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on 1 July 2015
Great little fridge. Looks really smart in black, love the icebox and moulded door section, and it's so quiet I hardly notice it at the end of my bed (glad I wasn't influenced by the minority reviews on here saying its noisy). I let it stand for 3 hours before using, as the quick set-up guide says to, so perhaps that helps. My beer is ice cold and its only on the mid setting. 4 stars as it could be a little bit larger inside but otherwise a great product that does what it should, with style.
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on 19 March 2015
I bought this table top fridge, second hand off of Ebay for £23! At that price I couldn't give it a miss as I desperately needed a replacement for my larger fridge on my narrowboat. I needed a replacement or should I say another fridge for when my boat isn't plugged into shore power. My main fridge is great when plugged in but flattens my batteries when running off of the boat batteries.

Anyway, I bought this fridge and it was 6 months old and hardly used so went off on a journey on my boat with this fridge running off the boats batteries via an inverter that converts 12v into 240v. It did make a lot of gurgling sounds and does kick in every few minutes, which worried me about the amount of power it would use, but hey it used about a quarter of power that my other fridge uses and will definitely be used now when not on shore power as it doesn't flatten my batteries at all!

The gurgling noise did bother me but having read somewhere that a fridge should stand for at least 24hrs after installation to let the liquids and gasses in the coolant separate I thought I'd try that. Once I was back on shore power I switched the fridge off and let it stand for a couple of days. I then switched it back on and the gurgling noises have stopped and it's about as noisy as my other fridge which means I could hardly hear it at all, in fact, I had to put my ear up to it to make sure it was working!

The other really good point is that it is actually colder than my other fridge and with the thermostat set at half way it stayed at a constant 3 deg c, which my other fridge struggles to reach even when the thermostat is turned to max.

All in all I would say it's probably one of the best buys I've ever made and one of the most efficient fridges and yet still looks good too!
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on 2 September 2015
Turned up inside time promised. Well packaged, looks great, perfect size for the conservatory to use as beer cooler. Space for about cans of beer. Room in the door for a bottle of wine
Small freezing compartment at top with ice cube tray. Good value for money
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on 5 February 2015
First off, the delivery was great and the product looks great. This is where the review stops being so positive.
After seeing that this fridge was rated the #1 seller for this size on Amazon, I made up my mind to buy.

The Pros
Great looking fridge - keeps cool

The big CONS
This is the NOISIEST Fridge I have ever encountered. I read mixed reviews from others, some saying slightly noisy, whilst others saying it wasn't too bad. After having this plugged in for a couple of days, I will give you all a complete honest review - This thing drives me mad with the constant gurgling and noise. It is not noisy even once every few hours, which I could live with, it is more like every 10 or 15 minutes. I have had a cheaper unbranded fridge in the past and I would have that back any time, as that makes the noise of aa sleeping baby compared to this gurgling spluttering monster. Disappointed, especially from a well respected name like Russell Hobbs - they need to go back to the drawing board with this fridge..
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on 26 February 2014
A perfectly sized fridge that I would say requires at least about 70cm square all around the fridge for it to fit comfortably where it stands with breathing space. Well packaged and designed product that is of a hight quality brand and trusted seller. Buying through Amazon as well obviously has its benefits.
In terms of volume, i really cannot complain at all. I have it in my accommodation in my flat right close by my bed and it has a very low decibel reading which is good for sleep of course. (However, if you are extremely sensitive to sound when trying to sleep.. which I am sure the majority of folk are anyway, to a degree, have a think..or listen if you can before purchasing) Still I would say it is adequately low enough for me. And anyway, I did not realise at the time before purchase but I find that it tends to ever so subtly and quietly murmurs for say 10-15mins max every 10-15 mins min and so that is just about good enough for me in trying to get to sleep. It won't wake me either once I am a sleep. I think it must have taken me about a week in all to fully be settled and cope with it when getting to sleep which is actually quite alright I'm sure.
Anyway, a bit away from my perspective and living circumstance with this beautiful invention.. the fridge!
I love it and is a great purchase, full of quality, food and drink!! You can't go far wrong with £100 smackers inc. delivery (free) delivered safely and speedily. After first imagining a small 15 litre mini fridge that can go on a desktop, I am chuffed that I invested, what.. three times the amount on something exactly three times the capacity (with all its benefits / i.e.- mini freezer compartment). As a student, I eat and drink a lot when I can, so this bad boy really makes up for that shortage of space in our shared kitchen. A great investment. One of the best buys I have ever made without a doubt. Cheers for the cool fridge Amazon !
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on 9 August 2016
I've had the fridge for 4 weeks now so feel I can give a honest, true review.

By the reviews it seems others have had more success with noise than me but also other having more problems than me so I wont complain too much!

The fridge itself is great for what it's used for (cooling/freezing things) and I've been able to fit six 500ml water bottles, two Rubicon 2ltr bottles and a few cartons of soya milk in there all at once which I thought was awesome. I've also done some testing going from six to two on the thermostat and 6 will make your drink extremely cold, cold enough that when I pulled a bottle of water out and give it a quick shake the water turned into a water slush puppie. I then every few days knocked it one down on the thermostat and to be honest two or three will keep your drink perfectly cold enough and I've just gone between those two settings for the past week or so to see if it really needs to be on three or if I can get away with two or even one.

Now, the thing everyone seems to either not have a problem with at all or the thing that people are having a nightmare with and it's a deal breaker , NOISE. I'll be honest, it's near silent, until it kicks in every 10-15 minutes for a minute or two and gives off a vibrating noise, which, as time has gone on started to annoy me more and more. I'm a bit of a audio freak so having a random buzzing sound pop up every so often does get annoying but I guess it's just one of the things I'll have to put up with (if anyone knows how to sort this, please, help me!). That being said it's right next to my bed and I really don't have a problem getting to sleep nor have I been woken from the buzzing.

If you're going to put it in a room where there's lot of noise or a room you won't be in or maybe you don't care for noise at all then this is a incredible mini (it does hold a fair bit) fridge but if you feel the noise may annoy you and you do get triggered by the slightest of sounds this might turn into a small nightmare.
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on 14 May 2016
Great little fridge. Alot of reviews complain about noise, while the compressor kicks in there is a low pitch hum which is drowned out by any ambient noise making it easy to ignore.

When the compressor kicks back out it judders which IS noticeable, though not startling. Afterward there is a faint gurgling sound as everything comes to settle.

Had this fridge in my bedroom for a long time and I'm a very light sleeper, though this fridge will never pass for a ninja it has never woke me or caused me to turn volumes up on various devices.

This is as honest a review as I can give and I'm very happy with my purchase
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on 26 April 2016
I am currently renting a room in a shared house, & lively primarily just out of one room means this little fridge is ideal for me. It's smaller than I was expecting, so fits nicely next to my bed. It's not as deep as I had hoped, but the door space makes up for it. I'd seen other little fridges at a greater price that didn't have this. The flat top means I can keep my kettle & other bits & pieces on top. It's the perfect height for such use.
I ordered the fridge before reading the reviews, & then started to quietly panic that I was going to have the sound of concord taking off day & night. I can happily say it is indeed very quiet. It is near silent, expect for a few minutes every so often when it kicks in gear, & even then the noise is muted. I can sleep very easily with this next to my head.
Oh, & the black just looks boss.
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on 18 August 2016
Purchased as gift for my daughter who is in a care home. We have tested the fridge for a few days before taking it to her and it seems to be ideal for the purpose bought. It is nice and compact and seems to be an ideal size to keep products nice and cool. Very pleased with the size and appearance and delivery was on target. Well done. We had originally purchased the Russell Hobbs table top cooler but this item is really only to keep products cool and not for keeping food for any length of time but it has been. No complaint but not adequate for purpose intended.
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on 9 July 2016
Works like a fridge, I guess.

Overall Review:
+ Small freezer compartment for ice cubes and other small items.
+ Items in the fridge stay chilled...
+ A dial to change the temperature of the fridge (or turn it off completely). It scales from OFF to 6.
- Makes a little humming noise, mostly constantly. The higher the temperature, the more noise you will hear.
- Sometimes makes a bubbling noise.
- Can get hot on higher temperatures but usually cools down after a while.
- On lower temperatures, you will get a light drip from the freezer compartment. This can make items underneith soaked with water after a few days.

I probably wouldn't buy it again. That said, I rate it 4 stars because I'm content with this fridge, despite my mostly negative review.
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