and Richelle Mead is an amazing writer then I for one have to say that it was a blast and maybe sweet (sometimes so sweet felt like I had to check my bloodsugar levels) to see how he had to admit more and more of his feelings about Rose. Or Roza as he likes it.
Adrian does not get as much action in here as I would like him to. But he does keep pursuing Rose. And again, at the end, I really felt for him. He is underrated.

So yeah. Needless to say that I loved “Shadow Kiss”. I will keep loving this book and series for years to come. Five stars, as always for Richelle. I bid thee good night.


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on 17 March 2010
Oh my God!!

You have to read this to read the ending. But DON'T read just the end. You must read the rest. ALL OF IT. I so didn't want it to happen, but then I guess it just adds the twist to the stories and makes you want to read MORE!!!

Ok, I'll give you a basic summary of part of the book:

Rose is getting close to graduation, and if you have read the last book, you would've known that Rose got her first Strigoi kills. The trainee guardians have been assigned Moroi to protect as a little test, and Rose is all but annoyed who she got, considering pretty much everyone else got who they wanted. She's having dark thoughts, behaving very weirdly, and now she might be seeing ghosts. Of course she still has feelings for her forbidden love with her tutor Dimitri, and is still protecting her best friend Lissa, whenever she can.

She then has to make the fatal decision of who she shall choose to be with...

I will say no more. Read it yourself. I'm not spoiling it. It is worth reading, and honestly has the biggest cliff-hanger ever in the end.
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on 25 January 2016
I have completed the full set and these books blow me a way. Well worth the read and with price there aford able. A world of romance, excitement and danger.
There many charities in these book but the leads are Rose and Lissa. These two have a strong bond magical and physical. There love life's are a journey but its well worth it. Completely hocked and inturn I lent my copys to a Freind who is also now hooked.
Am moving to Bloodlines now but will return to these books many more time.
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on 27 December 2010
This series really does get better and better, and this third installment is brilliant. I don't want to give anything away which would spoil new readers' enjoyment but you must read these books in order. Rose is a far more attractive heroine than in the other vampire series I have read, and these books pack a real emotional punch which is quite rare, I think, for this genre.

The relationship, especially, between Rose and the wonderful Dimitri feels far more adult in lots of ways while still managing to be swooningly romantic. The sense of them actually liking and getting each other rather than just being swept off their feet by the appearance of the other really raises the emotional stakes (sorry!).

I am (sadly) no longer a teenager, but am currently loving this series.
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on 23 June 2014
I don't think there is much for me to say.
This series just keeps getting better and better. Seriously.
Shadow Kiss was probably the best book in the series so far, and the only book in the series so far that actually made me cry. If the ending hadn't been spoiled by a review, I probably would've died crying.

The last chapter was the worst, though. It's like "But, Rose, how can you bring yourself to do that?"

So, yeah. This book was epic. And I loved that it was longer than the previous ones.
If I could sum up this entire book with two words? Adrian Ivashkov.
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on 24 June 2017
Love the vampire academy series, I bought this to read on holiday by the pool, was gutted I couldn't get wifi to download the next in their series!
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