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on 7 June 2017
Mr Grey
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on 9 August 2013
This is clearly an ambitious and complex story that the author has spent a great deal of time on, not just on the narrative, but also on trying to create a believable dystopian world in which to set her story. Unfortunately this world is so complex the author spends much of her time explaining what is going on or how the world works, this in turn drags the reader out of the moment. The characters are potentially interesting, but again there is far too much introspection as the characters constantly question events and explain their feelings.
A novel like this is undoubtably incredibly difficult to write, and i doubt I could do any better, however, this author needs to work on honing her story-telling skills (she may well have done so in her later novels, I will never know).
The ideas are interesting with obvious shades of Blade Runner, but ultimately the writing is so laborious to get through that any interest in the story soon dwindles.
I admire anyone who has the dedication to write a novel, it Is a shame this feels so incomplete, it could have done with a few more drafts.
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on 6 September 2012
An annoying read that starts you on a learning curve at the outset - the type that presupposes you know the general situation before it even starts - but I stayed with it to the end.
The use of two female characters with similar names generated confusion throughout the book. Nothing but negativity from start to finish. Little else than fighting - guns - knives - violence, with a dark, desolate uninviting world as a backdrop. Normally, I would have ditched this read after the first chapter, but I tried to discipline myself to give it a fair go.
The ending did not offer any resolutions or closure to the story - it just stops in mid air, incomplete!!!! AND THEN restarts with different characters to continue with the same rubbish.
This attempt at self discipline was a bad decision on this occasion. Yes your right, - I did not like this book!
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on 31 May 2012
Didn't think it was a as bad as the previous reviewer, had promise which it often didn't fulfill.
And agree re the ASCII, puck etc , why not use the words they were supposed to replace?
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on 8 May 2015
I had to concentrate on who was Kat and Kim to start with, Kat= Pandora Kim= Closer. Closer's are legal killers, Kat is a "project" trying to be made into a killer. However she (it) (the Council members are monitoring her progress and one of them starts to call the project her. He has to be careful then or he will be in trouble too for having sympathy with Kat) refuses to kill humans and only kills the mechanical men sent to fight her. this is all set under a dark world, where the sun has been blocked by dry clouds. Water rationed, plants crossed with fire flies glow fish etc
When Kim and Kat's paths cross- Kat is going to kill her first human ( for having her friend killed ) and Kim has been sent to close him Long story short Kim needs to kill Kat as she has seen her face and a closer must not be known. However Kat has a music box which belonged to Kim's Mother - who has left. Music box playing triggers KIm's memories and she realises her Mother was killed. ( Ordered by her Father but Kim does not find this out in this book) Takes box which is Kat's only way of "coming down" from the state she gets into for killing the mechanical men, but is then told to return it by the box. Confused yet, anyway it is all very action packed and actually quite gripping. I went to buy the second book and found that was also free, so what have you got to lose. Download and have a go, ignore the negative comments it is actually pretty good.
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on 21 May 2012
I know writing a book isn't easy - I'm trying to write one myself. But where do I start? The author thinks it's a good to have one of your main characters expletive to be "Hades" and for a robot's expletive to be "ASCII"! He also spends time explaining how "Puck" (Oh p-lease)became a swear word and then doesn't use it. What have I learned from this book? - don't start each chapter with a pointless location, date and time. More importantly don't waste my time reading the rest of the series.
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on 3 September 2012
OK so I don't agree with the previous comments on the use of the words Puck and Ascii etc as they later in the series grow on you, from my understanding this isn't Earth but a parallel earth so I actually like the use of these and the names of the gods used. It took me a while to get into it but was worth getting my teeth into,as for the giving of locations at the start of each chapter again later in the series if you continued to follow you would see how this all fits together. If you like books like The Passage by Justin Cronin or any of the John Twelve Hawks trilogy then this book is a must. I am now on book #8 and my biggest concern is that I will soon run out of books in the series to read.
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on 6 June 2012
I think the basic idea for the book is ok. Very much like a computer game having to kill robots in a certain way, between the eyes for basic and different weapons for advanced models. The whole book was like walking through a role playing game. If this had been written in a conventional manner it may have been quite interesting but i kept expecting to get a bit more of the puzzle but no. All it needed was a power up point and it would have been an average old xbox game.
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on 27 September 2014
The purpose of having the first book of a series free is so that the book hooks the customer enough to purchase the rest. As others have written the ending of this book is incomplete and does not achieve that..

Whilst the plot is good it seems overly complicated and a bit like a film that spends all its time building up the actors backstory so runs out of time for the main scenes. Having the two female leads got very confusing and some of the twist like who ordered the assassination of the mother were a bit too obvious from the start.
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on 27 August 2012
very dissapointing ending to this first book , i would have prefered to have something to go on if i was to read a cecond book in the series
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