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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
Style Name: On-ear|Colour Name: Black|Change
Price:£99.99 - £212.31
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on 3 January 2014
I waited a while before I reviewed them, it's been nearly 2 years.

And I'm thrilled to say that even after a prolonged period of heavy use they still look virtually brand new, are working perfectly and sound fantastic.

This was my first (fairly expensive) pair of headphones after years of Sony in-ear buds and I've never looked back.

And unsurprisingly the Momentum's blow my Brother's beats out of the water in both build and sound quality.

If you're in the market for a solid pair of excellent sounding headphones, then you can't go wrong with these. Trust me, they are superb.
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on 1 January 2016
Bought these on a Christmas deal reduced to 59.99 and so glad I did! I already have a pair of Sony headphones which do me just fine for their price but when I saw this reduced so much my husband said to get it as an extra Christmas gift from him. I've never been able to afford Sennheiser's before but always wanted to simply because of the quality of sound and attention to detail in the hardware. I was a bit iffy at first that they were pink but it's a very nice dusky pink that is more classic than feminine. They are definitely worth every penny of their full RRP but I am thrilled I stumbled on this offer. Beats by Dre can take a hike, for those you're paying for the celeb indorsment and not the audio clarity, depth and purity these offer.
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on 29 August 2015
I have waited a long time to review this item and have to say that I could not be more pleased with them. Prior to purchasing these I looked spent countless time reading other people's reviews before stumbling across these.
In my opinion I feel that the over ear headphones are preferable to the on ear headphones.

1.Sound quality is absolutely fantastic: clearly the most important in combo with the look.
2. Aesthetically great
3. In built microphone and therefore can be used for hands free calls/ compatible with other things like gaming
4. Useful volume control
5. Comfortable to wear
6. Well-constructed when compared to other brands that I have previously used.
7. carrying case is useful and again even this reflects the product quality
8. The wire: the cable wire detached from the headphones if it is caught in anything therefore preventing any damage to the wire or the headphone port itself.
10. Very good noise cancellation

1. Price: they are expensive no doubt. However o spent more on these when I bought them. They are currently listed at around 185 and I spent close to 250. I haven't had any regrets.

Overalls i would highly recommend this product for those that are looking for a high quality pair of headphones that will last.
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Style Name: On-ear|Colour Name: Green|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
As a lucky owner of the full fat Momentums I was massively interested in trying out the new styled up and shrunk down version of the cans.

I have been a big fan of the Momentums and they have quickly become my go-to set of cans when looking for a relaxed listening experience.

So, what are the differences between the new Momentums and the old ones? Well, the first difference is the size, the cups are a good bit smaller on the new ones. Secondly, the headband has slightly less padding, thirdly the earcup padding is made from a synthetic suede that is very hard wearing (as opposed to the plush leather cups of the old Momentums) and fourth is the included case, whereas the old Momentums had a semi-rigid, form-fitting case, the new cans have a generically shaped case which is less rigid (but nonetheless very nice).

One other important difference I noted was the size of the headphone jack, the new cans seem to have shrunk the jack to miniscule proportions, the old cans had a very nice metal jack that could be adjusted from straight on to 90 degrees.

The pictures show the main differences.

Anyway, these cans ooze sex appeal, they are firmly aimed at the street market and will (hopefully) take some of the market share away from the god-awful Beats cans that the kids seem to think are the nuts.

Sennheiser is a well respected brand that has been in the game for a long time and their upper end cans such as the HD 800's and HD 650's have been praised by high-end audiophilles the world over. It is only right that the technology filters down to the lower range items. The original Momentums were highly praised for their styling and highly impressive sound quality. I think the new Momentums (lets call them Momentum Lites) sound equally as impressive.

Okay, the styling is obviously a big factor in this market sector and Sennheiser have thrown out a good range of colours, the green looks really nice, the Alacantra suede on the cups extends to the headband. The cups themselves are the same glass injected plastic as the old Momentums and the nearly but not quite lime green contrasts well with the almost khaki green of the Alacantra. The cabling is black and the package hangs together well, it looks classy without being overstated. As for the ivory/brown, this looks very classy indeed, the semi-gloss of the ivory sits well against the muted brown of the padding. A well chosen and elegant colour combination.

In use the cup size is immediately noticeable, they are a good bit smaller than the old Momentums but as they are so light and don't grip your head too tightly they feel supremely comfortable. In fact, the suede material breathes better than the leather so your ears don't get sweaty during extended listening sessions.

Anyway, enough about looks, how about the sound. Well, I used my standard lineage to trial these phones. It was

Ipod Classic (Rockboxed) > FLAC files > Fiio dock out cable > Fiio E7 Headphone amp
Sansa Clip Zip (Rockboxed) > FLAC files

I burnt the cans in overnight (plugged into ipod left on repeat and played at slightly louder than normal volume).

First up was Winter Fields by Bat For Lashes, this is a good test for cans as the wind solo at the start will reveal the small intakes of breath and the Momentums easily revealed this. The rest of the song was well rendered with equal emphasis across all of the spectrum. These are certainly not bass heavy headphones. Natasha Khans voice was very clear, and a small echo that I had not noticed before was apparent.

I then checked out Stepping Filter from the Analord Series by Aphex Twin. A lot of this material has less than clinical mastering so a revealing set up will show any fuzzy edges to the sounds. Again a good overall performance, some fuzz was apparent which to me is a good thing, you are getting close to the source and picking up detail that less able cans would overlook.

Next up, Get Lucky by Daft Punk. Given the richness of the original recording the Momentums delivered this with ease, the bass was actually quite forward and ever so slightly muddy, not a big surprise as the drivers on these cans are not huge. However, vocals and guitar were masterfully delivered with an effortless ease that made for an excellent listening experience.

I then listened to Foreground by Grizzly Bear, the fragile as glass piano notes were beautifully expressed and the whispered vocals sounded lovely. I am beginning to think the Momentums are strongest with mid range sounds. The muted drum sounds very clear, bassy but not overwhelming

Lastly, I checked out The Eve of the War, from Disc 1 of The War of the Worlds - The opening speech by Richard Burton is a good way to check out the dark space that cans give and the Momentums did not disappoint, again the slight echo was apparent and the noise floor is pretty much spot on. The opening bars of the movement are well presented, the brass is especially impressive, highly defined with no stridency. The strings are also excellent.

So, impressions so far

BASS - Not bass heavy cans but certain bass frequencies seem to come across as slightly muddy. However, other bass frequencies seem well rendered, very definite without being too heavy or forward.

MIDS - Like their bigger cousins the mids just sparkle, vocals are excellently defined and echo can be discerned where lesser cans would fail to pick that up, piano and guitar just sing, you can feel the strings vibrate, excellent

UPPERS - no issues here at all, well rendered, not sibilant or fatiguing

SOUNDSTAGE - These are small cans and the soundstage is not massive, slightly smaller than the full size cousins but you are not going to get a broad stage with cans of this form factor.

SOUND ISOLATION - The suede material leaks more sound in and out than the full size Momentums so sound isolation is not as good. However, the plus side is that the ears don't sweat and can breathe a lot better than with the full size cans.

OVERALL - A very impressive set of cans that are shockingly good given the market they are aimed at. They are well refined with the weight of the marque behind them. They have the feeling that they would be pretty scalable too and would grow with your system. The slight muddiness in part of the bass frequency is an issue but could be ironed out with judicious equalizing making these a very capable and competent set of cans.

I would easily recommend these over the likes of Beats headphones, they are hugely impressive, incredibly well made, refined, understated and the sound belies the massive heritage and expertise behind them. This is yet another slam dunk for Sennheiser, what is impressive here is that they are aiming at the Beats market and have quickly developed a new lines of headphones that is not simply an old can with a snazzy paint job, they have made a set of very capable cans that sounds really nice.

Highly recommended.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 15 July 2016
I have a set of Sennheiser buds, which are impressive, but I wanted an over ear headset, so I bought these when they were on offer. The sound is amazing. Although the headset itself and the ear pads are slightly smaller and lighter than my VModa, the sound quality is a truly immersive experience.

They arrived next day, the packaging, as might be expected is top rate. Great quality card outer which contains a black soft feel zipper case with mesh inserts for the cables. Inside, the headset is further protected by a drawstring fabric bag. They look fabulous. Mine are deep red and stainless steel, surprisingly this colour is discontinued. It's rich and dramatic and the earpads are really soft and comfortable. They're relatively small and do sit literally on the ear. That means there isn't total external noise isolation and I guess there's a bit of sound leakage if someone were sitting next to me. However, I've bought these to use around the home and garden and they're ideal. In terms of comfort, they're adjustable and it's easy to set the pads exactly right. The headband is steel, but it's lightweight and padded and for a full headset, it's probably the most comfortable I own. As its light, I'm barely aware of it. The fall nicely round the neck too and they're a real design classic.

As for sound, it's everything I'd expect. Full, rich deep bass, but it doesn't overpower the mid and treble tones which are also clean and distinct. It's immersive and sounds as if the instruments are coming from various different places. I love them and this will be my go to headset fir music on the move round the home. Stunning and you should snap them up when you see them at a reasonable price.
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on 11 August 2015
Never have I experienced such good quality from a pair of headphones as I have with these. For many years I have simply used apple EarPods, when they broke recently I decided it was time for an upgrade and this was one almighty upgrade. The quality is superb. I'm no audiophile but these headphones must be an audiophiles dream. They feel great on, are very comfortable, and block out all of that irritating background noise that comes with life, you know the kind, like that screaming child on the train who never stops.
I got a pair in pink solely because they were an incredible £59.99, which was a price I was happy to pay to try these out and not feel as though I'd regret it so much if they didn't live up to expectations, but they seriously exceed expectations, even though I feel a bit self conscious walking around in public with bring pink headphones on. Would defiantly look into getting a pair of ivory over-ear Sennheiser's when I'm feeling a little more flush in the future.
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Like another reviewer experienced, Amazon were out of stock of these headphones so I had to revert to John Lewis who had them available. As far as I can see the price at all retailers is very close - there are no significant discounts at the time of writing! I bought these Sennheiser Momentums for static rather than mobile use and they are used in conjunction with a Marantz hifi system.

A critical requirement was to minimise sound leakage outside the headphones to avoid annoying others, so, a closed back design was essential. These phones are pretty effective at sealing in the sound (so I'm told).

The first and most obvious thing about these headphones is the high quality of construction - they exude quality. The headband is leather covered as are the ear pads which use a particular type of Somerset Leather to provide optimum comfort. The headband can be adjusted and remain in position despite there not being a click stop mechanism - the pressure of the "cans" against your head can be adjusted to perfection. Rather than having the usual two wires the single entry (detachable) cable makes the headset easier to take on and off. The detachable lead means a worn lead can be replaced, and, if your usage is similar to mine you can replace the iPhone remote/microphone lead with the (supplied) ordinary (but equally high quality) cable. I find these factors combine to make the headphones very comfortable to wear for long periods, in fact, I enjoy them so much I almost don't want to take them off!

I have read what other reviewers have said about the sound. To me, the sound is very good and detailed but neutral - you get out what you put in without colouration. I don't find when used with my equipment there is any emphasis on the bass as some reviewers suggest. The sound is very distinct and spacious across the audio spectrum, and, because of the detailed output, I've heard aspects of my CDs/MP3s that I simply wasn't aware of before. The sound quality is such that listening is a pure pleasure, and, I don't suffer from any physical or aural fatigue with these Momentums.

The presentation of these premium headphones is consistent with what you'd expect - they come in a luxurious and stylish hard case. My only negative observation being that the case could be a bit bulky if you are using the headphones on the move, although, that is irrelevant in my mode of usage.

In summary, the Sennheiser Momentums represent high quality in terms of their presentation, construction, ergonomics and, above all, sound output. In my opinion, hard to fault, but easy to recommend.
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on 23 November 2015
These are the best headphones I have ever had, and I am a big audiophile. They look absolutely fantastic to start with, beautifully made. They are very comfortable too. The sound is crystal clear and just gorgeous. They are a bargain at this price, real premium quality headphones, I've used ones more than twice the price that aren't half as good.
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on 7 January 2016
I'm no audiophile but love listening to good music. I always used in-ear headphones, my favourite being Shure SE215 for its natural clear sound and ability to block outside noise. I recently moved into a large office and started using the headset to block noise when I have to focus on work but realised people don't see me I'm listening to the music with clear ear buds on and just start talking to me, only to realise I'm oblivious to the environment. So I thought I need an on-ear or over-ear headphone as 'I'm not ignoring you, only listening to music' statement. I came across with this (on-ear, pink) pair of cans on Lightening Deal and for less than half price and only 9 minutes left to order, I jumped onto it. I have had a few pairs of Sennheiser ear buds in past and they are always good so I had a confidence with the brand.

I loved the colour. It's dusky pink which is almost classy. As I read in most reviews bass is enhanced a little and it was quite obvious at the beginning as I'm used to very natural sounds Shure SE215 produces, but after tweaking the sound with equaliser a little (I mostly use it with Sony NWZ A-17) and burnt them for a while that was fine. Sound is very clear and a little on the warm side than crisp, but comfortable to my ears.

It does leak sound a little bit it means you area also aware of environment without being distracted too much. If you are on public transport you might need to be careful not to annoy others but you will be aware of train or bus approaching so it's good for your own safety.

This headset comes with two cables; one with remote and one without. As I use music player I only used the one without remote, and I liked the idea that cable can be replaced if damaged.

It's not heavy on head but not the lightest either. It took a little while to find a comfortable position, but adjusting cans is very smooth and easy.

I liked it a lot but in the end I returned it, only because I found Momentum 2.0 on deal. The main difference between this and 2.0 was portability as 2.0 is now foldable. This wasn't an issue to me as I used this pair in office, but with 2.0 on sale (still more pricy than 1.0 though), I decided to have a foldable set. It was still a hard decision for me as I liked the colour so much (2.0 has no pink option), but I chose portability to carry to and from work. If I didn't find the deal for 2.0 I would definitely have still happily been using this now. Not sure if I want to pay the full price but it was an excellent but for £60.
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VINE VOICEon 21 July 2014
These headphones look awesome. The design and build quality is excellent. They're basically made of stainless steel and leather. The sound quality is excellent; you can hear the smallest details and pauses between instruments. They are surprisingly light and don't stand out too much when you're wearing them. The ear cups however are very small so if you have larger than average-ish ears (like me although I wouldn't say that my ears are larger than average) you may not find these comfortable at all. The best feature of these headphones is that to remove the cable you need to twist and pull so if anyone decides they want to run off with your headphones, the cable won't come out and they will most likely let go. I just wish all manufacturers would go with this design.

If you're planning on using these in a quiet-ish environment then you won't be disappointed, if however you want to listen to the music on the London tube, you might want to look elsewhere as you won't be able to hear much unless you turn your volume up to 100% and even then you won't benefit from the quality of the music because of all the noise.

Overall, great headphones, excellent sound, build quality and design however if you have larger than average-ish ears or you'll be listening to these in a very noisy environment then you might want to look elsewhere.

Just in case, here's what's in the box:
1: 1.4m audio cable with a remote
1: 1.4m audio cable without a remote
hard shell travel case
and... the headphones
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