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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 15 August 2009
Satan Speaks is a great book IF you are interested in Satanism.
Satan Speaks is a wonderful book IF you are interested in alternative/dark humour and the writings of somone that will speak their mind in a cohesive and engaging manner.

If you are a Satanist, an Atheist, a Fetishist or just someone that wants to read something fun or different, then I would personally suggest that you give this book a read. And if you like it, then you can have a look at the Devils Notebook too.

5 Stars, a great read in my opinion.
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on 1 December 1998
In the tradition of Mark Twain, "Satan Speaks" is a monumental work of social commentary. Anton Szandor LaVey cuts right to the bone with this one. It is much more than mere rantings; It is a Rampage. He goes on an all out assault. No one is spared in this new tirade on the Human Condition. He attacks everyone from social workers to occultists. People whom he makes clear need to get a life (or maybe just need to get laid). He simply gets to the point and explains his dislike for these, and other, "Tasmanian Fleas." He tells you what he really thinks of people and society. This book is destined to be a Classic, with its cutting wit (I could not help but laugh at the truth of it all) and Black Humour. Dr. LaVey is truly one of humanities foremost commentators. Don't expect politically correct politeness in this work; only truth.
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on 6 June 2014
This literature is written in a way that will reveal the truth, by reading this book it will explain and show the truth. Natural psychology at it's best, the author - a Doctor of psychology understanding. I would highly recommend. If you want to know the actual truth of a mental thought processor (the mind) at work, then here lies the tool that will show you the answers to realization.
( When an entire society is a small group, it is called a cult. When a cult grows big enough, it is called a society. Both are rigidly conformist. The first requirement of either a cult or a society is obedience to its rules, conformity to its principles )
Life is for the living. Death, too, is for the living. If you are fascinated or entertained by death, make the most of it while you're alive. When you really are dead, it won't hold any interest at all.
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on 26 May 1999
This last book of Anton Szandor LaVey is as insightful as it is entertaining. Not for the light of heart, though - only true Satanists. The time has come for a new leader - ourselves! We will not be held down by the hypocrite's of the right-hand path. Ave Satana! Ave LaVey!
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on 7 March 2015
My favorite! I am satanist, official member of Church of Satan. I like this book better that previous one The Devils Notebook and Satanic Bible. I recommend reader to get first acquainted with philosophy of satanism on Church of Satan official website after which I recommend reading this book first, then Satanic Bible and then The Devils Notebook. Absolutely awesome. Reader is granted with a lot of good, interesting and rare facts, nicely told curious stories and very advanced concepts of philosophy, human god and Satan.
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on 10 January 1999
If you have read his other works, this final offering would seem to be rather fitting. I found myself both laughing more than usual and also pausing significantly between chapters in response to the particular ways in which he drives home his discussions, whether they be about the banalities of associating with most members of the human species or hanging tendrils of fake mucus from one's own nasal passages. (Read to find explanation). One way or another, this is a book which is sure to cause a significant change or response within those who read it, the nature of the change or response being left inevitably to the reader's own disposition.
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on 9 July 1999
While I loved LaVey's past works, this book didn't appeal to me nearly as much. Don't get me wrong- I found some of the essays to be really thought-provoking with great points. And there was a good dose of humor too. But then the other half of the essays had me going "Huh? What the hell is he talking about?" or "You know, I have my occasional disagreements with this guy, but in this essay I really, REALLY can't agree with him at all." I found "The Devil's Notebook" to be a MUCH more insightful collection of essays.
Oh well. It's kind of like those released rarities and B-sides from favorite bands: some of them you hear and realize WHY the band didn't want to release them, and some of them are gems. But then most fans of the band are glad we at least _have_ the option of hearing them, and that the only recordings are not just rotting in a vault somewhere.
So if you're a completist when it comes to your favorite authors, and/or you want to read a lot about LaVey's pet peeves and fetishes, I say definitely buy it. If otherwise, you might not find it _too_ enjoyable. (But judging from these past reviews, it seems like there are lots who _do_ like the whole style of it. I still personally rate it, in comparison to his other works, as "so-so")
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on 16 March 2012
The last writings of Anton Szandor LaVey, who died on 29th October 1997, only days after completing this book. A follow-up to "The Devil's Notebook", "Satan Speaks!" is a further series of essays by the founder of the Church of Satan. With a Foreword by Marilyn Manson and Introduction by Blanche Barton, this volume was not originally intended as a posthumous tribute to LaVey - but a supremely fitting one it does make.

Just as with its predecessor, there are some stand-out gems here: Check out "The Third Side", on the physics and true symbolism of the Pentagram of Satan; "How The Devil Raises Hell", on people's expectations of LaVey and what he gave them in return; and "Notes On Insomnia", which speaks for itself.

"In order to perform the supernatural, you must first be able to perform the supernormal. In order to perform the supernormal, it helps if you are, yourself, supernormal. In order to be supernormal, it helps to be different. I mean really different." - This opening salvo from "How To Be A Sorcerer" perfectly encapsulates the verbal mood of LaVey that still has the ability to force all Popular Occult charlatans and Pseudo-Satanists everywhere to fully face up to the fact that they are - and shall remain - Intellectually, Creatively and Magically impotent, inept and inferior.

In "Get A Life", LaVey's message for the Pseudo-Satanic is again uncompromising: "Anyone who resists affiliation with the Church of Satan, yet draws on it for any reason, personal or financial, is not independent - only parasitic." - Parasitic. And then some. LaVey used to constantly blast those who: "play the Devil's Game without taking the Devil's Name" in respect of Occultists who reaped the benefits but did not pay due respect to the universal, traditional source of all Magic: Satan. Now, in a 21st Century world ruled by an Internet that allows any talentless, mediocre, giftless jackass to pose as a genius, and any purulent, pontificating prat to pose as an Esoteric High Adept, we have those who FAKE the Devil's Name and then arrogantly and stupidly assume that they can play the Devil's Game with impunity. The old category of self-deluding, self-ordained Maguses, Gurus, Seers, Witches and Wizards so deservedly detested by LaVey still exists: but now have been joined by the even more depressing and nauseating phenomenon of Pseudo-Satanism. This is an online world peopled by charlatans, ego-trippers and other assorted pretensious dolts who have each totally plagiarized the writings of Anton LaVey in their own self-published books, added a few pages of their own nonsense to the mix, proclaimed themselves "Satanists" and then described their finished tomes as "inspired" or "innovative" writings. Each of their despicable, brazen, arrogant, stomach-turning tracts is an appalling and unforgivable insult to Anton Szandor LaVey and his work, and to his memory, and to all genuine Satanists everywhere. The Black Flame was, indeed, passed at the departure of Anton LaVey 15 years ago - but not to any of these aforementioned copyist, posturing, wannabe, rip-off artist wretches.
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on 20 January 1999
The Fifth in The Black Pope's Diabolical Diatribes, this tome is filled with keen wit & piercing insights into the human mind, with much well-earned knowledge & undefiled wisdom to boot.
The Sinister Minister is enrelenting in His misanthropic observations of the majority of the subhuman species. Brutal truth. Not for the faint of heart or the weak of mind. Very entertaining & educational all at the same time.
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on 5 February 1999
For a final time, Anton LaVey has shown us that you can never be too misanthropic or too clever. He attacks everything from God to bathing. He will be sorely missed.
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