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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 20 September 2012
Finished this book in a day, just couldn't put it down.I don't want to spoil the story so I won't go into to much detail.An ex-priest and a debunker of the supernatural are asked to help a sick child called sam.Suffice to say they don't expect what happens next and if they had they would have ran and never looked back.There is a twist at the end that will suprise all but ardent wright fans(they will know what I mean)but the rest of it really kept me guessing.You will not regret buying this book, one to watch
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on 27 November 2012
I've read a few of Iains books now and I've enjoyed them all. His style is always very movie like. Each book I've read I've easily been able to picture it as if I'm sitting back watching a film.

I had this book for a while and was a little unsure of starting it as I'm not really into the whole possession thing but as I like Iains work I new it would probably be good anyway.

I started the book on Saturday and had finished by Monday. As usual you get pulled into the story line and can't put the book down. You already know the premise if you've read the synopsis so I'm not going to go through what it's about but there is a few unexpected turns to keep you going.

If you're a fan of Iain you'll know that he has a sort of crossover in the books similar to Keene's Labyrinth. I enjoyed the tie ins in this book but if you haven't read any of his work it won't detract from the story.

I'd recommend this book and I'm looking forward to reading something else by the author.
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on 7 August 2016
What do an ex-conman, turned motivated ghost hunter, a washed-up lesbian ex-priest, an ex-sergeant, and the widow of Joseph Raymeady, owner of a multi-billion dollar corporation, have in common? Well, nothing…that is nothing until Sammie.
Tim (ghost hunter) and Angela (ex-priest) are shanghaied into circumstances that land them in Jessica Raymeady’s Manson to help her son, Sammie. Frank, ex-sergeant, now Mrs. Raymeady’s chief and loyal friend, is very skeptical of the two’s ability to help Sammie in any way. Neither, Tim or Angela, could ever ready themselves for the horror that awaits them from this seemly innocent ten-year-old boy.
Iain Rob Wright will take you on a spine-chilling journey into the dark side. Mystery, suspense, death, murder, and worst of all evil is awaiting you in this astoundingly written Horror Mystery. Whether you’re religious and believe in God and the Devil or not, when you’re done, you will have no doubt that true evil comes in all forms.
I enjoyed this novel very much; the story weaves you into a world of fear, suspense, and evil that exist on every page. So as you read through page after page taking you further into a dark world of malevolence ask yourself one question: Do you want to hear a secret?
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on 22 September 2012
On reading Iain Rob Wright's latest novel I was struck by the way in which his writing has evolved. As much as I have enjoyed all his previous novels, there has always been a similar feel through all of them and with this one, I feel that he has tried something new with his writing and attempted to go down a different route. As well as giving us readers something totally different, it shows his versatility as a writer.

The setting for Sam is reminiscent of something out of an early James Herbert book although the narrative is pure Iain Rob Wright. We have, in contrast to the stuffy stately mansion, an odd colourful pairing in Angela and Tim; a gay former priest and a paranormal debunker respectively. These main characters are brought to life as we are given vivid insights into what has brought them to this point.

The tension throughout this book just never lets up. Even when we aren't witnessing the increasingly strange and erratic behaviour of Sam, there seems to be danger lurking around every corner. We are constantly questioning the motives of the other occupants of the house, even Sam's mother seems to have an agenda.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and was rapt for two nights. The ending of this novel leaves the reader wondering what happens next and I hope that this was done intentionally...sequel perhaps?
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on 5 February 2013
This book by accomplished author Iain Rob Wright is a thrilling ride of twists and turns, full of great characters.
I bought this book having no idea what it was about, but knowing that I'd most likely got another all-nighter from this author.
The story is about that age old subject of possession, and there are plenty of (acknowledged) cliches along the way. However, there is a twist right at the end which I washed expecting!
Iain's style of writing captures you and pulls you right into this story. I felt like I was in the house along with Angela, Tim, Frank and Sam.
The characters are written really well - you can picture them in your mind, and watch their endearing traits along with the horror played out before you.
I'll admit that I'm a massive fan of Iain's work, but this book really stood out for me, the way that Sam is written and the way the story evolved gave me proper goosebumps and really scared me at times!
Such a unique and well written novel among the tons of similar offerings around at the moment. Bloody fantastic writing.
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on 24 September 2012
It is no secret that I am an avid IRW fan; but this book is in a league of its own.
I had chills up my back and literal goosebumps reading this in my lounge with the fire on!
The basis of the story is in the blurb - but this does not show you the in depth characterisation, I now feel I know these people and I miss them, and fear them.
There are a lot of red herrings along the way, a full shoal one could say.
A murder/mystery wrapped up in a haunted house with the Devil as its host.
Everyone in this novel seems to have an alternative reason for being there, as Mulder says - trust noone!
When the going gets heavy, Tim (the Shaggy without his Scoopy) springs up with a daft comment that makes you smile, easing the horror just enough for IRW to slap you round the head a little later on.

Days later I am still a little spooked about this novel. An A+ read which deserves so many more stars than 5.
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on 19 April 2014
I was very disappointed with this book and became completely fed up with the number of similes which appeared on almost every page. For me it was not a page turner and, in fact, took much longer to read because I was so easily distracted. Horror and suspense it definitely is not!!!
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on 14 January 2016
Second book I've read by Iain and it did keep my attention throughout.

I do have to say that the typos in this nook were more annoying than the other (winter) and did take away from the mood; maybe its just me. Things like using empathise instead of emphasise distracted me.

And the use of "The Devil" ...use Lucifer or Satan. Saying the devil sounds childish.

Anyway, the 'twist', if you don't know your biblical names, was a unique look at possession which was indeed intriguing. The plot unfolded nicely and you do form a bond with the characters. The ending left me wanting more.
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on 18 November 2014
This book was so brilliant I had to read it again within a day of finishing it the first time. It's 'The Omen' meets 'The Exorcist', and as the first book I have read for this author, it was definitely one that has me buying more and continuing to do so.

The premise is of an alcoholic former priest who has lost her faith, and a paranormal investigator/debunker shall we say, who have to join forces to save a poor 'innocent' child from what looks like a case of possession. But Sam and the 'being' inside of him has other ideas. Follow along as the death toll mounts and and even the faithful aren't safe.

'Sam' is just one of those book where the author grabs you from the first word and pulls you into a story so believable and so terrifying at the same time. I couldn't put it down, and all I can do is praise Iain for his brilliant writing and letting me become a part (even for just a short time) a part of this deliciously creepy tale. I won't spoil the story for those who haven't read it (and obviously you might not have done if you're reading these reviews), but sufficed to say I was thrilled to learn of another book where we meet a very familiar character :)
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on 21 May 2016
Really enjoyed this book. It's not just your normal possession story. In fact you could possibly even describe this as a bit of an action story, but of course it still had all the creepy elements of the traditional possession tale.
I've had a few people recommend this book to me and it took me a while getting round to it, but I'm really glad I did.
Highly recommended.
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