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VINE VOICEon 10 November 2011
I bought one of these in 1998 as a present to myself when I could first afford a "decent watch". Since then I have also gone on to have a couple of Omegas (Speedmaster and a Seamaster) as well as a couple of other premium Seikos but his one has, without doubt, proved to be the best value of the lot. Throughout all of this time it hasn't missed a beat, it's built like brick outhouse and still looks as good as the day I bought it despite regular use.

The automatic movement is ideal for a diver's watch as battery replacement becomes expensive if water resistant seals need replacing every time, and the supposed loss of accuracy over a quartz movement has proved negligible to non existent in my experience. The face is a lesson in simplicity with big clear lumibrite markings making it easy to see in the dark. The sweep second hand also has a "counterbalance style" lumibrite tab which I think is a nice feature. I find the addition of day as well as date in the 3 o'clock window a useful feature for us "old shift workers" who loose track of which day it is too easily. Adjustment is made using a screw down crown (for those who can't bothered to read the instructions turn it one way to adjust the date and the other for the day), and the depth rating to 20 atm means that it really will perform if called to.

The cost of this watch is a fraction of the service cost alone for my Omegas, yet it has proved more accurate and I think looks just as good. It's a little heavier, but then this is a big heavy watch - and I like it that way.

This model is available on a stainless steel bracelet or rubber strap. My experience with the bracelet was that some of the links stretched over time, I replaced it with a rubber strap (which technically is truer to the ethos being a diver's watch after all) and all has been well since.

This watch is my trusty old friend, and I look forward to many more years together!
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on 15 December 2009
This watch is on of the best automatic watches I have had and its the best day to day watch, as I have an Omega, I wear my Seiko more, as for the first review - take with a pinch of salt, this does not have a battery and sports divers only go down to 40 meter, as I am one. If you need a bomb proof watch buy this one.
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on 2 May 2014
I think this watch will be a slow burn as far as loving the functional styling. I wanted a classy replacement for my Casio G-Shock that has given me sterling service for many years. I wanted a watch I could mostly wear when sailing, so waterproofing was top of my list of requirements, as was a nice clear easy to read analogue/traditional hands face, and a rubber strap. An automatic or solar/ eco drive was desireable to avoid the risk of opening and resealing for battery changes.
This watch has bulletproof build quality. The steel case is highly polished on the smooth sides with a brushed finish on top around the lugs. The "Pepsi" bezel (so named after the colour of the original Pepsi can) has a very matt finish that I was not expecting. The face is blue-grey and very matt in finish. The hands and five minute markers have a very bright lume that seems to stay bright for about 4 hours. The day, date are easy to read.
The strap is as tough as a tank track. It is very stiff but really comfortable. Even on my small wrist it will go another 3 stops tighter and goes 6 stops bigger so will fit a wide range of wrists and go over a wetsuit which was always a stretch for the G-Shock. It has an imprint of the Seiko wave design on the strap end and a nice wide loop to tuck the excess strap under.
The automatic mechanism is manufactured in Malaysia and cased in China. It cannot be hand wound and will not hack (stop when pulling the crown out to accurately set the time). It has run a minute and a half fast in the first 48 hours. I hope this settles as it is not as promising as my Invicta Divers (8926OB & 8928C) which remain accurate to about 6 seconds a day.
I think this is where I find it difficult to award 5 stars. I like the very functional styling of this watch and it is certainly up to the job of being a watersports watch. The thing is that my Invicta Divers are more visually attractive and the finish is to the same high standard. They are also easily as accurate (they have a Seiko NH 35A movement) and are very well waterproofed. I bought two Invictas for less than the special offer price on this one Seiko. I could easily get away with fitting an Invicta with a rubber strap and using it for watersports, but this Seiko has far more "street cred" with my sailing mates and when all is said and done, a watch does have a secondary function as a status symbol. The power of a brand is an amazing thing.
JSC shipped it to me by 1300 the next day..well packed with plenty of wadding...in fact the only watch I have bought via Amazon (and I have bought a few) that has had adequate packaging to prevent it from sliding around in the main packaging.
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on 18 July 2013
I have had this watch for a number of weeks now, and felt it perfect time to write a mini review.
Some owners report hideous time gains/ losses with their, I have not experienced this yet.
It has become my daily watch, so its always fully charged (Automatic watches wind the spring using the everyday movement of the watch) and have not had to set the time since its initial setup.
The Lume is not great, but i am not diving with it. Entering a darkened room, its super bright, but after a few minutes its faded to useless, if this is going to be an issue for you, do not buy it.
The strap started to squeak a few days after purchase, i have no idea what was causing it, the rubber on lugs i think, but i have switched out to a grey NATO strap now.

One thing i oft read about the SKX009 is the colour of the face "is it blue or is it grey?" well, it is hard to tell, the blue on the dial makes it look like a deep dark grey, but i think its a powdery dark blue.

I would heartily recommend this a (fairly) cheap step into the wonderful world of automatic watches.
I hae had a few Seiko 5s previously, and decided to sell my collection to buy a 'proper' Seiko, and i have not been disappointed. I am even tempted to buy an SKX007 to go with it!

Low cost for a well made movement
Keeps accurate time
screw down crown to keep moisture out
look awesome

Lume on hands lacks longevity

Overall I find it hard to fault this watch.
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on 5 May 2014
I have 6 Divers watches, the SKX009 being the cheapest of the bunch, but is still, and always will be my fave, it is the perennial Divers timepiece, and the original. Not as accurate as a quartz obviously, in fact it tends to gain 30+ seconds a day, but that is acceptable from a movement built like a tank, and designed to work for decades.....Still one of the best looking watches you can buy. Downsides.....No hacking ability, and no hand wind, but it was designed down to a price, but these are minor quibbles. This old friend is always in my watch winder, patiently waiting to be thrown onto my wrist, to do what it was designed to do. In a collection of over 50 watches, there will always be a Seiko SKX gracing it......:)
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on 13 November 2010
im not a diver but i bought this watch purely on looks and i have to say it is the buisness i have worn it swimming and it is fine but if you want a watch that looks great this is the one brilliant !!!!!!
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on 23 March 2013
Great watch, a classic divers watch that has been around for years and will be around for many more. The only drawback is the strap I did not find it very comfortable to ware it so I changed it for a steel one.
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on 28 January 2011
An excellent watch. Inexpensive, handsome and keeping superb time after 3 months use. It gained a little at first but seems to have settled down now and is bob-on all the time. The luminosity is startling. The strap, with its big corrugations, was really quite uncomfortable to begin with but either it or my arm has adjusted nicely and it is no longer an issue. Finally, I usually scratch or ding watch glasses within about 30 seconds of first donning a watch, but I can't seem to make a mark on this one . . . . .
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on 23 June 2011
This is my second Seiko - the 1st was a Divers Solar, which has since been discontinued - and I was surprised that it was designed and assembled to such a high quality. This watch is made to an extremely high quality, looks rugged, feels solid and is just such all round excellent value for money.

The rotational bezel rotates smoothly, without that loose wobble that you get with poor quality watches. The markings on the bezel align perfectly with the markings on the watch face, and you cannot fault its general aesthetic appeal.

This is an extremely well made watch, and the price makes it unbeatable. I wish I had purchased this watch several years ago, because I would have saved a couple of hundred pounds on more expensive but badly made US or other brands.

You will not be disappointed with this watch.
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on 8 November 2009
Ok, for starters, I'm 100% sure that I have the same watch by serial no but mine is an automatic divers and looks the same. It took me 3 days to buy (I was haggling and you've got to walk away atleast once to get the best deal) in Riyadh 10 years ago. Its on its third strap but not its last. Its my favorite watch ever. Buy one, do you need more?
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