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on 15 March 2013
I love the premise of Seal Team 666 - a crack squad of Navy Seals hand-picked to fight the forces of darkness. That's the supernatural kind of darkness, proper evil heebeegeebie stuff, demons and spirits and things that go bump in the night.

Jack Walker is still a cadet, hoping to finish the Seal training course in one piece. He's plucked out of training and thrown straight into a very unconventional mission. He has no time to process the peculiarity of it all before he finds himself face to face with a distinctly non-human adversary. But, this is not Jack's first brush with the supernatural.

I enjoyed Jack's story as it was revealed bit by bit. His traumatic childhood experience would be enough to break most people, but Jack is one of the most mentally tough characters I've read. He needs to be because the mission they are on keeps getting darker and more horrific.

What begins as an investigation into a strangely protected sweatshop develops into something much more malevolent and complex involving an ancient and powerful evil. The story opens out layer by bloody layer, with a few twists and shocks along the way. It is a gripping tale that culminates in a dramatic showdown.

I was not so enamoured with all the details about the team's weapons and gadgetry. I know this is entirely down to the fact that I have absolutely no idea about different types of guns, or parachutes, or night vision goggles. I really did like the military structure, team dynamics and bonding, but the kit was less important for me. I'm certain that for lots of people these details would really enhance the story though.

Overall, I thought Seal Team 666 was a good read. It's fun, in a gory kind of way, and I would be tempted to read more about Jack & company.
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on 6 April 2013
The idea of an officially sanctioned government special team taking on the supernatural would have been an original one a few years ago, but since then we've had similar themes in Charlie Stross' Laundry series and even The Initiative in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

It's as if people don't want to feel the horror and fear of the unknown any more. They want to know that there are people whose job it is to fight back, who aren't just 'chosen ones' or dusty old Van Helsing clones, but the very best of the special forces, highly trained and decently equipped.

Seal Team 666 opens with an alternate version of the mission to kill Osama Bin Laden, portraying him as an actual demon, bringing the reader into both familiar territory as well as introducing the premise of the book. That evil is not just human, but must be fought. By Seals with big guns and magic daggers. Subsequent missions are convincingly portrayed as being plausible, grounded and real, but have the added risk of involving the supernatural.

The supernatural elements are also more interesting than the usual dull vampire and werewolves that are currently so overplayed, but are middle eastern djinn type elementals and east asian demonic entities, with interesting agendas that aren't just throwaway threats picked at random, but do work effectively as metaphors for real world issues such as people smuggling and exploitation.

As a high concept, 'military vs supernatural' is no longer unique, sure, but on its own that concept wouldn't work unless the writing and detail to back it up merged both technothriller and the occult elements convincingly, and where this book surprises is that it manages to do this flawlessly. It's well-written and the prose does its job without being overly bogged down in details. Unusually for a technothriller, the characters actually come to life and have unique and interesting personalities. And then, just when the reader stands a chance of becoming attached to them, they get horribly killed. Which means that the stakes are raised in an engaging way.

The only disappointment is that the ending comes all too soon, but doubtless there's more to come. I'm looking forward to it.
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on 7 April 2013
I ordered this book on the strength of the review in SFX and I have to agree, it isn't high brow literature but it really doesn't have to be. Disengage brain and just enjoy it for what it is,kinda fun and definitely not rocket science. I enjoyed it.
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on 7 April 2013
I don't usually read military stories but was drawn to Demon element. I really enjoyed this and hope that Seal team 666 get another opportunity to go into the battlefield. The characters in the squad were rich and engaging, I especially liked their four legged team member Hoover, and the plot rattled along like a runaway train. I glazed over a bit when the military lingo got a bit technical; I'm not really interested in why this particular gun is better than another, but Ochse's attention to detail continued throughout the book giving a vivid picture of the action and the gruesome monsters they meet. Not recommended for a young independent reader, it is a bit graphic in places, but a fast paced, action packed story that will appeal to military readers as well as the supernatural lovers.
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VINE VOICEon 3 April 2013
Recently I seem to be spending quite a lot of time with one military or another, whether its fighting in ancient Greece with the Hoplites or standing shoulder to shoulder with a fantasy army, its always an adventure as you leave each of the lives within the story. Yet sometimes its great to get a story set in the modern era with something unexpected such as in this title where you have a special Seal Unit that fights the Supernatural. The body count is high, the team life expectancy is at times quite short and to be blunt it's a brutal but necessary life for those involved.

Add to the mix, some solid prose, an author who has a great understanding of the weaponry involved alongside tactics, which all round give you something thoroughly enjoyable. Back this up with a real kickass plot line, some cracking blending of supernatural mythos and all round I was a happy reader, although the only real downside for me were the Homunculi who, for me, made me think that they were all little Tango Men. LOL
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VINE VOICEon 12 April 2013
A SEAL recruit is dragged out of his training to join the top secret SEAL team, 666. This is the team that deals with supernatural bad guys and creatures.

The author tries to make this more than your average pulp novel, with a coherent plot and a degree of characterisation. It's quite fun and chooses not to go for a light touch approach. I had some very minor gripes (mainly that the first question I would have asked had I been the new guy would have been "how do we fight them?" - if I was flying into a battle with the supernatural I think I would have asked a few more questions than he did!) but it is one of those books where you just jump in and enjoy.
There is an e-book short story and a follow up novel in the works and I shall be picking them both up. Does what it says on the tin and does it pretty well.
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on 6 March 2014
Good concept, reasonable writing - fast paced page turner about a special forces group with a long history that deals wih supernatural threats and phenomena, told from the viewpoint of a new recruit with trauma in his past that makes him well fitted to join the squad after an unfortunate death. Does not have the quality of writing, plot twists and charecterisation of writers like Jonathon Marbery, but an entertaining & undemanding read. Chose this is you want paranormal phenomena, lots of guns & weapons, men of action, hissable villains & lots of shooting and don't want Twilight style romantic supernaturals. Would I want to read futher adventures of Sel Team 666 - yes.
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on 10 May 2013
I liked this book, its the sort of thing you can read without too much hassle and just enjoy.
However I found certain aspects a little annoying, despite the hints at a long history of the Seal Team 666 there wasn't much in the way of elaboration and I was left feeling like I wasn't really engaged with the belief this unit could exist in the story. Also the writer seemed to overdo his description of the weaponry and it felt like in some cases he was more drawn to describing that than the situation the characters found themselves in.
Though the first chapter was good on its own, I found it a little contrived about the situation. I mean I enjoy books that place a fictional slant on actual events that helps them fit in the story., but this just felt like it wasn't relevant to the story and was just there to put across the writers own personal view point on a person.
Overall I wouldn't recommend this for my friends to buy, though I would loan them mine for a read. If your looking for something to read without too much involvement then this isn't a bad book, however for someone looking for a story that could be the start of a series or something a little more involved I would suggest you move on.
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on 12 September 2014
Interesting premise but this is badly written tosh. The author displays no flair for a proper narrative, the characters are cyphers and the action scenes lack any sense of tension or excitement. I would love to get my money back on this!
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on 16 September 2015
SEAL Team 666 have recently lost a seal, Jack Walker is the man selected to replace him. The only thing is: Jack hasn't completed his Seal training, in fact he has another 4 weeks left. Suffering from bad shin splints, the question is would he have made it?
Jack joins the other 5 members of team 666 an unknown seal team, with their dog hoover.
The first mission, Walker decides to move positions and 1 team member is killed. The other thing about Jack Walker is that as a child he was possessed by a demon. Is this why he was chosen to join this elite team>
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