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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars

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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 21 October 2014
I have a very old Dell XPS 13 inch laptop, which my wife uses for surfing and emails. The machine was getting so laggy and generally a pain that I thought of getting a cheap second hand one, but a friend mentioned converting to SSD and here I am. I did a lot of investigation into the read/write speeds of various manufacturers (Intel, Samsung, Tosh) and found the 840 EVO the best option for price/write and read speed combination. This may not be the case anymore as this drive was purchased in February 2014.

My drive included some drive clone software which you can use to clone your drive and putting the image directly on, however I decided against this for the following reasons
1 – This would bring any malware/spyware/bloatware with it
2 – It’s easier to copy files you need to a portable drive, do a clean install and thus improve the laptop performance.

IF you’re not a stay at home hedge fund manager, then in my mind there should be nothing on your current HDD that you would want to transfer, aside from mail files (pst etc), music and photo’s. As long as you have a valid license for windows I would recommend a clean install above anything else. (If you don’t have a spare portable USB key, sites like dropbox give you GB’s of storage for nowt). Even for a Dell Laptop which is over 8 years old, I was able to go to dell, give my system tag and re-download all of the drivers I needed.

One thing you MUST remember, this will fit any laptop, but for some smaller models (like my 13” dell), you need a mount for this. The drive has the screw holes for the mount, but no mount or screws. YOU MUST KEEP YOUR OLD DRIVES MOUNT AND SCREWS IF IT HAS ONE!!

*Really easy to install - Just plug (and screw if mounted) and you’re done.
*Battery – you may not think about this, but it will lengthen your battery life.
*Comes with disk cloning software.
*Comes with performance tuning with several choices. Great for everyday users who just want to plug and play.
*Incredibly fast boot speeds - if you’re upgrading from an old hard disk drive on an old laptop (my wife’s laptop went from 5 minutes to <1 minute boot time)
*Weight. It won’t make any difference, but it really feels like there’s nothing inside when you first lift it!
*Sound – noise from your laptop will decrease.

Price – For me, 100 odd GBP for the 250GB drive was great, as it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than the cost of a new laptop, but a 1TB disk is still extortionate in my mind considering the price of storage these days.

Warnings/Things to remember
*Doesn’t work miracles – Remember, replacing your HDD will not make your laptop a supercomputer. Performance will improve but it won’t magically transform into something performing like a new Macbook. You need to look at why your performance is bad and what you will use the system for.
*You must enable AHCI Mode in the bios (google it, and you will see how easy this is)
*Motherboard should support SATA 3.
*Keep the mount/screws from your old HDD if removing it in advance
*Look into buying a cheap USB housing/cover for your old HDD. For a few quid you can (possibly) make your own portable disk using the HDD you're replacing.
DO NOT WORRY - Even if you're computer illiterate, if it goes pear shaped (and you're upgrading an old drive), put your old disk back in (if possible) and continue to use your laptop. Then give a friend a distress call.
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The Samsung 840 EVO 1TB is definitely a blazing fast SSD. I do feel that SSD drives in general are still slightly overpriced when considering the fact that these are now mainstream, and no longer belonging to a niche market. Yet to be fair, it could still work out as a much cheaper option than buying a new laptop or desktop computer.

The SSD in my review is mounted on a desktop running Windows 7 (64bit), i7 processor with 16GB RAM. My motherboard does not support SATA 3 yet the speed increment is astounding!! Windows 7 actually starts in 7 seconds!!

- Lightning fast drive
- Super easy installation
- Light on batteries (for laptop users)
- "Samsung Magician" software works great for firmware updates and SSD optimization. The software also gives you 4 options: Max Performance/ Max Capacity / Max Reliability / Advanced.
- Macbook Pro compatible. I had issues with other SSD drives, yet I bought a smaller EVO to fit in the macbook and it workes a treat

Prior to mentioning the cons, I would like to point out that these apply to most SSD and not just the Samsung.

- Samsung recommends turning off indexing for reliability. Doing so means that you can no longer search for files from the "Search programs or files". See Photo.

- In order to use the drive to its full potential, AHCI Mode must be enabled in the bios, and motherboard should support SATA 3.
- The 1TB SSD is recommended as one of the features Samsung software offer is Over Provisioning. A part of the SSD itself is used for this option thus decreasing the physical size of the disk. The Magician Software itself says:
Quote "Over Provisioning (OP) optimizes the performance and lifespan of your SSD" unquote.

Time will tell how reliable this blazing fast drive will last. I have selected not to turn off indexing, as I need to search for files quite often.

SSD technology is the future, and these drives will improve and prices will continue to decrease.
If you need a fastest SSD to date, than the 1TB Samsung Evo is the best bang for the buck.

Highly recommended

Note: I have uploaded some pics of Samsung magician software.
review image review image review image review image
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on 7 August 2014
I bought two Samsung 830 SSD's when they first came out. I was so impressed that I bought an 840 PRO when they became available. Two years on & I have consider them to be among my finest-ever purchases. Typically, they are 'fit & forget' drives; the reliability is excellent & the performance is superb. The Magician software allows you to trim (defrag) the drives, & this function on version 4.4 now takes less than 5 seconds. (December 2014: Version 4.5 released).

Three of my drives are 128GB & I used them purely as operating system drives. I installed a separate HDD for storage purposes. Because these drives were so good, I fitted an Icy Dock hot-swap caddy (also reviewed) to my PC & took all of the internal drives out. I loaded my Windows platforms individually onto each drive to give me total flexibility, so all I need to do is power down, eject one operating system & insert the next one.

So far, so good. I had two spare operating systems lying around (Windows 7-64 Premium & Vista), so I bought two 120GB 840 EVO's: one for each platform. For Windows 7 Premium, I just used the Samsung Data Migration software to copy the operating system from a 2.5 inch HDD. It took about 25 minutes & works a treat. I don't see the 7-second boot time that another reviewer achieved, but it's still much quicker. Vista was a new installation, & the SSD transformed what used to be a dog of an operating system into a very decent one.

The EVO's have the 'Rapid Mode' software, & this gives blisteringly fast performance, with some read/write functions being boosted by up to 500%. Of course, Vista doesn't support this feature, but Windows 7 & 8.1 does, so I simply cloned operating systems & I used the EVO's on these platforms, relegating an 830 (which does not support 'rapid' mode) to Vista. From Vista onwards, you should use AHCI mode in your BIOS for best performance. XP only supports Native IDE mode, but you can still use a SSD on this platform if you want to.

SSD's are becoming more commonplace, & they are surprisingly cost-effective when compared to standard HDD's. It really is almost an offence not to be using them now. Any of Samsung's SSD's will give you the performance you could only dream of 3 years ago, but the EVO series have to be the bargains of the decade so far. Probably your biggest decision is selecting the capacity you need, & the EVO's are available up to 1TB.

If you read through the reviews, you will see that a lot of the criticism that is levelled at the drives is usually directed at the software, not the SSD. However, there some reviewers who think there may be an issue with the SSD software, but I haven't noticed or measured any degradation in the performance of any of my drives (including the EVO series) over the years. There is also an argument as to the validity of the measurement techniques, but the experts can sort that one out.

Samsung are updating the software continually, & the latest versions are much better than the early ones. Cloning seems to be the area where some users have problems & certainly, I couldn't clone Vista with the early version of Data Migration. I recently downloaded the latest version & successfully cloned Vista, so there is definite progress with the software. However, as these drives are so fast, loading the operating system from the installation disc is no big-deal if cloning fails, as it's much faster than it once was. If you're prepared for that eventuality (& it's worth the hassle), then go ahead & buy your drive.
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on 12 August 2014
Whilst you get the most out of it when using Windows (the supplied Magician software doesn't currently support OS X, so updating the drive firmware and accessing the TurboWrite - or whatever they're called - features aren't available unless you have a Boot Camp partition or run a hypervisor such as Parallels), there's a reason this is probably the single most popular SSD around for Mac users. It's cheap, easy to install and offers fantastic performance right out of the box.

People crow about the longevity of this drive in comparison to its dearer 840 Pro cousin due to the differing flash modules used inside it, but enable TRIM on your Mac (the easiest way is to use the TRIM Enabler program, give it a Google) and this will last you five years at a minimum with no fuss. There's also the three-year warranty, so get it registered on Samsung's website as soon as you get it!

Remember: Unlike a traditional platter-based hard drive, you should NEVER defrag an SSD. That'll reduce its life expectancy, as will erasing free space after the install (which people erroneously claim improves performance).
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on 20 October 2014
Fantastic service and fantastic device, lightening fast, could not be happier. A++++ service

To everyone who has bought or is considering buying: Samsung released (15-oct-2014) a performance restoration tool for the 840Evo drives. I found out that the drive can suffer from low read speeds (not write) if the file being read is over 1 month old. This has been permanently fixed by the "performance restoration tool", run soon after installing hardware. You only run this once ever and the less data on the drive the faster it will complete.

you can read more about this and find links to the software here:

software found here, scroll down to performance restoration tool:

only available for windows at the moment but Samsung is expected to release support for other OS later this month.

Could not be happier with this drive, it's one of the fastest on the market and it delivers a serious bang for your buck.
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on 10 December 2014
This WAS going into my PC & if it didn't play ball the second option was my laptop. My PC has an AMD CPU & it also doesn't have an Intel SATA chipset. It isn't the latest PC but does the job & making it a little faster wouldn't hurt. After unboxing and dropping into my HD disk dock. I popped in the CDROM and installed the software. Clicking on the icon I was met with an error of "cannot locate a disk with a windows OS installation" Several googling moments later I found out that the error relates to my original hard disk is set to dynamic not basic. Dynamic is an option I set but one that you cannot undo and go back to basic.

I could use other cloning software but I started a fresh build, seeing as it was a fresh disk! After a full install of the OS and some software testing I wasn't impressed. The speed increase wasn't anything fancy. Turns out the SATA chipset on the motherboard is an early example hence the performance issue.


Over to the 2 year old laptop. This has an Intel i3 CPU and SATA III chipset. As you can imagine the software install & cloning was straight forward. 5 mins of changing the drive. The AHCI setting in the BIOS and I was off.

22 seconds to full bootup!!!! Performance is fantastic and the battery lasts a lot longer. Well worth every penny.

If there is a moral to this, just make sure that what this goes in is not TOO old.
review image
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on 7 April 2015
Performance in real world is not as good as expected. Bust speeds are fine, but long sustained read/write/copy slow to a crawl. If I need to copy a 10GB file, the 840 evo slows to a pathetic 50MB/s by half way through the copy. This means my old Crucial M4 is much faster in the long run (never going below 150MB/s in a 10GB copy scenario).
There is also the issue of the well known firmware problems, with many users reporting read performance loss on older files (a few months old). I'm not sure if this is affecting me, but it could be, given the subjective slow feeling of my drive. I updated the firmware, but it is still slow.

Along with a Samsung washer that breaks down every year, I have lost some faith in the brand. I will look elsewhere for my next SSD.
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on 7 September 2014
To help others avoid making the same mistake I did, I would like to point out that this SSD in its current form is faulty/bugged out of the box. The read performance on this drive will degrade over time. See the link below:

Until Samsung address this issue, please steer clear and upvote so people don't make the same mistake I did.
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on 4 March 2015
Rubbish Drive. It's transfer rates degraded greatly in a matter of months and then died on me. It was unable to mount no matter what and we had to spend a lot of money to recover the data.
Apparently Samsung know about this problem and have issued a firmware update which doesnt really "fix" the problem but keeps the drive working 24/7 so it doesnt die.
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on 19 March 2015
Zero stars for this product.

Dreadful piece of rubbish. I should have bought a MLC SSD like the 840 PRO or any Intel or Sandisk, Crucial drive. This TLC drive slows down within months ( I have had it for 3 months at time of writing this review). I have applied the latest firmware and the performance patch that was supposed to mitigate the slowdown problem prior to cloning my boot partition over.

However MS Word now takes 40s to load, which is ridiculous (took less than 2s when freshly cloned to this hard disk). There are supposedly tricks like using DiskFresh that rewrites all your data back to the SSD to "refreshen" the data in the TLC but this is not a long-term strategy. I would avoid Samsung TLC like the plague till it is sorted out but Samsung have a famously short attention span and I doubt it will be fixed.

All the glowing reviews are of 840EVOs within a few days of installation. 3-6 months down the line, I am sure they are now slower than the rotating hard disks they replaced.

Ironically the Samsung 830 240GB SSD I already have in another machine (classic MLC instead of TLC) works great still 3 years down the line.
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