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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 13 September 2010
This is the story of a woman seeking revenge for the people who ordered the murder of her father; a policeman. She witnessed the murder as a child. There is much sword-play and blood, in true Japanese style, with her nakedness adding an interesting dimension to the proceedings. There is one scene that will excite some and offend others, concerning nuns, a cross and a whip. If you like such empty-headed entertainment (and sometimes I do), then this is a film to enjoy!

Ian Hunter.
Author of The Early Years
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on 23 April 2014
Sex and Fury: decades after her father is murdered, a pickpocket finally tracks down her father’s killers. This one’s a mix of period revenge and softcore / (s)exploitation film – better known in Japan as the Pinky Violence genre. Unlike most exploitation films the visuals in this movie are often breathtaking: the entire film is framed perfectly, with creative camerawork, and sumptuous, colourful, pop-art combinations of sets, clothing and make up. I would love to see the damage that these visionary Japanese directors could do with today’s equipment and budgets.

The set-pieces are equally astonishing; a butt-naked lady chopping her way through a gang of swordsmen in snow – it’s a true spectacle to behold, and never feels seedy. International star appeal comes from an infamous Western actress Christina Lindberg (Thriiller: A Cruel Picture), who delivers phonetic lines with little heart – definitely the weakest link in the picture. But it may be unfair to compare as the lead actress Reiko Ike, who is sensational – she’s sexy, smart, dangerous, and you could get lost in those fiery eyes. There’s lesbians, slaves, gambling, drugs, sex, nudity, violence, fetish, swords, guns, nuns, blood… it’s a full house or B-movie buzz word bingo – and as for the ‘Sex and Fury’, the balance is tipped more towards the knockers than the knives.

There’s only two real missteps in the film – the gay “ooohhh eeerrr” character (although he’s only in 2 scenes) and that the focus is split between 3 goodies and 3 baddies, which somewhat over-complicates what should be a straightforward revenge movie. In an era where the UK and US were churning out cheap and tacky Video Nasties with the odd notorious – censored – scene, Japan was putting out full-on high-quality exploitation films: containing 50% blood-fest, and 50% boundary-smashing sexualised nudity. Imagine you took a slasher film and gave leading parts to good actors, had a visionary director, and a major studio behind it!

This is definitely part of the golden era of stylish, well directed, well acted, rock solid exploitation movies – 40 years old and still a highlight of the genre.

Score: 8.5/10 - from ParagraphFilmReviews dot com
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on 19 January 2016
Ocho Inoshika witnesses her father a police detective been killed as a child. She grows up vowing revenge, all she remembers are the tattoos each killer had, a boar, a butterfly and a deer. While working in a gambling den she helps a dying man who asks her to save his sister from prostitution so she travels to Tokyo to keep her promise.

This was made in 1973 when these Pinky violence films were becoming really popular in Japan. The craze started in the late sixties with films such as Red Peony Gambler series and Okatsu the Female Demon.

I was originally drawn to this after watching the Lady Snowblood movies which were made around the same time. As both featured a revenge seeking woman who is skilled in the arts of death. Reiko Ike plays Ocho but she is far less innocent than Yuki in Lady Snowblood, she gambles, uses her body to get what she wants and strips naked in the fight sequences to distract her opponents.

Reiko Ike is a great actress, who was something like her character in real life after been arrested numerous times for drug offences before unfortunately disappearing from the public eye. She is very good in the action scenes and at times it looks as if the stuntmen can't keep up with her. Swedish actress Christina Lindberg plays a British spy who wants to get the Japanese to turn more western. However she has fallen in love with a Shinosuke a young man who wants the man she trying to convince dead.

As this is a pinky violence film we get a far bit of nudity, all from the waist up. The sex scenes come in the second half of the film but they are pretty boring and are dragged out. One has Christina Lindberg been forced to have sex with a Japanese girl before a sleazy middle aged man joins in. One of the others has Reiko Ike cover her body in poison so when her admirer kisses her he poisons himself.

Unfortunately we don't get a lot of action. Over the opening titles we get a brilliant bath/ garden fight sequence in slow motion as a naked Reiko Ike takes out some would be gangsters. Then at the end we get a Bonnie and Clyde style death for Christina and her lover and a one vs all showdown for Reiko Ike as she finally exacts her revenge.

Overall its a good film but not great that's aided by a cool sounding theme tune.

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on 3 October 2012
Sex And Fury is a really good example of high quality exploitation cinema. The plot is somewhat similar to Lady Snowblood. It's about a young women taking revenge on people who killed her father. Reiko Ike is awesome as always. She has the looks, charisma and acting chops to carry this movie on it's own. But the surprise to me was the fact that Christina Lindberg was in it. Who's she? Well she did quite a bit of exploitation movies in Sweden. The one you may know is Thriller:A Cruel Picture(another movie that "inspired" Kill Bill). She has some really great and sexy moments. Sex And Fury is entertaining movie if you like that kind of entertainment.

The video and audio quality isn't very good. It's what you should expect from a 40 year old movie that hasn't been remastered. You wont find many extras either. There is a trailer and some poster art and some photos. If you want to get started with the Pinky Violence genre I strongly recommend this movie. It's one of the best of it's kind like Female Convict Scorpion. And PLEASE somebody release Female Convict Scorpion on DVD/Blu-ray!!!
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on 26 April 2011
this is a masterpiece on whatever regarding about the 70s japanese sexploitation movies!!! If you like erotic scenes, internacional intrigue, lots of killings, japanese tradition and their sword sports, then this movie fits in your tastes!!! the photography is well mastered, great plot, there is a balance between erotic sex and violent martial art with blood mixed on it!!! this movie deserves to be a reference, even this movie have influenced the tarantino kill bill's movies!!!
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on 19 August 2013
Sex and Fury is one of the masterpieces of exploitation cinema. This film is very different compared to Lady Snowblood (both films-1973). This is a pop art, ultra erotic and violent masterpiece. Stunning photography, incredible direction, excellent music, Reiko Ike and Christina Lindberg together in the same film. It has pace, rhythm, a complex story and a huge, amazing climax. It's phenomenal. The transfer by Fabulous is excellent. Unbelievable entertaining, and visually superb, something i can't say about Lady Snowblood.
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Proto girl power, in the land where women are revered and spat upon. Throbbing together are the movers and shakers, all emnanating from the 1900's. Historical reality invades the script, as Britain and the USA were playing the great game in carving up the South East Asian world, marking the trees for trade.

Intrigue and conspiracy abounds.

Ichio sets out to revenge the boar, the deer and the butterfly, for her father's murder. As she sets out on her revenge mission, she meets the Japanese anarchists, who back her goal, as she slashes her way through the entrails of men as she sheds the garments to reveal herself

A wah wah soundtrack cuts a groove and churns out the moves to a group of weird arrangements. The 1970s slide back into the 1920's throughout. Contains more plot than "female yakuza," and this either adds substance or becomes a hindrance.

"Female Yakuza" for appears more out there, and this appears straight line in comparison. However as part of the anti "man" cannon, a hippie alter geist it blasts itself against the mainstream view. Scenic shots of Jesus's folk getting down, dirty and beaten, replicating his suffering, inter racial sex, women on top it was a groundbreaker for the world yet to cum. Less chaotic and more based on 1970's schock it hit manages a groove and takes film imagery to other worlds and hangs there in suspension.

Worth a peek behind the folds
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on 9 July 2013
This film managed to make a good looking woman, wearing nothing but her tattoos, jumping around with a samurai sword killing a yakuza gang in the snow, be boring. The plot was nonsense, not fun nonsense, simplistic drivel nonsense. The dialogue was stitled and overladen with exposition (especially the scenes in English), several times characters explained who they were to people they'd known for 20 years. This film isn't art, isn't fun, isn't sexy, isn't interesting, you'd be better off watching something else.
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