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Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars

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on 28 February 1998
The beginning of this book was dull and was dull until they finally hit the iceberg. Even when it did hit the iceberg it seemed like nothing happened. I didn't like the main character and I didn't quite get what happened when there was a wave or something. Anyways the characters in the book predict the sinking to much. It seemed like Barry went back in time or something cause he knew it would sink! The people on the Titanic didn't think it would sink! Get a little more realistic!
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on 29 September 1998
SOS TITANIC is about a boy named Barry.He is going to go see his parents in New York.Barry and a man named Scollins board the Titanic on April 12,1912.He met a man named Howard and he told him that a shipon it's maiden voyage hit an iceburg.He also told Barry and Scollins that the ship didn't have enough like the RMS Titanic.Four days or 3 past the Titanic hit an iceburg over half of the people died most of them froze to death.The ocean liner Carpathia picked up the survivors.
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on 22 July 1999
I don't recommend this book to anyone, because it is boring and has too many side distractions. We don't need to know about a room stewards life. "It's a caul. I was born in it. A child born in a caul will have the gift and the curse of seeing what you cannot."Also, the ship will finally sink half way trough the book. "My gosh! Look at the iceberg... way behind us. Hurry ! Quick, it's drifting away." This book is way too long.
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on 21 January 1999
As Barry reached the Queenstown quay, he said his final good-byes to his grandmother and grandpop. He was off to New York to see his parents. While on the ship he encountered many rough times. He met up with his worst enemies Jonnie and Frank Flynn, and was sent to the medical room for stiches. One night, Barry met Jonnie and Frank Flynn's sister Pegeen. While they sat outside talking in the artic weather, they heard a loud crunch and saw dozens of small ice cubes spill out onto the deck. What happened? Was it an iceberg?, they both thought. Now they both knew that the Titanic was unsinkable so absolutely no worries crossed their minds. A while later Barry noticed that the propellors had stopped and the boat was at a slight tilt. Soon, he was awoken by Watley their steward. He told them to dress in warm clothing and put on their life belts. He made sure they knew that this was only a practice drill but Barry seemed to notice the mysterious look in Watley's eyes. Barry now understood this was not a drill and that this was real! Would he make it to the life boats on time? Would he survive the cold water or not? These were only a few of the many questions running through the fifteen year-old Barry's mind.
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on 10 June 1999
I loved this book for many different reasons. What I most liked about is it wasn't all about the sinking of the titanic. It tells about if you were acually on the titanic what it would be like. The only thing is most it is fiction. There was no person named Barry, or the Flynn boys. What I also liked is how you could thell where everyone was. The writer didn't tell about one person at a time and leave everyone else hanging in space. I wouldn't sugest this book to people who are trying to find the history of the Titanic. Over all it was a very good book with a lot of twists and turns and you can acually fell like you were on the titanic. Like I said, if you are trying to find the history do not read this book, but if you are into adolesent drama and want to know what it felt like to acually be on the titanic, this book is for you.
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on 20 January 1999
S.O.S Titanic is a story of love and of hate. It all begins when Barry a young boy boards the unsinkable ship called " the Titanic". Barry a first class passenger notices a friend named Pegeen who is on thrid class or steerage. During the corse of the trip Barry falls in love with her. Every night he goes and watches them from above. One night while Barry is watching his glove that his granpa had given him before he left fell down to steerage. Barry went to go save and got beaten up by the Flynn boys. Once Barry gets back up to first class he notices the black and blue mark on his face. What would he tell the others when he woke up, and what would happen next to find out more read S.O.S Titanic by Eve Bunting.
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on 7 May 1998
The story is about a boy named Barry who is traveling on the Titanic to meet his parents in America. Also on the ship are his rivals the Flynns who are in steerage class. Barry is concerned about the Flynns when iceberg warnings start popping up. He is worried about the Flynns because he is in first class and they aren't. How can he help them when the ship hits an iceberg and starts to sink? Will he go down to steerage and try to save them? Or will he just leave them there? This was an overall pretty good book if you are caught up in all of the Titanic stuff everywhere. I liked the book because I love the story of Titanic.
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on 22 March 1998
This is, like, the best book that I've ever read. Barry O'Neill, a 15-year-old who is in first class, is going to meet his parents for the first time in New York, where the Titanic is docking. He has been staying with his grandparent in a small town of Ireland. Also, the Flynn brothers and their sister Peegan who are in steerage, are on the ship. The Flynn brothers caused great mischieve back in their hometown, effecting in them getting kicked out of the towm. On that memorable night, Barry realizes his true feelings about Pegeen and everyone else.
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on 22 November 1997
SOS Titanic is an excellent book for readers who like historical fiction! This is a story about real events made into one boy's point of view. This book teaches you never to give up hope, and a soulution is right around the corner. It also tells yoou to love the ones you hate, a situation that Barry faces on his extrodinary adventure. This is for readers who don't like easy reading or a real tuffy either. I give this book by Eve Bunting two thumbs up! So go by your local bookstore and read it today! By Ashleigh and Sara
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on 25 October 1998
Even though you know what happens in the end (the ship sinks, duhhhh), the book still keeps you into the Titanic, from beginning to end. This book had an excellent description of events, the setting aboard the RMS Titanic was described wonderfully, and the author did a great job of bringing in the "human element," meaning the stories of some of the passengers. I liked how Eve Bunting described the sinking. She acted as if she was actually aboard the Titanic. Mr. Tafel, this review goes out to you!
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