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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 22 April 2017
This is the best product.

It is a nice product as a fan who has seen doctor who since 2005.

arrived safely to Korea. arrived faster than expected.

I look forward to the series coming out.

If there is a small wish, I would like to have Korean subtitles.
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Over the next week or so I will add to the review disc by disc, must admit until tonight I
haven't watched 'The Doctor' since watching the 1965 Film 'Dr Who and the Daleks'
However for some time now I've been reading well written and interesting reviews that
cover both the 'TV' -Series and many 'Audio' 'Doctor' Stories written by fellow reviewer
'Timelord' frankly I've been wondering what I've not been watching these past years.
'Doctor Who' originally ran on BBC between 1963 - 1989 many fans were disappointed
when they wound it up.............and of course they resurrected it much to the joy of the
faithful in 2005, of course a new following have also emerged
This 5-Disc Box-set (Police Box) First - Series Edition with a booklet is of the Ninth
Doctor played by 'Christpher Eccleston' joined by 'Rose' played by 'Billie Piper'
Episode One - 'Rose'
The Doctor stumbles across 'Rose' who appears to being chased by Tailors Dummies'
in the basement of the store where she works, the Doctor believes the Dummies are
in fact after him, he helps 'Rose' escape.
When the problem is resolved the Doctor invites his new friend to join him as he travels
backwards and forward in time helping to solve problems throughout the 'Universe'
Episode Two - 'The End of The World'
The Doctor and Rose gate-crash a party watching the final moments of Earth in 5-Billion
years time.
The guests on-board the Space-Module have gathered from around the Universe to watch
the event.
One of the invited guests have brought metallic spiders onto the vessel to ensure those on
the Ship to perish as the Sun destroys the Earth, the innocents on board are in great danger
things are hotting up.
'Rose' has been snatched and is put into extreme danger of being roasted alive, the Doctor
try's to reach his partner, and combat the threat of the ship suffering the same fate as 'Earth'
Rose is beginning to learn being a 'Timelord' has it's advantages, the Doctor and Rose are
about to travel back in time for a new adventure.
Episode Three - 'The Unquiet Dead'
The year 1869 it seems there is a problem, the dead are not sleeping easy.
These are the times of writer 'Charles Dickens'
For Rose going back to this time is an excuse to dress the part, also a novel experience seeing
how thing were in the 19th Century.
The Doctot of course looking for his next adventure, he doesn't have to wait long as screams
sound out from a Theatre where 'Charles Dicxens' is giving a recital of his works 'Scrooge'
a ghostly figure sits among the audience.
'Rose' meanwhile has been kidnapped by the local undertaker at who's parlour the Zombie like
creatures appear to be rising from.
The Doctor along with the writer are in pursuit - when inside the parlour the Doctor' realizes
the undertakers 'Maid' has a connection to whatever is trying to transfer their being into bodies
of the dead.
A phenomenon the 'Doctor' has to try and resolve.
Must admit, I'm quite enjoying the series so far, though I'm only one disc in, obviously there are
many reviewers on the Amazon website that have a more knowledgeable insight in regards to the
Doctor and it's History........I myself experimented because of reading the many reviews of
'Timelord' 007' other reviewers I've glanced at that have wrote many 'Dr Who' reviews and are
as enthusiastic 'Tim Bradley' and 'Keen Reader' among them, all three having knowledge of
the 'Dr Who' journey down the years.....I look forward to disc two and beyond, then who knows ?
Special Features on Disc One -
* Interview with 'Christopher Eccleston' (BBC Breakfast)
* Destroying The Lair
* Making 'Doctor Who' with 'Russell T Davies'
* Waking the dead - 'Mark Gates' Video Diary
* Laying Ghosts - The origin of 'The Unquiet Dead'
* Launch Trailers
DISC TWO - Episode Four - 'Aliens of London' (Part One of two)
The 'Doctor and Rose' have returned to London after their adventures, the 'Doctor' initially believes
that they have only been away for 12 hours.
'Rose' goes to see her Mother, the 'Doctor' meanwhile notices 'Missing' posters for his travel companion
and realizes they have actually been gone for 12 months.
Meanwhile an 'Alien' ship hurtles its way toward Earth, seemingly out of control, before crashing into
the Thames it destroys much of 'Big Ben'
Panic coupled with curiosity spreads throughout the World, but, where is the British P.M at a time of crisis ?
The Doctor of course has a need to investigate the happening of the day.
A body that has been recovered from the 'Alien' ship below the surface of the River may not be as dead as first
Also there is something not quite right at 10,Downing Street, the 'Doctor' has work to do, has he met his match
this time ?
Part One - 7/10.
Episode Five - 'World War Three' (Part Two of Two)
The 'Aliens' initially appear to also be victims of their own technology as they set about killing members of the
British Cabinet, the 'Doctor' however escaped.
'Rose' and 'Back-Bencher' 'Harriet Jones' are trying to avoid detection within number'10' as the beings try to hunt
them down.
The Doctor joins up with Rose and Harriet, it seems the 'Aliens' are not actually invading Earth, so what is it they
actually want ?
Inside a sealed room within number '10' they manage to contact 'Rose's' boyfriend with access to a computer, by a
process of illumination the 'Doctor' works out who the 'Alien' visitors are, 'The Slitheen'
This information saves both 'Rose's' mother and boyfriend with the knowledge of how to destroy the one that had
tracked them down at home.
The 'Slitheen's purpose for being on 'Earth' causing mass hysteria, they want to cause the Earth's demise with
Weapons of Mass destruction using the radiation contaminated remains as a fuel-source to trade.
Part two 6.5/10
Episode Six - 'Dalek'
'Rose' decides not to remain on Earth and re-joins the Doctor on a new adventure....
The 'Tardis' doesn't arrive where the 'Doctor' had intended, the 'Doctor' and 'Rose' find themselves in 'Utah' beneath
the Salt-plains, strangely in a museum owned by billionaire 'Henry Van Slatten' who collects 'Alien' artifacts.
When 'The Doctor' is shown a chained-up metallic robotic item, the billionaire has not identified, the Doctor comes
face to face with his oldest and deadliest enemy....a 'Dalek'
Until now, the 'Doctor' believed all 'Daleks had been destroyed in a battle with the 'Timelords' years past, a battle
only the 'Doctor' had survived, or so he'd thought.
The billionaire wants to repair and preserve the 'Dalek' to serve his own agenda, the 'Doctor' knows a rejuvenated 'Dalek'
can destroy mankind....the battle is on.....
The Dalek demonstrates it's power (it can now levitate also) strangely 'Rose' has made a connection with the killing machine,
will that connection save the day ?
Special Features on Disc Two.
* Deconstructing 'Big Ben'
* On Set with 'Billie Piper'
* Trailers
Episode Seven - 'The Long Game'
The 'Doctor' has an extra companion from his previous adventure for his and 'Rose's' next adventure 'Adam'(Brian Langley)
they surge tens of thousands of years into the future, they have landed on 'Satellite 5' which broadcasts to the entire
'Earth' empire.
The 'Editor'(Brian Grant) appears all-knowing, the 'Doctor' soon suspects manipulation on a grand-scale, trouble is there
is a power beyond that of the 'Editor'
The 'Doctor' sets out to get to the bottom of 'Satellite 5's' secrets.
Will the 'Doctor's' new companion 'Adam' step-up to the mark or is he a self-serving individual ?
(On 'Satellite 5' you really don't want to be promoted)
A well crafted 'Doctor' tale - 8.5/10.
Episode Eight - 'Fathers Day'
The 'Doctor' and 'Rose' continue their travels having despatched 'Adam' back to his home, they have arrived on earth the year
1987 which is when 'Rose's' Father she never knew died in a hit and run.
'Rose' try's to interfere with the course of events, this against all the principles of the 'Doctor's' guidelines.
Trouble is, the interference has cheated the 'Grim-reapers' who now wreak vengeance upon Earth for their loss.
What, if anything can the 'Doctor' do to put things right, there is sadly an obvious answer, one that 'Rose' will find difficult.
Great Special Effects, captivating tale - 8.5/10
Episode Nine - 'The Empty Child' (Part 1 of 2)
The 'Doctor' and 'Rose' have followed a stray 'Cylinder' to London 1941 during the blitz.
It soon becomes obvious there is strange happenings, 'Rose' hears a child calling from the top of a building, she proceeds
to investigate somehow finding herself dangling from a rope attached to barrage balloon, to the rescue 'Jack Harkness'(John Barrowman) a new 'Hero' perhaps ?
A group of homeless children living in the ruins of the blitz are seemingly being cared for by 'Nancy' however they are being
terrorised by an unearthly child who keeps asking after his 'Mommy'
Who or what is this child really.
Meanwhile the 'Doctor' try's to get to know 'Nancy' who not only cares for several homeless children she also seems to know
about the cylinder and it's whereabouts, what else does she know ?
The 'Doctor' has a series of yet unknown mysteries to both uncover and resolve.
A creepy beginning to this two-part tale - 8.75/10
Episode Ten - 'The Doctor Dances' (Part 2 of 2)
The 'Doctor' and 'Rose' form an alliance with the self-proclaimed traveller and con-man 'Jack Harkness' it seems the 'dead'
are walking, including the mysterious child, 'Nancy's' younger Brother 'Jamie' ?
All wearing 'Gas' masks and all seemingly asking 'Are You My Mommy' ?
It seems 'Nancy' still has many answers that the 'Doctor' needs to learn of, what is causing the 'Zombie-like phenomenon ?
Answers have to be found, what is the secret of the cylinder ?
Can it be stopped before it affects the whole of mankind.
The second and concluding part of 'The Empty Child'
Certainly holding your attention throughout...9/10.
The use of Special-Effects improving all the time.
Special Features - (in addition to commentary on each episode)
* Mike Tucker's' Mocks of Balloons.
Episode Eleven - 'Boom Town'
The 'Doctor' and companion 'Rose' along with new-fellow traveller 'Jack' are taking a break from saving the Universe - A
However whist sitting in a 'Cardiff' café the 'Doctor' spots a headline in a paper, a new mayor has been elected, it's the
face he'd encountered on an earlier adventure, he thought all the 'Slitheen' had been killed.
In Cardiff a new Power-Station is being built, however the Construction is being used as cover for the 'Aliens' plot to
destroy Earth.
The 'Slitheen' is captured, now the 'Doctor' is preparing the 'Tardis' to return the captive to her native planet, where she
will face certain death.
'Jack' continues to prepare the 'Tardis' using a component taken from the 'Slitheen' to enhance it's performance, meanwhile
the 'Doctor' takes the captive to a restaurant for what could be called her 'last supper' while 'Rose' and 'Micky' who had
met up with the returning travellers, go for a drink, and catch-up.
At dinner, the 'Slitheen' gives the Doctor food for thought with a reality check, suddenly a thunderous noise rocks Cardiff the source - The Tardis'
The power panel they had taken from the 'Slitheen' for their own benefit proves to be the culprit of the phenomenon opening a 'Rift' as the 'Alien' had planned all along.
Can the 'Tardis' crew advert destruction ?
Episode 12 - 'Bad Wolf' (Part 1 of 2)
The 'Tardis' has taken our crew to a strange place this time, it appears to be run by 'Androids'
They have strangely become part of a futuristic reality-shows, 'Rose' finds herself on 'The Weakest Link' hosted by 'An-Droid' the 'Doctor' is taking part in 'Big Brother' and 'Jack' is being submitted to a TV make-over.
They are on a 'Game-Station' - but what is really going on, it seems failure within the games result in disintegration.
'Bad Wolf' run the Station, the inhabitants of Earth are in great danger.
The 'Doctor' realizes that 100 years earlier he and 'Rose' have encountered the 'Station' before, they are back on 'Satellite -5'
Has an old-enemy resurfaced, what had the 'Doctor' created 100 years before.....what is being hidden ?
Episode 13 - 'The Parting of the Ways' (part 2 of 2)
A couple of Thousand years ago the 'Doctor' and his kind had destroyed their fiercest enemy leaving just the 'Doctor' are they really back, how did the 'Daleks' survive ?
The 'Emperor of the Daleks survived, the Army of Daleks have been reformed in their thousands, how are the 'Doctor' and his
companions going to resolve the crisis.
The 'Daleks' are closing in on 'Satellite 5' prior to completing their purpose of destroying mankind....the 'Doctor' has sent
both 'Rose' and the 'Tardis' back to 'Rose's' own time, fulfilling his promise to keep 'Rose' safe.
However 'Rose' back in her own time has no intention of leaving her friend to die on 'Satellite 5' at the hands of the 'Daleks'
It's the 'Doctors' time to change.
Special Features -
* Commentary on all Episodes.
* Designing 'Doctor Who'
* The adventures of 'Captain Jack'
* Trailer.
A series of documentaries that examines the bringing back of the 'Doctor' explanations into the background of each of the
thirteen episodes, character building, 'Christopher Eccleston' becoming the Ninth Doctor and building his personality into
the role, the introduction of 'Rose' and the decisions she has to make to become the Doctor's companion.
The Tardis it's deceptive size on he outside and the reality's of within.
An examination into constructing each of the Thirteen Episodes, the how's and why's involved in the story lines and
characters within the story's.
The C.G.I how it was used and how it was portrayed by the cast, the monsters and strange beings the outfits and make-up.
The workings of the characters within the stories including that of the 'Daleks' - where would 'Doctor' stories be without
them ?
Lastly a look at the Christmas edition with the Tenth Doctor - ''David Tennant'
Disc Five's line - up.
* Bringing Back the Doctor
* The Good, the Bad And The Ugly.
* Tardis Tales
* I Get A Side-Kick Out of You
* Why On Earth ?
* Dalek
* The Dark Side
* Time Trouble
* Special Effects
* Weird Science
* Unsung Heroes And Violent Death
* The World Of Who
* The Last Battle
PLUS - Take a look at the new Doctor, David Tennant in backstage at Christmas, an exclusive look behind the scenes of
the the BBC Doctor Who 'Christmas Invasion'
The Bonus disc well worth taking time out to watch, if you haven't already of course, it's a great insight into the series.
Like I mentioned earlier, this is the first time I've sat down and watched 'Doctor Who' for many a long year, I have to say
overall I enjoyed the experience and thank those who encouraged me to take time out to do so, many of whom have participated
in the Comment/Discussion at the foot of my review........(I enjoyed it enough to order series Two)
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on 27 April 2017
This is in many ways exactly the same as it was on DVD...but it's on blu-ray, and steelbook. Mostly then, you buy this for the swank factor, and on that it doesn't disappoint. Also, good to get a new copy of Series 1 after a decade of watching the DVDs. Now just hoping that subsequent releases of steelbooks for the following series are coming with similar designs, otherwise, it's going to look a little lonely along with the Series 9 steelbook.
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on 5 April 2017
This steelbook case is beautiful. I have a few other Amazon exclusive steelbook and this like all the other doesnt disappoint. It is definitely worth the extra money for that alone. The blu rays are as far as im aware are the same as the the standard series 1 set sp of you already own it this is probably not worth it, but if like me you didn't then this is absolutely FANTASTIC! Sorry i couldnt resist.
Beware also these are limited so once they are gone good luck finding one for a modest price (look up the series 9 one) so dont wait too long!
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on 27 April 2017
Fantastic series
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on 24 March 2017
It looks exactly like the pictures so no worries, dvds are working and the blu ray is just amazing. watching the new serie 1 of Doctor Who with such a visual upgrade is an awesome experience, still i'm looking forward of the release of the other seasons in steelbook <3
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on 14 April 2017
The steelbook on this is amazing and the quality of the episodes look like they were shot in HD and not upscaled. I truly hope they do releases like this for seasons 2-10 because I will pre-order them in a heartbeat.
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on 26 March 2015
I remember watching this when it was first broadcast in 2005 and enjoying it enormously. Ten years on, and not having seen it since, it was so good to be able to enjoy it all over again.
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on 27 January 2016
After an indifferent start I really grew to like Christopher Eccleston by the series end and am disappointed he only made the one series. I must own for Doctor Who fans
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on 27 June 2017
I bought this steelbook due to me getting all my doctor who on blu ray so when I saw this I pre ordered straight away. Massive fan of doctor who and the artwork on the case is brilliant, hope we get steelbooks for the other series. I can't wait for season 2 to come our next week. 5 star.
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