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  • Customer reviews

Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars

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on 12 February 2014
I have used this tyre for a while now and think that it is great! It is extremely strong and resistant to punctures. Furthermore, it is relatively easier to put onto the wheel. I usually buy this tyre for £15 from a local retailer, making this considerably cheaper than any local provider or bike shop.
I was also very impressed with the service offered by this retailer. A fault by Royal Mail meant that the tyre did not arrive on time. This retailer therefore sent another tyre to me via tracked post so that I could have it the next day (at their own expense). Where most businesses would have blamed the courier, this retailer took responsibility and sent a new tyre and by doing so spent more money. I appreciated this so much and endorse this tyre and this company fully. You won't get a better price for the quality of service they provide!
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on 15 January 2015
This is my second set of schwalbe 25mm hardshell tyres.
Last set i didnt have one puncture in whole time i used them. I find these tyres just cut through everything as they are pretty rigid so not prone to cut up, like more expensive rubber.
Have seen mixed reviews of these like all bike products but ive got nothing but good things to say about them. Good grip in dry and decent enough in wet(rigid hard compound so they arent gonna be perfect but perfectly exceptable if your not pushing to hard).
Bit remote feeling at times in comparison to high end tyres but then these are a quarter the price of said tyres.
Dont know why some say they get alot punctures(faulty batch?)
i have them on a focus cross bike and i go over some pretty rough terrain regularly and they have never had a flat.
These are used as my winter tyre although they would be perfectly exceptable all year round for 99.9% of people.
Im not a racer and dont pretend to be, so the slightly slower rolling resistance and slight less grip over summer tyres doesnt make much of a difference to me most of the time, like most of the public who are not pro racers.
Alot of people like to pretend they are lance armstrong and can see a massive difference but i very much doubt it makes a difference to the majority of them.
They could last a bit longer but again for the price its still a good length of time.
Price: 10/10
Durable 10/10
Grip dry 9/10
Grip wet 7/10
Rolling. 8/10
Wear rate 7/10.
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on 8 December 2014
Very pleased with these. Have had endless problems with punctures since starting cycling, as I liven in a rural area and have to negotiate debris-strewn lanes on a regular basis. Tried slime inner tubes but still got occasional punctures. However, since fitting these tyres (over slime tubes) a couple of months back, not a single problem. I go out now with growing confidence that all will be well en route, which really adds to the enjoyment of the ride. Recommend these for quality and price.
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on 9 March 2012
These tyres are of good quality for a great price. I was getting lots of punctures with my old tyres and since I've replaced them with these I haven't got one. Fits my racer perfectly, in fact they weren't too tight so it's easy to get them on or off. Pumped up to >100psi and have been cycling happily for several months on these now.
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on 22 May 2014
On receipt of my new road bike (i was a hybrid man for years) I quickly was a convert to the road bike gang -quicker, lighter and easier to ride (once your brain gets around dropped bars). the one draw back was 7 punctures in the first 14 weeks-like most I simply replaced the tubes and put it down to the fact road bikes were less robust until a eureka moment when taking to an old sage in the office. "Sean, they often put poor quality Tyres on new bikes" -checked with the Evans guy and her concurred.
A search of Amazon saw me land on these, easy to fit, a known brands, very well priced and 4 months on not a single puncture and the bike gets through 100m a week. That is a no brainer
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on 4 September 2016
surprisingly good for such cheap tires. I had my expectations quite low, given the fact that i used to commute for 20+ km each day so i needed something more wear resistant without breaking the bank. Found a great deal and bought them last year. 6 months later and they're still going strong, albeit the roads i cycle are some of the most glass ridden and poor ones in London. I would probably buy them again
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on 14 February 2017
Even for the price these are very low quality tyres. After less than 40km the internal wire/string reinforcement failed resulting in the tire blowing out. Before this happened they were wearing very quickly despite fairly light use. Having inspected them following failure the tyre thickness varies significantly so it doesn't look like quality control/precision are high for this item. I won't risk using them on roads again.
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on 8 July 2015
I bought this as a replacement for an identical tyre that had worn out after a year. I've just completed a 200 mile trip that included gravel tracks on old railway lines and didn't get a single puncture. I was very surprised.
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on 27 May 2017
Had these tyres on my road bike for a month or so. Clocked up circa 500 miles on a mix of roads surfaces, including single track (farm/by road). Sand/flint/grit prevalent on some routes. No punctures, no evidence of wear at the moment. Normal caveat steady - on the corners in the wet.
I will buy again
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on 1 June 2016
I'm probably jinxing myself, but puncture free for over 1200 miles over winter and spring on mainly greenways/cycle routes, also a bit of confidence in the wet with the semi-slick tread. The back tyre has smoothed a bit , with the weight on it, but the front is still like new. would recommend as a budget all rounder.
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