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Sailor Moon: Season 2 [DVD] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]

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  • Language: English, French
  • Number of discs: 8
  • Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (1 customer review)
  • ASIN: B0000APVFU
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I have seen almost the entire series of Sailor Moon (nearly finished Stars) in Japanese uncut and so far I think R is my favourite season. I love all the seasons but this one is always the one I seem to look forward to watching the most, even though a lot of fans disagree.
This season has two arcs, the first one being the Doom Tree arc and the second and longest arc being the arc with the Black Moon Family.
The Doom Tree arc involves the Sailor Senshi regaining their memories after they lost them when they were reincarnated at the end of season one because of new enemies, the cardians which are being used to drain enegry by the two aliens Ali and En for their life source the Doom Tree.
The Black Moon Family arc goes into detail of the future lives of Sailor Moon and the senshi as well as the story of the Black Moon Family. It introduces new characters Sailor Pluto and Chibi-Usa as well as the new villains: first of all there are the four sisters Koan, Beruche, Calaveras and Petz as well as Rubeus who Koan falls in love with. The Wiseman is also introduced, and it is him who is in control of the Black Moon Family and is manipulating them without them realising. The rest of the family are Emeraude, Saphir and his brother Prince Demando who is in love with Sailor Moon.
The reasons I love this season so much are that I love the villains and the way they develop throughout the season, the storylines involving the future, the new transformations and attacks, the final battle, the songs especially my favourite song La Soldier played at the final battle, background music, the storyline between Usagi and Mamoru breaking up, the prologue to the third season, Sailor Moon S, at the end and most of all the memories of the first time I saw it on Fox Kids a few years ago :P (it's taken since then for me to see it uncut and finally see the rest of the series, since Fox Kids didn't show S)
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Amazon.com: 4.2 out of 5 stars 81 reviews
68 of 70 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A MUST HAVE FOR DIE HARD FANS!! 28 Dec. 2004
By Amazon Customer - Published on Amazon.com
Sailor Moon season 2 is a must buy. While i admit it does show its age...but you have to keep in mind that these episodes were made back in 1993 so some aging is to be expected.

In this sereis you get to see all that DIC left out in their attempt to kiddie sailor moon which was originally created for a teenage audience. I was very surprised when i discovered that DIC actually did not leave out any episodes in this season like they did in the previous....so you get the season as you saw it on Toonami, but uncut, and unkiddied. I was only disapointed to find that none of the seasons are bi-lingual so you cant make-fun of DIC anymore for its butchering of sailor moon. Luckily i dont mind subtitles and i LOVE the japanese voices which are very cute, especially Ami-chan's.

As in the season one set you will find no special features, but as there are 42 episodes to watch, you will be more than satisfied with that.

And for those who wish to know, runnig time is 450 minutes in Japanese 2.0 with english subtitles (as i mention above this is NOT bi-lingual) and the suggested rating is 15+ for some violence and nudity i believe and some language.

This is a season all fans will be sure to enjoy....dont miss out....they are only goind to make so many copies so hurry and get yours today before you miss out and are stuck with the DIC dubbed versions on VHS.
15 of 16 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars This is a great set. 19 Aug. 2004
By Greg Kyhn (kyhn@telusplanet.net) - Published on Amazon.com
Despite the price tag, this is a wonderful set to own.

If you have only seen the english dubs before now, trust me this is vastly superior. It tells the whole story behind these wonderful characters.

The rating for this is 13+, this is a bit high in my opinion. I think you could show these to a younger child without problems, but it is best left to the parent's discrecion.

My only problem with the set I have is the audio quality in some disks. They sound as though someone was running a lawnmower in the recording studio at the time.

Other than that, it was a joy to watch.
15 of 17 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Sailor Moon R (continued) 21 May 2004
By Kamirine - Published on Amazon.com
Episode List:
((The titles in () are the English names of these episodes for those of you who've seen the American episodes or those of you who've never seen either one but may be interested in the dubbed verison. Any episdoe with this * is an episode I personally recommend.))
47. Moon Revives! The Mysterious Alien Appears
(The Return of Sailor Moon)
48. For the Cause of Love and Justice! The Sailor Senshi Revive (So You Want to Be in Pictures?)
49. Who is the White Rose for? Tsukikage no Knight Appears
(A Knight to Remember)
50. Usagi in Danger! Disabled Tiara
(VR Madness)
*51. Renewed Transformation, Usagi's Power Up
(Cherry Blossom Time)
52. Targeted Children! Venus in Action
(Kindergarten Chaos) (In this English version, I love the part where Mina goes "VENUS!!" when she's really upset.)
53. Mamoru and Usagi's Babysitter Mayhem
(Much Ado About Babysitting)
54. The Cultural Festival Just for Me!? Queen Rei Sings All Out (Raye's Day in the Spotlight)
55. Is Seijuro the Moon Shadow!? Mako-chans Firing Up
(Food Fetish)
*56. Steal Mamoru's Kiss! Ann's Snow White Strategy
(Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall)
57. Beware of After School! The Target Usagi
(Detention Doldrums)
58. The Disagreeing Feeling of Love! The Mikaiju's Anger
(Secret Garden)
*59. The True Love Awakens! The Makaiju's Secret
60. Angel? Devil? The Mysterious Girl Who Fell from the Sky (Serena Times Two)
*61. Usagi's Big Shock! Mamoru Announces that He is Breaking Up (The Cosmic Caper)
62. The Friendship of the Senshi! Goodbye Ami-chan
(Mercury Moving On?)
63. Girls Should Be Strong and Beautiful! Rei's New Attack
(Gramps in a Pickle)
64. After the Silver Crystal! Chibiusa's Secret
(Trouble Comes Thundering Down)
65. Dispute About Love! Makoto and Minako's Argument
(A Charmed Life)
66. Usagi's Parenthood? The Curry Triangle Relationship
(A Curried Favor)
67. Ocean, Island, Vacation! Senshi's Day Off
(missing episode)
*Already explained.
*68. Protect Chibiusa! The Fierce Battle Between the 10 Warriors
(Naughty and Nice)
*69. Awaken the Sleeping Beauty! Mamoru's Distress
(Prediction of Doom)
*70. Confronting the Flame of Love! Mars vs. Cooan
(Enemies No More)
*71. For Friendship! Ami and Beruche Clash
(Check Mate)
72. Rubeus' Emergancy! The Loss Of 4 Sisters
(Sibling Rivalry)
73. Rubeus' UFO Appears! The Sailor Senshi Taken Hostage
(Rubeus Evens the Score)
74. Go and Beat Up Rubeus! A Battle in Space
(Rubeus Strikes Out)
*75. A Mysterious New Soldier! Sailor Pluto Appears
The Secret of the Luna Sphere
*76. Power of the Evils, Invation by Esmerado
(Emerald Takes Over) (One of the funniest episodes of this season, English dubbed or orginial.)
*77. The Thoughts are the Same! Usagi and Mamoru in Love Again (Promises Fulfilled) (I'm not a big Usagi/Mamoru fan but I definatly loved this one.)
*78. Venus-Minako's Nurse Mayhem
(No Thanks, Nurse Venus)
79. The Adventures of Artemis! The Evil Animal Kingdom
(Dog Day for Artemis)
*80. The Illusion of Terror. Lone Ami
(Lonely Amy)
*81. The Dark Gate Opens? Grade School Targeted!
(Child's Play)
82. Journey to the Future. Battle in the Corridor of Time
(Future Shocked)
**83. Battle in the Future! Demondo's Ambition!
(Legend of the Negamoon) (My second favoirte episode of the season. I just love the episodes when we go back into the past...)
84. Wiseman's Dark Hand. Destroy Chibiusa!
(Jealousy's Just Reward)
*85. Queen of Darkness! The Birth of the Black Lady
(The Birth of Wicked Lady) (Who saw THAT coming...;op )
***86. Death of Safiel! Wiseman's Trap!
(Brotherly Love) (And this is my favorite episode of the season. It was sad and very touching and I definatly recommend this one.)
87. Believe in Love and the Future! Usagi's Will Power
(Diamond in the Rough)
88. The Last Battle Between Light and Dark! Vow to Tomarrow's Love
(Final Battle)
89. Usagi's Final Desision! Prologue to a New Battle
(Follow the Leader) (This episode was really more of a highlight of the past two seasons and a preview for Sailor Moon S. It was actually very awsome because it showed a lot of clips that were cut from the orginal (if you watched the dubbed version).)
It definatly could be better but if you can adjust your tv, you should be fine. But then if you have the 1st season box set, then it really isn't a big surprise and you get used to it. However I will admit: I expected it to be better. But then it was recorded in mono, and I believe only the last season, Stars, was recorded in sterio orginally.
Still shakey and still rather annoying, even it it did do that in the first box set.
Box Art:
Beautiful, better than the 1st seasons.
That comes the with sound argument. If you can hear it clearly,the music it's often pretty and most of the song rocks.
::laughs:: What extras? They REALLY should have had more than ADV promos...
Overall review:
This is a very great season and a must have for all fans of the series. Yes it has minor flaws and even a missing episode but trust me, its worth buying with them. Even though the second season isn't my favorite (as the orginal is will alwasy be my fav.) its still very much worth buying and great start. And for those of you who have seen the dubbed verisons (the cut english by dic) than I must INSIST that you buy it. You won't be sorry.
Worth the Money:
The biggest question of them all. Honestly, I would definatly say its worth the money, but I would advise you trying to find it less in Amazon market place if you (and probably) can.
Hope I helped.
10 of 11 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Pretty Soldier Sailormoon R, For the Fans... 29 Sept. 2003
By C. Sunday - Published on Amazon.com
Ok, Here is the scoop! Yes, The quality of the Sailormoon R set is as bad as the first season set is. Yes, they skipped episode 67. While the episode is cute. It really has nothing to do with the plot of the story. So your not missing anything. Now back to the quality of the video and audio. There is in one episode that the audio seemed to have degraded to badly for use. So they used part of the dubbed episode to replace it. The clip is of them laughing. So to some it's not a big deal. Anyway,for the reason for the bad quality for the episodes? The blame could be placed on DiC. Some believe that ADV got their masters from them. Of course some say it's Tieo's fault for not giving ADV better masters since the Region 2 set for Sailormoon season One has crisp video and audio. So why did we get stuck with bad masters? Unsure, ADV has yet to comment on the issue. But, if some of you are holding out thinking ADV might release a updated version or remastered set. think again. ADV did go through hell in just getting the licenses to make a subtitled set. I don't think ADV will try to get a better copy since Tieo will not cooperate with them. But, Again we are unsre of the situation regarding the situation. But if you really do want to see Sailor Moon in it's original form regardless of the problems. Then please buy the set! It is worth it to see the story the way it's meant to be seen! Despite the problems plaguing the set.
8 of 9 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Worth its weight in gold 14 Sept. 2003
By Cameron Dimez - Published on Amazon.com
Finally, ADV Films has taken the time to subtitle the second (And Best season in my opinion) season of Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon. Yes, I will add, it does NOT contain Episode 67, but that was a filler, with no plot, no action, and definitly NO mention of the Black Moon family at all. So please, stop this complaint! There's nothing wrong with the set without this episode. In my opinion, I think it's better without this episode. For people that haven't seen it, your NOT missing out on anything! It's a really lame episode about when Rei goes to an island to relax, and the rest of the Sailor Senshi join her. Chibi-Usa tastes Makoto's fish, and realizes, she doesn't like it. She finds a dinosaur, and they become friends. Pretty lame... On either September 16th, or 23rd, I'll buy this set, and post my review not long after i watch all 41 episodes. The audio quality should be slightly better, as well as the video. For the first season, like I said, you just need to adjust your T.V., and the Video Quality to "Personal-Animation" Quality, of you have a Philips TV.

UPDATES: Dec. 24th 2003

Packaging: A+
Content: A
Subtitling: B
Video: B
Audio: B
Durability: B+
Inserts: A-
Disc Quality: A+
Extra's: D+
Translations: B-

Finally I was able to write a review! I've been busy with schoolwork, and I just got out of a messy love-traingle. Let's start out with the good stuff. I LOVE the packaging! A huge improvment from the Season One boxset. The two seperate cases have a BEAUTIFUL image of Neo-Queen Serenity and the other has a picture of Sailor Moon using Moon Princess Halation. I really like the whole SailormoonR season. The Audio and Video quality is again an inprovment! The audio is clear, as the video is wonderful. The colors are so rich. And now for the bad stuff... First off, I have to say the translations. Why on earth did they use dub terms like "Moon Scepter" and "Moon Princess Elimanation". The spelling like Koan instaed of Cooan is tollerable, yes, but it does get confusing when I don't know who Betirucher is. It can be confusing at times. They refrian from the actual expressions used. It doesn't bother me, but it's weird when someone says "darn you" when you know what they're saying, whether you speak Japanese or not. Well, the extra's are nothing to brag about... because there is none except for ADV trailers.
Overall, his set is HIGHLY reccomended! The subtitling track could use some work, but other than that its wonderful!
MPAA: TV-14 on International Channel
My Rating: 14+
ADV Rating: 15+ for: Violent Images, Brief Nudity, and Strong thematic elements including mild sexuallity and language

(Update: The new Geneon Sailor Moon products say there is sexuallity in Sailor Moon. On the Sailor Moon S Movie, it says "Rated 13 for Mild Violence and Sexuality, Scary Moments" What about the nudity and language... huh?)
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