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on 12 December 2013
Things to know:
FM radio feature is available with some versions (K/02, W/02, A/93, B/93, K/93, P/93, K/97, W/97) not KN/02 or WN/02 and it is not on the MP3 I bought here.
There is a rechargeable battery in an MP3 and it has a limited number of charge cycles; to conserve battery power, set screen-off timer to a low value (i.e. let screen light turn off 15 seconds after use). The player has an automatic standby and shutdown feature that can save battery power. After 10 minutes in idle mode (no play, no button is pressed), the player switches off.

Nice features:
MICROPHONE (hidden in tiny hole) to record files. Good sound on playback when I tested it. Very easy to record: choose second option on Menu: Recordings. Then choose Start Voice. Press Play then again to stop. It will prompt you to Save if you wish to. To listen to recordings you have made, go in that same second folder called Recordings and choose Recording Library then Voice. These files can be deleted while browsing folders on your computer. You can also drag or copy&paste the sound files you have made, into folders on your computer, to store them there.
NAVIGATION buttons for the volume or for searching in a file can be used as a press-once or press-and-hold to move at higher speed.
SCREEN is bigger than my previous GoGear and displays song title (only artist name and album name are displayed on a loop), total length of a track and how much has been played so far (with a timeline that fills up as the song plays), track number and how many more tracks in the folder (e.g. 003/032). It tells you if repeat/shuffle options are on and it shows battery situation.
You can REWIND or FASTFORWARD within a song by using press-and-hold (left or right).
Philips HEADPHONES provided with tiny removable foam covers for earphones.
3.5 mm headphone jack in which you can plug in a portable speaker such as the veho360°.
There is no USB cable to charge on your computer, this MP3 is a USB stick in design. The USB connector is protected by a cap which is itself attached by a flexible plastic strap (so cap won’t get lost).
In the settings, you can choose to have the display rotated 180 ° and that’s great if you have to plug in the USB on the right off your PC/laptop, that way you can still read what’s happening, e.g. charging, OK to disconnect, etc. (depends where your USB ports are on your computer).
The on/off power button is also a LOCKING button (if pressed once) which means you can lock MP3 and music won’t be accidentally stopped (e.g. if buttons are pressed while it’s in your pocket). The display shows a lock icon but after 4 seconds, if you click a button, you will see the screen and you can still change the volume while it is locked. Press power once to release lock.
The Press-back-one-level button is on top/bottom of MP3 beside power button (not on front with the screen).

If you want to find your music easily, use a folder system on your PC (sort your tracks in artists or albums or whatever you like and give your folders names that will be conveniently read on MP3 screen, e.g. “playlist 1”, “best of Bill”… they will come up in numerical then alphabetical order). You can rename a file so you can number the songs by adding a digit in front of the real title. Then move (drag) your FOLDERS (with music in them) to your MP3. When you turn on your MP3 don’t click first option (Music), go down to option called FOLDER VIEW and choose Music. The MP3 should even save that subfolder as a highlight when you click on Folder View on next use.
Note that with your music in folders, you can still choose first option in menu (i.e. Music), there you will have all your songs (alphabetically), plus the option to pick by artist name (play all or open album subfolders to get songs in the order you see them on the PC), or even pick by album name. Therefore, the FOLDER VIEW is best if you like personalised playlist, rather than listening to an album.
There is a Last Played option accessible by not clicking on Music straightaway. Instead go UP to the last option of Menu. Unfortunately, it doesn’t save where I was last IN a track (like my old GoGear does so beautifully), it doesn’t even restarts the last track I was listening to, it seems to go the first track of my first folder!
But I noticed that if (after turning MP3 back on) I go into the first menu option called Music and choose Artist, the MP3 highlights the artist I listened to last, and within that folder, the last album I had picked, and within that, the track I had chosen. So it does remember something… (not in the search by album or in All Songs though! A bit random…)
However, if you turn off MP3 in the middle of a track (without using pause), the player will start where you left off on return! I found, that’s the way to save your place, without fail.

Other options found in the Settings:
Go in Settings option (in Menu) to find Play Mode and following options: REPEAT current song, Repeat All songs in folder, SHUFFLE ALL in current folder in random order, If both Repeat All and Shuffle All are activated, all songs in current folder are repeated in random order.
Sound settings include the options: FullSound (restores the sonic details that music compression loses e.g. for MP3, WMA), Equalizer (you can choose Rock, Funk, Jazz, HipHop, Classical, Techno, Custom).
Display setting has Dark, Blue or Pink screen background options.
Language option (over 20).
Information lets you see capacity and space available, model, website details for support and current firmware version (check the firmware version when updating firmware from the support website.)

Interesting or Useful:
It seems to highlight which subfolder I last used when going in the Folder View (which is perfect as I usually select the tracks from the Music subfolders there).
You can adjust MAXIMUM VOLUME (MP3 comes preset to half the volume to protect your ears, it says!) It doesn’t save your last used volume, but if you have increased the maximum you allow, it will let you increase the volume up to that without you going into the settings every time. Though it will prompt you to press to unlock the safe limit (a couple of irritating extra clicks).
MP3 came with a bit of charge and a 2 songs loaded (you can delete them when you browse thru the folders on your PC or save them there to save space on your MP3 for your music).
You can also find the instruction MANUAL (pdf files) in many languages and therefore delete the documents you don’t need. FAQ folder on MP3 with even more help. There is a Quick Start Guide on paper in the box.
Guarantee information leaflet in box and also as a pdf file loaded on MP3 (viewable on computer). Safety & Warranty leaflet in box.
You can restore to FACTORY SETTINGS from the menu. Though there is also a tiny RESET BUTTON at the back to be used If GoGearMIX is not working properly or the display freezes (you can reset it without losing data). If unsuccessful, you can recover with the Device Manager (see description in Troubleshooting section in Manual) you will need to have MP3 plugged in computer, using press-and-hold to go into recovery mode to access Repair option.

A few negative points I discovered:
Every time I turn it on it takes 4 seconds to Update (longer than on my previous GoGear).
If you are going thru the Settings while listening to a track, and you suddenly need to pause the song, you have to go-back several steps to re-access the screen that shows you what is now playing, to be able to pause or turn volume down.
The silver middle navigation button gets easily pressed in and stuck (doesn’t spring back up flush) so must try and press right in the middle of it, but when stuck, just re-press it to release. It’s not a big problem, I just wonder about lifespan of that button.
My previous GoGear was twice the thickness but half the length and sat vertically on flat surfaces (like a matchbox), this one can only lie flat

Software updates:
Here is a paragraph from the manual (I haven’t looked into this yet): GoGear MIX is controlled by an internal program called firmware. Newer versions of the firmware may have been released after you have purchased MIX. The software program called Philips Device Manager can use your computer to check for firmware updates that are available on the Internet. Install Philips Device Manager on your computer from MIX or download the latest version from [...] Note: your music files are not affected by a firmware update. To manually verify update: click Start >Programs > Philips > Philips MP3 player > GoGear A3MXX Device Manager to launch Philips Device Manager. Click Update » Philips SA3MXX Device Manager.

Music (all songs/ artists/ albums)
Recordings (start/ library)
Folder View (FAQ/ fscommand/ installer/ manual/ music/ recordings/ findproc.dll/ installer.exe/ install flash player/ mix3.ico)
Settings (play mode/ sound settings/ display settings/ language/ information/ legal/ factory settings)
Last Played (or Now Playing if in use)
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on 7 March 2014
Asthetically good and good in a few departments such as the direct usb drag and drop. first thing to do is bin the headphones that accompany it as they are tinny and rubbish and replace with better ones.
The sound quality is ok but not as good as the philips 1GB mp3 player that i got well over 5 years ago now.
i have tried this Mp3 with jvc in ear xtreme headphones and the bass was alot punchier but the overall sound around 6.5 out of 10. I then tried them with my sony over the ear v6 headphones and 6.0 out of ten as the volume wouldnt go high enough.
I would recommend this Mp3 player as it is so cheap but be prepared to shell out another tenner or so on some better in ear headphones
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on 17 September 2014
This is an excellent MP3 player for the price. The sound quality is way beyond what you would expect for 'Philips' brand. I have owned this model for 2 or 3 years and have just bought another one for my wife. Its handy to recharge from a computer or mains USB adapter, and the internal battery seems to last a long time. Its not an 'iPod' but then it's a fraction of the iPod price!
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on 12 March 2014
Easy to hold, Tiny screen even display album art, Volume level, Study mode, Fabulous battery life, Fast charging. Nice mp3 player
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on 15 August 2014
Maybe not the most up to date player, but still good value for money. My little gym player and also enough space to store my favourite songs on. Good sound quality and I hope it lasts as long as my last one, which made it to 7 years, before I broke it. lol.
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on 26 November 2014
I had an older version of this MP3 for approx four years before I unfortunately lost it. After looking around for a new one, I kept coming back to this newer version. Decided to go for it and have not regretted it at all. Very easy to charge and hold lots of songs. I carry it everywhere!
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on 30 September 2013
Smal, neat and tidy. Simple to operate and plenty of memory. Good value for money and very quick to arrive.
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on 5 November 2013
I bought this to replace my old MP3 player that was taken hostage by my husband and I haven't been disappointed. It's really simple to add music, just drag and drop and you're done. The only drawback is that the power button is on the top so it's easily knocked and if left can drain your battery. Can't comment on the headphones as I didn't use them, but over all a cracking little MP3 player.
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on 22 July 2014
Bought to use in the USB slot in my car stereo after my old Samsung had been through the washing machine once too often.
It is a a bit plasticky but loaded it with tunes easily enough.
Then found that my Philips car stereo won't recognise the Philips MP3 player when plugged into the USB slot.
So I've got to use the AUX input instead. Which is annoying.
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on 5 August 2014
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