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on 8 January 2007
This book has it all! It explains in detail different stitch patterns, different styles of sock knitting (4 dpns, 5 dpsn, two circs), and how to measure feet so you make socks to fit. This really is a sock knitters bible. While I loved Cat Borhdi's Socks Soar on Two Circular needles, which helped to start me off, Sensational Knitted Socks truly pushed me into making my own socks, and my own designs of socks.

This book is a must have for any knitter's reference library! Can't wait for more in March 2007!
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on 16 September 2007
Now that I finally have this book, I can understand why these socks are being knit everywhere. Beautiful socks based on a thorough understanding of sock construction. I've read the book and learned a lot without having knit from it yet. (Not sure where to start, really!)

While the book takes you from scratch, its real strength seems to be as a resource for the somewhat experienced sock knitter. I know I'll refer to it for different heel and toe styles even when knitting from someone else's patterns -- but I'll be knitting for quite a while from this book!

The beautiful reticulated and mosaic patterns are terrifically appealing. Or if you prefer to knit with a single yarn, just find your gauge, browse the stitch dictionaries, and off you go.

The one thing I'd change about this book is the binding. I can see that it's not going to lie flat unless I mash the spine, and who wants to do that to a beautiful book?

Other than that reservation, I'm delighted with this book and recommend it to anyone who wants to kick their sock knitting up a notch.
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VINE VOICEon 18 August 2008
I had reservations about buying this book but I am pleased that I did. The author deals with different techniques in a clear and unambiguous way that makes it easy to progress. The photographs show socks that are wearable instead of just faddish fashion foot coverings that won't fit inside your shoes. After the details of various shaping and sizing methods, the book is divided into stitch-pattern styles : 4-stitch, 8-stitch, cables and so forth. Each section has a sock pattern utilising the given stitch followed by a generous selection of stitch patterns within that group.
The tone of the book is unpretentious and the content based on knowledge and experience. It is better than any other sock book I have seen.
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VINE VOICEon 22 April 2010
I love Charlene Schurch's books, this was a birthday gift, something I'd asked for having already bought the sequel 'More Sensational Knitted Socks'. The patterns are easy to follow, errata are available on the publishers website, each pattern has sizing and stitch numbers so that you can use either thicker or thinner yarns. The yarns suggested are mostly American but anyone can substitute British yarns very easily, basically fingering weight is our 4ply yarn, sport weight is similar to our Double Knit or dk yarn, Worsted is equivalent to Aran weight.
I've made several of the patterns, and for the first time I have socks that actually fit! If you buy it, pick up the More Sensational Knitted Socks at the same time, some of the patterns in that one have options to knit either toe up or cuff down. I prefer toe up, but it's up to you.
Happy Knitting.
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on 12 May 2013
I'll let you know how I get on when I've 'mastered' some of the terms the writer uses. The finished items look wonderful - but then glossy pictures always do.

I have now followed the instructions for the 'class sock' to the letter, and it really does work. I would recommend this text for those knitters who love learning new skills and techniques, and who are quite patient - it's a very rewarding hobby, and the most basic of garments can be transformed into something very impressive and unique. Do read the book carefully, and don't be put off by American terms (they are 'translatable'), and be prepared to trip up occasionally. You are required to flip backwards and forwards between the different stages of the garment, but it's not too onerous because each pattern is presented in the same way, and after having made the 'class sock' one can see exactly what has to be done. For example, the cuff and leg is explained using a table (it looks far more complicated than it is), you follow that section with the option of knitting with 4, 5 or circular needles, then go to the stitch pattern you want, and having completed that, go to the next section etc. I think that this form of presentation allows the knitter to think and engage more with the garment rather than the usual British style of having a 'complete' pattern all in one place. I thought that the long-tail cast on method was mind-bogglingly difficult just because it was new to me, but I perserved and mastered it and now believe it's the only way to cast on for the top of the sock because it really does 'stretch, but you can find how to do it on the internet, or better still, ask someone. I'm now working on the 'easy' patterns, but with different wools and needle sizes, the results are remarkable - you really can take any wool, with any combination of needle size - just make a tension square first, and again follow the instructions. The 'easy' patterns just mean that you have a more managable number of stitches on the leg part of the sock, that's all. It's a great way too of using up left-over, or unused wool; I'm making socks in kid-mohair silk from a pattern by Kaffe Fasset 'Foolish Virgin' given as a present 25 years ago; how appropriate that title was - I thought then, that I was a knitter; I know different now! And, here's a tip - with 4 or 5 needles the author refers to them as needle 1 or 2 etc, so I stuck some sticky labels with numbers on them thinking that would help - in actual fact, after the first sock or two, you'll see that you don't need to number them, as it will make perfect sense. I'll let you know about the 'toe-up' method when I've got to that part. Good luck.
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on 11 February 2012
Bought the book and have made more than 20 pairs of socks for various sizes of feet from infant to elderly bedsocks and Wellington boot liners! The book allows you to create truly individual socks in any kind of yarn to an individual fit, including toe up and top down working. Well worth the money even if you have chanced the occasional pair before as the tables the author uses allow for unique combinations of yarn, pattern and construction per sock, if wanted.
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on 22 December 2014
I'm a guy who can knit and I knit a lot but double pointed needles I hated and could never master it. Using two circular needles or the magic loop method I have been whizzing out socks for Christmas presents with orders from friends and family pilling up!
Also the sizes go from young children all the way up to my UK size 13 shoe! If I can master socks you can too with this wonderful sock knitting bible!
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on 16 May 2013
This books by Charlene come recommended by the American sock knitters and in you tube. As they all said, in the end you will be ending up knitting each sample sock shown. Instructions, pictures and advise not forgetting tips are all well illustrated and the writter made sure writting is minimum but clear so all the space could be filled with big sample pictures. Well done Charlene. My only regret that she have not change any of these into Kindle or Ipad version. Its a bible for basic sock knitting. I'll trade my cheating husband with this book any time.
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on 27 March 2009
Sadly it is a book you really need to read the instructions to 1st don't just skip to the 1st pattern.
However, when you are past this it is a very very clever book there are plenty of socks well described and there are lots of little tweaks you can perform to make the sock prettier and fit you better.
The socks at the back of the book currently scare me as I'm only on my 3rd pair of socks ever but hopefully one day I'll get there!
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on 4 June 2015
nice socks, I am happy I bought it
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