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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 10 July 2012
I'm a sucker for these English Detective series, which not only get you interested in solving the case, but also includes the private lives of those involved. Good acting and believable story lines,that will get you hooked, so that you can't wait for the next episode. This series is up there with the best of them and I believe they are making a third one, so I will have to wait for that one. Highly recommended.
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on 15 August 2013
It seems that the writers, actors, directors, etc. in the UK turn out wonderful, interesting series made for grown ups (that is, viewers over 30). It seems our USA crime shows are aimed at youth (note the runway model types who, unbelievably, are supposed to be in positions of experience and responsibility, such as police chiefs, pathologists, high powered lawyers, etc.). Hurrah for "Scott & Bailey" who are real women with some real experience under their belts. They dress like professional women should - not in the skin tight, low cut outfits our American heroines seem to favor. They even have flaws - like "real people" do.

The supporting actors - male and female - also seem "real" as opposed to the slick, hip, young guys and gals that people US shows sprinkle around the set. We now watch almost no American TV. Instead, we keep looking through the web site and find fascinating series to order. We have quite a collection and will re-watch them sometime in the future.

We do love our country, but we can't abide what Hollywood is putting out for American TV. Thank goodness for our friends on the
other side of "the pond"! Keep it up and send us more delightfully grownup series.


Brit Fan
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 30 April 2012
There have been so many TV series featuring police investigative work produced over the years that it is extremely difficult to come up with something which is sufficiently different to be memorable. Frankly most of the offerings seem almost to just merge into one. However, the writers of Scott and Bailey have succeeded with a formula which is sufficiently novel to grab the attention and leave the viewer keen for more.

The series features two overworked detectives from the Major Incident Team (MIT) of the Manchester Metropolitan Police - Janet Scott and Rachel Bailey. The show features both their professional lives and their personal lives, both of which they live at something of a frenetic pace and which, to some extent, compete with each other. Janet is the older and steadier police office whose personal life has its share of crises. Rachel is younger and more impetuous, but often comes up with the leaps of imagination which solve cases. Needless to say, her private life is complicated to say the least. In the very first episode of Series 1, she has just discovered that her lover of two years' duration is married with children - just how she have overlooked this fairly significant fact given her detection skills is far from clear!

Janet Scott and Rachael Bailey are very capably acted by Lesley Sharpe and Suranne Jones. Amelia Bullmore plays DI Murray who is their superior officer, and is a very effective counterfoil to the two ladies and an essential part of the chemistry of the series. She plays an increasingly important role, particularly in Series 2. The interaction between Janet and Rachel works very well. Although best friends, it is a far from frictionless relationship, but is very effective in terms of solving the crimes they are faced with. One criticism of this series has been that the men in it vary from being non effective to complete wallies. However, personally I found the performance of the three leading ladies sufficiently interesting that this was not an issue for me.

So far we have 14 episodes of Scott and Bailey, six from the first series and a welcome expansion to eight in the second. Series 2 certainly kept up the high standards of Series 1 and finished on a very dramatic note. Hopefully we will have plenty more in the future so that they will be part of our television viewing for years to come, and this will be the first of many box sets.
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In a Manchester serious crimes unit three women dominate: mates Janet Scott (Lesley Sharp) and Rachel Bailey (Suranne Jones) headed by DCI Gill Murray (Amelia Bullmore) whose wrath is to be feared. All excel at their job, although Bailey is too volatile and needs to cut back on the drink. All have personal problems destined to cause grief.

6+8 episodes of just under 45 minutes. Everywhere signs of quality: scripts that ring true, convincing police procedures, excellent acting - and not just from the leads.

Especially impressive are the interviews. Here no police histrionics but polite, measured questioning steadily homing in on the truth. Note faces of suspects (some initially cocky) as alibis crumble, the steady manoeuvring into points of no return.

Here there is a welcome absence of cliches that plague certain police series, where contrivances so often lead to in-the-nick-of-time climatic rescues. The emphasis is firmly on characters. Men here ill-served, as some claim? Admittedly one colleague is a clown and another unstable, but so what? They are still good at their work, and the rest of the male team thoroughly professional.

An additional pleasure is provided by familiar names, some of them unexpected. (Those cast lists are worth studying.) Amongst many treats, I particularly enjoyed Pippa Haywood as a rival DCI and was moved by Tony Pitts' restrained performance as Scott's long suffering husband Ade. (The actor's Archie was memorably vaporized when that plane crashed in "Emmerdale".)

Bonuses are modest, barely worth a mention, but it was interesting to learn Amelia Bullmore wrote Season 2's Episode 7.

I missed the show on TV, friends later keen to alert me that it had been special. This boxed set amply demonstrates how right they were.

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I first saw Scott&Bailey on our PBS station, and I liked the rapport between the two female detectives. Janet Scott played by Lesley Sharp and a Rachel Bailey played by Suranne Jones.

The two detectives and their female, DCI, Gill Murray played by Amelia Bullmore are clever and the scripts they are given are intelligent and witty. The detectives are friends, and their personal and private lives take a big part of this series. The cases they garner are tough and take a lot of hard work and time. The male detectives treat them as equals, which is a new and wonderful experience.

Rachel Bailey is intelligent but chaos seems to follow her. She drinks too much and takes risks, her brother moves in with her. He gas a record and Bailey's DCI would not be happy to know this. Janet Scott is older, with two daughters, and a husband who us boring. There's a lot of conversation and red wine, some teasing, and some very serious issues discussed. This is television at its best. I found myself rioting for the detectives to get their personal problems and work related issues solved. They are attractive women but not beautiful. They sometimes turn up at work not looking their best, but that is real life, isn't it?

Recommended. prisrob 01-22-14
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on 11 November 2012
I must say i totally enjoyed this dvd and will buy the third series when it comes out. Very good service from buyer too.
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on 28 February 2013
This is a very good UK Cop series with strong characters and two female cops fighting crime without guns. But these ladies have a lot of dysfuntion in their personal lives. The emotional turmoil.........just when you think they couldn't deal with anymore there's more. The balance scale tips more to the personal lives I think......I know I felt that the dark haired character could use a break!
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on 18 March 2014
I bought this having caught parts on television, and thought it would be 'ok' and a 3 star show.

W R O N G!

The great scripts, 2 leading characters + Amelia Bullmore as their boss produces some great 'edge of the seat' British television!

I feared it would be in the shadow of "Cagney & Lacey", but apart from borrowing the 'girls chat in the loo' idea it's original, pacey, and addictive ~ I ordered series 3 even before I finished it !
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on 29 May 2014
I just love these two actresses, and this Series is just fabulous!!! They are so good together. If you haven't watched it do yourself a favour and add it to your collection. You won't be sorry. I can't recommend enough and I have actually watch it through twice now and enjoyed it the second time around with my granddaughter. She loved it too and we can't wait for the next episodes to be filmed.
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on 5 November 2014
Excellent production! No silly gimmicks/distractions. Fixed cameras (no rubbish hand held cameras operated by technicians who seemingly stumbled out of the pub at closing time.) Minimum music, if any. Easy to watch, excellent cast, all very believable, you could be part of it! Brilliant.
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