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4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 13 February 2015
Publication Date: 3rd March 2014


Rating: 4/5

Nearly 10 years after witnessing the death of his family during an alien invasion, Alex is recruited as part of an elite group tasked with hunting down the aliens before they return to enslave mankind. However, the group soon realise that their foe and the galaxies are far more deadly and ruthless than even they feared, and learn from another alien race the true extent of the 5 power forces which wield unlimited supremacy. After accidentally harnessing one of these powers, it becomes clear that Alex’s fate is intertwined with the destiny of the power forces, and he becomes embroiled in a battle with the vast armies of his dark enemy across the galaxies, leading to a momentous battle which will define the destiny for all living beings throughout the cosmos. Fast paced, full of action but with a real violent edge, this book is ideal for anyone who enjoys Star Wars, Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones.

The first couple of things you need to know about this book:-
1. It is very lengthy
2. It is worth persevering

Max is a great lead, possessing a vulnerability that makes him very likeable. He is supported by a cast of characters with various personalities (and species!), which work very well together. This, coupled with fantastic descriptive prose, make this book great.

There is an awful lot going on here. Great attention to detail shows the author's skill at storytelling and switching between time frame. Personally, I'd have preferred a shorter read, as there is enough good material here to make this one volume a gripping trilogy. Having said that, this is still a great book which will appeal to discerning fans of sci-fi and fantasy.
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on 13 August 2014
Okay, so in earnest, Salvation is an epic tale of serious proportions! Therefore to not own and read this debut novel would be an injustice to the Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre – and to the literary world! Alright, so why is AMC’s first offering so damn good? Well I’ve read it twice, and to me, Salvation is many things. With the main characters Max and Alex at the protagonist helm, it’s a father/son story brimming with compassion, sincerity and emotion. It soon turns into an alien invasion which is vividly and awesomely told, gifting the reader with a horrific, gruesome and realistic account of what a hostile event would entail. Then comes the introduction of the demonic antagonist, their galactic nemesis, the Khaos Lord and his many minions! For lovers of Star Wars and Lord Of The Rings, this villain is the true embodiment of what Darth Vader and Sauron ‘should’ have truly been – don’t believe me? Then read Salvation for yourself! After a dramatic altercation with the Khaos Lord, the battle becomes a personal war and one that Alex spends the next decade training for. He joins an elite team of marines. Then led by his surrogate mentor the small resistance take to the stars to seek out their enemy hoping to end all suffering but more importantly, to attain their salvation. Conclusively, Alex soon realises that a potential destiny awaits him which is prophesised to play out in the greatest battle of all time! My brief telling of Salvation isn’t fair to you. Buy this book and allow AMC to show you Alex’s journey. Therefore I give Salvation 5 power force stars out of 5. JK Rowling, watch out!

Louis F Williams – author of The Initiative
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on 8 June 2014
'Salvation' is the perfect story for anyone who loves fantasy and sci-fi. Despite being a really long book, I didn't find myself bored by the plot, not even once. Alex is the perfect main character and I was rooting for him from the start.
All the battle scenes were written very good, I could see them perfectly in my head. The ending left me wanting more, so I really hope there will be sequel!
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on 2 October 2014
If you're looking for an epic sci-fantasy adventure, then look no further than "Salvation"!

Excitement, violence, gore are all in abundance, but liberally sprinkled with an exploration of human nature - the good and the bad.

A.M.C. has written a book with all the qualities needed for it to become a classic of our time.

Due to the language and violence, I wouldn't recommend this book for younger readers, or for those who are squeamish! For anyone else, this should go on your "MUST READ" list right now!!
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on 6 July 2015
I am up to Chapter Four and really struggling with it. The story is good enough but the editing and grammar is appalling and the use of capital letters just plain weird. Worst is the use of italic for speech, which all know is for thoughts. Let me know if you need a proof-reader in future, happy to help.
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