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on 18 September 2015
I love this phone and the best thing is the delivery was very quick. I recommend anyone wanting to buy this phone to go for it and most importantly buy from this seller because they are very good.
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on 19 September 2013
Pretty well every review I have read about this product (and I've read a lot) has mentioned its astonishing size as a smartphone and gone on to discuss the pros and cons of that, compared with the size of any other smartphone the reviewer has previously owned.
I'm coming from a different direction, as I happened upon the Samsung Galaxy Mega while I was looking for a lightweight tablet. In fact, when I first clapped eyes on it, that was what I thought it was - a lightweight (less than 200 grammes) and manageably sized tablet, which would (a) fit into my handbag and (b) get 3G internet access, if I were to feel the need of that (for instance, to find reviews of possible activities or purchases, or get a timetable or download a map) while I was away from home.
All the other tablets I'd been looking at previously were much heavier. Many did not offer 3G, because (of course) they weren't officially telephones, or if they did offer 3G it still seemed that one had to pay for a costly personal 3G contract to make access from them possible.
The Galaxy Mega I am able to run as an inexpensive "extra" linked to my home telephone service (with Virgin as it happens, £7 a month for 500 megabytes downloaded which, so far, is very much more than I need) and it functions magnificently as a tablet.
So far, it does everything I require. How successful it would be for me as a sole mobile phone, I am not sure. Personally, I am still using my tiny £25 Nokia for that - on pay-as-you-go, Virgin doesn't provide two services to one subscriber! - because that has the phone number everybody knows for me, and also because I don't think I would want to carry the Mega round all the time. It would, for one thing, be an expensive item to lose or get stolen - or, perish the thought, to sit down on after putting it into one's pocket!
But as a tablet, I can't fault it - though I shall of course need to buy extra memory for it, and up to 64GB is possible.
And, having been daunted by its price (£540 sim-free) in the well-known electronics store where I originally came across it, I was of course absolutely delighted to come across it supplied by Amazon at not much over £300. As so often, thank you, Amazon!
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VINE VOICEon 18 September 2014
I bought this in October 2013. Before I bought this, I looked at note 3 and Sony Ultra Z. Note 3 was way too expensive for features that I wasn't going to use, e.g. s pen, drawing graphs, etc.

Sony ultra, though very good. has not been configured correctly by Sony to make most of that large screen, e.g. even if you set the font to largest, they still look only as big as those on Samsung S3.

This Mega has to be the best phablet in the market for the following reasons.

1. The price - for 280 pounds on amazon, nothing can come close to the screen size, RAM and the various advanced features.
2. The screen - though of a lower quality than the usual super amoled displays that Samsung has, I find it better in terms of colour and brightness. It is much soothing than super-saturated super amoled screens.
3. The speed- the speed is noticeably better than galaxy S3 which is meant to be higher end than this one.
4. the browsing experience - that super size screen gives very good browsing experience and use of apps. You can increase the fonts to your choice and read without squinting. Unfortunately, samsung's default browser does not do text reflow if you zoom in more than the automatic double tap zoom. However, I installed Opera Beta browser from the marketplace and reflow works great.
5. Battery life -This is great considering the size of the screen. It seems to be better than Samsung S3.

Cons -
1. If I have to then I can say the size, which works as a pro and as a con as well. You might have difficulty in putting this in tight jeans, however my office trouser it fits fine. - also let's face it. 9 months of 12 in a year, we wear a jacket of some sort, no problem putting your phone in there!
I have also bought a terrapin black gel case and that keeps the profile slim.

2. internal memory - the total is only 8 GB, with available 4GB but I find that it is sufficient for my 10 apps that I installed- bbc, flickr, facebook, etc.
I do not play games, but I think if you want to play a few, that should be still fine.

in short, if you use your phone for a lot of browsing and apps, you will be very happy with this.

Update after using 1 year: This phone is still best out there if you want your display to be big, easy on the eye and with the best features and specs. I have briefly used samsung note 3, however, other than bit of speed increase and stylus which I never bother, there is nothing much, for me.

Apple has now released iphone 6 plus which looks great but please check the following if you plan to get that:
1. Glass- is it as tough as that on Samsung/HTC phones? Will you one of those million iphone users with cracked screen?
2. Web browsing - can you pinch and zoom all websites to the level you want? are you restricted to the default zoom?
3. body - is the body slippery and prone to scratches anyway? that means you have to buy a case, there goes the nice looks and slim body!
4. battery - can you replace it if it gets old after a year?
5. customisations - Do you prefer to customise your phone to heart's content?

and so on :-)

Any questions, please feel free to post. I will try my best to answer.
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on 6 December 2013
I bought this for my daughter instead of the Samsung Note 3 as the note 3 was nearly twice the price.
It is just a little bit bigger than the note 3 and has much the same functionality.
She is really happy with it and very impressed with the design and usability, so that is all that counts.
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on 29 October 2016
I ordered a Samsung Galaxy S4 6.3 Mega the GT-19205,
I received a Samsung Galaxy S4 6.3 Mega, but a GT-19200 model.

I only realised the difference when I had to turn the phone off due to having problems with a Samsung account update. Other than that, I only thought that the phone seemed slightly broader in my hand than I remembered. (Since I was replacing a lost phone of the description that I ordered). But I am now wondering if the difference in phone models is more significant than I first realised. This Samsung Galaxy S4 6.3 Mega GT-19200 model is not as versatile as the Samsung Galaxy S4 6.3 Mega GT-19205, which leads me to believe that the GT-19205 is the GT-19200, but with the bug fixes.
If at all possible I will try get the Samsung Galaxy S4 6.3 Mega GT-19205 model that I actually ordered, as this is not the same model as that which I ordered. I couldn't tell the difference exactly straight away, because of the start up procedure, starting not from the same point as if the battery had died and been charged. The start up was different. So I didn't notice the model number straight away. I received the phone delivery 2 days before I actually started to try to get to use the phone. And I noticed the difference in model number after problems with a Samsung account system update, on the second day of usage, which caused me to try turning the phone off and on again. Whereby I noticed that the model number is incorrect.
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on 13 January 2015
I recently got this phone after smashing up my S3 I would highly recommend my hands are quite small and the phone fits easy it's not hard to use and it's very easy to get used to the size might throw you off but it's amazing and also really good for reading we pages as you see everything on the display due to the 6.3 inch screen the battery life is also very good and lasts more then a day
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on 21 September 2013
Really, really happy with my decision to purchase this item. It is very glam and attractive - I've had so many comments and questions about it. People actually think I'm carry around an ipad mini, and my colleagues joke that it is my new 40 inch TV :) I know I sound like a crazy phone person, but I'm not at all.

It is an upgrade from my S3, so I found it simple to use...plus there are some new amazing features, which I like alot... :-)

It is quite a large phone, but still a very slim phone....I really like that it is so easy to find in my massive handbags, whereas my S3 would get lost and I'd always miss my calls.

I also like the large screen, as when I am looking at web pages, I have no need to scroll around so much to see the entire page.

It is well worth the buy!
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on 23 October 2014
this phone tablet is amaising the only thing which could be a little bit inconvenient is the fact that it does nt fit into your pocket but I got used to it. You can watch a movie without any problem and for me the best is that you do nt wait to surf on internet the pages open immediately which is important for me. I love it
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on 28 May 2014
brought this for wife I owned one and like all Samsung products they are easy to use,and always top quality.can get spares
and if you have had Samsung products before you will work this.great screen size and looks good.
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on 22 November 2015
Purchased 2 of these phones from Amazon. After huge problems receiving it & endless arguments with Amazon, used both handsets fine for a few months then BOTH started doing weird things.... Didn't keep either beyond 10 months. Model itself is a great phone and would definitely consider buying another in future,,,just not from amazon
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