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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 5 January 2014
After whizzing through the first maze runner book i instantly ordered the second, desperate to know what was going to happen next and I wasn't dissapointed. The book gets going at a fast pace which I liked as I hate books that take ages to get started. There are absolutely no dull or pointless parts like in some books and as the gladers make their way through the scorch they carry on gradually piecing together the puzzle and get slightly more knowledge of what's going on and why they're there but there are still some questions left unanswered which then makes you desperate for the next book!

The scorch trials (known as phase 2 in the book) are much harder and nastier than the maze which after reading this seems very tame! The gladers have to endure lots of horrible things on their journey like extreme storms and the terrifying 'cranks' who are people who've caught the flare and have gone insane from it resulting in them becoming basically savage zombies! Plus lots of other horrors but I won't ruin it for you by telling you what they are. They're horrible!

The characters in the book are the same as the first with a few new additions and none of the characters are irritating or tiresome (unless they're supposed to be) and you grow to like them as the book goes on and want them to survive. Minho is the leader of the group now and Teresa isn't with the group for a big section of the story which I wont say why (spoilers!)

Absolutely brilliant story and I can't fault it! Finished it in a matter of days! Can't wait for the next one
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on 14 September 2015
While this novel was very fast paced and I certainly didn't get bored while reading it, I found it to be a very disappointing sequel to The Maze Runner. It really just felt a bit like filler as it didn't really expand on the ideas of the first novel at all. In fact, I don't really think that I found out anything that I didn't already know. I'm still none the wiser about what WICKED are doing at all.

This is especially disappointing given how unique the previous book was. I loved the concept of the Maze - it was so unique and filled with mysteries. The setting of the Scorch Trials is a desert with insanity zombies. That's far less attention grabbing. Most of the characters also didn't get a lot of development this time around. Important characters like Newt and Minho are relegated to the background and new ones like Brenda and Aris aren't really given enough page time for me to feel as though I got to know them.

At least Thomas is still likable, although I worry that he's increasingly becoming a Gary Stu as the novel does have a few messianic hints about his importance. Teresa on the other hand has dropped in my estimations. No spoilers here but I really liked her in The Maze Runner. Now...let's just say that I could stand never to see her again.

All in all, I still do want to know how this series finishes if nothing else than to wrap up the mystery of what WICKED's variables are going to be used for. Unfortunately, however, I'm not nearly as excited about this series anymore.
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on 9 September 2015
After reading the first book and that being somewhat shadowed by the fact I'd watched the film first I was really looking forward to reading The Scorch Trials and it didn't dissapoint.

Very early on you realise the maze was just the beginning, Thomas and the Gladers are now facing the next test in blistering heat, with constant manipulation from WICKED and the horrors of the infected. With this book it begins as if they are now finished with the trials, lulled into a false sense of security which is instantly ripped away. It's an intense book that will shock you moment to moment. You realise that WICKED is even more powerful than you might have realised from the first book, hung bodies appearing and disappearing in a moment, invisible walls etc. What I liked most of all is that the author does not waste time, the story flows well and the chapters are short but punchy. What is fascinating about this book and the first is that all these trials and tests are being designed strictly to gather the right information they need for safe guarding humanity and yet they still don't reveal exactly why they are needing all these variables which keeps you guessing. This book will have you question some of the Gladers motives and will give you more of an insight into Thomas' life with flashbacks and incoherent memories.

So with all of that I still only give it 4 stars. Why? At times even with all that happens you question how certain characters are motivated - Teresa in particular. But WICKED is good!
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on 29 January 2011
`The maze was only the beginning' never have I read a truer tag line! The scorch trials was an amazing follow up to the brilliant The Maze runner. Our boys are thrown into the action right from page one and it doesn't stop until the very end as they all battle to make it through the scorch trials. I love Thomas and think he makes a great and very brave hero, he's loyal to his friends all the way through and always tries to do what he thinks is the right thing, and his budding romance with Theresa is just lovely to read. There are a lot of unseen twists to the plot and, like Thomas, I found myself questioning who I should really be trusting and of course what the hell will happen next! Because you really never know in this series, that's why I'm on the edge of my seat awaiting the third book, The death cure.
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on 22 October 2014
It isn't a good sign if, despite a book ending in a cliff hanger ( again ), which indicates more of the puzzle to be solved - I do not elect to buy the next book in the series. That happened here for me. By the end of this book I knew I was essentially being conned. There are so many lose ends, so many un-answered questions that there is no way that the last book in the series can pull them all together satisfactorily. Humanity is facing a massive biological and climatic challenge - and to meet that challenge they are running a series of linked experiments. Construction of the experiments involve massive technological and biological abilities on behalf of the experimenters; the ability to alter peoples memories and perceptions, the ability to make unfeasibly large stone walls seamlessly move, the ability to make half biological, half mechanical monsters, the ability to make antigravity displaying-phase changing metal balls, invisible walls etc. But seemingly not the ability to put all of the skills that lie behind those things to solving the root problem without running a series of massive but facile experiments on a group of teenagers. By the time the end came I was mildly annoyed, and would have paid good money not to read any sequel. Before reading this I might even have gone to see the film - now I know there is no real point, other than as an experiment to see how long I last before throwing myself on the nearest Griever! Real apologies to all those who liked/loved it.
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on 13 April 2016
I have to say I was rather unimpressed with Scorch Trials. I thought the first book was far better.

Scorch Trials wasn't exciting or thrilling, it didn't have me on edge wondering what's gonna happen to the characters. I found it quite boring and hard to read. Even though I read it in roughly 4 hours, I think the reason I read it so fast was because I was anticipating something really exciting to happen but it never came.

To be a bit more positive I thought the beginning and end were alright. But I was most disappointed with the middle. From everything I've learnt at school, the middle of a book should have a few interesting things happening. Scorch Trials did not succeed that.

In the first book I thought Thomas' cleverness showed through very well and you knew from the beginning he was special but in scorch trials I felt like I couldn't connect with the character and Thomas seekers to go along with what everyone else was saying without having a mind and voice of his own.

After reading the first book I was eager to read scorch trials to find out what happened to everyone but now I'm not so eager to start reading the third book.

Sorry for such a negative review I usually write more positive reviews. Scorch Trials just didn't meet my expectations.
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on 11 September 2015
This may sound odd coming in a review about a book of 'science' fiction. My main issue was a feeling that it was all getting a bit far-fetched.
That's not to say that the first book couldn't have been, but you could get the concept that some post-apocalyptic government had built a giant maze and stuck a bunch of teenagers in it - and then send in a couple of killing robots to spice it all up.
Here we have the same organisation (I think?), only this time they can make walls, people, corpses, etc, disappear. They have fancy metal balls that can liquefy and eat your head. I guess this could happen in the future. Whose to say?
To be fair, this is an exciting little book and I've been speed reading it prior to the film release and the challenges and trials are just a constant onslaught. Really constant. I did get annoyed at one point by a throw away line: 'Thomas looked back to see how many were alive but it was no-one he was close to'. I felt let down. I will keep reading the series. I need to know what happens next.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 5 February 2015
Ordered by my 12 year old twin daughters who both read it and said it was 'really good'.

They have loved all the Maze Runner books - there is some great young fiction out there now and they are happily reading their way through most of them.
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on 11 July 2014
The Scorch Trials is the second book in the Maze Runner trilogy and is the continuing story of the Gladers after they have escaped from the Maze and mistakenly believe that they can relax.

The morning after they escaped from the Maze they wake up to find that they've been abandoned in a building with no food. After opening the door to their dorm room they find people hanging from the rafters and Theresa has disappeared to be replaced by a boy called Aris. They soon find out that he came from a Maze just like theirs, only filled with girls and Aris was the last boy to be sent to them. Their experiences were also remarkably similar, except that they managed to escape a few days before the boys. After almost starving to death they are visited by someone who they call Rat Man who tells them that they are not quite free yet. They have to travel 100 miles north to reach a place called Safe Haven and whoever makes it there will be safe and receive a cure for the Flare (the disease that has killed the majority of humans left on the earth following the devastating sun flares) which they have all been infected with. This leaves them with no choice but to do what Rat Man says.

This book relates their journey, first underground and then in a place called The Scorch which has been so damaged by the sun flares that there is barely anything left and is inhabited by people with the Flare and past the Gone. They also encounter the other group of girls from the other maze and meet up again with Theresa and along the way they meet Brenda and Jorge who help them reach their final destination.

Of course things were never going to run smoothly. We lose several Gladers along the way, although no major players. This instalment has you questioning every loyalty and friendship and leaves you trusting no one. To start with I was a bit disappointed with how Theresa was portrayed in this book, she seemed like a different person even after everything was explained. By the end of the book I was wondering whether I knew her at all and if everything she'd done in the first book was all an act. With Brenda, I was suspicious about her from the beginning. I really wanted to trust her but with everything that was happening I didn't know if I could.

The difference with this book was that I had the needed background information about what was going on and the state of the world in general which was lacking in the first book. Again James Dashner has executed the follow up to the Maze Runner brilliantly and even made me feel like I was in an episode of the Walking Dead at certain points. There was great character development for Thomas, Minho and Newt who stood out from the other Gladers. And again just when you thought they'd reached the Safe Haven, WICKED threw them another curve ball to deal with.

Despite everything you could see that there were still going to be some complications to come in the final book despite the assurance that the trials were finally over. This book was written in such a way that I couldn't wait to read the final instalment and so had to immediately buy it and start reading it to see how the story would end - bravo Mr Dashner. That's exactly what I want from a second instalment. Too many times I find that the middle book in trilogies is sometimes lacking and has a certain amount of filler used to get you to that final chapter in the story. Not so with The Scorch Trials, I was eager to see how everything would finish in The Death Cure.
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VINE VOICEon 24 February 2015
When I finished The Maze Runner, I had no clue where this book would be heading, but where it does take us is not what I thought at all. Seriously, this book could have been written by one of the Cranks it describes so well.

I thought the first book would be hard to top, but I'd be tempted to say this one comes in as at least its equal. We're introduced to a new set of characters to add to the survivors of the first, and find ourselves accompanying them through what could be described as a far worse experience.

Without wanting to draw any comparisons, this series is shaping up to be as good as the The Hunger Games Complete Trilogy was, and as such I can only recommend you go read these now. I'm off to get the third in the series...
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