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on 14 April 2013
Amazing camera, absolutely in love with it. the clarity of picture with 21 optical zoom and 16mp is amazing. great for all my gigs this year!
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on 16 May 2013
Colour: White|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This camera would appear to be very similar to the Samsung WB850F in terms of picture quality, zoom and general usability. In that regard, I have to say that I'm very impressed with all those aspects. When in full zoom (up to x42 using the digital zoom) there tends to be quite a bit of camera shake effect, therefore a stable surface or tripod is probably necessary. However, aside from this, the quality of the digital zoom is super, with much less "noise" than I was expecting.

There are a number of key differences from this model, from my previous model, the WB850F. The most noticable of these is the addition of a touch screen. My first thoughts on this were that it was a bit of a gimmick, however I thought a bit more about it and realised that actually I use touch screens everyday (phones being the most common) and I would actually consider going back to a manual button phone. The screen is rather responsive with very little delay or incorrect key registrations. However, I would probably prefer it if they had integrated a larger screen and abandoned all the manual buttons i.e. made it a fully touch sensitive camera rather than a hybrid. I imagine however that it will be something that is very easy to get used to.

The second change I noticed was to do with the flash. The flash on this model seems to be hinged on a very thin bit of metal and doesn't feel the most robust. In fact, I would probably go as far as to say that it could be quite easily damaged or broken off altogether. Perhaps it is sturdier than it looks, however only time will tell.

I previously had very serious battery issues with Samsung cameras where the battery would go flat within a couple of days, even if it wasn't used at all. Thus, you weren't able to have a ready camera available for any eventuality. However, this is much improved with this model and so far, the battery has lasted 3 months on a single charge.

As with most cameras, there are a number of different shooting modes available and there are a wide range of settings which can be altered to produce the best pictures such as shutter speed, aperture etc. However, I've found that on most occasions, the automatic mode manages perfectly fine.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 29 January 2014
I bought this camera to use on holiday, instead of dragging my usual camera backpack with DSLR, lenses etc as hand baggage on the plane. Over the 3 week holiday, I developed a bit of a love hate relationship with this camera.

The first time I used it was early evening in a restaurant. Set to auto, the camera performed very well. As the light faded, I switched on the flash. It seemed a little odd that in auto mode, you still have to physically push a button to raise the flash, and the time taken for the flash to charge was a little disappointing but not too much of an issue. The power of the flash was sufficient for that type of setting, but not particularly impressive. What did surprise was when I forgot to activate the flash, the quality of the low light pictures was remarkably good with far less noise than I would have expected. The best face function also worked surprisingly well here.

The following sunny day I discovered the biggest issue with this camera. In bright light, you can see absolutely nothing on the screen. This makes it impossible to compose a picture and resulted in me having to resort to bizarre behaviour with hats and cupping my hands around the camera trying to shade it enough to see the screen. In the end I just aimed the camera in the general direction of what I wanted, and took loads of pictures in the hope that at least some would be framed and/or zoomed the way I wanted. The results however were surprisingly good. Images are crisp, white balance, and colour saturation spot on, and not too much evidence of aggressive in-camera processing. Image stabilization on this little camera is really impressive, and especially noticeable when videoing. Video quality was equally impressive, but at times colours were a little over saturated. Shooting video however did reveal my second biggest issue with the camera. When zooming in on something, the auto focus often struggles to keep up and occasionally spent a long time searching. This is not a big issue when taking stills (you can help it a long by using the touch to focus screen function), but when videoing this became a real issue. I like taking videos of landscapes, typically panning across the view before zooming in to look at some detail. Doing this resulted in up to 4 or 5 seconds of out of focus video which for me is useless.

I was a little disappointed to learn that the camera severely drops the resolution (from 16MP to 5MP!!!) when using the clever functions such as panoramas or HDR, but the images produced did not look anything like as bad as I would have expected for this reduction.

A very big and unexpected positive for me was the wifi functionality. I thought it would just be a bit of a limited gimmick, but found myself using it all the time. The camera very quickly connected to me tablet and phone, enabling me to back up pictures, as well as give them a close inspection while still on holiday, rather than waiting to get them home and onto the PC. Using my phone as a remote view finder means that for the first holiday ever, I have loads of pictures of me and my OH together. It was also very nice to send pictures to people back home directly from the camera (at least it made my mum happy).

Battery life was surprisingly good and despite taking nearly 1000 photos + video, I only had to charge the battery 3 times in 3 weeks. Start up time from pushing the power button was very quick, and I never missed a picture waiting for it. The touch screen proved accurate and very responsive, and made navigation through the menus very simple. The zoom capability is fantastic and made sure that I did not miss my big DSLR zoom lens.

I was a little concerned that the complex metal shutters of the lens cover looked a little delicate and could be damaged in my pocket, so I bought a small case for the camera, which instantly made it too big to go in a pocket which was a bit annoying.

So now finally home, I have uploaded all the pictures to the PC, and have started working on them in Photoshop. Generally, I am very impressed with them and need to do little in terms of adjustments to exposure, white balance saturation or sharpening, though it is a shame that there is no ability to shoot in RAW.

Overall, I am happy with my purchase and I feel confident to recommend this camera to others - just be prepared for the invisible screen in bright sun and the slow auto focus.
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on 29 March 2013
Colour: White|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I usually use a Canon 5D Mark ii or 6D so I was very doubtful about the image quality of the WB800F. In addition, my compact camera is a P7000, which would, I thought give a fairer comparison.

Quality wise I liked the camera, it feels sturdy in the hand and fairly solid. The right side has a rough grip which allows the camera to be held in a balanced way. The only slight downside (and I mean slight) is that the flash is quite flimsy. However, after a week of use I haven't had to use it as the lens sucks a lot of light.

You are almost ready to go straight out of the box with the battery almost fully charged. However it is a bit annoying that Samsung don't include even a small memory card to get you started. The manual in the box is absolutely a waste of time. A much fuller one (168 pages) can be found here [...] , this has a much more complete breakdown of every function.

Talking of functions, this camera has it all. In auto mode the quality is excellent. If you feel adventurous (and why not) you are able to adjust shutter speed, aperture, white balance virtually everything you can think of. The unit has very effective optical image stabilisation built in which helps a lot especially when taking advantage of the 21x optical zoom. I was incredibly impressed by the reach of the camera, it is pretty amazing, getting closer than my 300mm lens. OK, so the speed and quality is slightly less but in real world situations it is amazing.

The touchscreen is excellent, it started making me wish my 6D had one. Rather than looking for buttons or flicking through menus you simply press the relevant icon and the option is there. It is very neat and typically Samsung, plus it is intuitive.

There are some other nice functions, I like the magic face function where when taking group portraits the camera takes a burst of shots and recognises faces, you can then find the best face for each person and it merges them in to a single shot. Nice. Also the in-camera editing (brightness, contrast, red eye, cropping) is quite powerful.

The wireless option for me is a bit of a gimmick but it was simple and worked well, I preferred it to the 6D actually. It basically connects the camera and relevant device (I used my iphone) via its own network and then you can use to transfer photos. Very slick, although not sure I would personally use it too much (for quick photos I would probably just use the iphone).

All things considered this is an excellent bit of kit, and something I will use a lot. Great for when you need quality equipment but want to travel light. You aren't quite getting 6D performance but it comes close enough for the real world. I can see this totally replacing the P7000 in my bag as it has much better low light performance and just has a lot more tricks up its sleeve.

Highly recommended without reservation
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 15 April 2013
Colour: White|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Can a camera be all things to all people? The Samsung WB800F certainly tries. If you're looking for a point and shoot camera that does all the thinking for you the WB800F comes with an impressive auto mode and produces some great images even in tricky situations such as pictures with areas of bright sunlight and shade. Its lightweight, small enough to comfortably fit in your pocket and comes packed with features and a 21x optical zoom. The functions are all pretty easy to find and understand. The camera features a hybrid control system so you can either use traditional buttons on the back to pick modes or adjust settings or you can access all the same features using the touch screen viewer. You can also simply touch the screen on the back to tell the camera where to focus (as on the iphone camera) or to take the picture. The downside of this system is that in order to have room for buttons on the back the screen is smaller than it might otherwise have been. The other negative point regarding the screen is that the colour balance doesn't seem great. Quite often I found myself a little disappointed by the quality of the photo when viewed back on the screen only to find that when I viewed the same image on my computer it looked much better.

If full auto isn't your thing the WB800F has a range of scene settings - tell the camera you are shooting fireworks, waterfalls, low light, or many others and the camera choices the right settings for you. It also has a range of filters and effects that it can apply (fish eye, soft focus, pencil sketch, etc) - personally I cant think I will ever use these features but if you're messing around with the camera they might entertain you for a few minutes. The WB800F also gives you full manual modes so you can control aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance and pretty much everything else I can on my (entry level) DSLR.

Samsung are making quite a big deal of the wifi features on the camera and on the whole they don't disappoint. If you have a smartphone you can use it as a remote viewer - put the camera on a tripod and the phone lets you see what the camera sees, zoom in/out, and take pictures. You can also transfer photos from the camera straight onto your phone. You can wirelessly transfer images to cloud storage or you can set up the camera to auto backup to your PC, but not a mac.

Overall this camera is a good substitute for the times I don't want to lug my DSLR with me, it produces very good images and with its good/great auto modes it makes a good family camera too. The only downsides are that the screen quality could be better and if you are used to using a decent DSLR you might find the WB800F takes a little too long to process and save images so you wont be able to fire off shots are quickly as you're used too.
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on 8 July 2013
I got this camera a couple of months ago,to move on from the average £99.99 camera, and this, i feel, was the right choice!!
I browsed camera reviews for a long time, and this one had the least amount of negative feedback!!
It really seemed to me that a lot of people are very fussy about their camera!!!
This one does what it says on the tin, and more!! It has super cool features, like the "sketch" mode, or the "oil painting" one!
You can upload the photos from your camera to a smart device in no time!
And most of all: the quality of the photos is reaaaaaaaaally more than satisfying!! And the zoom works a treat for me!!

I am no photo expert, but i do take loaaaaaaads of photos when i am on any kind of outing. Well, i am really happy with this one!
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VINE VOICEon 26 March 2013
Colour: White|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Samsung WB800F Smart (Wi-Fi) Camera (16MP ,21x optical zoom , 3.5 inch LCD , HD video , Wireless streaming to phones and other devices ,

This is my 1st Samsung still camera.
In 2005 my 1st digital (Olympus) camera had an electronic viewfinder / 2.5" LCD to review pictures, a 3 x zoom, 5Megapixel pictures, mainly auto

Eight years on the technologies of still and video have coalesced and this latest offering combines Wi-Fi transfer of still and digital images recorded with a CMOS (high sensitivity) imaging chip - more typical of the current range of HD video cameras. Question is how is this better than a conventional Smartphone which often has similar features? , ..

Out of the box
A neat Samsung (white, red or black - depending on your order) camera - includes one battery but no memory (SD) card - at least there is a quick start guide (limited use as it doesn't tell you what card is needed or how to tell if the battery is charged)
I suggest strongly that you download the full manual from the Samsung website and check it - even before buying the camera as the information you will need will be found here
The flash unit is in a recess on the top and has to be manually released via a button (and manually re stowed) - it is somewhat flimsy when and takes what seems an age to charge to fire after the button is pressed but it seems to give and excellent coverage. There is a USB cable / outlet point which doubles for changing and downloading pictures to a laptop. A ( 3 pin) battery charger which uses the USB lead is included, The SBL 10A Samsung battery comes pre charged so that , using the quick user guide then , language date , time and basic functions can be set. The lens is a Samsung F2.8 -5.9 (21X) optical zoom. Not sure how this compares to the Leica, Nikon or Canon lenses - initial impressions are good for sharpness and the optical stabilisation. There is no software CD in the box but when downloading to a laptop there is a multimedia viewer installed from the camera which links to Samsung update on their website.
.There is a functions dial which covers the camera modes and menus can be accessed via a touch screen (love it or hate it) which can be on or off
There is a separate Wi-Fi button activates an on camera screen which leads you through set up of on a smart phone for playing or even using the phone as a remote control viewfinder! You will need a Smartphone with Internet access to which you must download the Samsung App to make Wi-Fi to Smart camera link work

A quick overview

This is - an "easy to use" lightweight camera for World travel for taking family , landscape and wildlife pictures - mainly amateur BUT with a possible quality for publication if of special interest Full auto and manual exposure/focus capability,
For a non interchangeable lens system at least a 24mm wide angle with ca 20-50 x zoom with excellent image stabilisation.

Quality - The default is on the Samsung is 16 megapixel (good enough for up to A1 size prints or larger) .Key problem is large picture files on card or in storage
You can reset the megapixel modes easily - 5M is good enough for up to A4 prints. NOTE you can only record JPEG and NOT RAW pictures on these systems. For RAW systems look at DSLR options.

Low light capability - Claimed to be good due to use of a CMOS chip. The ISO range is 100 - 3200. Does work well in practice

Flash - flimsy and extremely slow to charge / fire for the first shot (nearly 1 second)
Simple on board flash would be acceptable - preferably auto and manual modes

Good zoom range (wide to super tele) - 21 x - equivalent of 23mm to 450mm on a 35mm camera .The image stabilisation is surprisingly good even on 42x digital zoom.

Good Mixture of auto AND manual modes - the control dial gives the following functions
A separate Set up menu, Full Auto, Programme, and Aperture or Speed priority /full manual and an assortment of in camera manipulation of images before and after taking

Software - for picture download and simple video manipulation - download a link from the camera to your laptop whilst linked to the internet

Initial views (from the box) -

Positives -

Neat, very small, very light unit, long zoom, excellent stabilisation.

Batteries (EL 10A) are readily available - either as original or clones (at very good prices - get 2). Not sure as to power drain but I always carry 1-2 spare charged batteries when out for the day with any camera. Having to charge the batteries in camera is neat but could be a disadvantage in some circumstances.
After 3 days heavy use battery drain appears to be minimal

(Apparent) Negatives /issues to consider -

Lack of Electronic viewfinder but a 3.5" touch screen LCD which doubles as a viewfinder / review screen for pictures / video - the camera can be linked to use a smart mobile phone as external viewfinder

Flash - Has to be manually extended, very flimsy and extremely slow (IMHO) to charge / fire

Out of the box there is a very limited set up manual then you have to find the full manual on the internet. There aren't even basic warnings to charge the battery before linking to the computer in case of firmware update.DO DOWNLOAD THE FULL MANUAL AND READ FIRST

When I set up the i link on the laptop it spotted a critical Firmware update needed - note the battery needs to be fully charged and the presence an SDHC card .> 2GB in the camera is critical for it to work!! The latest update has not fixed the slow flash start up / charging cycle.

There is no warning to use an SDHC card OR that for full HD you need a fast card - even the main manual doesn't specify to use a speed 10 (my standard card is a SanDisk ultra Class 10 for full HD video

Detailed comments:-

Performance / Ease of use:-

Operational modes - for simple subjects (and for speed), the fully and partial auto modes would be used 90% of time with Aperture priority most of the remainder, S mode (speed priority on full zoom) and manual mode for special pictures

Exposure - The various "auto" modes and manual mode have performed well.

The Samsung gives you

Full auto - as the name suggests - works well although you have to manually raise the (slow) flash. I suspect that most people will use this mode

P - Programme mode - first levels of control appear in this separate mode position

An S M - aperture and, .speed priority modes and fully manual operation - Can set apertures from f3.4 (5.6 at full zoom) to f8

SMART mode - Similar to SCN on other cameras - contains presets for night, fireworks, silhouette, panorama, action plus several others

Best face - an odd mode which allows you to select the best image of a face to use in the current photo

Another mode allows for split screen, PIP (picture in picture) and other "creative" effects

Touch screen - good if you like this for changing the menu functions - can be useful to direct areas for focussing to specific areas and can be used to set up start points for tracking AF

Low Light Performance and Digital noise Can set ISO from 100 to 3200 in P, A-S-M modes or leave on Smart auto and the camera chooses the best. There will be digital noise at 3200. The CMOS chip seems to work at least as well as video in low light

Close up capability - It appears to focus from 2cm (front of the lens) to infinity at the 24mm end and amazingly close( getting data) on full zoom !
Lens hood /filters - lens hood or filters cannot be fitted (skylight for protection and polariser would be preferable)

Focussing - both auto and manual versions available with AF tracking in some modes- will report after detailed tests in the field .Good macro

In camera Software - several software in camera manipulations possible not sure yet if these count as brilliant, .good or merely "Gimmicks" I prefer photo manipulation with computer programmes. .

Video - The Samsung video is full ( MPEG4 )HD but offers other lower quality options via menu. The video capability was seen as a bonus (not an essential) as I already have a dedicated Panasonic SD700 HD video camera (which also takes still photographs!). The HD video can be viewed directly on an HD TV via separately purchased lead - the picture in the manual (if I have read it correctly) suggests this is NOT an HDMI link. There is a muting mode "Voice" - to reduce the noise of the zoom. Note sure if this will also reduce wind noise Looking at the camera it is not easy to spot the microphone(s) - doubt if it is stereo .but still testing and will recheck the manual.

Wi-Fi - The big differentiation compared to other cameras is the Wi-Fi capability allowing streaming / linking to other Wi-Fi units like Smart phones. Will report separately. It will be interesting to see if it is compatible with a wireless Seagate 1Tb storage drive. When I tried a secure wireless download to my laptop via my BT router (needed to put in security code - easy screen), it seemed to be very sensitive to Wi-Fi signal strength. The camera doesn't remember PIN's or login codes which is a royal pain in the derriere.

Downloading of pictures / video to laptop is via a (very) short ISB cable which doubles as the charger lead for the camera to a 3 pin charger plug

Summary - an interesting neat small reasonably lightweight super zoom entry (not quite a ) bridge camera - particularly for holidays and family - BUT consider carefully what you want to photograph and if RAW images are required - i.e. would you be served better by a DSLR with greater lens flexibility - but at a significantly higher price and weight .
I will report further after extended tests will be carried out over the next month

It is really designed for the Wi-Fi and SMART phone generation who have a range of Internet accounts and wish to share pictures immediately by wireless or e mail
Whilst it is useful to be able to link to phone or other compatible devices (including laptops, Cloud sites etc) BUT it is also a good compact camera in its own right and pictures/video can be taken from the SD/SDHC card via direct links to a laptop. Some may ask how it improves on a standard Smartphone for pictures , video and sharing?

NOTE added 25/7/2014 - i have been very impressed with the telephoto capabilities and the steady shot functions of this camers since obtaining it
I recently tested it against an Samyang 800mm manual mirror lens on a Nikon DSLR ( see seperate review) and was amazed at the quality of the digital picture extending the 21X telepghoto to 42X - HANDHELD - obviously not brilliant but surprisingly good relative to conventional telephoto lenses which have to be used on a tripod.
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on 18 June 2013
I bought this for a big holiday in September, as I am really a point and shoot person I just wanted quality pictures and something easy to use. This fits the bill on both points.

The only fault is as usual the manufacturers think the manual should just include the basic information how to start, but you can figure this out for yourself,they must realise we really want is to know how to use the fancy features.

This camera is simple to use, its a mixture of old fashioned controls and touch screen, its a no brainer, I look forward to learn more of the features that persuaded me to buy it in the write up.

I choose this camera as it would be compatible to my Samsung Tablet, this is where a instruction book would have been useful.
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on 26 August 2014
fine camera with quite excellent zoom possibilities. and price is not as high as other similar ones. several modes to choose, wifi, smart face detection etc. the only thing that I don't like is its flash button, which stocks most of the time, you just need to help it to open. In short, with this price the optimal one to buy. Thx, Samsung, much appreciated ;)
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on 16 July 2014
Great pictures, fantastic zoom, can use with gloves, nice in white. Not to bulky but a tad bigger than the smallest compacts though they usually have awful zoom. Wifi feature is bonus especially on hols can post pics on Facebook when connected. Works with Samsung phone too!..can't recommend enough. Sure there'll be better tomorrow but great for a while.
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