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Customer reviews

3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
Platform: PC|Edition: French|Change
Price:£62.48 - £350.27

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on 9 May 2014
I have always wanted to learn a language, I studied a little German in secondary school and that finished 12 years ago I can barely remember anything. I knew one or two simple French words but when listening to French conversation on TV shows (I have never been to France or met any French people) it all sounded like mumbling!

I found this software a little tricky at first as there are no English instructions, you soon realise there is no need for them, you simply click the pictures to match the words or vice-versa and they get progressively more difficult forming sentences, yet not too difficult for you to be out of your depth. You will be surprised how well you'll remember the words and phrases between uses of the software.

With each unit there is a writing assessment. You cannot progress to the next unit if you are failing miserably, you must retry.. This was by far the most frustrating aspect because I couldn't seem to get passed the writing section ... then VOILA! I discovered in the settings you can adjust the keyboard so the computer doesn't penalise you for not using capitals, apostrophes or the little symbols on top of letters. This made all the difference as I was back in the flow and no longer getting frustrated.

The beauty of the software is that it eases you in, for example in each new section with new words and phrases, there will be one obvious answer, and it gets a little more challenging as the unit progresses

I have been using this for about two months on and off and I have just finished Level 1. Here are some of the things I am now able to do:

I can watch a French language show and pick out many phrases
I can have a basic conversation
I can tell people about myself, my family, my work
order a meal,
Say what I like and don't like,
talk about where I'm from and where I am going/ plan to go
talk about what other people are doing, where they are going, what they like and dislike
Talk about colours, numbers, animals, seasons,
basic feelings such as hungry, thirsty, hot, cold
various rooms and what people do in them e.g bedroom-sleep, kitchen-cook
Talk about clothes, sizes
Ask questions formally and informally.

This is much more than I could ever have imagined when I started this on the first day, and I have only finished level 1. I have a long way to go, and feel I need to practice my verbal skills with somebody and this has given me the confidence to join a night class which I think will enhance my learning.

This is so expensive, The software was given to me by a friend and I hear the language packs are free on the internet (not sure if legal or not!) but this is certainly a worthy investment. I am now motivated to go back and learn German once I have finished level 3, and perhaps another language after... I am confident to say by the end of 2014 I will be able to have basic conversations in 2 other languages!! I also plan to travel a lot in 2015 :)
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on 3 August 2017
good product
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VINE VOICEon 4 December 2013
Platform: PC|Edition: French|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Having previously studied Russian using Oxford Take Off in Russian (Paperback with CDs) and Polish using numerous books, but primarily Polish in 4 Weeks: An Intensive Course in Basic Polish (Book + CD-ROM) when at the beginner stage, I was intrigued to see what all the fuss - and the price-tag - is about with Rosetta Stone. The Polish and Russian books I mentioned cost about 10% of the price of Rosetta Stone.
I guess the major selling point for Rosetta Stone is the microphone, enabling you to get feedback on pronunciation. This is very useful as a beginner, and if you are not in the relevant country when learning the language. However, I am not sure it really is worth the massive hike in price.
Everyone learns differently, and I've always found it useful to mix up speaking and listening with reading and writing. Unfortunately, Rosetta Stone offers very little in the way of reading and writing practice. This perhaps isn't so critical at the very early stages of learning a language (I speak as a former teacher of English as a foreign language), but I think as you develop, it is absolutely crucial, so I wonder if (I haven't completed this Rosetta course yet) this method will only be able to take you so far.
The Rosetta approach of flashcards with pictures on is not hugely dissimilar to the (partially) free Byki website. The approach does work, but I think you need to think about your approach as a learner in order to decided whether Rosetta is right for you. If you want to focus on speaking and pronunciation, and to quickly get a handle on the basics, I think Rosetta would suit you. If you are looking to learn a language very thoroughly over time, covering reading and writing skills too, you may be better off looking elsewhere.
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on 21 July 2015
I got this for 104 quid so not the full price, I am half way through lesson one and I feel it is working, but it's only small gradual baby steps, from what I can gather it's a long process I have months to go, it seems more focused towards listening and speaking, and could be confusing if you don't have something to help when you need help with grammar as it needs suplimented somehow, I have my girlfriend who is French to help but others have recommended that you get a grammar book, if I ever get to the end I will update you and tell you how I get on, hope I have been helpful, have fun out there
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on 24 November 2014
As expected and easy to use.
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Platform: PC|Edition: French|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
If you hated learning French at school because it involved declining verbs, learning grammar, etc, then this is the course for you. The Rosetta Stone technique involves immersion learning. Whether this technique works is, I think, a very personal thing and I don't think this system will work for everybody. The course does not include any English language to guide you - everything is in French. The principle is to show you an image accompanied by text and you then have to marry the two up by selecting a multiple choice answer. There is also speech practice and assessment. Once I am up to speed I speak reasonable French - not brilliant by any means and for the first couple of weeks in France I make a lot of mistakes. I had hoped the course would enable me to quickly brush up my skills before each holiday.

The box contains a pack with the installation discs (1 for the application and one for each of the five levels of the course) plus a couple of audio discs. The latter are MP3 compatible and therefore won't always work in a car CD drive or a CD system. They work fine in my computer but I would really like to listen to the CDs on the move. They work in my husband's in-car CD player but not in my car CD system which is a couple of years older (I get a 'CD error' message). My husband, who is an electronics engineer by background, tells me that this is probably because my car system is using MPEG/MPEG2 and hence isn't recognising the MP3 code on the disc.

With regard to installation, whilst this was straightforward it was also an incredibly lengthy process - it took more than 50 minutes to load the software from the six discs. It was so bad it took me back to the days nearly thirty years ago when I trained people on a piece of tax software that came on 11 floppy discs. Surely there must be a better system.

Although I have a reasonable command of French, albeit with long gaps when I don't speak French at all, I started at the beginning of the course. The early stages are very basic and in my view anyone with a modicum of knowledge of French will find the first two units, possibly more, very familiar. There is a mixture of picking the correct picture for a word or phrase and some speech training and vocabulary. I found it difficult at times to know what to do in an exercise - there is a prompt button but some on-screen guidance as to what they want would be preferable and occasionally the instructions in the prompt are opaque. It is difficult to put myself back to a beginner level but I do have concerns with the multiple choice - in effect you typically have a one in four chance of picking the right answer and you may not know why you got it right. I guess this is what they are aiming for i.e. responding naturally rather than thinking about the language but I wonder how much depth these early sessions give for a beginner and how much will be understood and remembered in the absence of explanations & guidance.

I found the pronunciation sections to be annoying and not helpful. I thought other exercises rather strange and couldn't really see why they were structured the way they were. The biggest problem for me though was that I found the lessons to be increasingly dull, and struggled to motivate myself to carry on. I also have my doubts about how much sticks in the mind with this approach - the grammar exercises could be guessed at easily and the absence of any written primer explaining the principles is, for me, a negative.

I have tried several other courses - Hugo, Michel Thomas, TellMeMore to name a few. To be honest the methods that work best for me are Michel Thomas (particularly good for brushing up on the language), and the cheap & cheerful Hugo approach with its book of language exercises backed up by CDs. I guess it is horses for courses. For me at least, the act of writing down something in the language and learning the whys of grammar make it more likely to stick in my head.

The speech recognition process on the Rosetta Stone course seems a lot better than that on the TellMeMore course. I have been told by French speakers that my accent is good but my performance on TellMeMore was pretty dreadful - yet it was possible to get a tick when I'd fumbled over a word. In part I suspect that is down to the headset. The Rosetta Stone headset is streets ahead of the piece of junk that TellMeMore ship with their (more expensive) course although occasionally it missed too and I got approval for something I had really fluffed. The TellMeMore 10 level package is, though, more comprehensive and advanced in my view.

Overall, this course may be good for complete beginners but I thought it was dull & boring. I would recommend trying it on the Rosetta Stone website before purchasing to see if it suits your learning style as otherwise you could make an expensive mistake.
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on 31 August 2015
First off most people who leave reviews have not gave it long enough.i been using it for just over 1 year now

1 There is no way you be fluent in 3 months unless your a genius.

2 Been using it over 1 year and nearly finished level 3

3 As this course goes on you will deffo need a translate to learn the full sentences (can just use google translate)

4 Don't buy if you have no self motivation as this course will take 1-2 years

5. Have started watching movies in french this helps loads, plus what I've learned from Rosetta has help me understand loads.

6. Is it worth it i would say yes and no, if you love language learning then yes £300 not to bad as private tutors charge £20-£30+ per hour

7 Is there anything better? I've started using Michel Thomas french which i found to be excellent as its like a private tutor i would deffo try his
started which is only £7 on Amazon if you like it go for the 8 disc course , its different from Rosetta stone only listening no writing or reading.

8 last tip if you really want to learn a language don't give up watch movies in french and go there spending time in the country is the fastest way.
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on 28 December 2013
Platform: PC|Edition: French|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've used Rosetta Stone software before so was more than happy to order this course. Like other RS products this isn't cheap but offers a quality product.

It offers a number of learning methods so you won't get bored as quickly as you might do with other more basic packages. It monitors your learning success and provides incentives to keep you motivated. Also, because it is all in French, you are very much immersed in the language. Always the best way to learn. The word recognition software is reasonably good but it is no substitute for feedback from a native speaker.

There are numerous language products available now. I've tried Michael Thomas and have found that a good system (probably my favourite). But this is a very close second. I certainly would be happy to recommend it.
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If you've ever met anyone who's good at languages they never recommend Rosetta Stone. The people who rave on about Rosetta Stone are the same people who think you can watch a film, listen to the radio or simply listen to French people and soak a language in.

I've used this for a while now and I think it's expensive and not that good. There are cheaper, better alternatives.

French Complete Course (Living Language)
The topics covered include greetings, descriptions, the home, the pharmacy, the market, interviewing, and so on. There are CDs too.
Beginner, intermediate and advanced

Berlitz Language: Intermediate French (Berlitz Intermediate)
Will give you basic understanding.

Learn French with Paul Noble
It's often on offer for the download version. Good value, good pronunciation and a nice foundation.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 28 November 2013
Platform: PC|Edition: French|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I tried the Rosetta Stone French Part 1 course last year and I was impressed with it so I was really keen to try out the entire course. It is certainly not the cheapest on the market, but many state schools rate it sufficiently highly that they are prepared to allocate part of their budgets to purchasing expensive software licences. Many professionals rate this as the best course around.

I found the software very easy to install - install is via DVD and you then put in your unique code. There is also a download option. The combination of French words and pictures to accompany them, without anything at all in English means that one is thinking in French fairly much from the word go. Pronunciation, reading, writing and vocabulary are all covered and I initially revisited the Part 1 course which I had already covered. When I did that course I found that I had been making various errors in pronunciation and happily this time round much of what I had learned had stuck! I was soon onto the next part and learning new vocabulary.

One element which is certainly true is that the Rosetta Stone course really makes it fun to learn. I found myself progressing through the course much faster than I had expected and really wanting to keep going onto the next segment. The scoring system is an incentive and you find yourself really getting a kick out by hitting 100% in any section.

There are some aspects that would be purchasers should be aware of however. This course comes with a 3 month access to the online aspects which include live tutorials with French native speakers, and various community activities with games etc to improve your skills. You have to commence your inclusive three months within six months of purchase. Should you wish to extend this beyond the inclusive three months you can extend it but there is a quarterly charge. Rosetta Stone Customer Services (Tel 0800 005 1220) were unable to tell me how much it costs per quarter to extend this feature and say that it changes all the time and that you are only going to find out when your inclusive three months are up. I find this a little strange and the least satisfactory aspect of this package.

If you are serious about learning French using Rosetta Stone, then it is much more cost effective to buy this full course rather than starting with Part 1 and taking it from there. The Part 1 course is almost half the cost of the entire Part 1-5 course and there is no upgrade system so if you want to go on to purchase the entire course, you will not be automatically given credit for what you have already paid out. However, I do understand from RS that if you ring up and talk nicely to customer services they may be able to do something. This is, of course, not guaranteed.

As a final point, what you are purchasing is a personal license from Rosetta Stone, and you cannot legally sell this on - hence you are not legally going to be able to recover some of the cost on the second hand market when you have completed the course and given that this is quite a big upfront investment, this is a point worth noting.
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