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on 23 October 2017
Almost a year to the day since receiving the drive it has become corrupted. Seagate will happily replace but will charge £653.58 to recover the data. Having just backed up my Laptop, Desktop and Work computer in preparation for an upgrade this has now caused all manor of issues. Stay well away.
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on 8 January 2018
Really annoyingly loose connection on the USB lead, where it goes into the hard drive. Bought another cable, thinking it was that, but it appears to be inside the Hard Drive. Reported it to Seagate Customer Services and received no response to initial or follow up contacts.

Now stuck with a Hard Drive that will only function when I hold the lead at a certain angle to generate a contact, which will doubtless make the problem worse. To that end and because they will neither repair nor replace it I have no choice but to only use it once or twice a year for backup purposes.....so now I have to buy another external drive for daily use - which this was supposed to be for. Needless to say I shan't be buying Seagate.
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on 7 February 2018
Upon first usage I was greeted by the notorious "click of death" immediately. The clicks continued when trying to copy files to and from the drive, resulting in tons of corrupted files. After investigating the issue I replaced the bundled USB cable with my WD MyPassport's own cable and the clicks went away, so it turns out that the drives own cable is rubbish and can't feed the drive with enough current.
I copied 3TB worth of data and I was happy with the 125 MB/s copy speed, up to the point when accessing those files seemed to be a lot slower. I thought I'd check fragmentation on the drive and it turned out that more than 80% of the files copied ended up being in millions of fragments. I was shocked, just as when I started defragmenting the drive and still haven't finished in 6 days. For some reason moving data on the drive itself maxes out at 25 MB/s, so things like defragmentation take eons to finish.
The only upside is the drive's low price, but in the end I got exactly what I paid for. I should've thrown in a few extra bucks and picked a better drive from a reliable brand like Western Digital.
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on 31 October 2017
This product failed on he having used it once. Thee second time I went to add more content, it has an I/O error. Diagnostics confirmed it was the disk. Extremely disappointing, made worse by the fact their returns policy is terrible. What a mistake. Never again, Seagate.
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on 4 October 2017
Received item on 11.09.2016 which was one of rest of parts of my PC setup and was integrated in case. Everything worked as it should until 7th month of usage. After working on my PC for couple of hours I started to hear squeaking noises from inside of case, opened it and the hard-drive complained about it`s hard life even though only 1/5 th of memory were used on it. Anyways, instinctly 1) turned PC off 2) re- installed external hard-drive 3) powered up PC back again... Unfortunately with no succes. There was no option to return item through order list, so I tried to contact seller through Questions section in same page but still haven`t received any reply.
1) Very POOR COMMUNICATION, 2) NO RETURN OPTION even though item has 2 YEAR WARRANTY 3) ITEM FAILURE AFTER 6 MONTHS OF VERY LIGHT USAGE...I`m not only one who is disappointed in same way !
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on 14 February 2016
It worked fine for a few weeks but then stopped working, so don't think it was a good buy
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on 18 September 2017
I had to replace my old Seagate hard drive when the cat knocked it onto a stone floor and it started making beeping noises and never recovered (the drive, not the cat!). I'm delighted with this new one. It is really neat and compact, in fact I thought the wrong thing had been delivered when I opened it because it was so small. My old drive was large and heavy and had to be upright on the desk (and therefore easy to knock over for a lively cat). This is small, silent, holds 1 TB and takes its power from the computer and therefore doesn't need a separate supply, another big bonus and one less cable and plug needed on my desk. I plugged it in, the iMac recognised it straight away and started to back up and the whole thing was complete in 10 minutes. Even Clive the cat would find it difficult to knock this one on the floor because it simply lies flat right by the keyboard. I've shown the old on the left and new on the right in the photo.
review image
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on 11 April 2018
Dead drive after just over a month!!

Honestly, I am as much to blame as the drive in this situation, any media creator worth their salt knows to back everything up twice.

I backed up my recent projects onto this drive so I could install a fresh version of windows on to my PC, since the fresh install this drive has just been sat in my draw (Less than a month) until I had the time to go through everything and copy it all back over to my workstation and other hard drives.

I plugged the drive into my PC today and everything seemed to be fine, the drive started spinning up and I opened the drive in windows only for the drive to make a cutting out noise and stop spinning (This is what it sounded like from what I could hear of the drive) After that I got an error message and notified the drive needed to be repaired as it was corrupted.

As it stands I have lost edits I was working on from a recent holiday and other files I required for the back up of certain applications such as lightroom and photoshop.

Not happy in the slightest
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on 1 January 2018
I should have learnt my lesson the first time I bought one of these but I didn't both failed within days and all data lost. That's two out of two of this version of the drive that has failed. I have a Seagate that's over 7 years old that is still working great so must be something wrong with these. At least I bought this latest failed drive from Amazon so I can easily get a refund wasn't so lucky with the first one because I lost the receipt and that so called computer store of the world would not give me my money back.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 23 April 2018
In the past few years I must have purchased about 30 pen drives; half of which have been faulty, soon became inoperable or simply deleted files. Time to try something different -even though external hard drives have been around since desktop computers.
Coming in at around 15mm [½” thick], 80mm [3” wide] and about 115mm [c.4½”] in length, this is pretty much mobile phone size so if you can carry a phone, then this can also pass as portable. Sealed in a plastic bag, its enclosed inside a stiff plastic tray [like cakes usually come in] which is then inside its own card carton. Damage should not be an issue. A small A6? Size, 10 page roll out sheet claims to be a quick start guide but other than a simple diagram; its really a legal declaration of performance.
Not to fear, this is actually just a plug and go item. An extension cable comes with it and measures 450mm [18”] but the cable is quite thick so isn’t very flexible. The plug-in at one end has a notch, this fits into the drive, the other end has the 3.0 blue band inside and connects to your laptop or games console etc. but from the diagram it indicates this will also work on a 2.0 socket. A small blue ‘slash’ lights up when plugged in which goes off when you close it down –so you know it’s safe to detach the cable.
It loads up just like a pen drive and automatically downloads five folders/documents; start here for Mac, autorun, Seagate expansion, start here win, warranty [only the warranty would open on mine –oh well, whatever!] Despite this it’s just a drag and drop if using it for computer or laptop use [which is what I wanted it for –picture, documents etc]. Download speed appears to be typically just under 1 minute per GB and is very quiet in use.
Basically that’s it folks. Much cheaper than the equivalent pen drives etc but also correspondingly bulkier, but that’s the trade off. Much better to use this than use ‘Free, remote off your system’ storage systems as only you have access to your data and it’s not stored on someone else’ server where they have full access –wise up and don’t give your info away. Will update if any problems develop.
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