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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 7 February 2007
Amazing how they manage to make films that appeal to everyone from age 3 to 103. Great animation as we came to expect, and a cracking story. The central character is a bear and theres some terrific misbehaving, lonliness and rejection, then some excitement before an ending as good as any I've enjoyed for a long time.

The pace of the film is perfect and the end sequences make wonderful viewing. Characters and animation are top notch too. Children's film making has become a science of perfection, and this is a great example.
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on 4 June 2007
this is the best animated movie i have seen, full stop! i laughed throughout the film, it was genuinely, highly funny, for both children and adults like me, alike. i originally rented this from amazon, but the very next day i had to rush out to buy my own copy. everyone i have spoken to about this film agrees with me. the jokes and humour are great. i had tears in my eyes throughout.

the characters are fantastic and you can see every effort has gone into the making of this film. the voices for the characters are very well chosen, especially ashton kutcher for eliot and billy connolly, for mcsquizzy. they were both made to play these roles. after watching this film, i couldn't sleep for laughing still. my boyfriend was the same too.

this film has left a big impression on me. this is the stuff all kids films should aspire to be like. ignore what everyone says about this movie, being a blatant rip-off, of every other kids animated movies, it's just not true. this film beats all the other 'well known' and 'popular', animated movies hands down.

rent this, or buy it now. you won't regret it at all. honestly!

eliot and mcsquizzy rule!
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on 21 May 2007
This was the most enjoyable animated movie of last year; although it didn't get half the publicity of Over the Hedge, Happy Feet, etc.... in terms of actual laughs, it's in a league of it's own. OK, so it's not particularly original or intelligent, but you can do a heck of a lot worse with a bag of popcorn and a couple of hours...

The flying bunnies are adorable!
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on 1 March 2011
I watched this blu-ray on my 3d samsung tv, i have seen a few 3d documentarys but this was my first film, overall i was very impressed with the 3d in the film, the picture quality was great and some scenes really do pop out at you whilst others have deep depth.

The actual film itself wasnt great, there are many better animated films out there, it does have a few funny parts but i dont think the characters are as likeable as other animated films.

This may be a good film to get if you are looking to show of the 3d on your tv as there isnt loads of titles to choose from at the moment and its fairly cheap so overall i would give the 3d in this film an 8/10 and the actual film a 5/10.
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on 14 January 2011
I came across this movie in a movie rental place, we used to go to every friday. I had seen the movie in the stands for a while, and I had never actually picked it up to look at it. I refrained from it as I had heard a few people didn't like it.

But one night, we had watched almost everything in the store, apart from this one DVD, Open Season. We watched it that evening, with very little hope that it was going to be any good.

I was laughing before the movie actually started. Sony have got a winner on there hands with this movie. The characters are so great and loveable, the story line is fab and don't get me started on the awesome animation.

They managed to get great cast onto the movie, such as Billy Connoly, who makes little McSquizzy hilarious, Ashton Kutcher, who really brings Elliot to life, and not forgetting Martin Lawrence, who played Boog the big loveable bear.

This movie is for all ages, you will enjoy it whether you are 2 or 100.
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on 1 May 2012
Has some of the best 3D effects I have seen from my so far limited collection. The film is enjoyable, but in my opinion goes a little too far. The 3D effects are definately better than the film. 5 stars for the 3D, 3 Stars for the film.
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Boog is a big brown grizzly bear who is happily living with his human owner, Beth. The pair of them make a living from their sideshow that they do in their town, and things seem to be going quite well for them. However, when an crazy and excitable male deer called Elliot lands into Boog's life, he turns it upside down and not for the better. Boog ends up being kicked out of his home with Beth, and together with Elliot find themselves in the wild and are totally at a loss as to how to survive out there. They're quickly ridiculed by the woodland animals, and are also being stalked by hunter Shaw, and are struggling to survive. But when something happens which puts not only Boog and Elliot but the animals of the forest as well in danger, they realise that they have to work together to beat the hunters in their Open Season...

An animated film relies heavily on two things - the animation itself and the performance from the voice actors. Now the children watching it won't pay huge amounts of attention to this second point, but to an adult who is forced to watch these films too, good voice acting can make or break a film. The best voice actors in any animated film for me are always going to be Tim Allen and Tom Hanks as Buzz Lightyear and Woody the Sheriff. They encompass everything about their characters, and are perfect. In this film, Martin Lawrence and Ashton Kutcher take the reins as Boog the bear and Elliot the deer respectively. Lawrence is pretty average which is a shame as I expected more from him, and I didn't think his performance was especially standout in any way. I felt Kutcher put a lot into his role, and he did really well with his performance, but it's a shame that Elliot is such an annoying character and one you aren't supposed to like a great deal!

There are quite a few other big names in here but none that particularly stood out to me. Debra Messing (Will & Grace) plays Boog's human owner Beth, a sweet but nondescript character who I felt faded into the background somewhat. Yes, I liked Messing's performance when she was in a scene but she was very forgettable once she was off screen. The only other performance I remember was Billy Connolly as squirrel McSquizzy who is intent on defending his tree at any cost. I don't know if I remember him because of his broad Scottish accent but he was amusing on screen! Other than that, the cast wasn't anything to write home about and certainly won't be winning any awards for their performance, or indeed this film!

The animation is nice enough for the duration of the film, but again it certainly isn't up to the standards set by Disney Pixar and Dreamworks. Again, this isn't really something that the younger members of the audience will pick up on but it's another little bugbear for the grown ups watching this. The animals were portrayed realistically, they all resembled what they were supposed to be and the human characters were well created too, but certainly forgettable and were second fiddle to the animals. The story itself isn't anything overly special but I do admit it picked up a lot towards the second half of the film. I felt the first half dragged a little too much for me, and I wanted at times for it to speed up. Some of the scenes that were clearly meant to be funny felt a little too silly, although Harry was giggling away bless him. It was very predictable however, and there are definitely better "talking animal" films out there, such as Happy Feet, Finding Nemo and Shrek. Harry enjoyed this one but I can't see me wanting to sit through it time and time again as I can with a lot of his films. A cast which isn't overly great, animation which is quite bog-standard in this time and a bit of a lacklustre storyline don't add up to a great movie, but Harry loved it which I guess is the important thing, right?!
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on 24 August 2014
Saw this film whilst visiting family and found it very funny so we decided to add it to our collection. As others have already said, the film appeals to all ages - from our two year old son to his grandparents.
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on 18 May 2013
Very funny! Great for any kids that like animals ( that means most of them). Gets a little slow for about 10 mins in the middle...for those with a short attention span... but soon picks up.
The end part where Animals v hunters is as good as any cartoon you have seen!
One of the hunters is a bit fierce...may put off timid kids, but the storyline is quite strong so they may not notice.
Great for 5 + .
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on 3 July 2007
The family and I went out to see 'Open Season' at the theater and thought it was okay. The film was very entertaining for the kids because of the two lead characters but as for my husband and I it was bearable. I have to admit I did doze off a couple of times but only for a few minutes. I have noticed that this is the first completely computer-generated motion picture to be created by Sony Pictures Animation (SPA).

Boorg (voiced by Martin Lawrence), is the lovable bear who was rescued by a ranger and raised basically like a pet dog, has gotten too big and is now released into the wild during Open Season, which is the time when the humans come into the forest to hunt the animals. Boorg must now typically adapt to his surroundings, including using the bathroom outside (which is hilarious), finding food, among other things. His side-kick Elliot (voiced by Ashton Kutcher), a down-on-his-luck deer who has been kicked out of his herd and is being hunted by The Big Bad Hunter. Elliot just wants some friends, and wants Boorg to be his friend. The whole time I couldn't help thinking that the character of Elliot was a direct rip-off of the Donkey from Shrek. However, Donkey and Shrek are themselves a rip-off of every buddy-film of all time.

The supporting characters are hilarious, but perhaps a tad underdeveloped. Honestly, the movies' best lines and jokes were in the previews that I've seen many times. I hate when that happens! My main complaint about the film was the pacing of the story. The story itself left something to be desired, because it was very predictable and filled with clichés. However, something was off in the end. For all the build-up, it was a disappointing end, almost like it was too easy. The end needed some tweaking, that's for sure.

The animation was pretty impressive. Boorg the bear was done very well, especially with his fur, which looked completely realistic. When you don't notice the fur and it becomes part of the character that is when you know that you've done a good job.

'Open Season' is not even close to the Pixars of the animated world due to its predictable script. Nevertheless, it's entertaining enough, the animation is of course stellar, and it will definitely entertain the kiddies. I just wish the story would have been more thought out.
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