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Customer reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
Sealskinz Ultra Grip Gloves Black black Size:Small
Size: Small|Colour: Black - black|Change
Price:£32.89+ Free shipping

on 7 February 2017
Probably the best gloves for my purpose. It has a decent frip, and unlike others is not rigid. There is plastic webbing inside the glove, which makes it slightly harder to bend your fingers and hand, but it is largely cloth, and It wont be a problem unless you have serious grip/tendon issues. This is by far the best glove I could ask for. Much better grip than regular wooly gloves, but not rubber and hard like many work gloves.
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on 11 December 2013
I love these gloves as they are great for everyday use when looking after horses. However, they only last me one winter as they start to get holes in them - although they say they can be washed, it definitely weakens them. I will still continue to buy this brand in future years.
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on 12 February 2013
I brought these for my son who rides his bike to work in all weather, he says they are the best pair of gloves he has had, not only do they keep his hands totaly dry but really warm as well and are very durable. I would recommend them to anyone. The company, Oswald Bailey, that I ordered them from was fast and very efficient and would also recommend them to anyone.
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on 22 November 2012
I bought these gloves mainly for dog walking. There seemed to be a bit of a mixed review but I decided to take the plunge. I am more than happy with them.

I am a size 10.5 glove so ordered the XL size, according to the packet this is a UK size 11. The fit is generally good. They are marked as close fitting, which is perfecty true, the only part which is a little too close fitting is the bottom of the fingers. The fingers appear to be designed to be the same width at the top and the bottom. As fingers are thicker at the bottom rather than at the tips this is a little design fault. I must stress that this is a minor point and I can easily live with it. If you like yoour gloves to be loose I would suggest that you do not buy these gloves. The gloves come over the wrist and are comfortable and they are correctly titled as being ultra grip.

As to their thermal rating SealSkinz use a 1 to 5 rating with 1 being for mild weather and 5 for extreme cold weather conditions. These gloves are marked as thermal rating 2. I have found them to be warm, mainly because your hands do not get wet and as such retain the heat. The great advantage is that with being breathable my hands were not damp or wet through sweat.

I found them to be waterproof. There were used walking our dog. I am constantly picking up the dogs foam ball which absorbs water. With other gloves I would have wet hands but with these gloves my hands remained dry. I have also used them in heavy rain and my hands stayed dry.

When you compare the price to other performance gloves they are not that expensive.

Overall I am very pleased with the gloves. I will now be considering buying other SealSkinz products. I would recommend them.


I have been using these gloves now for over a week. They have remained waterproof during heavy rain and also when picking balls and sticks off wet ground for the dog. When I take them off after use in wet weather I find that it is very important to dry them before their next use. If I leave them wet for a few hours I find that the insides of the gloves are damp.

What I have found it that the knitted material on the outside has started to pull and best described as bobble as it catches on the velcro on the cuffs of my walking jacket. Currently it is not too bad and the gloves still look okay and are doing their job. It is one thing that I will monitor over the winter and if there are any problems I will update this page. I still would recommend them.

I am looking at getting the Sealskins Nordic for the colder days. In the December 2012 Cycling Active magazine the Nordic gloves scored 10/10 in their review of 7 winter cycling gloves. Cycling Active marked them as 'recommended'. I have found them cheaper away from Amazon.
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on 8 December 2014
Very good
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on 14 March 2012
Do a milk round so out in all weathers. This is the second pair of sealskinz gloves i've had. Really waterproof and warm and the grips mean I can keep them on all the time and still grip the bottles. Wouldn't buy any other sort now and the last pair I had lasted a long time.
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on 21 April 2012
I do circuit training outdoors and in all weathers. I bought these gloves in the hope they would make my reynaud's syndrome (numb fingers from cold) a little less painful during winter.

These gloves are great if all you want is to keep your hands dry.
However, they're not warm at all, they absorb moisture in their outside neoprene-like layer and that just makes them super refrigerated when the wind blows on them.

They're thick and durable, so protect your mitts against gravel etc and are great all-round gloves if it's just cold and not wet out.
But I suppose that kinda defeats the object of getting waterproof gloves if you're only wearing them when it's dry...

I like them more than wearing running gloves, as they're more hard-wearing but they're no good for keeping your hands warm.

Hope this helps
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on 2 December 2014
Bought these to wear outside at work (I'm a postman). Firstly when you look at the glove, it looks like someone has guessed the shape of a human hand and got it wrong. There is just a straight line from the base of the index finger to the base of the little finger; if you look at your hand, you can see this is not the case. So I find myself yanking them back down onto my hand as my wee finger keeps sliding down the glove more often than I would like.

Wearing them in a heavy downpour for a long period of time, as with (probably) most water proof gear, the water soaks up the glove and back down the inside. I can also confirm, these gloves are not warm.

Why the 4 stars then? Because they're great for my job. My hands are still warmer than they would be in finger less gloves and because of the grips and closeness of the glove, I can sort through the mail as I walk around and even get a pen out of my pocket and write a note without a problem. I can open a frozen gate without getting ice cold water on my hands. They are very practical and I bring them to work with me everyday. They look good too.
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on 1 September 2013
I bought these gloves for hill walking in cool conditions. I knew I would need warmer gloves for the winter, but expected them to be waterproof. The first time I used them, we had a few heavy, short showers and the gloves felt damp inside. On my second use, we had about 2 hours of driving rain. Although I was careful to ensure that the water did not run inside the cuffs, the gloves became totally saturated after about an hour of rain. They are clearly not 100% waterproof as described. I would describe them as shower proof and I'm very disappointed with their performance.
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on 22 November 2011
Bought these to use over the winter in my job as a postie. As I spend 5 hours a day delivering mail by bike on a rural route I get exposed to some pretty frightful weather. We only get issued with woolly fingerless mits as we have to be able to grip the mail but I ended up with ice cold fingers so decided to take action! I've been using sealskinz socks for years so I knew the concept was good. These Ultra Grip gloves keep my hands dry and provide a bit of thermal comfort and the grippy pads allow me to keep control of the mail. They wont keep my hands toastie in the worst of the weather (not designed for that) but I didn't want anything too thick as I knew I'd lose dexterity. I can stick my issue mits over the top in the worst weather and leave my finger ends operational anyway. They do feel a bit weird when you first use them (like the socks do) but a few hours with them on and you get use to them.
If you need to protect those fingers from the worst of the winter weather but need your dexterity I say get some.
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