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on 1 September 2014
A quick read about a young woman who's been pampered and sheltered her whole life by her parents. Rosalie is engaged to be married to Winslow and is looking forward to their wedding when she hears a disturbing rumour. She decides the way to go is to ask Winslow outright if what she's heard is true. Winslow arrogantly confirms that not only does he have a mistress, but she's pregnant and he has no intention of giving her up.

Rosalie determines to run away especially after her parents try to tell her that's the norm, that husbands have mistresses. Rosalie leaves and goes to visit her cousin Audra. This is where she meets Garrett the town marshal.

This is a pleasant story that is simplistically written, I felt it might have benefitted from a little more depth. In particular there is a complete lack of description of the characters. The ending felt a little rushed as well.
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on 9 November 2014
I liked this book, the characters are wonderful, charming, and it's Christmas! I'm so glad we get introduced to Audra's cousin, Rosalie, from Boston. She's running away from a broken engagement, and decides to visit her cousin in the Colorado Territory. Along the way she happens to run into Garrett who's the very handsome marshal in Cascade Creek, and sparks seem to fly. But, did she bite off more than she can handle? After all she's a pampered lady from Boston, and now she finds herself doing farm chores, cooking, and cleaning. Can she stay in this wild wilderness, or will she go back to Boston to her family. This was a fun short story, with love, laughter, and of course a smokin' hot hero. I'm so glad I read this, that I didn't miss getting to know more wonderful characters from Cascade Creek. I recommend Romancing Rosalie: A Cascade Creek Christmas, and it doesn't really matter if you read Loving Lucas, and Loving Lilah first, because these are all stand alone novellas. Be sure to read all The Ladies of Cascade Creek, by AnnMarie Oakes.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 31 August 2014
Rosalie Weld is happy, she's engaged to a wonderful man she loves and is busy planning her wedding but then she hears a rumour that her fiancé Winslow has a mistress and to make matters worse this mistress is expecting, it can't possibly be true but when she confronts him he admits that not only is it true but he's not giving up the mistress even after he's married. Rosalie can't live with this and leaves Boston and travels alone to visit her cousin in Cascade Creek in the Colorado Territory, it's a difficult journey to make alone but she does it. While switching from the train to the stagecoach in Denver a man stumbles out of the brothel and nearly knocks her down, well at least she'll never see him again, but it would appear this isn't true since he's not only on her stagecoach he's the Marshall of Cascade Creek, and Rosalie has to wonder what is it about her, men and scarlet women.
This is an enjoyable enough romance, it's a quick read with likeable characters, the ending seemed a little rushed but maybe that's just me I am a fan of epilogues after all, some might complain that a couple of parts, one in particular wasn't realistic but my opinion is that it's a romance not a history book so just go with it.
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on 2 November 2016
When Rosalie hears her fiance has a mistress - who is pregnant - she confronts him about it expecting him to say it's not true. But it is true and he doesn't plan on giving her up after the wedding. Rosalie breaks the engagement and goes to Cascade Creek in the Colorado Territory to visit her cousin, Audra. Even though the don't know she is coming, Audra and her husband, Lucas, welcome Rosalie.

Garrett is the marshal and a friend of Lucas' who takes Rosalie to her cousin's house since she had bought supplies to last several months and he had a wagon. She didn't think much of him because the first time she saw him he was tossed out of a saloon and a "lady of the night" was calling to him to come back in.

What kind people Audra and Lucas are to let Rosalie stay with them, especially when she is due to have her first baby any day. Rosalie learns how to cook and helps with the chores. Which is a good thing because when Audra goes into labor, Rosalie stays to care for the animals. When Garrett learns Rosalie is alone he goes to check on her. When a blizzard blows in they are both stranded there together making it hard for them to ignore their attraction.

I loved what a strong woman Rosalie was. She wouldn't put up with marrying just because she was suppose to but had enough pride in herself to leave. It took a lot of courage to travel from Boston to Cascade Creek on her own. She was a woman before her time.

Even though Rosalie didn't get a good first impression of Garrett she did like him as she got to know him. He was a kind, patient and protective man who was hard not to like.

I was impressed with the detail in this book since it was such a quick read. I love all the Cascade Creek books and will be reading them again.

I did receive a complementary copy of this book but I am reviewing it on my own as I do with all the books I read.
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on 6 January 2015
Pretty easy stuff, nothing to tax the brain. Holiday style reading.
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on 19 July 2014
this is the second book i have read in the cascade creek series and once again i thourally enjoyed i love the way that the heroines are strong and determined and accustomise themselves to their new enviroment this short story is well worth reading im now looking forward to the next cascade creek book
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on 13 December 2014
quite a good read
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on 4 January 2016
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