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on 2 May 2013
About 18 months ago I worked for Orange and this was then the top spec handset in the shop. Nothing could beat it for spec, call quality or raw power. And a lot of people foolishly signed up for inferior iPhone 4's on a more expensive tarrif. More fool them I suppose.

Fast forward to 2013 and a whole two years since the Galaxy S2 has been launched. And two years is an eternity in the mobile phone world. Has it still got what it takes?

Well Samsung of course haven't stood still, having introduced two successors the S3 and S4. Quad Band, 13MP cameras,4G LTE compatibility. Surely the S2 has been left so far behind it isn't worth considering.



The S2 was so far ahead of the game at the time it can still deliver an outstanding smartphone performance even now.

Recently updated to include NFC and Android 4.0 the Galaxy S2 is still in there. In fact rivals such as Sony (Xperia T) and Apple( iPhone 5) took almost 18 months to catch up.

And BlackBerry's Z10 took two years!

The Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich interface is silky smooth and the screen Super AMOLED screen is still a reference standard IMHO.

In practice, I've found the S2 to offer good battery life,superb reception, excellent call quality, great pictures from its 8MP camera. Oh and the video performance ain't bad either. Apps such as Google Maps aren't too slow either.


As will all smartphones, battery life is meagre. I found that I have had to keep a couple of spare batteries with me to be safe. The back cover is incredibly flimsy , made from a razor thin piece of plastic and could break. I will be purchasing an extended battery soon so this isn't such a problem.

The biggest let down is Kies-Samsungs own software for things such as ripping music-AWFUL! I've given up on it and intend to rip any music from my laptop via WAV. I'll lose the album artwork but that isn't too much of a problem.

However this phone is still a formidable performer. Given a good 3G signal, it can still make the most of data intensive apps.

IMHO Samsung could still carry on with this handset. Give it 2GB of RAM, allow it to use DC-HSDPA (what Three UK refer to as 'Ultrafast') and give it the latest Androd OS and there's no reason why it wouldn't be good for another 12 months at least.

But then again some people might not buy the S4 if that happened.

I cannot think of a more cost-effective handset as things stand.
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on 26 June 2017
It worked great for about 2 years until one night, when there was an update to Icecreamsandwich. It wouldn't *quite* fit into 2GB of internal phone memory, so the update didn't complete correctly, which wiped everything that was stored in the phone's memory.

I was not happy to wake up to a phone that could only make/receive calls & send/receive text messages!
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on 30 May 2011
I bought Galaxy S2 after a thorough review of the phone and continuously monitoring feedback given. I must say, I am not disappointed but truly amazed how intuitive and well designed. I would agree with most of the reviews before and will try to cover some aspects not so far covered in reviews in the hope that it will help other prospective buyers in making a decision to buy a smart phone, after all you would be paying more than for a 42" HD TV.

I have been a iPhone 4 and Blackberry user and use the phone for e-mails and browsing a lot. Before deciding to purchase this phone (now have used it for about a week)I considered Blackberry Torch and iPhone4 and very much aware of capabilities and limitations of these.

e-mail, contacts, calander: you can set up multiple e-mail accounts (I have set up and using 3 accounts: gmail, hotmail and MS Exchange server). All work very well. You can synchronize e-mail, contacts, and calendar of all these accounts on the phone and they appear on the the respective application colour coded making it possible to see from what account it came from. Further you can access e-mails separately on different accounts on the same e-mail app.

Browser is very good and reliable. Yes, flash content can be viewed. Browsing is much faster and smoother than iPhone4.
Apps: Yes, it is not as extensive as the iTunes but there are enough Apps available (some preloaded, available from Samsung, and from Android market). Most Apps are free compared to iTunes. I did not have any problem with the Apps I downloaded so far.
Music Hub: It is primarily for you to download music from 7digital. The player there is not great. But there is a separate App for music which works fine with your downloaded music.
Social Hub: for e-mails, integrates well with Facebook, my space, twitter, LinkedIn etc.
Games Hub: There are free games for you to download and play as well as premium games for you to purchase.
Kies: provides the interface management App when connected to the computer (same as iTunes for iPhone). This is possibly one of the weakest. It is very slow to update. Having said that it works fine if you are bit patient. But to add music or download/upload photos or movies you really do not need it. You can use widows explorer to do that job directly accessing the phone and placing or taking content you need directly from or the the folder concerned.
Kies Air: this is one the good things. You can access all your content from the phone on a web browser by pointing the browser to the IP address given by Kies Air. For this you need to get connected on the your home wireless network. It works fine, and you can play music, view photos or videos wirelessly on any other device that is connected to your network and which has a browser. If you have a TV with a browser (Smart TV or other)or laptop you can play content fro the phone on it without any wired connection.
I connected my Galaxy S2 to a friends iPad this way wireless and could view photos but could not play music as iPad do not support flash. Good for the Galaxy S2 and shame for iPad/iPhone.

Maps, navigator, Google earth and similar Apps work fine. The Navigator works fine and is very responsive. It consumes the battery power and if you want to use it for long needs to be charged through the car charger. You would require a USB car charger and the supplied micro USB cable.
It has FM radio, treat on the move compared to iPhone. Comes with great set of high quality headphones with additional ear pieces.
The notification system is very good with all notifications iconised on a bar top of the screen which can be pulled down whenever you want to see the notifications.
Yes, with all these facilities battery life is low and you need to charge every day if you are a heavy user of these all functions. One way to improve battery life is to limit pushing of e-mails. These can easily be done on the settings menu.
Camera rear(8MP)works really well. The front camera at 3MP is also very good. Managed to get few very good quality photos. The quality of photos is better than iPhone. Screen quality is equal or better than iPhone. Comparing the screen size the iPhone4 now seems like a distant toy much smaller. There are many Apps available on the Android market (most as free downloads) which can integrate all your photos in (for example Facebook, Picasa etc.) one App.
Office & Pdf Documents: The Polaris App is pre-loaded in the phone. It can read and edit all office documents such as Excel, Word and PowerPoint.
Voice commands: Works fine. You can easily dictate your e-mails and all is then converted to text. I could get over 90% accuracy even with my first attempt. It is a treat to use.
I am using the Sunny Savers gel/Silicone hybrid cover (£3.95) which nicely fit in to the Galaxy S2. A perfect companion.
All in all a very good phone and I am very pleased with the quality of it.

UPDATE after 3months
I recently went to Australia and used my phone as a Navigator. It works superbly without any problems. Google maps and the navigator gives turn by turn instructions (audio as well). GPS works fine. You need to keep the phone connected to the car charger otherwise the battery get fully drained quickly. It saved me more than $100 as map downloads and navigators are expensive over there.
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on 20 May 2013
The phone is described in detail elsewhere, is very good quality and has a very touch sensitive screen.

Having said that, the Huawei phone I had previously, though not so touch sensitive or such a a high quality display was able to pick up and respond to poor WiFi signals more effectively. We just returned from holiday in Turkey and my old phone out performed the Galaxy on internet connection each time. I gave four stars because the Huawei was one third the price!
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on 3 September 2017
great phone
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on 24 May 2017
Had this for years. Great phone.
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on 23 June 2017
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on 29 May 2017
Got this as a gift for my mum. She loved it.
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on 11 September 2011
I Love this phone. I won't pretend I get the ins and outs of of the technical side of it.
I'm a technophobe at all, but I'm no wizz. This is a very easy phont to use. I always
get Nokias so I was a bit nervous about going with a make I've never tried before but its so simple.
And stunning, the colours you get on the screen, the clarity of the picture is amaxing, my best firend
has an iphone 4 and it doesn't even compare to the S2! Its so easy to put music on, it took a while
but I think thats because my laptop had trouble keeping up! Thats one of the most impressive thing
about this phone is it so damn fast. I'd given up going online with my old X6 becasue it took so long
to load and was real baal ache, this is wizzy, its zooms!! And thats what I wanted. The apps available
good, I've already used the Kindle app and Vouchercloud and so many more, they're easy to find and download
in just seconds.

I'd also like to comment on what other people have put about the battery, Tiday I've listened to about 3
hours of music, been online for about an hour, made several phonecalls/sent txts, played a game for a bit
and used the camera and the battery has hardly gone down at all. I have got it in power saving mode from 70%
and I have the wifi and 3g off when I'm not using it. I was abit worried by other reviews that I'd have to
carry a charger with me everywhere!! But I don't know what they were doing on the phone to run the battery down
that quickly?!!? If you use it all day online/music/games then yes I suppose it would go down fast but who
has the time for that? Don't most people have jobs?? If you're online that much all day then surely you'd have
a pc or laptop and not just use your phone!! I so far have had no issues with battery.

I'm very happy with my phone and have yet to find any major faults with it!
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on 26 June 2013
Good phone but it did not come with half of the things that it was supposed to (charger, headphones etc)
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