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on 21 November 1998
As a full-time computer trainer, I have reviewed nearly every book out there on the basics of HTML. Far and away, this book is the single volume you should purchase when you are starting out.
This book has a lot going for it. First of all, you can't beat the price. How many times have you spent $40, $50 or more for a less-than-ideal computer book? This one is really a bargain! When you buy it you'll want to get started right away. Be sure to check out the portion of the Introduction called "How to Use This Book." Based upon what you want to do, this section outlines which lessons to focus on and how to proceed.
The writing lives up to Mr. Oliver's promise of a "good-humored, plain-English, beginner-friendly style." The format of 24 one-hour lessons is easy to live with and increases retention of each topic. I especially liked that fact that Mr. Oliver doesn't teach you HTML in a vacuum. He includes great introductions to graphics, the art of web design, and interactive web pages, and web site maintenance and management.
This book is rich with examples, and each lesson includes a summary (very useful for reference later on), Q&A, a quiz, and activities. The quiz and activities are aimed at adults, so you won't feel like you just bought a college textbook. Give them a try. You'll quickly see how much you've learned from the quiz and the activities will build both your skills and confidence.
My students ask for book recommendations from me every day. Many times I have to tell them that the book they heard was so great is only good if you need a doorstop. That's not the case with Dick Oliver's book; I highly recommend this one to all my students.
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on 7 March 2001
This book is undoubtedly one of the best instructional text books i have ever read. It spoon feeds you through the very first principles of HTML and then gradually introduces the tougher stuff. The online resources are a charm, and its so easy to follow you'll be building web sites in no time! Even if you've never touched a computer before..its well worth a read! Wham bam, thankyou Sam!
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I'm an experienced AS/400 RPG programmer and I've been dabbling in my own website for a couple of years. I started out generating everything using Word 97 and then switched to finding interesting things on other sites and using Notepad to put them onto my pages. This book has taught me to understand what I was doing and has shown me the right way to go about doing it. After reading the chapter on frames through twice, I put part of my site into frames in an evening. I've also plumbed the depths of style sheets, although I found I needed to make use of the suggested online resources as the style sheets chapter just doesn't go far enough. The online resources associated with the book were useful at other times, too... There are still some typographical errors in the book, but I'm experienced enough at reading technical material to recognise when I'm reading something that the typesetter has had a bit of finger trouble with. I'm off to study some Java now, as this book barely scratches the surface of that topic,...
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on 10 February 1999
This was the second HTML book I purchased. The first one was very technical, and I came away with no confidence or motivation. But this book made everything I had wanted to do seem so easy! I tried a few of the things it mentions (I had a blast with the JavaScript lessons), and they all worked, as easily as the book made it seem.
There are tons of tips on making your page compatible with old and new browsers, and it even touches on future changes to be adopted in the newer versions. Plus, the book has an accompanying website, helping along the way with examples!
Still don't think it's a great reference book for your computer desk? How about this...I was just messing around with the idea of HTML publishing when I got this book. One week later, I have become an officially certified HTML programmer!
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on 4 December 2000
This book is a must for people who want to have there own web sites, but dont want the expense of having somebody create it for them. Before reading this book understanding HTML was a very daunting prospect for me, but now I realise how easy it can be if you have some expert help and guidance, and the credit is all due to to this fabulous publication. All you need is the under pinning knowledge, and thats what this book provides. The workshops in the book are brilliant and the examples in the 24-Hour HTML Cafe help you to see how acheivable the exercises in the book really are. My next step is JAVA, I know exactly what book to buy and exactly where to get it from. Thank-you Dick Oliver and Amazon.
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on 18 January 2001
When I started this book, I knew nothing about HTML and little about the web. Within a week I had built my own site and was confident in what I was doing. Now I am building sites across Europe and moving onto more complex languages and applications all the time... This book gave me the confidence and knowledge to do all of this, in a short space of time. It is a fun and easy read, with excellent examples of working html, staring with the very basics and going on to more in-depth html as well as explaining the way forward with dhtml and xml. Now I train others in HTML and I use this book to start them off with. Thanks Dick, you really have changed my life!!!
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on 5 April 2001
I purchased two guides to introduce me to the world of HTML, and I think I was lucky to pick this author and Elizabeth Castro's 'HTML for the world wide web'. Castro's book is quite aptly self-described a 'visual quickstart' and I found myself utilising her diagram based lessons to create what I wanted. Dick Oliver's 'Teach yourself in 24hrs' then stepped in very nicely with greater text detail. I find this book a good accompaniment but not the easiest to pick up out of the two authors I selected. However, more importantly, Oliver provides alternative solutions to answers I have sought from Castro and an online resource.
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on 9 March 2000
This is the best book on HTML. This book is just as well for beginners as it is for professionals! (i.e. I bought the book the moment it came out, and now 6 months later I am programming with vbscript and asp. I still use the book as a reference, and I have been looking for an updated replacement, but there is just no book out there even close enough to help you understand HTML nearly as good as this does. It is also a great motivater to get into web-development! I know it helped me a lot! If you need a good understanding of HTML for your present position or for a future job : BUY THIS BOOK!
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on 17 March 1998
This is a great book, it will guide you thru your initial first steps and beyond, I recommend to anyone that is starting or have not used very much HTML before. The several links that the author gives you (according to the chapter that you are reading), will point you to "HOT websites" where you can get further information or download software for your web development and learning. example that he is talking about. Great examples and fun that is to read this book, THIS BOOK IS A MUST!!!!!!!(The authors:Molly and Dick are GREAT instructors)
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on 13 May 1999
This is a very good book for the begineers because the contents has been written in a step by step manner and in plain english. The technique Dick has used to write the book is great.While reading through pages you will discover many tags which you will have to know. Dick has discussed every topic in easily understable manner and has provided good examples. This book not only covers html4.0 but also covers the JavaScript Scripting language to spice up your web site and will take you in the intermediate standard.heartly recommended.
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