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on 22 June 2015
This set has all the connectivity that we need and having it connected securely to the home network allows us to access our media centre resources as well. The only bummer is that even though it detects our Sonos system, it cannot access any of the channels, but this could be a Sonos issue. We use a home cinema sound system via the Audio sockets and this results in a far richer sound than the native box, which really needs a sound bar. I guess the only gripe is that some access points e.g. 4 Channels, say that the TV is not connected to the network,when it is and has a strong signal.
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on 15 June 2017
Superb TV with a great quality picture. Obviously the 3D option is now obsolete as 3D has now been abandoned by the producers of films etc. But all in all a great product
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on 22 May 2017
Great smart tv - relatively small but great for the kitchen , excellent picture and sound. Very good option if you don't want a big tv.
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on 13 December 2014
Great tv . very very good pic , very sharp , good colour , excellent sound has all the bells and whistles . No light bleed. Good for football but the pitch looked a bit cloudy for the first couple of hours but once warmed up handled it well ever since , dont even feel the need to use sports mode which leaves the colour a little over saturated .looked at every tv available in price range and this is the best .
use game mode for video games and you wont notice any input lag .
Now..... one small specific issue.... when listening on headphones on low volume there is a noticeable hum . Annoying at night when dozing with headset on . Obviously poor shielding . I solved this by adding a £2 inline volume control, turning it down a bit till the hum csnt bd heard then wrapping the control wheel with insulation tape so it does not move . Just clip it in at night and problem solved... but should I have to do this ... I think not .
Still great tv .
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on 7 October 2014
Love this television! It's the first SMART TV I've had - clear screen, great colours, easy to install, all works really well. Fast delivery from this seller too - am very happy.
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on 3 June 2017
Had this tv in my bedroom since the beginning of the year - mainly because I've got loads of 3D films that I wanted to watch upstairs & I have to say I'm well impressed with it. Yes I know a bigger screen would be better for 3D, but unfortunately I only have a small bedroom with limited space!

Personally think the sound is impressive - when not wearing my headphones (don't want to wake everyone up!) I only need the volume on about 10, on my old Sony Bravia it needed to be about 30! And compared to the other tv the 3D is astounding.

On a negative - wish they would provide at least 1 pair of 3D glasses with the tv, but that is my only negative.
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on 11 October 2015
This TV really does live up to the excellent reviews it received on release and over a year later it is still the best 32 inch TV going in terms of quality of picture, versatility and on board apps. Don't make the mistake of going for the newer H6200 - the latter has an inferior picture. I bought this to replace a 5 year old Sony which, at the time, cost twice as much and the Samsung is just in a different class. I really cannot fault it. The silver stand and the onboard sound have been criticised, but to be honest the stand is not very high and you just don't notice it (plus it swivels, which is a big plus these days if you are not wall mounting the screen). As to the sound - well from HD sources and blu ray etc it's surprisingly powerful and very clear. There is a graphic equaliser for the onboard speakers which you can tweak for personal taste and to imrove the overall tone, but if that is not enough there are plenty of connections (including digital optical) for external speakers, soundbars etc.

The TV is extremely easy to set up and tune into Freeview HD (via aerial or other HD sources), even giving you the option to initially tune into HD only channels. Channel sorting is also very easy, with the option to delete unwanted channels from the menu and to create favourites.

As usual, the out of the box calibration does not offer quite the best settings and I can recommend the settings below to give a pretty much flawless picture with natural colours, white white's and very impressive blacks. The sharpness adjustment is incredibly powerful and you will probably never need to set this very high at all (anything over 25% is usually WAY too sharp). Internet connection is a breeze and the smart hub functions simple and easy to use.

Minus points? Well, the only thing I did not like was the fiddly overcrowded small sized (BD player sized) standard remote. Fortunately a small smart remote is also included and is much more user friendly. Also nitpicking here, but the 'football' mode seems pointless as the settings below seem to give a far superior picture for football and other sports.

All in all, a thoroughly recommended purchase and for £350 an absolute steal.

Recommended calibration settings:
Picture Mode: Movie
Backlight: 16
Contrast: 85
Brightness: 45
Sharpness: 0 when watching Blu rays, up to 25% for internet & TV depending on personal taste and picture source etc.
Colour: 50
Tint: G50/R50
Picture Size: Screen Fit

Advanced Settings
Dynamic Contrast: Off
Black Tone: Off
Flesh Tone: 0
RGB Only Mode: Off
Colour Space: Custom (Red - R47, G0, B6; Green - R18, G55, B8; Blue - R9, G9, B55; Yellow - R53, G 49, B6; Cyan - R16, G54, B52; Magenta - R48, G0, B52)
White Balance 2-Point: Red Offset 0, Green Offset -5, Blue Offset 3, Red Gain 0, Green Gain -14, Blue Gain 0
White Balance 10-Point=ON: Level 10%, Red Offset 0, Green Offset 0, Blue Offset 0, Red Gain 0, Green Gain 0, Blue Gain 0
Gamma: 0
Expert Pattern: Off
Motion Lighting: Off

Picture Options
Colour Tone: Warm2
Digital Clean View: Off
MPEG Noise Filter: Off
HDMI Black Level: Low
Film Mode: Auto2
Motion Plus: Off

Setting preferences will depend on individual situations and taste, but fortunately you can tweak and experiment with just about everything on this tv - very satisfying indeed and a joy to use.
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on 6 October 2015
I so much wanted to give this TV 5 stars because of its brilliant picture and features, but this model can suffer from lip synch problems when you are watching with its built in freeview tuner; this is well documented in customer feedback on JohnLewis.com for example. I have been in touch with Samsung who checked that the latest firmware update had been installed, and after I did a TV reset (which is available from the 'support' menu) the problem seems to have been sorted for the time being. It is rather a disappointment that such a great TV is potentially spoilt by this issue which is a very basic requirement, that the sound is actually in time with the picture. However, I usually watch the TV through a separate freeview box with its own tuners, so I generally avoid the problem anyway. That's the bad bit out of the way, now let me rave on about how superb this telly is for the money: nb. I am talking about freeview on high definition from now on, although SD is also pretty good also. It's got great colours with clarity and sharpness. On quality material, like wild life documentaries, where the camera work is good, the picture is breathtaking in its realism. Fine detail like birds feathers, or the details on someone's face in close up really stand out, and at times the picture almost looks 3D even though it is not in 3D mode. I can't wait to see what it's like watching a blue ray DVD which is better than Freeview! For a tv of this size and price, there is a surprising number of settings you can play around with to get the picture just how you want it, and what's more you can have different settings for different sources such as set top box, DVD etc. I would recommend putting the sharpness to 90! By the way, it's possible that the picture out of the box may at times have a slight pink tinge, which makes peoples faces look a bit redder than they should be; this has been picked up by the reviewers at Which?. However I have discovered that there is a setting you can alter to get rid of this colour bias: go into picture settings, then advanced picture settings; go to 'colour space', and then change this setting from 'native' to 'auto'. I have also slightly altered the green/red balance in the basic settings, from 50/50 to 55 green/45 red. I now enjoy a more natural viewing experience. The only slight drawback in general is that occasionally, in very low lit areas of the pictures, there is some digital grainy-ness present but this is not very troublesome; The sound is better than the tinny rubbish I was expecting from a flat screen telly, but the audio setting needs to be on 'music'. I find that people's voices stand out clearly, even when there is background music, which is quite important to me, and the bass is reasonable. If you want to shake the room, there's an optical out socket round the back to attach your cinema system or sound bar. If you like to play around with your TV alot, like I do, the menus work very quickly and slickly due to a fast processor. The built in apps such as bbc I player are ok, and also give great pictures in HD, although I suspect that that my internet connection (up to about 5 mb per sec) is not quite fast enough at busy times, because I player or ITV player often do not work at 7pm but then work fine at 11 pm. I've noticed that the manual states the TV does not support speeds below 10 mb per sec. Although I think this is perhaps an over cautious statement from Samsung, to cover their backs, I would bear that in mind if you intend to watch a lot of content on line.
Overall though, I am very pleased indeed with this purchase. Like anything else it has its flaws but I am sure I could have done a lot worse for £350! PS does anyone want a CRT telly? ha ha. :-)
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on 4 January 2015
I bought a Sony W705B after seeing the great picture quality in Argos store. Disappointingly the interface was frustratingly difficult, so much so just watching TV or changing to blu Ray was way more effort than it should have been. Not only that the processor was soooo slow and to top it off no 4OD or ITV player.

I took it back and compared the sony picture quality to other comparable TVs. Sadly after watching the Sony they seemed rubbish by comparison.

The man in the tv store I want to recommend this as although I won't watch 3D TV the normal pic is a lot better. I have to say I'm very very happy with this tv.

Operation is very easy, essentially you get to where you want to be easily and hassle free.

Sound is brilliant. I hate when the effects are really loud but voices can barely be made out but this is crystal clear with great effects music and voice (music setting).

Wifi very fast, no annoying lag.

Easy to use and looks and sounds great. I watched dark night and fellowship of the ring today on blu Ray and it was like seeing them for the first time. Loved it!!
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on 16 March 2015
After my 5-6 year old 24 inch Samsung died I was amazed by the quality difference when I got this to replace it. Not only the resolution, but the higher FPS - which at first was strange but got used to it after time. Its also very light and thin, which again from an old TV was great. The picture quality was good and the colours superb. Being a smart TV that supports 'apps' like YouTube is a nice idea, its just a shame that there's not a lot useful ones about. Most pre-installed ones were useless for me, but I guess it depends on what you use the TV for. We use it mainly for Plex and Chromecast, both which work without issue.

Overall a great TV with a ton of features. 32 inch is the perfect size for a medium sized living room, but we did consider the 40 inch version.

Final thoughts on streaming 1080p+ via Plex - sometimes we had buffering problems on wireless and had to connect a CAT5 cable, but that's not an issue with the TV but rather the rubbish router that's supplied with the internet line. Will soon be buying a replacement so we can throw it out the window!
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