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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation 3|Change
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on 2 June 2010
"Resonance of Fate" slipped out right after "Final Fantasy 13" without a lot of fanfare, which is a shame as there is a risk of it slipping under the radar and disappearing into bargain-bin hell. Plus it's also pretty good.

The game is set in a future world where everybody lives in a tall metal tower due to the earth having become uninhabitable for some reason, and you play as a team of three youngsters called Leanne, Zephyr and Vashyron (just the usual names for teenagers of course!), who start the game as guns for hire, taking on missions to mend broken bridges or deal with rebel bandits causing trouble around the tower. Things start slowly as you explore the locations and fight various gangsters and goblins, but right from the start the battle system really shines.

Well I should say it does not shine immediately, because with no in-game tutorial, your first battles are going to be an exercise in bewilderment as it's impossible to fathom them out unaided. Luckily you are told that there is a battle arena near town where you can practise, and in here is a tutorial (thank god!), so I headed here as soon as I knew where it was.

The game's appeal rests solely on the battle system, so it's important you know what it is all about. You have the same three characters throughout the whole game, and random battles see you face up against enemies of all sorts. The simplest thing to do is run around the battle field and fire at an enemy of your choice with your gun (it's all about guns in this game). First thing to know is that there are two types of firearms available: Machine guns, which cause very heavy damage but it's only temporary and recovers over time, and handguns, which cause very light damage, but turn any amount of temporary damage permanent as soon as they hit. So the idea is that you share out the types of guns, so (say) Leanne will fire a whole load of machine gun fire at an enemy and then Zephyr will go straight after her with his handgun, and convert that damage to permanent before it wears off. You can also hold your aim on an enemy while the gun powers up, which is a balance between waiting for the gun to charge up and firing before the enemy attacks, as any attack will make you lose all of your charge-up...and you only get one shot per turn. Got that part? Good, because there's a lot more, and if this is all you do, the game will get very boring quite fast.

The real fun of the battles comes from using Hero Actions. Put simply, at the start of every action you have a limited number of orange gems on a guage. For the cost of one gem, you can do a charge across the entire length (or width) of the screen, and while you do this mad dash you can fire at the enemies as many times as you like before you come to a stop. It's great fun and of course can cause loads of damage, which is why it's not free to do - and you start the game with a very limited number of gems - three, I think, but you (very gradually) earn more throughout the game. You have to use these gems wisely, as if you spend all three doing these Hero Runs, you will go into panic mode, which almost always leads to a Game Over as you basically can't do anything. So you have to make sure each gem you spend is worth it. If you cause enough damage on a Hero Run or cause any part of the enemy (armour, usually) to break off, you earn a gem back, so you can see how strategic play is required to get lots of running in without running out of gems.

This in itself is fun enough, but the true play experience of "Resonance of Fate" really comes from the Tri-Attack. This attack can only occur after you have done a succession of Hero Runs, during which time the characters have crossed paths at least once and have ended up in a vaguely triangular formation. Once you have a few successful runs in the bank you can unleash the Tri-Attack, which sees all three characters start running AT THE SAME TIME, all ready to fire at the enemy when you give the command. The camera starts weaving wildly across the screen as the characters leap and spin across the terrain (you can make them jump), firing and spinning through the air and shouting heroic cries like "Now you're gonna get it!" and so on. It all looks fantastic, and I never tired of it, in fact as soon as I got the hang of it I used Tri-Attacks in every single battle. It takes a lot of concentraion to plan each one, as you have to make sure your characters are well positioned on the ground so that they can all target the enemy, and they can all run without bashing into any walls or obstacles (the terrain often has things like ramps and pillars all over the place), which will end the run for whoever comes a cropper.

Trust me, if you learn this battle system you will derive hours of fun from this game. Which is good because "Resonance of Fate" has no plot! I'm not kidding, to me it just seemed like I got given missions and targets to achieve and I just went around doing them, without any reason or motive other than being paid. The so-called story seems to revolve around the higher classes of the tower experimenting with the mortality of the regular inhabitants, but this is very hard to figure out. Most if the time the cast just mumble pondeorus phrases like "What have I done?" or "Why am I still alive? It would be better if I was dead!" and all that type of thing, few of which ever make sense. So do not play this game for the story!

It's also not an easy game but to be honest, this is probably going to be because gamers are not using the Tri-Attack properly, and if you master this, you will win pretty much everything. Some bosses ramp up the challenge quite significantly, especially when they can only be damaged from one angle, so aiming Hero Runs in the right direction (so you can fire at their backs before they turn round, for example) becomes paramount.

Apart from the battles, there is also the fun of powering up the guns. Instead of finding new weapons, you buy or find attachemnts for the ones you have throughout the game, and upgrading a gun becomes a mini-game, as you are required to fit all the additional barrels, bullet clips and sights onto the gun by means of a 2D grid diagram, which means arranging as many as you can on the grid and leaving as few unfilled spaces as possible (all the attachments are a different shape). Hours of geeky fun!

And finally, you also have another mini-game in the world map, which you can only traverse by laying down tiles side by side to "fill in" the empty map. The tiles are shaped like jigsaw peices so you have to have enough of all the different shapes in order to successfully fill up entire floors of the tower, so this in itself is another fun part to play with.

So to finish, you should absolutely buy this game and experience the very dynamic battle system. You might enjoy getting to know the three characters (you can even dress them up!), but don't expect to get too attached as the story is so vague that I finished the game without a clue what had happened. I just know that I won - Hooray! And a lot of fun it was too.
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on 2 May 2010
Resonance of Fate is a game that will probably not receive too much attention, due to it's release so close to Final Fantasy XIII. But make no mistake, RoS is a stellar RPG, doing things very differently, and very well. To sum it up in a few words, imagine Valkyrie Profile mixed with Valkyria Chronicles and you've got a good idea of how the combat in this game works. And you will see a lot of combat in this game. It's fun but can be hard to grasp at first. When you get into it, however, it can be barrels of fun just ploughing through a random battle.
The world map is constructed like a sort of unlockable chessboard, requiring you to place hexagonal shapes on to a grid to proceed. It is a unique way of presentation, and is also quite fun.
If you're one of those who felt that FFXIII was too easy, this game will be right up your alley. it is very challenging at times, but it never feels too unfair.
The story takes a while to pick up, but from what I have seen so far, it is full of humorous moments and witty dialogue. You can choose to hear the dialogue in Japanese, (Thank goodness) or English. I prefer Japanese, but the English dub is actually quite good as well.

Looking for a challenging RPG that does things a bit different? Look no further than Resonance of Fate.
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on 30 December 2010
After finishing FFXIII I was looking for another JRPG to play and decided to go for Resonance of Fate (AKA, End of Eternity) after all the good things I heard about it.


The reviews weren't kidding when they say you die a lot and to make matters worse, you have to pay some your hard earned money to get a second chance to fight. It's a steep learning curve; figuring out the right balance between direct damage, scratch damage, gauge breaking, Hero Actions and Tri-Attacks. It's enough to make you want to give up on the game.

However, once you figured it all out, battles are extremely satisfying to win. You might want to visit the arena and take the tutorial there when you first start playing. The system is kind of like Valkyria Chronicles in a sense that it's part action and part turn based.

Again, as others have mentioned. It's the solo battles that really become a bit on the frustrating side but fortunately, they are very rare.

After all the linear exploration in FFXIII it was good to see how much freedom this game gives you. There's a fair number of side quests which you can finish at your own pace without worrying about advancing the story by accident. You can also spend your time clearing pathways to let you explore and for those who enjoy dressing up your characters, there's a whole collection of clothes to try out. There isn't any gear to buy but there are some crazy (and I mean crazy!) custom parts you can attach to the guns the protagonists uses. Talk about big guns!


Visually the game looks no where near as beautiful as FFXIII. You'll notice a lot of repeated animation and spend most of time staring at dull dreary textures but you will get used to it eventually. The tower of Basel generally looks impressive with the lighting effects; rays of sunlight shimmering through the skies during the day and street lights glowing quietly at night.

Sound on the other hand fairs better with tracks composed by Kohei Tanaka and Motoi Sakuraba. There's quite a few memorable tracks that might make you consider the OST. Those of you who prefer the original Japanese voice acting like I do will be glad to know there is an option to switch before you start a new game although you can't switch again freely afterwards. It's also sad to see none of the in-battle dialogue are subtitled because they can prove to be very amusing - sometimes they're part of the story too.

It's your cliché Japanese character set up and the story isn't all that intricate but fortunately, you do have plenty of comedy scenarios. Again, they're scenarios that you see all time in Anime but they never get old. It's also pretty hilarious when a Tri-Attack or Hero Action goes wrong and your character bumps into something or, you just run out of bezel shards.


Resonance of Fate can be a little frustrating at times but on the whole, a very challenging but satisfying game with enough freedom to keep you busy up to 60 hours.
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on 21 November 2015
This game is one of the gems of last gen; it is a Jrpg with guns; the battle system is both turn-based and real time. You can start your turn at any time but once you move the enemy also moves shoots at you. It's a brilliant mixture, think Valkyria chronicles, not the same but kind of similar. I liked the story and graphics but one of the most interesting aspect was the characters and their interactions with many funny moments. Another brilliant feature is gun customisation where you acquire differnt gun or machine gun parts and try to defit as many strong parts in the gun plan as possible while copying with the limitations of space and part shapes. The music was also memorable. All in all, this game provides a very engaging package of fun and entertainment!
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on 29 March 2010
This is a totally new experience and is a fresh take on your traditional rpg mechanics. A few hours in and so far so good. The story telling is great and the cinematics are gorgeous and have a really charming feel about them. Battle only took a few fights to get into but you are thrown in at the deep end. Fights take place outside the world map like most rpg's and look jaw dropping. So does most of the scenery in towns as well but there is a lack of consistency. Quite a lot of the time I felt like I was playing a ps2 game! But generally this gets the thumbs up for visual style - reminds me of 'bouncer' and 'eternal sonata'. Credit goes to the composer too, this game has a truly atmospheric soundtrack. Ok, it's up against one of the biggest rpg's ever this month but just don't compare this to Final Fantasy and it becomes a genuinely fantastic game. Addictive, fast gun fights, stunning battle graphics and most of all FUN!!
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on 11 January 2014
I'm not really into games with guns (I have terrible aim in general, I prefer games where you get up close with the likes of a sword, staff or keyblade) but I really enjoy this. The graphics are phenomenal, the controls (once you get used to them) are engaging and fun to make use off. I haven't got far story wise (exams and christmas taking up time as well as completing KH1FM from 1.5) but from the scenes I have seen it intrigues me and I look forward to finding out more. The hex map itself is a bit confusing, but I like the idea of hovering over the map and getting encounters rather than having to traverse the whole area to get from A to B. Bottom line I would recommend this to others.
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on 6 February 2015
Visually this game is good. The story is okay. The one thing that really bothers me with this game is how repetitive it feels. The combat system may have lots of elements to it, but it's for that reason that you find yourself using similar strategies each time and it just bores the life out of you. Combine that with lack of enemy variation in a lot of areas and it's a recipe for boredom.
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on 25 November 2010
Japanese Rpg often convey more than just a fun gameplay and astonishing graphics.
In the case of Resonance of fate/End of Eternity (I'd really like to know why the change of name in the Europe version!) I found myself
surprised by the many nice features inside it.

My first impression, I must admit, wasn't so high. Graphic is good but a bit rough.
The gameplay too wasn't so easy to understand at first, mostly due to the poor tutorial.
But after these little problems I finally got to appreciate both the story and the beautiful soundtrack of this game.

A thing that I personally appreciate about Jrpg is the effort of creating plots and characters with psychological sides.
Yes I know, games are just games and should not be too profound, but fun instead. But it is something that characterizes jrps I guess.

About the soundtrack I'd like to stress the great work made by MR Motoi Sakuraba(for blues and heavy tracks) and Mr Kohei Tanaka(for the orchestral tracks).
I think almost all the music here is Awesome. It is not just the average game music which only mean is to support scenes and atmospheres.
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on 1 April 2010
Great game, i made the mistake of buying this while i was mashing x and L1 while 40hrs into FF13. Now FF13's not being played as im having way more fun on this, what a waste of £35. This games actual graphics and story telling technique are very average but the battle system, customisation and freedom it gives you makes it a must buy for any RPG fans out there. warning: make sure you go through the battle tutorial in the arena asap, you'll get the best out of this game if you know what your doing. Id give this game an 8/10, the graphics are average and the story telling is disjointed (which adds to the overall feel of the game) and i would have liked a few more weapons and characters. But the main characters are great as is the world you play in and the bosses are great, everytime i come up against one i think dam im gonna have to do this a few times! The sound track is hit and miss, some nice jazzy tracks but also sum generic battle themes. Its also very open so if your a grind master you will love it and if you just want to get on with the storry you can do this easy. The breathtaking graphics and soundtrack of FF13 kind of hurt the visual and sound side of this game for me as the production values are not in the same league, however this is a great game and if you liked Valkyria Chronicles or any JRPG for that matter you should definatly pick this up.

Graphics 8
Sound 7
Gameplay 9
Longevity 9
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on 18 January 2013
I was skeptical at first about RoF, but I must say I haven't felt so compelled to keep playing an RPG since the days of FFXII and like FFXII its not the story that keeps you going its the strategy and combat. You feel powerful and smart when you kill an enemy the right way, refining your strategy and positioning of the party matters massively, something i think is missed out on to many RPG' these days. I have heard criticism over the graphics but i think it has a very nice style the cut scenes are very nice. I gave up on RPGs of this gen after FFXIII which made me doubt the future of JRPGs (at least good ones) but this has put RPGs back into the light for me.

This will not be for everyone, but for those willing to learn mechanics and put up with a bit of a grind, there is a truly refreshing experience and a reminder of how awesome games used to be, its not nostalgia, its new and i love it. And now you can get it for less than £15, highly reccomended to anyone looking for a new JRPG to get there teeth sunk into.

Best RPG of 2010 along with Nier.
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