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on 30 August 2017
Review is for the Adventure Plus model.

This is an absolute bargain at the moment on Amazon (£167) and makes a very reasonably priced way of getting out on the water, just add paddles and buoyancy aids. The Adventure plus can seat two adults and one child, but is great with two adults or even on your own. The longer length compared to the standard Adventure gives more space for two.

The canoe can be paddled with two single blade paddles if two of you are using it, when single handed it is difficult to paddle like this even using the J stroke, so a Kayak paddle is pretty much essential if you plan on using it on your own, otherwise you'll end up going around in circles.

I wasn't sure about ordering this model as it doesn't have the protective PVC type bottom that other models like the Colorado have, however in practice I've found it plenty tough enough although it is best not to drag it over gravel or rough surfaces.

The one thing that lets this canoe down is the seats, which offer no lower back support and the front one has a habit of bending over at the top, what I have done is added a Highlander outdoor seat (about £10 on Amazon) and this gives much better back support. The seats have fairly basic valves which have to be pushed in hard after inflating or you'll find the air escapes in seconds. Why Sevylor use these seats and not the type included with the Colorado I don't know. You can also remove the seats and just sit on a bag or even kneel if you prefer.

At 15kg the Adventure Plus isn't too heavy so can be portaged around locks and weirs without too much difficulty.

The material takes a long while to dry, so what I found works is to pack a piece of tarp in the boot of the car to keep the boot dry and then dry the canoe in the garden at home for a few hours before packing it away. You'll also need to remove the inflatable floor as water collects underneath it. Once dry it easily fits back into the bag.

Don't leave the inflated canoe laying around in full sun as the pressure will quickly rise in the bladders and these should only be inflated to 0.9psi for the floor and 1.5psi for the sides.
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on 11 October 2017
This is excellent for an inflatable. Very rigid and steady and looks great too. Max two adults and maybe a youngster.
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on 22 September 2017
All good
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on 19 August 2013
The first time i used this kayak was on holiday in cornwall it inflated easily using a simple old footpump that we had already and the pressure tester included with this canoe worked perfectly. We used the skeg which i was able to fit easily before inflating and set off up a safe but tidal river . After reading some other reviews about inflatable kayaks i was expecting it to be hard to handle especially given the currents in the river and my lack of experience, i was pleasantly surprised the handling was brilliant easy to keep in a straight line and could turn on a sixpence. we had some fantastic fun with this kayak it even handled the open sea and waves without much problem. The only time we found this kayak difficult was in strong wind but i'm guessing that is true of most kayaks anyway. Im so glad we chose this kayak! plus we saw loads of this model out on the sea proving it is very popular and reliable.
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on 10 June 2017
I bought this in 2013 My son and his cousin used it quite a lot in the sea at Leyn Peninsula North Wales, they have always found it great fun and have some fantastic memories from their good times using it.
we have just enjoyed a week in the lake district and gave it plenty of use on Ullswater. it is very stable and very well made, ours is as fresh as the day we bought it. when it was used in the sea ,we always hosed it down with fresh water to get the sea salt off it.
we use a billows type pump with it and it inflates in less than ten minutes,we blow the seats up by mouth.
when we think of the years of enjoyment and the price of it back then £220, it's turned out to be excellent value for money.
we use it wearing life/saftey jackets to be on the safe side. well pleased.
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on 30 August 2017
I don't normally write many reviews but this is so good it needed its praises sung!!...
I needed a boat for an overnight river trip down the Medway with a mate and our two 7yr old sons. I have a small hatchback with no roof rack so a fibreglass canoe was not an option.
Inflating the boat is easy just pump each chamber evenly and it will sit square. I bought the Intex Double quick pump...5 mins from bag to boat...Brilliant. Following some other reviews for inflating the seats....just pull the valve ...pump up.... click the valve back down again which seals it then pop the bung in...couldn't be simpler!!
The boat is super stable and easy to paddle the kids fit easily and find the seats comfy.. Due to its flat bottom it does turn very easily...(sometimes when not required) put the little fin on and and that sorts it out. I am a level 3 canoe coach and have many hours paddling under my belt and this felt no different to any other 'solid' boat. The seats are pretty hopeless for a 6 footer to paddle from sitting so kneeling up perched on a dry bag with sleeping bags and clothes in worked well for me. you can use a kayak paddle if you need but i paddled it single paddle as an open boat to great effect!
We had 4 bags with enough food and camping stuff for an overnight plus supplies for 7 miles down stream and 7 miles back the next day. It took it all with ease, very impressed.
It went down canoe shoots flat and straight with ease and I lifted through locks on my own no worries.
When it came to packing up, just pull the valves fold and chuck it in the boot.
For cleaning and drying i just pulled the floor out shook out the leaves and used soapy cloth to get the worst of the marks off. Its now all clean and dry packed away ready for the next trip which is soon.
review image review image
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on 5 August 2014
Used it twice so far and been happy with it. 1st time out the seat didn't provide enough support so bolstered it with a large book in the cover and this helped my back immensely. Easy to inflate and once on the water great to move around in. Has allowed us on the water and opened up a whole new world of options.
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on 9 July 2015
Overall I'm really happy with the canoe. Been on a 2 day river trip so far, planning another. It stood up to 2 days fairly tough going with 2 adult men and about 20kg of luggage in it. The fin ripped off on shallow rocks and unfortunately took the whole bracket with it so bear that in mind if you are paddling in shallow water. I have only 2 niggles. The first would be the seats. The support isn't good enough. My solution was to slide a piece of square plastic up into the little pocket at the back, that seemed to keep it a bit firmer. The second is that since the very first time I took it out of the box, I've never been able to pack it up into a 'back pack'. So seems like a bit of a gimmick. Never the less, it's a great little canoe for the money. I'd definitely recommend it.
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on 28 July 2014
Great canoe, no problems here.
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on 17 July 2014
Seems like a great canoe after one river use, quick to inflate and very easy to manoevre on the water.
The manomoeter does not work on the floor valve. The adult seats are not good enough, the valves make it very hard to get decent pressure in and they only have one strap per side so no lower back support, I cannot seem to get any better replacements, so I ended up kneeling to paddle. Could be great if this issue was sorted.
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