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on 4 March 2016
Be warned, should this machine break out out warranty, sage do not offer a repair service, so basically is scrap...better to go for a make that can offer customer service.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 22 August 2013
Style Name: Mixer Only|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I'm a fan of baking, it's something I do a lot, and I wanted to upgrade from my old mixer to something more powerful with more modern functionality. I've been using the SAGE 4 slice toaster and been so impressed I decided to give the Scrape Mixer a go. It's true you're buying into a design concept alongside a famous name (Mr. Blumenthal of course) and that's why the mixer is at the high end of the price bracket but; it's also why you're buying into a piece of kit that does practically everything for you with little or no effort on your part.

Attention to detail is so great there are functions here I'd never considered for example; the 'scraper beater' which can reduce mixing time by up to 60% and the 'load sensing technology' which automatically adjusts the speed for certain mixes. Personally, because I'm a home baker and not working in a professional kitchen, the smaller attention to detail gives me the most pleasure for example; the handle on the mixing bowl which allows me to carry wet mixes safely around the kitchen.

I've put the mixer to good use, I'm updating this review after more than four months, and have found mixing cake batter with the scraper beater continually produces a smoother result and takes less time. The Manufacturer recommends the appliance for all manner of recipes from cake, biscuit, pastry, batter, icing/frosting and pancakes/thin batter. Makes divine cup cakes and the frosting is so smooth and fine it almost melts in the mouth. The 1000w motor isn't the most powerful but it certainly does the trick.

I'm now confident enough to use the timer which means I can walk away from my baking and leave the mixer to 'do it's own thing' and it does it very efficiently.

The Scraper Mixer is a comforting, heavy build that doesn't slide around the work surface and has an internal cord storage that prevents the electric cable from getting snagged on the work surface. First appearances are extremely good and I doubt there's a kitchen this stripped down, minimalist, gleaming stainless steel machine won't compliment. That might sound trivial but, let's be honest, when you're buying into a designer range looks are important.

Couldn't be easier to use and assembly is foolproof. If you're stuck there's a user guide and SAGE have a great website where you can pick up no end of hints, tips and recipes.

Repair or Replacement Warranty: 2 Year plus 5 Year Motor Repair Warranty.

I wouldn't want to part with this appliance now I'm used to it and my old mixer is currently residing at the back of a kitchen cupboard. That's the best, most honest, recommendation I can give and any reserves I had about the celebrity chef endorsement have long gone.

Any negatives? Only that it's difficult to add fruit, peel, nuts, etc. when you're using the scraper beater because it almost fills the bowl. You have to stop the mix, lift the top, throw in the extra ingredients and then re-start the mix. Only a minor niggle but it's worth a mention.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 7 September 2013
Style Name: Mixer Only|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Ok, one thing out of the way straight off; as one other reviewer has said, I don't see how this is "BY Heston Blumenthal". It seems to be no more than an already released Breville product, but for UK release has an endorsement, and Ive looked high and low - all I can find that ties Heston to this mixer is that he uses it. (Lets be frank, if HE had anything to do with its design, it would include some crazy creative feature like using lasers to break down egg white or something - this is a mixer pure and simple, albeit a very good one); sooo... Not sure they should really be claiming much more than that... but whatever - The mixer:

Design: Stunning. Very contemporary, very beautiful, and in the kitchen is simultaneously discrete and a centrepiece. It has really clever aesthetics on that part. Ergonomically its extremely tactile AND an important thing for me - incredibly easy to keep clean. My last mixer was a swine for that with so many nooks!
Its a hefty, heavy - but easily manipulated - machine, so feels secure despite not having sucker-feet like some do. When connected up and in use, it has a lovely stable motion - but the body stays stationary on your worktop - no migrating!
The controls are nice and simple; a push button hood release and handles to help lift securely; a timer that counts up or down (so you can either mix for a specific time, or set it to mix for X seconds/ minutes, walk off and prepare something, and the mixer will switch itself off after the countdown has passed; fantastic idea). Finally, the power dial is literally that - a simple and easy to use dial; no fiddly settings or sequences; just dial up to the power level you want; and this is beautifully and cleverly indicated with a light bar that identifies the optimum power for whipping, beating, kneading etc.

In use: Almost excellent, but flawed. The heads are attached with an easy bayonet style fitting, the bowl a simple twist action. The "splash guard" however is ridiculous - it sits on top of the bowl with no secure attachment, isn't remotely splash proof, rattles about in use - and is basically completely ineffectual at its purpose. I was honestly shocked it was like this when the rest of the unit is almost perfect. To give you context; this unit is in excess of £340 and has this awful guard; I had one mixer that was less than £50 and the guard was integrated into the hood, meaning that dry products didn't whumph into the air and wet products didn't splash across your surfaces. With this one, you may as well use it without the guard, because ALL it does is make adding ingredients more fiddly and create an extra thing to wash up.
In addition, the scraper blade is only SO good - what happens with this one, instead of a coating of unmixed batter around the surface of the bowl, it seems to migrate some of the batter above the reach of the blade, so you end up with a halo instead. So you still need to stop, scrape, continue - though admittedly less often.

In all fairness though, despite the scraper-blade not ending the need to faff, the mixes are great; batters are faster to make and are definitely more integrated.
Ive used it to make buttercream icing (excellent), beat egg white (perfect), make bread dough (again, perfect) and shortbread (also excellent) - where it nails every other mixer Ive had though is cake and cupcake batter - my cakes are unquestionably lighter and fluffier, so Im very impressed.

Why not 5 stars? Well apart from the issue with the splash guard and semi-magnificent scraper blade, my main grouse is that at the same price point as kitchenaid, there are NO options to upgrade this machine. Kitchenaids allow you to add on mincers, ice cream makers, and a whole manner of other contraptions - as well as upgrading your bowls and beaters. This doesn't even seem to have readily available extra bowls. And having used one in the past, I cant honestly say there is much in the difference of performance.
Its for the latter consideration alone that I would suggest that IF youre looking for JUST a cake mixer, this could give kitchenaid a very good run for its money and I certainly wouldn't discount it; but if youre throwing down that amount of cash and might be the kind of person to look at expanding - or even just prefer the design - definitely opt for the kitchenaid.
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on 21 February 2015
Only had it a few days but already love it! Road tested bread dough, chocolate cake, chocolate fudge frosting and mashed potatoes straight out of the box and it performed each task with beauty and grace! The bread dough was perfect no need to continually stop n detach it just worked with ease start to finish. Had originally bought a kenwood prospero in hope of saving a few pounds and some worktop space but it was very poor at its job as a mixer so was swiftly returned. This however is definitely worth the sacrifice of space. Easy to use and handle. The only gripe is the plastic splash guard but to be fair I think ALL mixer splash guards are a bit of a pain so certainly not worth dropping a star as I'm sure in time I'll get used to it. Will update this in a few months to see if I'm still in love with this mixer. But so far so good
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on 22 May 2014
Bough this last week having been so impressed with the Sage Kitchen Wizz Pro I'd purchased a couple of days earlier and having read the Amazon reviews for this this mixer decided to try it.

Result? Well pretty much inline with all the other reviews really the construction is excellent, easy to clean , looks great and the scraper system really works.

Minor gripe; as mentioned by others the splash guard isn't quite the same build quality as the rest of the unit but it .I'm really being picky. So all in all well worth the 5 stars awarded.

As an aside 2 weeks ago I'd never heard of Sage, I now have their Scraper Mixer Pro, Kitchen Wizz Pro, Smart Toaster and Slow Cooker. Oh and an empty bank account.

The company (Australian I believe) is really doing something right!

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on 18 March 2016
I carried out a lot of research before I bought. Some reports were unbiased, others were obviously sponsored - beware!

The Sage is working perfectly - with bread dough and cakes. The mixer isn't at all noisy and doesn't overheat under load. I have made a Rye loaf which is a good test of some hard mixing. The Sage handled it perfectly/ The cakes are so light.

The timer used as count down worked superbly, shutting off the mixing when it needed to. Count up also is very useful.

All my comments are positive for this mixer, and the cost was right for me. I would not pay £450 for a mixer when a superior model exists at £270
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 20 August 2013
Style Name: Mixer Only|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The stand mixer is very much the must have appliance in the kitchen at the moment. A lot of my friends have the ubiquitous KitchenAid model, including one in bright pink, that seem to be the aspirational mixer for those addicted to the 'Great British Bake Off' and the like. I have to admit to enjoying a bit of baking myself, finding it quite relaxing and not a little rewarding thanks to the end products (often involving chocolate...). As such I was very excited to be offered this new Sage model for review, having bought a cheaper Andrew James model some time ago. I was certainly keen to put the two up against each other to see if the nearly £300 price difference really was worth it. Sage are a new brand to me, and to most I suspect, but should get some notice thanks to the involvement of Heston Blumenthal. More on him and the tie in later...

On opening the Sage I was very impressed with the quality of the build. It is made of stainless steel and it feels like a quality item. I found assembly very easy and it sits nicely in my kitchen where my previous mixer once stood. Looking quite a bit more impressive I have to say, most of that thanks to the fancy LED timer and speed setting on the side and the nice clean lines of the design. There are some nice little touches such as the handle on the bowl. My previous stand mixer didn't have that and actually it really does help to be able to use the handle to carry the mix across the kitchen to the cake tins and pour in.

The motor is of a decent power. 1000w is not the biggest out there, and less than my current model, but how it uses that power seems more effective. The time to mix really impressive cake batter was definitely quicker, largely I think thanks to the scraper making sure all the ingredients were being mixed, and the scraper was more effective at making sure the mix was even. The plastic edging on it is a great touch and can really see where it makes the difference. I admit I haven't tried it on bread as I don't make it but given the ease with which it dealt with a fruit cake mix I think it should cope admirably. A note at this point should also go to the helpful tips and hints that come with the mixer. They really are quite interesting and helpful. And as I mentioned earlier, the involvement of Mr Blumenthal means you can find some nice little videos on the Sage website explaining things like how over mixing cake batter can be as fatal as under mixing. Interesting and to be honest I do believe these thoughts have made it into the final machine as my cake mix is definitely lighter and fluffier than previously. Not that they were terrible before mind you...

Weight wise it is a good weight but not impossible to carry around. The handles on the machine itself, like on the mixing bowl, really help in this. Not that I find myself moving this around much to be honest as I like it being on display :-).

The timer isn't just pretty either. Very easy to set and use. It really does allow a bit more flexibility whilst baking as you can leave it to do it's thing, knowing the scraper is getting all the mix right and that the timer will get the results you need. Was a bit of a revelation the first time but now having done several test bakes (much to the joy of my work colleagues) I feel confident leaving it alone whilst I do other things. Noise levels are also good, only on top setting was it competing with the radio.

Downsides are few. When in operation it can be a bit tricky adding ingredients into the mixing bowl. There isn't much room around the sides so chucking bits and bobs into a fruit cake, for example, really means pausing the mix for a bit and then lifting the arm to add bits in.

The other downside I have is price. Now the Sage is definitely a better stand mixer than my Andrew James, but is it nearly £300 better? Not in my opinion. I guess a lot of this will come down to how often will you use this. If it is every week then investing in a top line piece of kit like the Sage is probably worth it. Not least because from my impressions of build quality it feels a more solid beast and the stainless steel finish is superior. Of course only time will tell on if that proves to be the case.

In conclusion I do really rate this mixer. The collaboration of Sage and Blumenthal, if we give the benefit of doubt and believe Heston was actively involved in the design, seems to have worked to produce a modern and very effective mixer. The price is quite high though. It really is in KitchenAid territory so I would recommend trying one of those out before deciding. From what I have seen the performance and quality are comparable so I guess some of it will come down to design. This is definitely a more modern take on the stand mixer. I admit I was torn between 4 and 5 stars on the basis of the price, but I have to be generous because for many avid home bakers the quality and performance of this mixer will be worth the price.
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on 22 November 2013
I had a choice of buying one of these or the Kitchenaid equivalent. For sure, Kitchenaid has more add-on accessories, but as I already have an ice-cream maker, pasta machine and meat grinder I wasn't really bothered about the add-on accessories. Although I see that Sage now produce a "freeze & mix" bowl acccesory for making ice cream and gelato.

The mixer is very-well made and really looks the part. Fortunately I have enough space for it to sit permanently on a work surface and I think that having to lift this out of a cupboard every time I wanted to use it would become rather cumbersome.

It comes with a balloon whisk, a dough hook, a regular paddle and a scraper paddle which is a bit like the regular one with a rubber windscreen wiper around the edge. I'd say the scraper is fairly effective but as noted in a previous review sometimes you get a "halo" of mix around the bowl above the scraper. It's easily resolved using the spatula supplied but I've found that when using a lower starting speed when mixing before getting to the desired speed the halo effect does not happen anyway.

The controls are dead simple - a single dial with a set of leds that correspond to the correct speed for kneading, mixing, whipping etc. Having a timer is great as well - it really works well. Just add your ingredients, set the timer and come back when its done.

A word about the spatula. It's made from silicone and does a great job because it's curved to exactly fit the contour of the mixing bowl. The problem is that it is not in any way heat resistant. When I tried to use it to ease a loaf out of a baking tin it melted and it's not obvious from the sage website that a spare is available. Agreed I shouldn't have used it for that but worth noting.

All in all I think it's a very good quality product and would recommend 100%.
Whether you buy one of these instead of a Kitchenaid will depend on personal taste and how important the add-ons are to you.
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on 1 March 2014
In the few days since it arrived I have made 3 different recipes and used all of the attachments, It combined flour and butter into bread crumb texture in a couple of minutes, whipped cream, whisked egg white, beat batter and genuinely impressed me with its performance, what is spectacular though is the creaming of sugar and butter, it really does get the whole of the bowl and doesnt leave a layer of butter spread out around the bowl like its competitors, I only scraped the bowl once - fantastic!

It is much less noisy than my old hand mixer and in our open plan house noone is complaining, I am also really impressed with the speed it mixes with too.

I am so delighted with this mixer.
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on 29 March 2015
First class mixer. We bought this for ourselves for Christmas mainly for bread making as we're having varied results with a bread maker. We looked at the kitchen aid but thought it was over priced for the size of motor and you were paying for the looks. The sages dough hook works well with the only down side being you are limited to a 400g loaf. Where we were really impressed though was with the cake making. I've been making Victoria sponges that are so light friends are taken back and think I've bought them. We've also used the mixer for making chapatis and onion bhajii mixes, French bread etc all of them great. If it could do a 500g dough it would be perfect. Probably 4.5 stars.
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