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on 30 June 2017
I bought this product with the 3D glasses to go with it. It has really crisp, clear pictures and I am very pleased with it.
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on 17 August 2017
The tv worked well for the first 3 years and I was really happy with it. Now it started to randomly switch off and on again, which seems to be a common issue based on the other reviews. 3.5 years is not good enough for a tv that I paid £1200 for.
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on 1 March 2014
Really impressed with this tv. Unfortunately kept turning itself off/rebooting whenever remote used. After many hours of technical support and engineers visit (changed motherboard) no resolution and returned to Amazon. Excited to receive replacement but very disappointed to find it had exactly the same issue.

Amazon customer service up to usual high standard. Samsung technical support friendly. Samsung customer service unhelpful and condescending. So pleased I bought off Amazon with no quibble return.

5 stars for the tv and its picture/functionality. Love the smart tv with ALL catch up services. 1 star for reliability/build. Therefore can only give one star as a tv that turns off regularly is unwatchable.
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Size: 46 inch|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Samsung LED TV appeals visually even before it is switched on, with a very thin profile (it is less than 5cm deep excluding the stand), no visible speakers and a minimalistic, yet robust and stylish stand. The picture and sound quality from the set are superb and overall I was delighted.

* Setting up is relatively straightforward; insert two pieces of the stand plus a cover, power lead, aerial, broadband and DVD/Sky connections. You are guided through the rest of the setting up via on screen menus with the minimal printed guide providing some ancillary information. A more fulsome guide is available on screen.

* The quality of the picture is very good and is easily tailored to suit most requirements using presets optimised for specific viewing such as 'movie'. Each preset is further adaptable using, for example, contrast and brightness controls so you can finely hone to taste. All pre-sets are easily readjusted back to factory settings through menu options.

* Similarly the sound can be set according to taste and, as well as the usual volume control, you can also specify, for example 'clear voice' - and that really does make a difference.

* Colours are vivid and bright but natural looking; combined with the clarity of sound it is easy to forget you are watching something on TV.

* One very useful feature is the ability to have the screen brightness automatically adjust to the level of light in the room. This reduces any potential for glare from the screen and, as well as being an energy saving feature, it makes the viewing experience much more enjoyable.

* The Smart Hub provides access to a range of programmes from catch-up BBC and ITV, pay-per-view films, You Tube and Apps, so you are really spoilt for choice. There is also a cache of 3D documentaries.

* Two pairs of glasses for 3D viewing are supplied. These are battery powered (supplied) and need to be paired with the TV prior to viewing. Whilst the choice of 3D viewing available from the free-to-view selection is limited, it is enough to whet the appetite and establish whether you want to watch more.

This TV has a very slim profile and doesn't overly dominate a room because of the lack of any baggage around the screen, such as visible speakers. This also has the effect of reducing visual distractions to the extent that we have found you can lose yourself much more easily and the action feels much closer almost as though viewed through a window rather than on screen.

We eventually (and for the first time) decided to fix the TV to the wall. I bought the specialised brackets (Samsung WMN250M Mini Wall Mount for Samsung TVs Upto 65 inch) and the result is a television that seems to float just proud of the wall offering easy access for cables. The absence of any border means that it is very unobtrusive and resembles a sleek sheet of slate when switched off. When it is on the picture just hovers as if in space with no border whatsoever.
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I bought the 55" version of this in September 2013 - at a great price from Amazon.

As a TV it works really really well. Great picture quality and (after a little adjustment to audio lip-sync) works great with our Sky+ box.

However, I also wanted to use it to display from an ASUS HDP-R1 media streaming box (a stand alone box which streams video, audio and photos from our home server) and from our home cinema PC. When using these two devices with the TV (feeding output from their respective HDMI outputs) I get a great picture, but either get no audio (PC) or very much adrift audio (streamer box). In the latter case, the audio delay settings offered by the TV don't provide enough adjustment to get near to making it work properly (and in any case any such adjustment throws out the lip-sync for the SKY+ box, since the adjustment affects all HDMI inputs).

I tried both PC and streamer box with other TVs. We have an old Series 3 32" Samsung and also a series 4 32" Samsung TV and they both work perfectly - perfect lip-sync. I tried the streamer box on a 60" Finlandia HDMI TV at work and again, perfect synch. Clearly then, very unlikely to be a problem with these external devices.

So, downloaded and installed Version 1111 of the firmware from the Samsung website and installed it, problem remains. I contacted Samsung support on several occasions (by email and phone) and after asking me to try all the things I had already done, essentially got a lot of generalities about device incompatibility (thus floating the proposition that as time goes by, Samsung's TV products get LESS compatible with external devices??) and they eventually (today) said they could not help me any more.

I'm fairly willing to bet that there is some kind of software problem with the HDMI audio handling on this model/series of products. As you will see, other reviews here - and the numerous comments on those reviews - show that I am far from the only one to have audio problems with this model. This makes it all the more disappointing that Samsung's UK support people (in Ireland) didn't offer to escalate the problem to Samsung corporate - even though I suggested that this might be a good idea. Worse yet, when I called Samsung customer service at the UK HQ to see if they could help with escalation, I was told that if the call centre had said they couldn't help, well, that was the end of the story.

My conclusions: Samsung's customer service operation lacks any in-depth technical expertise and doesn't have any viable escalation path. Samsung UK don't quite realise this. Due to this, I am not going to get this problem fixed quickly. NB. This compares very poorly with - for example - the USA, where Samsung operate an online-expert forum where you can ask questions to any technical depth and get serious answers.

I'm sure that at some stage in the future, there'll be a firmware update for this product line that will fix this problem. However, to spend over £1,100 on a TV and then find it has this kind of fairly basic flaw is very disappointing. The vendor's response to being told about the problem is even more disappointing. I therefore decided that I didn't want to keep this TV.

Full marks to Amazon because, even though (due to the elongated troubleshooting process described above) the TV is outside its 30 day returns window, they have agreed to take it back for refund. Assuming that all goes through, I shall be off to look for a different product - most probably a Sony.

It's breaking my heart to have to send this back, because in other respects this is a superb TV, but it doesn't do everything that I want it to do which, for the price, it really should. I now also have serious concerns about the quality of support I could expect if I ran into any more problems, or if I ever got around to using the dazzling array of other features this TV provides.

Alan T

NOTE: In fact after Amazon kindly took this TV back, I bought a 55" Panasonic Viera TX-L55ET60B which also gives superb picture quality and solves my problems with HDMI audio. It also has a lot more options in the HDMI configuration - you can set an HDMI channel to take analogue audio if you get issues for example (a feature available on older Samsungs, but not the one I sent back). Also the Panasonic has a nice SD card slot on it - as well as USB slots etc.

I sent emails to Samsung UK MD (Andrew Griffiths) and Customer Service director (Melanie Lewington) with my original review (as above) - I have never been favoured with a reply. Nuff said.
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on 9 January 2014
Very pleased with this TV. The picture quality is very good, the TVs speakers are actually not bad either, although I do use a sound bar. The smart features are also very good with every on demand service, 4OD, ITV, BBC etc. It will also play a huge range of video files from a flash/hard drive, I've yet to find a file format it will not play.

Only a couple of negative comments for this TV, firstly I'm not very fond of the stands, a central stand is preferable to me as I've had to buy a new cabinet for this television because it has it's legs at either end, whereas if it had a central stand you could use a smaller cabinet to put it on.

Second, I get a weak wifi signal using this TV, I've taken to streaming Netflix through my Playstation4 as the signal is alot better on that and doesn't cut out like it does using the TV's wifi. I don't know if it has a bad wifi adapter in it or what, but that's how it is for me.
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on 24 January 2014
I have had this TV for nearly a month so its time to review it.

First the looks they are great the picture is edge to edge and because of the TV clear plastic surround that looks very professional, its gives the illusion the TV has no edge.

The features are much of a muchness to me, consistent with other TV's of the price, but where it really beats the competition is the Samsung Allshare feature for streaming movies and media to. I use Apple only at home so when you connect via Apple TV the picture only fills the screen 25%. Allshare with other devices gives 100% screen fill in HD quality. Add to the Allshare a program called TVMOBILI and I can control the stream using the supplied remote for the TV. You do have to pay £45.00 for the TVMOBILI software but its well worth it to me. It access all stored media on your computer etc and streams direct. All you needs a wifi connection.

The voice control of the TV is the only Naff thing as you have to press a button then talk to say raise the volume, Why not just press a button and the volume goes up??

I hope this helps in your buying choice.
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on 5 April 2014
It's very good price for big size TV, but you have to ask why so cheap, now I know why...my TV repeatedly turns itself off for no reason since I bought it. I thought I am only one had this problem, but I was wrong, I realized there are a lot of people had same problem with this TV when I read other people's comments.
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on 17 November 2013
The tv set looks very smart and modern, the chrome plated feet match the set nicely and the transparent glass surround while not completely giving the tv the transparency shown in the picture is nevertheless very welcome. Overall a visually stunning piece of kit which looks modern and stylish.

The picture is very sharp, crisp and clear and i have no issues with sunglare even though the t.v set is located in a very vulnerable spot in my house. There is no backlight bleeding that i can detect and I have gone from using a low priced surround sound system to just using the t.v's speakers with barely any audio quality loss, incredible considering the size and thinness of the television set.

There are four hdmi ports, one of which goes straight out the back of the tv the other three are set in an indent on the side, you have to angle yourself very far to the right to even see the barest glimpse of a cable, if you position the tv in a recess however no cables should be apparent. There are also composite and Scart connections available as well as a headphone jack.

The set up process was very quiick, literally position and screw the legs into place which took a minute a leg, plug in the cables, turn on he tv and follow the set up procedure. All in all from unboxing to watching took a total of about ten minutes including time it took to make a cup of tea while the set was tuning itself.

Once set up there are a wealth of customisation options all of which are optional, each of the inputs, hdmi, scart, composite etc can be renamed for I for instance have mine named as PC, Game, DVD although there are others to choose from. The only issue is that there appears to be no way of choosing your own name hence i have two labelled as Game.

The Smart tv hub is intuitive and easy to use with a wealth of options and apps available from the get go. All the catchup services are right there available and easy to navigate while apps such as youtube and love film are a wonder. There is even an app for browsing the internet although i woul reccomend using a proper pc or laptop if available, the speed as well as navigation are not great. The only complaint is that very very rarely especially if you have just turned the tv on you will try to access an app and itwill take you to tv instead, again this is a very rare occurence and only happens once, access the app a second time and there are no issues.

You get two remotes a standard samsung remote and a brand new tracker pad remote that looks like it came direct from the space age. Apart from the very optional voice control which as far as i can tell does not work, the new control is a masterpiece, it is very intuitive and for me the idea of going back to an old style of remote is difficult. I have seen the future and I like it.

In conclusion an extremely good tv and i am happy with the price i paid for it, niggling issues such as the apps not always working first time, the non-working voice control, lack of choosing your own name for the inputs choosing instead from a predefined list prevent the tv from being a pefect 5 out of 5 but where everything counts this tv delivers in spades. Very happy with my purchase.
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on 27 October 2016
 I purchased the Samsung UE55F6800 back in 2013 from Amazon, I have always wanted a decent size Television and it took me a long time to save up, I managed to get the money together, at the time this television cost £1200 which is a lot of money and I thought it would be a good investment and would last me a long time. I was wrong.

3 years down the line and out of warranty and Samsung customer service appalling, and nobody willing to help I purchased a faulty Television.

This television has decided to occasionally switch itself on and off again. I work in the television industry so I'm pretty clued up on technology. I decided to unplug everything in case that was the problem, but the Television still switches itself off and on again.

I have even reset the television to Factory reset and it still has the same problem. I have changed all the batteries in all the remotes, and it still does it.

After spending £1200 on this TV from Amazon I shouldn't expect this to happen. I feel Amazon and Samsung have robbed me of my money. I strongly urge all of you to stay away from Samsung Televisions, they may seem great at first but they don't last like a Panasonic or a Sony.

If you decide to buy a television don't buy it online, it's much harder to complain and return if something was to go wrong. It may be cheaper online but most high street shops will price match anything you find online.

I understand my Television is out of warranty but I certainly believe after spending £1200 it should last more than 3 years, I was sold a faulty product.

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