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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 20 November 2002
Dictated by my son, a big 'Rugrats' fan.
Originally produced for the 'Rugrats' 10th anniversary, this video shows the babies as they would look like if time passed in their world.
But it's a story in itself once the babies have gone into the future. We now have a chance to see them on the verge of being teenagers, (because they are going to see the 'Emmica' concert, nothing to do with their age!) And as teenagers, they are about to face teenage problems, especially Chuckie who is about to fall in love.
This is a great, hour-long episode with all of the 'Rugrats' taking part. Unfortunately, Phil, Lil and Kimi only have small parts but at least they're in it! Some of the grown-ups aren't in it at all!
The highlight isn't until right near the end when Angelica and Tommy get to sing on stage. Not only is it a great song, but it gives us a chance to reflect on the highlights of the past 10 years.
The song eventually brings us into the conclusion of the episode, with the 'Rugrats' being babies again.
One thing that this episode shows us is that it doesn't matter how much things change, (Spike being fat, the 'Rugrats' going to school, etc) some things still stay the same(the 'Rugrats' hiding in a cupboard after taking Angelica's music system, Chuckie being shy, etc).
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on 1 October 2000
Every American Programme has it's 'Jewish' Episodes from Time to time. MASH, South Park, the Simpsons, Babylon 5, Star Trek etc. Sometimes it doesn't work. The point about this one is that it is without doubt authentic Rugrats and therefore hysterically brilliant even if you are not Jewish. I am and simply sat there with tears of laughter streaming down my face. Having bought it for my neice, I had to go and buy another copy for myself. GENIUS.
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VINE VOICEon 28 August 2002
Dictated by my son, a big 'Rugrats' fan.
In this 'Rugrats' video, the babies are all growing up, with hilarious consequences.
The first episode is 'Tommy For Mayor' and the babies are having an election. It's Tommy vs. Phil to see who gets to be the mayor of the babies. But the main battle is between Angelica and Susie.
Then, it's 'No Naps,' which sees the babies try to ''stay up through nap time!'' I think Angelica's methods to trick the babies into going to sleep are brilliant. So, can they survive? Especially with Tommy's recent lack of sleep, (thanks to Dil!)
'' 'Hair' is what you needs to grow up,'' says Angelica in the third episode. So now Tommy needs to grow hair, and fast! So with Dil in a hair pulling stage and Grandpa using a wig to look younger to his old sea friend, Roy Davis, this really is a 'Hair' filled episode!
In the next episode, Tommy is the 'Man Of The House' and that means he has to do all the things that daddy's do. So whether he's reading the paper, making Dil a new toy or helping Grandpa to do something about his cholesterol, he's set to show his daddy what he's made of.
So 'What's Your Line?' Angelica has decided that she's going to be a comedian and now Chuckie needs to decide what he's going to do when he grows up. Will he be; an ice-cream man, a flower-man, a library-man or what? His work experience takes him to what is probably the cutest ending for all the 'Rugrats' videos.
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VINE VOICEon 17 August 2002
Dictated by my son, a big Rugrats fan.
The creators of Rugrats had plenty of time to put the main feature of this video up to a great standard as the main episode stretches over 4 normal episodes! It is true that it was originally made for TV as a two-part episode (that is two double-length specials) but with the cheesy way they take you out of the cliff hanger, it's probably best to just see it straight away on the video!
The actual storyline is great and the animation is at its usual greatness. I really like the way that the Japanese people in the movie don't talk with their lip's moving, a regular thing in Japanese anime.
The animators take their time to bring us the story and probably take the length of a normal episode just at the "parking-lot movies". This works really effectively in this particular case.
Sometimes, the babies haven't got their priorities right: "Our houses and the world is both important," says Tommy. But in other cases, they've got them just right. For example: when reptar makes off with Dil, Tommy chases him to save his brother and not for another battle. I find this very adorable.
This is a long episode but all good things must come to an end some time or another. However if it leaves you, like me, wanting more, then you will get it because as a bonus there is still another episode!
This one is just the normal length but it is still a good one. It's called 'Chuckies Complaint' and in it... Chuckie makes a complaint! He is complaining to Reptar because of an advert that involves reptar crashing through a wall and eating a boy's cereal. (The advert, along with the chocolate cheese one, doesn't seem to do much advertising but that doesn't stop it being my brother's favourite scene in Rugrats.) I think the ending is really cute and just what's needed to finish off a great video.
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VINE VOICEon 8 August 2002
Dictated by my son, a big Rugrats fan.
Before you get this video, there is something very important that you need to know: Music is an artform. This is because three of the five episodes are about music, leaving two actually about paintbrushes.
The first episode is "Art fair" where Angelica is recognised as a genius when it comes to painting pictures despite the fact that she has a lot of help from the babies. I love the way she goes to great lengths to get a picture produced for the fair.
The next episode is called "Music". This is one of my favourite episodes even though it just involves the babies singing different songs for Dil. Then, it's "Angelica's Ballet" where she uses the babies in her version of Swan lake. I think the finished production is just brilliant. Then, it's time to pick up your paintbrushes again and take a trip to "The Art Museum". In it, Angelica becomes a tour guide while the babies look for themselves in the pictues. I find Chuckie's search for himself and the results that come out from it very moving.
The final episode is "Famous Babies" and the babies have formed a pop group with Angelica as their manager. The story goes through all the stuff that real pop groups go through in the best way possible. All in all, this is a very good video which I strongly suggest all Rugrats fans buy.
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on 14 March 2000
Bedtime Bash features more jolly japes from the Rugrats brats. If you can cope with the awful drawings and grating accents, as any child can, you'll love this. The scripts are clever and quick and full of ideas that appeal to all ages.There are five ten minute episodes 'Party Animals', 'Under Chuckies Bed', 'Tooth or Dare', 'Into the Dreamland' and 'The Last Babysitter'All of them have a sleep or going to bed theme (oh, that's why they called it bedtime bash, is it?) and the last is probably the best of the lot.If you can cope with an outmoded VHS format, it's value for money.
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on 4 March 2004
i have this video at home and the one of the best rugrats episodes is on here the one where lou and aunt miriam come
home after a trip and give all the rugrats a present except
for dil becase they lost it!So tommy and his friends set off
on a road trip looking for dils present {tommys backyard) and angelica and susie run away on a motor bike {susies tricycle}
after they knock over a bowl of coleslaw!
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on 14 October 2000
suzies big sister gets ready for her high school prom so the rugrats hold a prom of there own but angelica insists she must be prom queen as she is the bestest.and in he saw she saw chuckie meets a girl called emma with a bossy big brother with a dummy hes nearly 5!
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on 12 August 2009
the unfair pair is a great episode about angelica pickles coming to trick phil and lil that they are the reject so ones a princess and anouthers not one gets lots of milk and anouther gets no milk so they go to the bassment
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on 19 May 2004
Like most rugrats videos this one is great. The children love the stories and would highly recommend this to any parent with young children. A joy to watch. I find myself watching it with the kids.
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