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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 27 May 2006
Without a doubt. Fun in every way, this game will take you back to the world of Ancient Rome and you'll voluntarily tear up your return ticket. If you are a strategy fan and you don't have this game, then you have reason to feel guilty, because this is quite possibly the best strategy game out there today, 2 years after the initial release. Look forward also, to the release of Rome: Total War Alexander or, if you don't own any of the Total War series buy Total War Eras which contains all of the previous Total War games in addition.

My favorite part of Rome: Total War, is actually not the amazing battles between thousands of men (which are still very fun!) however playing the Imperial Campaign, in which you choose (to begin with) one of three Roman Families:

The Julii, who are based on the historical Julio-Claudian dynasty (of which the famous Gaius Julius Caeser was part). The Julii have the worst temples (which are very important). The Julii are tasked with conquering Gaul, who offer poor resistance until the Chosen Swordsman and Forester Warband come into their hands. Seize as much of Gaul early on as possible! The main problem lies in the fact that Gaul offers poor trade, even once fully conquered. Therefore when the Civil War comes around, the other two Roman Families will have lots of money to play around with (and Bribe your Generals with) where as you will have to a) make do with as little gold as possible or b) go elsewhere and try and hinder the other two roman's expansion by conquering Greece, Turkey and Carthage. If you don't do this, you will end up fighting Barbarians the whole game.

The Brutii are the Roman's who must conquer the Greeks, and generally expand in that direction (east of Rome). The Brutii have decent temples which affect unit experience (so effectivly you can churn out hardened veterans while playing the Brutii) and trade. The Brutii will benefit late game from the lucrative Aegean sea trade. This means they will be able to bribe their way when in the civil war. With this faction you should end up destroying a) the Greek Cities early on b) The Macedonians c) Pontus d) Thrace and e) Eventually the Selucids (who will be very difficult to fight!).

The Scipii are tasked with defeating Carthage. They have totally awesome temples, which increas unit experience and armour and weapons (brilliant temple!!!) and they can also build a temple which lets them (and them alone!) build the 2 biggest ships in the game, the Corvus Quinquireme and the Decare. Once they defeat Carthage they should destroy Numidia and then Eygpt. Also, if possible they should invade Spain and take a few cities on the greek peninsula (namely Athens, Sparta and Corinth, all of which will weaken the Brutii and give you some more sea trade).

Of course, you can unlock other Factions as well. Some of these can be very fun, while others are clearly underdogs, like the Greek Cities, who will struggle until they get Spartan Hoplites, generally considered the best unit of the game. Only a few factions can match the military might of the Romans though. Barbarians, particularly will struggle, with the 2 exceptions of Germania, who have powerful axemen who can send legionaries flying, and Britain, who can access all the best units the Barbarians have to offer, including chariots, Druids, Chosen Swordsmen, Woad Warriors and the gruesome Head Hurlers (uugh). Out of the Civilized factions Eygpt, whos powerful archers (best of the game) and Chariots will make the Scipii choke, and then the Selucids (who are the best non roman faction of the game easily!), who have a very good selection of units. They have Scythed Chariots (which absolutely rule!), War Elephants (which basically crush everything in their path, end of story), Armoured War Elephants (*shudder*), Silver Shield Legionaries (almost as good as the Roman type, except harder to get a hold of) and silver Shield Pikemen. Of course, they get more then just this.

Anyway, in summary, there is a great variety of play to be found in the Imperial Campaign, and when your done with that, you can play Multiplayer battles which are fun, and when your done with that, play Barbarian Invasion which is a good expansion pack!
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on 6 February 2006
I decided to buy this having enjoyed the TV programme Time Commanders and now find myself hooked on the game. There was talk with original Rome - Total War of problems installing under XP, I have had no such problems with Gold Edition and have found it extremely stable under XP. The game itself gives you options to Play a Campaign, play Custom Battle, Multiplayer online or LAN and also to play a Historical Battle. In Campaign mode you play one of three Roman Families where the idea is basically to take over Rome and Beyond from the other Families and Factions by moving your forces around a map and conquering towns in order to get money for additional armies and also to gain influence with the Senate prior to taking over. The Historical Battles option may actually be of use in History Lessons in Schools so that pupils are able to see a visual demonstration of the actual battles fought.
Also included on the Single DVD Gold Edition is the Barbarian Invasion expansion pack which puts you in the position of controlling either the Eastern or Western Roman Empire and tasks you with defending your Empire against the invading Barbarian Hordes, there are a number of additional features in this version such as certain units are able to swim and also certain Generals are able to fight battles at Night which adds a new string to the games warbow. All in all this is a great game and comes highly recommended by me.
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on 27 July 2006
If you are sick of Age of Empire style combat with cavalry that won't charge and a group of peasents killing off elephants this is definitely for you! The battles seem very real and you are encouraged to use strategy as opposed to brute force. With the quick battles giving great balanced games and the sieges created in Custom you would expect that the whole game would be pristine, however I feel it is let down by the campaign mode. Diplomacy rarely succeeds unless the AI starts it and the advisers are plain annoying.

Like the fact it game on a DVD as opposed to a CD set, and its always nice to have a hard copy of the guide as opposed to a PDF guide that is nigh-impossible to access when you are actually playing.

In conclusion, if you want realistic battles and sieges, choose this. If you want an RTS with building and less realistic battles choose Age of Empires III
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on 19 February 2013
I have played RomeTW on and off over a number of years. Having recently lost my CD in a big clear out (it won't play without it), I had to get a replacement and so purchased this with the Barbarian addition, which I have not played yet.
It can be a slow game to play, with many units, etc to move each turn, plus the battles (which I never let the computer decide on my behalf, as it never seems to do as well as it should). The graphics may be a little bit dated now but it is still one of my top games.
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on 26 December 2012
It's a great game and un-demanding with regards to system requirements, so a good choice for older computers. Its a very well constructed game and is challenging and gives a good impression of the times in which it was set.
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on 19 June 2010
Having been a fan of the Total War since Shogun i have tryed to own every single Total war game to data, Iv played i belive all but Napoleon: Total War.

Note: Please remeber this is my view of the game, if you disagree please say so and why, remeber we all have our own opinon on stuff :) P.s. my spelling is not great :/

Most long time fans of Total war will mainly be from Medieval: Total war, but i can safely say that any even non-total war fans this game can appeal to you greatly, i will not say everyone because the game need a bit of patience.

Target Audience:
Main audience Total war attracts are fairly wide, casual game's who have interst in RTS combat and Civ building, but it also attracts the need's of harcore gamer's, the harder difficulties make's players think about moves 3 turn's in advanced and can really get the mind going with great battles strategies on the battle field and campaign map, so it meets both these types of gamers needs very nicely.

What do you do?:
Well Total war games are a mix of Civ building and battle strategies, good mix if you like it.
The main game has no real story to it other than one major objective, this varies from nation to nation and campaing length, you have two campaign lengths, Long and short, most nation's long campaigns are the same, 'Rule 50 regions & own certain regions' and you get a large amount of time to do this, the short campagines are more historically correct such as the Julii 'Destroy the Gaul faction & rule 15 regions' (I think if i remember)only haveing 3 nations to begine with is not great, but unlock the other nations by beating the nations long or short campaing.

Well i ran this on two pc's
GPU: ATI 9200+
CPU: Intel 2Ghz single core
RAM: 512MB

This is my very old pc, 10 to 7 year's old, on medium settings it ran the game smoothly without lag, if i put it higher and had a army larger than 10 units with unit sizes on max i would get bad lag, so if you have a pc close to this it will easily handle low and medium settings, high setting may get lag with larger army's

OS: Windows 7
CPU: AMD Quad core 3.4Ghz

Nothing much to report, ran the game max with no problems at all

For you're reference hear are the games specs

Windows® 98SE/ME/2000/XP
Pentium® III 1.0GHz (1000MHz) or Athlon 1.0GHz (1000MHz) processor or higher
8x Speed CD-ROM drive (1200KB/sec sustained transfer rate) and latest drivers.
2.9GB of uncompressed free hard disk space (plus 500MB for Windows® swap file).
100% DirectX® 9.0b compatible 16-bit sound card and latest drivers
100% Windows® 98SE/ME/2000/XP compatible mouse, keyboard and latest drivers
DirectX® 9.0b (included).
1024 x 768 Monitor Resolution.
3D Hardware Accelerator Card Required - 100% DirectX® 9.0b compatible 64MB Hardware Accelerated video card and the latest drivers*.

Great game & one of my personal fav of the Total War series, and the gold edition comes with barbarians wich is almost like a new game in it's self, set after romes fall and the barbarians reap the lands, so great deal, great two games.

Hope you liked this review, i did my best to keep it shortish and to the point :)
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VINE VOICEon 8 March 2010
Anyone who owns or is buying this game should immediately download the patches for Rome Total Realism, a free mod which completely rejigs this game (although not the Barbarian Invasion expansion pack) for the better. While it doesn't improve the graphics it makes the units and factions much more historically accurate (no more made up Roman SAS style units!), utterly rejuvenating this now old game. Never mind the fact that it doesn't rejig the expansion pack, I never thought I'd play Rome again after Medieval II came out years ago, but I'm having great fun replaying it all over again in a much better version. Download that mod!
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on 3 February 2007
Although, I do not like these types of games - I got hooked. It is quite difficult to play the game if you actually choose hardest difficulty and play main campaign, but it is amazing. The graphics are superb and having previously played AOE Caesar and Cossaks I would rate this game #1, although Cossaks are quite good. Barbarian Envasion is really good, because you get to play for the Barbarians and they are most fun. Western Roman empire is extremely difficult and 1 turn may take an hour or even more. The best feature of the game is fighting on the battle map. You get to become one of those great commanders you see in films (like gladiator) you are amazed when you destroy an army of a thousand with just 300 men or when your city gets attacked and 2 sets of archers destroy their seigeing equipment and they flee. Overall the game deserves much praise if you haven't got it - it is a must buy.
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on 16 June 2012
I Git Rome total war for my gaming pc which has i7 8gb ram and amd ddr5 graphics so it runs very smoothly, however even without the high quality sound and video the game gives me great satisfaction and hours of immersive game play.

You start out with three roman factions the julii Brutii and the scippii the red green and blue factions. As the game progresses you unlock other playable factions such as Carthage and Brittons I however play as the spqr which you shouldn't be able to do as it is meant to be a CPU only faction however it has no other special abilities over any other faction and if anything I enjoy being able to play as famous roman leaders from the start.

The game has 3 modes you can play Campain on the campaign map which is a map of the known world in which you move armies and conquer cities, the historic battle mode with such battles as the Trebia and my favourite the custom battle mode which allows more casual gameplay. It also has a very limited multiplayer but take it from me don't jump streight into the multi player unles you have played many battles on the battle map or have played other total war games before if you don't have any experience you will get thrashed by the hard core players
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on 12 March 2014
One of the best computer games yet made. Much better than Rome TW2. Better AI. Less gamey. Tougher challenge, especially in the Barbarian expansion.

I conquered the whole (available) world over a number of years as the Julii. And have just started again as the Sassanids. Brilliant value entertainment and a fair dose of learned history...
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