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Customer reviews

4.0 out of 5 stars

on 23 August 2013
Seven Point Eight the Second Chronicle is the coming of age of the first chronicle which, while an excellent book, was but a teenager compared to this one. It surpasses the first installment in almost all ways with a level of maturity and depth that will draw you in and leave you wanting for more as you approach and finish the final pages.

Not wanting to offer too many spoilers for anyone new to the series, the first story covered the exploits of Tahra Mamoon, a beautiful and spiritually talented girl who is drawn into the dark experiments of a rich, powerful and disturbed business man Max Richardson, alongside the scientist Paul Eldrige. Read it. It is full of scientific facts, amazing paranormal wonder and some of the most unique and creative imagery you will ever read and is backed up by an interesting story and some fantastic characters.

Then comes book two, which keeps to the same theme as the first but takes the reader on an adventure ride on a whole new level with superbly creative action scenes, mystery and intrigue and a much more coherent story that draws you in and spits you out at the end somewhat emotionally and physically exhausted as the characters must be after enduring everything that happens in this book. Yes, it is sci-fi and I am a fan, but you would in no way need to have an interest in sci-fi to enjoy this book. It explores some very dark adult themes and emotions in a way that does not distract from the mood of the fast action scenes or fantastically atmospheric scene setting throughout the decades. I would like to have given 5 stars, but there is still slight room for improvement. For me, some of the chapters were very long and if you don't have time to dedicate to reading in big chunks, it would have been nice to have found more natural breaks. The odd paragraph did not sit as comfortably with the rest of the excellent writing as I would have liked; but i'm really just nit-picking in the hope that the author is able to take the same quantum-leap in quality between the first and second book and perfect the third.

And I would like to finish by talking about the characters in the book, Max, Paul, Tahra, Sam and Ava. This is where things got really magic for me. They are some of the most multi-layered, complex and interesting creations I have read in any book. And it's so subtle in terms of how you get to know them. Every one of them is a complete and interesting story in themselves and their actions, desires and personalities are so expertly described over the course of the story it was not until the final couple of chapters that I realized how emotionally involved I had become with them. I felt everything they were going through and felt really emotionally drained as they were by the end of the book, and I implore you to read to the very last page to see what I mean. The revelations were not necessarily a complete surprise by the time you get to them, but the way that they are described to the reader is simply astounding. And will leave you wanting to get book 3 like the best of cliff hangers that have ever featured in a book or TV series.

This book is a perfect blending of exploration of sci-fi, adventure, sexuality and the human condition and I would recommend anyone give both books a try.
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on 27 April 2013
Did the book description relate to the story? Yes it did. And after reading the first book, I couldn't wait to discover the next part of Tahra's journey.

How did you feel about the opening / ending sequences of the book? I liked the opening sequence. Considering I enjoyed the first book immensely, the build up in the opening scene was just as I expected and kept getting better from that point on.

Who was your favourite character and why? I'm still all for Tahra. She is more emotionally involved in this book than in the first. She travels into other dimensions unlocking the reader's mind and posing some absolutely fascinating concept.

What were the main relationships explored in this book? I think this book, it was all about unlocking the past. Tahra isn't new to travelling outside this world but this time, she is faced with a more challenging the task and she needed to let go of her inhibitions.

Was this book worth reading? Yes, this book is definitely worth reading. It is best to read it in sequence but even if you can't, any science fiction fan will definitely drool over this book.
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